I crashed the convention and all I got was this lousy parking ticket!

All right, it's been pretty much a month since checkin' in with good ol hongpong. As you might imagine, it's been a weird and exciting month for yr editor here. As it stands, a nasty episode of 'police state syndrome' seized the Twin Cities for a brief period, along with a huge amount of police abuse, weird subversion and general insanity. In the end the convention damaged the local economy and appears to have radicalized and unified a ton of people that showed up. In contrast to the mostly benign effects of the NYPD which I personally saw four years ago, the chaotic law enforcement behavior was quite awful to behold. On the other hand, despite the madness and targeting of journalists, I was able to 'crash the convention' in my own special way and all I got was this lousy parking ticket!

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