2005: "The World's Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud" but no one cared: More misc madness for Monday

It must be the holidays - time for some of that ol' madness...

The Pentagon is muscling in everywhere. It's time to stop the mission creep. - washingtonpost.com- Good stuff from a Thomas Schweich, who tried to pretend to stop narcotics in Afghanistan, and he describes how the militarization ruined that farce too. Another fine State Department regular takes on the juggernaut. And don't forget!

Now the Pentagon has drawn up plans to deploy 20,000 U.S. soldiers inside our borders by 2011, ostensibly to help state and local officials respond to terrorist attacks or other catastrophes. But that mission could easily spill over from emergency counterterrorism work into border-patrol efforts, intelligence gathering and law enforcement operations -- which would run smack into the Posse Comitatus Act, the long-standing law restricting the military's role in domestic law enforcement. So the generals are not only dominating our government activities abroad, at our borders and in Washington, but they also seem to intend to spread out across the heartland of America.

Top notch. Intelligence Boosters - NYTimes.com was also good.

'Stellar Wind' revealed by Tamm: The grand illegal wiretapping plan was called Stellar Wind, Newsweek reveals. Good stuff. So: Stellar Wind was the sniffer, MAIN CORE is/was the master repository and/or query system into other databases, the Google or PROMIS tap to the various pockets of data... Datas fed by stuff like Stellar Wind.

A very obvious development: Mashable is handy for web nerds like me: if you are not familiar with it, should check it out... for example Denver Plane Crash: Twitter as Usual and that beloved hobby of the Internet, talking about ourselves.

Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac OS X will solve many video format problems for you.

If you are cracked out on MN Senate recount stories, then you should already have visited FiveThirtyEight.

Fun with Madoff: People, specifically some derivatives wonk named Harry Markopolos, were warning about Bernie Madoff in 2005; he's the world's funniest scam artist. This report was helpfully entitled "The World's Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud". hAHHAHA 'teh lulz' indeed...

Here's the formula: Run NASDAQ + giant Ponzi hedge fund + hire obviously fake accountants = PROFIT

Perfect! An interesting lead: "I have also spoken to the heads of various Wall Street equity derivative trading desks and every single one of the senior managers I spoke with told me that Bernie Madoff was a fraud." Damn skippy!

"Scenario #2 (Highly likely) Madoff Securities is the world's largest Ponzi Scheme." You win the prize, Harry! ...."Red flag #2.... The key to a successful Ponzi Scheme is to promise lucrative returns but to do so in an unregulated area of the capital markets..."

A lot of fun, this read. You really get the texture of the angered options trader, who is pacing around this giant black hole that everyone in town knows about, but no one dare topple. Damn. Hilarious references to Spitzer and the SEC, as well as mysterious private European banks. Madoff is certainly in danger.

Meanwhile: Cox wanted to kill the SEC. Huzzah!

Six Reasons Why Obama Appointing Monsanto's Buddy, Former Iowa Governor Vilsack, for USDA Head Would be a Terrible Idea

Internets damaged: a series of tubes, easily severed.

Pentagon survivor after the goods about 9/11: doubts virtually everything, has filed a suit; if this case gets to discovery it will kick ass. Good luck to retired Army officer April Gallop & attorney William Veale! The opening salvo:

1. This case arises from the infamous Attack on America of Sept 11, 2001, and especially on the Pentagon; and is premised on an allegation of broad complicity in the attack on the part of key U.S. Government officials, beginning with and led from the top by Vice President Dick Cheney, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Richard Myers, then acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The plaintiffs allege that these and other government officials, whose identities will be ascertained from their proven or evident relevant roles and activities, and who are named herein as 'John Doe' defendants, together with other known and unknown operatives and functionaries, official and otherwise, engaged in an unlawful conspiracy, or a set of related, ongoing conspiracies, in which the concrete objective was to facilitate and enable the hijacking of the airliners, and their use as living bombs to attack buildings containing thousands of innocent victims; and then to cover up the truth about what they had done.

2. The defendants' purpose in aiding and facilitating the attack, and the overall object of the conspirac(ies), was to bring about an unprecedented, horrifying and frightening catastrophe of terrorism inside the United States, which would give rise to a powerful reaction of fear and anger in the public, and in Washington. This would generate a political atmosphere of acceptance in which the new Administration could enact and implement radical changes in the policy and practice of constitutional government in our country. Much of their intention was spelled out prior to their coming into office, in publications of the so-called Project for the New American Century, of which defendants Cheney and Rumsfeld were major sponsors. There they set forth specific objectives regarding the projection of U.S. military power abroad, particularly in Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and other oil-producing areas. They observed, however, that the American people would not likely support the actions the sponsors believed were necessary, without being shocked into a new outlook by something cataclysmic: “a new Pearl Harbor”. By helping the attack succeed, defendants and their cohorts created a basis for the seizure of extraordinary power, and a pretext for launching the so-called Global War on Terror, in the guise of which they were free to pursue plans for military conquest, “full spectrum dominance” and “American primacy” around the world; as they have done.

Rick Warren? Not an 'A' for effort: for those of us getting cynical about Obama's horrible centrist appointees, some have assigned a 'D+' rating - in this case because some green people bumped it from 'F.' I would add that maybe the FCC people will actually be cool with Net Neutrality, but by and large, yeah it sucks. (ht Agonist)

Another fine item: Rick Warren as the new God Man For Sneeky Elites. Righteous.

Cryptogon keeps me sane. Or in the proper state of un-sanity.

The Gold Explosion is still coming! (silver too) Check it: Meltdown 2011! As I (hazily) understand the scheme, gold was 46.6% depleted off the COMEX paper gold machine, and silver 44.5% depleted. Obama appointed Gary Gensler (yes THAT Gary Gensler) to lead the Commodities Futures Trading Commission - and as an ex-Goldman Sachs honcho, the goldbugs of GATA (Gold Anti Trust Action Committee) are pissed. Sounds fun. Related? Hugo Salinas Price: A perpetual ‘war on gold’?

JPODS: for the hare-brained transit guru in you.

Lloydletta is a pretty big local blog, fairly standard, seems focused on GLBT and the Rick Warren Awesome Trip Dumbing Down America.

This guy makes a fine point - Goldman Sachs bought the govt cheap - but there is something funny about his photo. I think the collar.

They discovered an FBI informant in Iowa. How sad would it be to spy on antiwar people... in Iowa? And look like such a giant douche?! (At Captain Kirk's birthplace, no less?!)

Who knew this site existed? mplsmirror.com - Home

MinnPost - Braublog: Local judge for Obama's CIA director?

Just for fun here are a bunch of links on PSYOPS:

Psychological Operations (United States) - Wikipedia


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Science Applications International Corporation - Wikipedia

Fake news - SourceWatch

The Word at War - washingtonpost.com

Lincoln Group - Wikipedia

Lincoln Group - SourceWatch

There is something a little different in the works called Human Terrain Teams, which were originally intended to pervert the science of anthropology to put it in the service of military subjugation; despite its well-tread origins the whole program has fallen apart quite badly, and this is getting exposed at the fun spy/secrecy stuff site Cryptome.org. US Army Human Terrain System in Disarray

US Army's Human Terrain System: From Super Concept to Absolute Farce

General Petraeus' Favorite Mushroom: The US Army's Human Terrain System

US Army’s Human Terrain System: Madness, Mayhem and Troughs of Cash

Human Terrain System: Murder Charges, Espionage, Paranoia, General Sacked

Army Human Terrain System Waste, Fraud and Abuse


More fun bits: the Robot Apocalypse  and killa robots all around. And the Egg Nog Bong.

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