Alex Jones: On the way to the RNC, "ARRRRRGH!"

Interesting case.

For those of you not in the know, Alex Jones is a fairly widely known Texas talk show host well known for railing on the police state, new world order, etc., and is currently keeping tabs on the RNC...

Had to drop a line on this thread: Alex Jones’ Prison Alex Jones Broadcasts Live From The DNC In Denver » Comment Page 4

August 25,2008

What about the RNC? Will InfoWars be on the scene? There is a lot of stuff happening, it would be great to know what the Alex Jones plan is w.r.t. St. Paul. Personally I will buy Alex a beer if I see him!

Alex Jones
August 25,2008

Yes, HongPong, I will be at the RNC as well. These scum NWO operatives will not get any rest from Alex Jones!!

Arrrrrrrrrgh!! Fight the NWO scum!!

Alex Jones (


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