A small moment for Skilluminati Research

One site I added to the new blogroll had a nice batch of quality surreal items... cutting right to the middle of the weird shit. Consider Strange Loops and Disinformation: Readings from Robert Anton Wilson

"Knight knew what most people only vaguely suspected -- that Intelligence Agencies engage in both the collection of valid signals (information) and the promiscuous dissemination of fake signals (disinformation). They collected the information so that they could form a fairly accurate picture of what was really going on; they spread the disinformation so that all their competitors would form grossly inaccurate pictures. They did this because they knew that whoever could find out what the hell was really going on possessed an advantage over those who were misinformed, confused and disoriented.

You can't beat that. Of course that was Robert Anton Wilson. I read that Shroedinger's Cat so long ago... so sad. I have referred to this marvelous work from the Stanford Research Institute numerous times: Scientists on Acid: The Story Behind “Changing Images of Man”.

The new world of the closed, automatic system will necessitate a radical change in the political, technologic, and social thinking. All too often, however, we remain bound by the conventional tenets and wisdom of past generations. The cyber-cultural revolution is changing all this.

Get the PDF. They say "I’m running this site because the machinery of social control fascinates me". Good stuff.

And also! Newt Gingrich on Using Language for Social Control. Nice.

It falls to nice sites like Skilluminati to highlight these excellent items from the creepy establishment intellectuals of years gone by. Tip of the hat!

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