New Video! Robert Erickson, Tea Party prankster, spoofs movie trailer

This was a fun project to work on. TIP! Combine the old OSX Mp3 player Audion with the Wiretap outgoing-sound recorder by Ambrosia, and you can strip the vocals or VoiceOver off anything to make excellent Fair Use satire from pompous conservative videos!! I found that tip on a random forum, I think it was


Minneapolis, MN - February 9th, 2010 - At the first convention of the right-wing Tea Party movement this weekend, Sarah Palin called for "revolution," and a documentary about the movement's rising has recently been released. The trailer for "Tea Party" allowed conservatives, who are hosting viewing parties across the nation, to relive the first year of the movement.

But meanwhile, Tea Party Prankster Robert Erickson, whose speech after infiltrating last November's Tea Party Against Amnesty in St. Paul drew national attention, has now released a trailer of his own.

“The original Tea Party trailer was too good to pass up on, so I used it as an opportunity to parody the outrageous rhetoric of the right-wing. We call on all people of conscience to take a stand against the dehumanizing tactics perpetrated by real criminals like Joe Arpaio and ICE,” explained Robert Erickson. Erickson is organizing a “Back to Europe” movement planned for the spring.

Along with the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action coalition (MIRAc), he is hoping to inspire a national day of action at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) centers across the country, an event they have some experience in. Last November in Bloomington, MN, Erickson, along with dozens of companions and supporters, turned themselves in for self-deportation in orange jumpsuits. They called out the hypocrisy of ICE, which routinely deports immigrants of color while allowing European immigrants to live free. ICE declined to carry out the attempted self-deportation.

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This is the original Tea Party documentary trailer - the spoof makes more sense if you see it first:

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