Parallax View of the EU, G20 & climate change: There is no evidence of any wider conspiracy

Creepy and unelected new EU President Von Rompuy talks about the delightful new role of the EU, the G20, climate control and Global Governance (or 'global management'). I definitely heard the sound of global governance over the LRAD at the G20, that's for sure!

Some weirdo other stuff got released in the hilarious climate change email dumps which are now all over Wikileaks via surly hackers.
Duly noted by, perhaps this is all a program to generate MK assassins or maybe it's just an item for fans of The Parallax View: Military Experiment Seeks to Predict PTSD - TIME:

TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif.) — Two days before shipping off to war, Marine Pfc. Jesse Sheets sat inside a trailer in the Mojave Desert, his gaze fixed on a computer that flashed a rhythmic pulse of contrasting images. Smiling kids embracing a soldier. A dog sniffing blood oozing from a corpse. Movie star Cameron Diaz posing sideways in a midriff top. Troops cowering for safety during an ambush.

A doctor tracked his stress levels and counted the number of times he blinked. Electrode wires dangled from his left eye and right pinky finger.

Sheets is part of a military experiment to try to predict who's most at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. Understanding underlying triggers might help reduce the burden of those who return psychologically wounded — if they can get early help.

Something like what they did to Warren Beatty at the Parallax Corporation's Division of Human Engineering, an MK lab of a classic sort:

BTW here's the intro which is outstanding. The Parallax View by Alan Pakula was a classic 70s paranoia thriller released in the middle of Watergate.

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