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Damn straight - those are the chips they are gonna track you with. CHIPS CARRIED BY BIG FRICKIN ANTS. Via the too-speculative ATS thread RFID Microchips In The Swine Flu Vaccine?

It's time to push out some links and see if they lead somewhere....This weekend I've been building up a sweet new InfoSpace via a refurb'd Pentium 4 and a new LCD screen, from which I will be able to make awesome websites... It's powered by CentOS - centos.org - The Community ENTerprise Operating System

Hopefully better ones than the late Mike Connell, who seems like a guy too-nice-by-half to be tangled up with the people that might have done him in... He was getting dragged in to testify on the 2004 Ohio election fraud (perhaps since as some have alleged, his computers were involved when They spoofed the vote!)

The Late Mike Connell, GOP web guy extraordinaire... The BRAD BLOG : Exclusive: Mike Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options

Conspiracy theories aside, Perkins says the U.S. government has historically used assassination jackals abroad and says it should come as no surprise that they are contracted domestically. "The U.S. President hires Blackwater to do that sort of work for the U.S. government so why wouldn't they do it for themselves particularly if they needed it? If you're a plumber and you fix everybody else's plumbing and your sink breaks, you're probably going to fix yours too."

Heather states if there is an informant, she wants to know who that person is. She also says she'd like the "trusted friend who told Mike not to fly" to come forward.

Shannon says if there were proof of foul play, she believes her family would file a wrongful death suit against Karl Rove. But she says she's not sure her family will ever know what really happened that day in December.

Recently, the Connell family has been dealt another blow --- an anonymous memo penned by someone identifying themselves as "Mark Felt" (the name of the man who was ultimately revealed to be "Deep Throat"), cataloguing an order and mission to remotely intercept and rig the instrument panel of Mike Connell's plane then "sanitize" the area.

Heather confirms receipt of this memo, which was cc'd to six unknown recipients.

Those close to the case believe the person behind the memo is a real informant with inside knowledge about Connell's plane crash. There are a number of Intelligence officials looking into it, including the FBI. The FBI field agent in charge of the case, Jack Vickery, did not return my calls. But Cliff Arnebeck, the prosecuting attorney in the case and the one who deposed Mike Connell last November, issued the following statement:

We received copies of the "deep throat" letter and redacted report of a jackal that "is not supposed to exist." We passed on to the FBI this and other information we have relevant to the matter. Our impression is that the FBI is doing its job of investigating specific allegations regarding the assassination of a vital witness in our federal election fraud case.

The "Jackal" that Arnebeck refers to is a hired assassin. Former CIA operative John Perkins wrote about such "jackals" in his book, Confessions of an Economic HitMan, and says while he doesn't have any inside knowledge about Connell's death, he would not be surprised if he was murdered.

"It wouldn't surprise me a bit. They've certainly assassinated a lot of people in this country. The Kennedys were assassinated. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. It's entirely possible that Paul Wellstone was assassinated. We've had a long, long history of assassinations. It's extremely successful in terms of turning politics around and getting people off cases. In a way, Bill Clinton was assassinated but it was a personality assassination. The Connell case is just one more possibility."

Perkins adds, plane crashes have always been a weapon of choice among Jackals. "It' so easy to cover it up. The evidence is destroyed and everybody knows airplanes are fragile anyway, small airplanes in particular. So it's a very clean type of assassination in terms of ways to do it because the area where the plane crash happens can be quickly cordoned off…and the evidence can be cleaned up very quickly and most of it is destroyed anyway. But if there's anything left, it can be disposed of very, very quickly."


"I think Mike got caught up in some other people's lives and didn't know how to get out or was trying to get out. You know, I'm real cynical about whether justice will be done. A lot of the government officials probably have gotten away with a lot of things. My position now is what's going to make this different? What's different with my brother's death that's any different than Paul Wellstone's?"

For notes on the Brad Friedman vs. Wayne Madsen spat see below...

Bioweapons galore: see Amazon.com: Dr. Mary's Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, ... Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics... It all comes around to SV-40 in polio vaccines turning into cancer, with a side of secret monkeys!

Sprint 8 million! Who doesn't enjoy hearing about Sprint's spiffy GPS auto login portal for the cops - but how can we forget Sprint manager: ‘Half’ of all police surveillance includes text messaging | Raw Story. The post that started it all slight paranoia: 8 Million Reasons for Real Surveillance Oversight.

Let's get inventive! Make an Independent Movie on the Cheap - Wired How-To Wiki

Glenn Beck movie fail! Exclusive: Beck’s movie bombs in New York, Boston — and Washington, D.C. | Raw Story

Blackwater's Erik Prince decides to yap it up. t r u t h o u t | Blackwater Founder Tells of Extensive Government-Contracted Assassinations. More Blackwater behind plan to kill or snatch - BlackListed News

Everyone gets money! The US sponsors the Taliban but let's sponsor West Bank settlers too: why not?! How does the U.S. help fund pro-settler IDF troops? - Haaretz. For a good time in dense thickets of British financial conspiracy chatter and shell-chasing, see THE FINANCING OF AL-QAEDA BY U.S. INTELLIGENCE from UK'er Christopher Story. Also SIGNS OF AN END-GAME SHOWDOWN WITH WASHINGTON. Banks suck worse than Enron.

PETA is terrorists so check all that apply: Government forms are the best! Well perhaps I have not been given enough credit to PETA: The USDA APHIS Facility Security Profile reminds us that political activities intersecting with capital are deemed terrorism: PETA Listed as “Domestic Terrorists” by USDA »GreenIsTheNewRed.com (made the NYT)

B. Terrorist Threat. What terrorist activities have occurred in or around your building/facility in the past 5 years (documented cases)? Please check all that apply.

[ ] Attack from international terrorists
[ ] Attack from domestic special interest terrorists
-[ ] Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
-[ ] Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
-[ ] People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
-[ ] Animal Defense League (ADL)
-[ ] Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)
-[ ] Formal hate group(s) (please specify):
-[ ] Other (please specify): ____________________
[ ] Cyber Attack from a known or unknown source.

RELATED - for the domestic terrorist in yr kitchen: Sarah Kramer and Her “Domestic Terrorist” Apron »GreenIsTheNewRed.com

The secret tale of Alex Jones vs Jeff Rense: Skip this graf if you don't care about conspiracy world infighting: Jones and Rense are two talk show type guys out on the great American 'fringe' or alternative media, call it what you will -- Overall they are generally constructive it seems to me. Jones has a lot of bombast while Rense is low-key and more into cool vibes, alternative health and UFOs. They were once pretty closely aligned it seems, then had a big falling-out. This one lady, Lorie Kramer, posted a big website on the "Alex Jones Machine" which is sure to freak out his most avid supporters. Also on this rather ugly/offensive site Jones is accused of being basically a Zionist due to links among his supporters, lawyer & local radio station. (that site also complains about the Jewish assault on glorious White America - it only takes a couple hyperlinks to land at this nasty racism once you go looking into conspiracy spats :-(

Bonus: Brad Friedman vs Wayne Madsen: Speaking of conspiracy spats be sure to check out the thread on this BRAD BLOG - Story on Edmonds 'Outs' Video-taped, 'Blackmailed' Dem Congresswoman; Alleges State Dept. Mole at NYTimes... Friedman was accused by Madsen of essentially working for/covering/being a weenie hack for the Turkish-Israeli ring because he refused to come out and name Schakowsky. Friedman defends himself and makes interesting points on Madsen in the notes. Overall Friedman seems greasy though he does often have goodies.

Health bits (a good example of a Rense post) MSG Causes Obesity, Hides Behind Many Fake Names. Also Rense has archives like of this late anti-NWO paranoid European guy Philip Jones.

The Sound of Silence: As long as we're on a roll here - of course we need a theory about HDTV and mind control - The Sound of Silence: The Antithesis of Freedom by A. True Ott, PhD, ND. It reminds me of that one Vonnegut story.

Notes from the left: Conflict between race and labor organizing is a pretty deep loop played expertly by rich white dudes for a long time. Along these lines - back in 2007 The Sojourner Truth Organization: Notes Toward a History :: The White Skin Privilege Concept: From Margin to Center of Revolutionary Politics.

Democrats Fail! On the mainstream side see Jane Hamsher leads left away from White House - POLITICO.com. What Stupak? Not So Pretty in Pink - I like how Barbara Ehrenreich has ripped apart the mess of therapeutic self-help culture.

Students screwed: t r u t h o u t | A Quiet War On Students. Student loans not crooked? That'll be the day. There's usury needed! Network of Resistance to the "Structural Adjustment" of U.S. Universities - Infoshop News (also here) See edufactory2009's Channel. The Occupation Movement: Take Back The Land Call To Action For Mayday 2010 - Infoshop News. Communities Rising (NOLA) We are the Crisis: WE ARE THE CRISIS: The Student Movement and the Coming Decade. etc.

Martial Law and terroristic mischief: this made the rounds: Greg Everson Warns: U.S. Forces Plan Direct Action Against American Citizens. NORTHCOM CONPLAN 3502 no doubt. Isn’t “Terroristic Mischief” a Contradiction in Terms?. Also: 5 Reasons that Corporate Media Coverage is Pro-War. Comply With the FTC's New Blogger Disclosure Rules With Amusing Icons

Greece situations: Another Update From Greece | Anarchist news dot org. Huge roiling of stuff for anniversary of infamous police assassination. Greece Weekend of 12/06. Bankrupt the System, Exploit The University | Anarchist news dot org

War Sux: Craig Murray - Obama Is Wrong On Both Counts. Maddow: Is Obama Following The Bush Doctrine?. Chicago Indymedia: PHOTOS: Hundreds protest Obama 'surge' in Afghanistan. Local - fun with a bike! Anti-war protesters march in Minneapolis, arrests made. (viddy)

Banks fail: SHOOT: Entire countries face bankruptcy

Google DNS: The Next Phase of Google’s Internet. Inspires loathing -- but current cable practices are loathesome..

Now listening: the Birds & the Beats mixtape by M.anifest. see Liner Notes: to Enhance Listening... I lost the download link. But lol this monkey see monkey do. What production!

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