FIRST POST: Obama is in Afghanistan!!!

I have made the internet's very goddamn first post about Obama arriving in Afghanistan today. AWESOME.

Here it is Breaking: Obama has arrived in Afghanistan! | The Agonist

We were about to call it a night, and had drifted past a CNN rerun of Bill Nye and Larry King rambling about UFOs. Suddenly this secret variant of CNN known as "CNN International" broke in, and unknown anchors announced Barack Obama has arrived in Afghanistan. They said their staff had only learned in the last 30 minutes - it is still not on Google News (although the Wapo called it "coming days").

With a little luck our guy from Registan can peer sideways at the spectacle there? First post?!
This is a good catch in the 24 hour internet news cycle.... Thank you very much. Our sponsors tonight are beer and Aqua Teen reruns....

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