Ooky spooky Soviet bioscience: 1940 Soviet Zombie dog head reanimation video

In all likelihood this Soviet propaganda video is fake, but it has a Zombie Dog head.

I gotta say they should have had a better angle at the dog head, but it does kinda look real.Via this list of 25 scariest scientific experiments on io9.com. Tuskegee, Mengele and Unit 731 are all noted in the rundown of barbaric 'civilization.'
This video reminds me of the extremely badass Metallica video featuring a Soviet-style science film with alien organism spores, zombies, chemtrails and reanimated dead things....
Also some guys theorize the Large Hadron Collider is sabotaging itself from the future, so there ya go.
1940 NYTimes article on the Tesla 'teleforce' or Death Ray. This list of early nuclear accidents is also pretty amazing:
A senior scientist [Louis Slotin] was demonstrating the technique of critical assembly and associated studies and measurements to another scientist. The particular technique employed in the demonstration was to bring a hollow hemisphere of beryllium around a mass of fissionable material which was resting in a similar lower hollow hemisphere.
The system was checked with two one-inch spacers between the upper hemisphere and the lower shell which contained the fissionable material; the system was subcritical at this time.
Then the spacers were removed so that one edge of the upper hemisphere rested on the lower shell while the other edge of the upper hemisphere was supported by a screwdriver. This latter edge was permitted to approach the lower shell slowly. While one hand held the screwdriver, the other hand was holding the upper shell with the thumb placed in an opening at the polar point.
At that time, the screwdriver apparently slipped and the upper shell fell into position around the fissionable material. Of the eight people in the room, two were directly engaged in the work leading to this incident.
The "blue glow" was observed, a heat wave felt, and immediately the top shell was slipped off and everyone left the room. The scientist who was demonstrating the experiment received sufficient dosage to result in injuries from which he died nine days later. The scientist assisting received sufficient radiation dosage to cause serious injuries and some permanent partial disability.
The other six employees in the room suffered no permanent injury. (See TID-5360, p. 4.)

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