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Many of our choice links this afternoon come from,, and All of these websites are only for the bad kids! They will soon be censored in the upcoming plan to kill the Internet!!


A lot of people are saying angry things about Tim Russert now that he's no longer with us. I thought that was not appropriate on the day he expired, but as we look back it seems pretty clear that Russert was a committed defender of the establishment status quo, generally an uncritical promoter of the war, and never really accounted for the huge and systemic distortions within his own media purview that led to the deaths of thousands upon thousands. Perhaps he would have recanted some of the stuff later, but now he'll never have the chance.

I have to steal this one paragraph from Electric Politics, which is a fine site:

Electric Politics | An Irish Flack:

For in reality, Russert practiced evasion and obfuscation, replacing real news with pap. He was no teller of great truths, no champion of the powerless, no voice of conscience. To the contrary, he diligently enforced the status quo. Sure, he was a nice guy. And he had a gift for handicapping political races. But the agitation surrounding his passing marks less his admirable qualities than his failings: without his happy face the establishment media may now more easily be seen for the toxic parasites that they are. Their exaggerated grieving serves the grievers, not the man. It would be better to remember Tim Russert without memorializing the system.

******Another subject Russert would never dream of touching: Fun video of Ben Bernanke @ Bilderberg!

Bilderbergers Leave Confab To Initiate Fresh Ordersand Castrated U.S. Media Remains Obediently Silent On Bilderberg. Ouch - gendered language! Suspicion Surrounds Governor's Mansion Fire, why not! Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans Leaked and Iran Threatened After Gates Bilderberg Visit

Good times...******Some spy stuff: Spy Legal Reference Book from the government.
******Gore Vidal doubts McCain's story, and talks some smack! Questions For Gore Vidal - Literary Lion - Questions For Gore Vidal - Deborah Solomon - Interview -

And what about Mr. McCain? Disaster. Who started this rumor that he was a war hero? Where does that come from, aside from himself? About his suffering in the prison war camp?

Everyone knows he was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. That’s what he tells us.

Why would you doubt him? He’s a graduate of Annapolis. I know a lot of the Annapolis breed. Remember, I’m West Point, where I was born. My father went there.

So what does that have to do with the U.S. Naval Academy down in Annapolis? The service universities keep track of each other, that’s all. They have views about each other. And they are very aware of social class and eventually money, since they usually marry it.

.....What do you think is your own best novel? I don’t answer questions like that. Ever. And you ought not to ask them.

Well, it was a great pleasure talking to you. I doubt that.


French Government decides to censor the Internet - The INQUIRER

Feds, Denver attempt to keep DNC security info secret - Colorado Independent - News you can't find anywhere else

MadCowMorningNews: CIA "Ghost" Planes Hidden in Cayman Isles Trusts? Hell yeah!

Cool t-shirt? be+cause clothing :: SHOOTING WAR T-SHIRT


I have been looking a bit @ The Memory Hole, although it seems like the site is not getting any fresh content lately. Consider: Justice Dept: 2006 Forfeiture and Money-Laundering Manuals, List of CIA Inspector General Investigations, FBI File: Edward Said, "Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy," aka The Kerry Report Transcripts, Pfizer's Chemical/Biological Weapons Report and a compendium of some well-cited 9/11 stuff, if that's your thing.


Some type of coverup here: Smugglers Had Design For Advanced Warhead. This seems to involve the other nuclear smuggling network - i.e. the guys that Valerie Plame's team was after. Scooter Libby's secret friends, the people Sibel Edmonds was tracing, Turkish spies, Marc Grossman, and so forth...


Mainstream politics: Mr NeoCon End of History Fukuyama backs Obama for US presidency

Ron Paul's own convention coming to Minneapolis!

Op-Ed Columnist - Frank Rich - Do Angry Clinton Women Love McCain? - Op-Ed -

Satire: Ex-Nickelodeon Stars Relate Horrors Of Green Slime Syndrome | The Onion

YouTube - You Can't Do That On Television - Marketing 1 (of 3)


Good news from Supreme Court, which said that all these Guantanamo show trials are garbage! Emptywheel » Revenge of Article III

War Powers - Why This Court Keeps Rebuking This President -


Cryptome duly notes: Very naughty judge! Unfortunately, 9th Circuit Federal Judge Alex Kozinski (a Reagan appointee) put a bunch of hilarious files onto and never bothered to lock the front door. (Muckrakers on it.) Unfortunately, he is indeed the cool kind of judge who has gone to bat blocking dumb Internet filters, and stuff like that. Here's the directory listing: Judge Alex Kozinski Stuff Directory

Cryptome also has the latest suspicious bureaucracies emitted from Homeland Security: National Infrastructure Protection Plan Review

and the equally dubious Interactive Data To Improve Financial Reporting... items like this tend to come from the Federal Register, which is where the Executive Branch declares what random things its doing without any control from the Legislative Branch.

Cryptome even has an interesting thing about the Secret Service and how they keep their hands in a kind of upper position, which could come from the Crav Maga or Aikido martial arts schools.

****** notes! Iran Accusations Merit Skepticism - by Philip Giraldi. There's good stuff in here from the Intel side - how the news manipulations are sallying forth, etc.

The Cult of the Presidency - by Doug Bandow

Iraqis don't feel like getting colonized under a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA): The Revolt of the Liberated- by Justin Raimondo

Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - US missile strike kills one in S Waziristan

The blueprint for Forward Base America


News from Also i strongly recommend Kevin's other site,, which is all about life on the farm in New Zealand!

Bank in crisis as shares collapse | - Aussie investment bank about to shatter

The computer is acting a little wonky so I'll leave it at that. Have a good Father's Day, everyone!

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