Links: Surly hacker kids bored of hassling Scientology? Superdelegates, New FBI+Corporate= Infraguard, Telecoms Get Immunity. Dumb Times eh?

Well finally the browser crashed, leaving only a tide of very important links in the History panel. These are:

The Telecoms are getting away with Immunity for Crimes. It's all some big-ass farce. Etc. Go to Free Press and sign up, petitions etc available against the newest transgressions.!!!

WiGLE - Wireless Geographic Logging Engine - Plotting WiFi on Maps - fantastic!!

Comics: Tom the Dancing Bug, The Normal Streak - Bagpipes on a Police Budget

When they Come For Ya: "Homegrown Terrorism" Bill ~ News and Opinion Round-Up - Six Hours A Week: Adventures of a Sudden Patriot

On the Microsoft front, run YOUR PATCHES to save YOUR COMPUTER Microsoft's Monthlies.

We had to take a moment for the hacker side and appreciate some quality stories: Linux Kernel 2.6.17 - vmsplice Local Root Exploit and who said there were no expl0its for linux? airpwn and better yet, how the 802.11 wireless internet hack first got run @ Defcon, the mythical hacker conference: Goatse at Defcon -- brought to you by airpwn. l0lz indeed. latest on Defcon: News from defcon 2008-01-31 23:09:36

SPORE MADNESS: If you haven't heard about Spore, which is essentially a combination of all awesome games EVER (from PacMan to PaxImperia, SimPetriDish to Civilization to galactic empires)... It's from the guy that invented SimCity. What more need you know? Spore (video game) - Wikipedia more here: Level Up : Exclusive: Will Wright Gives Level Up the Scoop On Why Spore Is Taking So Long to Get Right--And Why It Will Be Worth the Wait, Part I.

Meanwhile in mysteriously small places: 3D Crystal Grown On a DNA Lattice

Somewhere the hackers are looming, and holding seminars and also a very interesting RSS podcast feed: Black Hat : Black Hat Briefings and Training.

Trouble in Scientology: Jerry Connell Parody of Tom Cruise Scientology Video. Exclusive: The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried To Suppress. - Tom Cruise Scientology Video Uncut

If you watch one video today: YouTube - Scientology's L. Ron Hubbard: Kooky Wacky Crazy Talk

Apparently a bunch of surly hacker kids are out to dismantle the Church of Scientology as it currently exists, with a kind of manifesto that was followed up by pretty serious thumpin' of the CoS websites. However I have not followed the story since then. I think maybe the kids got bored with it? YouTube: Message to Scientology

has been followed up with weird imitator videos. Frankly it could all be satire, but really I don't care. Jerry O'Connell and the hackers are basically on the same side. Scientology has a crazy corporate structure all over it, along with patently weird... alien stuff. Anyway there are also knockoff videos of weirdo bubble hacker children or something: VIDEO: War has just begun. Why not I guess? is it aesthetics or subversion? etc?

Which SuperDelegates are where???? 2008 Democratic Convention Watch: Do Superdelegates vote the same as their constituents? and Superdelegates who haven't endorsed and Superdelegate Endorsement List.

Obama seems to have the nomination tied up, but it's not over? It feels like it's over, I hope so... how do progressives get shafted by delegates? Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair: Lessons for Obama

Grumpiness among people: is Obama a cult of personality? what is charisma plus a political platform? a guy on stage? A Cult of Personality, The Revolution Returns: Obama and the Cult of Personality

Wow Microsoft is horrible: Microsoft sued over Windows Vista marketing and evidence of Wrong Doings: "Vista Capable" scheme was panned at Microsoft.

I am always impressed by the links @, top notch!

FBI's Infragard program is some kind of operational network, rapidly expanding in the corporate sector. It's apparent goal is to make a 'counter-terrorist' network out of all infrastructrure and big corporations or something. It is organized by FBI field offices, and could perhaps also be used to data mine the stuff held by the corporations. Or something??! Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business | The Progressive Magazine. More stuff about this is out there...

Judge: NYC can't use secret arguments in case of police surveillance of RNC protesters. Ahh the magic of Discovery.

...... I'm not sure what these links represented, but they are certainly interesting to some degree...

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