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Because ur not quite bored of it yet... Deepwater exp0sed! via cryptome.org (along with that awesome Kissinger "bloated war criminal" photo above)

This is hugely damaging to the defense industry, and most damaging to Lockheed Martin who may end up having to pay the U.S. Government several billions of dollars due to their fraud, and executives within the defense industry could go to prison for the rest of their lives over this.

I understand that the case was filed quite some time ago, but that it was just unsealed last week, and that most of the case has already been proven in other venues.

Procurement fraud and government abuse at it's finest. http://cryptome.org/deepwater-fraud.pdf

More on this here. The main thing is that signals from systems like SIPRNET -- the main military/government Secret Internet -- was leaching out all over the ocean because Lockheed and Northrop Grumman didn't get shielded wires. HUGE security breach - bigger than a bunch o' spies!

To the average person not using shielded cable may not seem like a big thing. However, in reality it is almost like a bank employee who is tasked with locking up the bank at night but fails to close the vault, fails to lock the front door and declines to set the alarm systems. If nothing happened, it would still be grounds for immediate dismissal. If something did happen and funds were stolen, then he could be sued by the bank for recovery on the grounds of his willful negligence.

In the case of TEMPEST, they have left secure communication systems open to virtually anyone with a modicum of intelligence and technical equipment. To me, it raises concerns as to why there has been no action by the FBI and/or NCIS(NIS) on the grounds of national security. Whichever way you cut it, it comes off as willful misconduct and perhaps criminal negligence. Whatever the case, it just reminds me of Toshiba. Corporate types who would sell their soul for a dollar or, as alleged, sleeper agents posing as dishonest business types.

Either way, they should have been executed. It is ridiculous for people like Martha Stewart and Conrad Black to be doing federal prison time for what was quesionable conduct at worst, while people like those involved with TEMPEST are allowed to walk.

THE IAEA CASE: (or, Doc Brown & finding nuclear items: I traded them a case of pinball machine parts!!)The feds gave away quite a chestnut! Obama IAEA nuclear sites declaration for the United States, draft, 267 pages, 5 May 2009 - Wikileaks. My favorite notes on the IAEA doc were in NPR and Ars Technica, a lot of bearing on how these documents go around on the internet nowadays. SECRECY NEWS WIN! ;-)


Sibel Edmonds on 123 Real Change - Expose the MSM Mainstream Media dorks... Sibel set up a site to list all the bad journalists that have screwed whistleblowers. Michael Isikoff is her personal target. That guy is sketch. Etc Etc. Project Expose MSM Reports What is this about? 123 Real Change: Announcement. It was on Bradblog. Also how Edmonds got screwed by the Dems in US Congress. Couple notes from Coleen Rowley on it.

It goes like this, as Sibel posts:

films-threedaysofthecondor.jpgTurner: “they’ve got all of it”
Higgins: “What did you do?”
Turner: “I told them a story, you play games, I told them a story”
Higgins: “Ah you, you poor dumb son of a bitch”, “You’ve done more damage than you know”
Turner: “I hope so”
Higgins: “You’re about to be a very lonely man”, “It didn’t have to end this way”
Turner: “Sure it did”
Higgins: “Hey Turner”, “How do you know they’ll print it?” “You can take a walk, but how far if they don’t print it?”
Turner: “They’ll print it”
Higgins: “How do you know?”

As it turns out the New York Times didn't usually print a damn thing. Terrible choice to trust.

More stuff....

Messing with Critical Mass riders in NYC, tactical media defenders savin the day! Video: Cops Ticket More Critical Mass Cyclists, Drive on Bike Path - Gothamist

Why did Porter Goss finger Jane Harman? | Capital J | JTA - Jewish & Israel News (See Hongpong.com on the Scandalplex for the early take on this AIPAC espionage story)

An excited busybody attempts to fix North Minneapolis: The Adventures of Johnny Northside

Hilarious voting system results in nothin but marijuana and birth certificate conspiracies. Damn you Internet!! :-D Open Government Brainstorm - by IdeaScale


Unbelievably bad Eurotrash video! People with more awesome desks than me.

Techbit: Google Releases Dev Chrome For Mac And Linux. But Doesn’t Want You To Use It. GIMME Google Wave API and Testing Google Wave: This Thing is Tidal. I wish I could goto DrupalCampWI | June 5th and 6th, 2009, Madison, WI

xkcd - A Webcomic - IN UR REALITY

For more: I'm In Ur

Cracked.com is nice: The 7 Most Bizarrely Unlucky People Who Ever Lived and 17 Great Historical Moments Ruined by Modern Technology

I ran into these devices the other day XBee-PRO 802.15.4 OEM RF Modules - Digi International- they are freakin awesome when applied!

Alt-economics: Organizing for a Better Economy And bookporn #41: books from heaven, books from earth « a historian’s craft.

Some random stuff from the huffpo that seems relevant somehow: An earned moment for Michael Moore, he calls for saving the industrial tools and building clean techs in the old GM factories: Michael Moore: Goodbye, GM

Yuck: Gov. David A. Paterson: The Moment for Public-Private Partnerships Is Now // Avarice! Washington politicos dish on summer plans

Drugz: They're trying to nix Murtha's bullshit drugz fusion center: House GOP Wants Cuts To Drug War also Daily Kos: States Leading Way on Industrial Hemp!

Submedia is at it again! ‘Hopium’ takes the West Coast by storm at subMedia

Nice Video: Who's culture jamming the Mexican election? Annul the vote!

Viddy: Dan Dennett on dangerous memes | Video on TED.com

This was snarky but pretty funny: Rantings of a Sandmonkey » The speech!

For everything including intel, oil and other items, you can't miss Sic Semper Tyrannis including Korea War - Round 2 part 2 by Neil Richardson and the referenced article about the new DARPA-drawn tactics such as secret tracker chips at "A New Kind of War Part 1" Richard Sale.

Bloody New Battles Suit Israel by Mel Frykberg -- Antiwar.com

For more on the Israel stuff, DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security is annoyed. DEBKA is written by weird Israeli intelligence people or something -- its a classic grains of salt source.

DEBKA on Lebanon spy rollup: This is a funny story about the Lebanese using fancy French gear to bust up the Israeli spies in Lebanon:

Tuesday, June 2, Beirut announced 9 more suspected spies had been detained with another haul of communications equipment and encoded computers. Western intelligence experts say all the Lebanese counter-espionage officers have to do is install the French bugs in one sector after another, wait for it to signal the presence of electronic gear and then pick up its holder. This accounts for their sudden success in rounding up alleged spies. Suspects who have dumped their equipment in time have managed to escape detection.

The harm to Western intelligence from Lebanese president's breach of promise to Paris has ramifications: Beirut has just passed its findings together with the captured electronic paraphernalia to Syrian and Iranian intelligence, handing them the data for overhauling their defenses against foreign espionage.

Urgent inquiries are now flying between Washington and Paris to find out how Western spy agencies operating in Lebanon came to relax their guard and failed to discover their exposure to the French bugs misused against parties against which Sakrozy meant no harm.

Either way, both Washington and Paris are forced to admit that, in the final reckoning, no office-holder in Lebanon may be trusted.

So it was OK for the French bugs to be used against Hezbollah, a domestic force, but foreign spies were supposed to be unbothered. That seems like a really fair deal.

The Egyptians also rolled up a bunch of sketchy Russians too, before Obama's speech. Another false flag possibility, or just another WMR conspiracy theory? June 1, 2009 - Did Egypt roll up a plot directed against Obama? - Wayne Madsen Report

The students rounded up in Egypt were asked about the sources of their money. It appears that the Russian students apprehended were not part of an official Russian and Egypt student program. The Council of Muftis of Russia stated that none of the Russian students taken into custody by the Egyptians were at Al-Azhar as part of any officially-sanctioned program of the council. Many of the students detained were at the university in violation of the visa regime in place and were not registered with Russian Muslim authorities. [.......]

On January 11, 2009, we reported on the supply of weapons to Hamas from Russian-Israeli mafia circles in Israel. WMR also reported on the strong links between Russian-Israeli mob tycoon Boris Berezovsky and the late Russian intelligence officer Alexander Litvinenko, who died in London from polonium-210 poisoning, and Chechen guerrillas who were responsible for a number of terrorist attacks aimed at destabilizing the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, Berezovsky, in a major false flag operation, funded Chechen guerrillas by having Chechen warlords Shamil Basayev, Movladi Udugov, and Salman Raduyev kidnap people so that Berezovsky could finance them through the payment of ransoms totaling into the millions of dollars. Western intelligence linked "Al Qaeda" units to the Chechens funded by Berezovsky, providing yet another link between the Russian-Israel Mafia and "Al Qaeda." Berezovsky was also accused by Chechen leaders of financing extreme Wahhabi Kavkaz-TV television broadcasts designed to stir up anti-Russian passions among Chechen's Muslims. The Russian-Israeli fugitive billionaire, who enjoys asylum in Britain, was also linked to various Chechen terrorist attacks in Moscow. Berezovsky also supported Islamist radicals in the neighboring Russian Republic of Ingushetia, where some of the Chechen guerrillas found refuge.

The involvement of Russian Muslims in the Egyptian investigation of a potential threat against Obama, at the same time of souring relations between the Obama administration and Israel's government, which includes the extreme right-wing Moldovan-Israeli mob boss Avigdor Lieberman as Foreign Minister, is a strong indication that whatever the Egyptians uncovered about a threat against the President may have had "false flag" fingerprints all over it.

Using Russian and central Asian Muslims in Cairo in a false flag operation diected against Obama would have generated a backlash against Muslims and Arabs, something that Obama is trying to reverse by his speech and very presence in Cairo, and engendered both sympathy for Israel's Likud government and hostility towards Muslims from Egypt and Palestine to central Asia.

It is also likely that the Egyptian security services were tipped off by their American counterparts before the raid on Al-Azhar students. The question posed by the Egyptians to the Russians and other central Asians whether they planned a repeat of the Hussein Square bombing in February was likely prompted by either signals intelligence (SIGINT) intercepts by the National Security Agency (NSA), human intelligence evidence, or a combination of the two. A bombing anywhere in Cairo during Obama's visit would create a media frenzy that would place Egypt and Obama's wider Muslim and Arab audience in a bad light.

WHO CARES ABOUT OBL?! MORE FAKE PSYOPS VIDEO FOR FUN?: Plus just this week there were some videos supposedly from Osama bin Laden but it's kinda funny that nobody cares because the videos seem vaguely fake or irrelevant. Even gung-ho CNN seems depressed about the info punch -- an increasing trend as the War on Terror info memes burned themselves out. See Hongpong.com post on Anomalies with videos like this from exactly a year ago!

Obama took his shots at 9/11 Islamic conspiracy theories. As Jon Stewart aptly pointed out Thursday evening, he's trying to ease aside the militants in order to get engagement going with these societies. [So let's just lay conspiracies aside, and git er done... why not?]

200906050259.jpgSurely these awesome videos no one looks at anymore do not have watermarks from the IntelCenter, a shady op setup by one of Rumsfeld's go-to PSYOPS dudes, Jim Melnick. (as WIRED reported they got caught layering/messing with video logos apparently, see PrisonPlanet for a big pile of stuff on how this works, earlier Rummy stuff. etc etc)

[[Vague Backstory: Entities like IntelCenter are 4th Generation Information Warfare Fake News Machine or something, like MEMRI and the "SITE Institute", two spots that also peddle info products designed to suit the Beltway Hawk / neocon intel treadmill in Washington [PSYOPS agenda, stovepiping etc]. Slashdot last August on Tracking the Terrorists Online (in a bullshit way, it turns out).]]

Finally The Cost Of Winning In Minnesota | The Onion - America's Finest News Source. No better source. Only satire can save us now!

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