Obama won't abide Israeli settlers -- Not a bad day for the West Bank!

It was pretty cool to see that Obama is apparently willing to throw down against Benjamin Netanyahu, perhaps everyone can bring a bit easier -- a very certain brand of craziness got knocked down several notches.
The whole Israeli settler scene is one of the weirdest things going on out there. We're in a world with a lot of strange, irrational political projects (though it's also an intensely rational project -- within a pretty radical, and frequently apocalyptic total worldview). They've been growing like kudzu -- with no one really putting the brakes on.
The cool thing about the following link is that these guys managed to get an West Bank settler outpost run by crazed teenagers shut down via "tactical media" -- or essentially, PR pressure. The greasiness of a Netanyahu-led government -- he likes to look slick -- got placed in the position of having to fold or look ridiculous. Excellent move by the peaceniks (in this case Ta'ayush). Exclusive Video: The Radical Settlers Behind Israel's Clash with Obama | World | AlterNet
The video shows the big settler rally & these kids explaining Palestinians shouldn't be allowed to stay in the West Bank. Too bad the Hlll 26 outpost stuff isn't on the video.

Meanwhile Noam Chomsky was not impressed with Obama's speech. Seems a bit premature to me!
The whole West Bank thing certainly hasn't been set right, not by a long shot. But there's quite a literal line in the sand, which should drive the annexationists right up the Wall! (so to speak :)
The West Bank situation was one of the biggest things that motivated me to look critically at messaging, war, the modern engines and profits around conflict, as well as radicalized ideologies (and their normative political defenders).
Guys like the Anti-Defamation League say that all sorts of people are offensive and messed up and threatening, but when it comes down to autonomous militants roaming around the West Bank, the ADL ain't got jack to say. It's embarrassing, people! This is a huge loss for AIPAC's squad, and a big win for J Street and reasonable people everywhere. Neener neener!

[Additionally Hillary Clinton got a Hardball Award today for her brassy defense of the anti-settler line. Well earned Hillary, well earned. America doesn't look stupid, for a change. I haven't been much of a Hillary fan but she's handled Netanyahu and his minions with aplomb. Hat tip!]
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