ON TEH IOWA SCENE: Caucus day on minus one: Ron Paul, Edwards, Clintons sighted

Yes people i am in a hotel room in west des moines right now. We have been going around to all the events. Got up close to edwards at the Mellencamp thing. Hillary and Bill popped out in an SUV. Came down from mpls to see the scene.

I have been recording chunky videos on my phone the whole time. It is very postmodern.

Got a photo with Ron Paul. my friend The Captain is a big Paul fan. I am not big on anyone. Neither is Andy the renegade philosopher.

Already a priceless viral video was ruined. Ron Paul was shaking everyone's hand and getting photos with all. I asked him if he would 'reform the war on drugs' and pointed at my phone/camera. He looks right into it and says 'oh yes thats one i forgot to mention tonight. i'm not going to reform the war on drugs, i'm going to END the war on drugs!"

then of course we had to be on our way. And i discover, the phone/camera STOPPED RUNNING just seconds before. A priceless moment. The captain just wanted to hear the truth. I wanted a viral video. I didn't get it. THAT is 2008 people. The viral video that slipped thru yr fingers!

That's all right. Gotta let it go. The photos turned out really well. I can't get videos to upload from the camera. But within 6 hours we had netted BillClinton and three candidates.

Romney's people are all over this hotel. There are two secret service guys on every floor of every hotel in the chain, we were told.

a man who can't pay for his propane biked by at 1 AM. the captain's vehicle has ron paul stickers. he shouted over to use and said he supported a constitutionalist angle. we gave him some leftover sushi and propane money.

Give us a call @ 651-338-7661 or 6513387661@myhelio.com .

If anyone has any ideas about... um guerrilla ontology or such, send em along. We have no good agenda. there are a lot of weird factors. Joe Klein drifted by at the Edwards event looking pissed off. It's like your TV is exploding at you and its really cold.

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