The biggest scandal in world history; WANTAGATE, Leo Wanta, the post-Soviet trillions and lots of tangled disinfo from shady operatives (or not)

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This guy, Leo Wanta / Lee Wanta / Ambassador Leo Wanta, could be the key to the biggest financial conspiracy of all time. Or maybe it's a huge thing of hot air.

It seems we can all agree Wanta was a buddy of Ronald Reagan, and a financial intelligence operative who performed some maneuvers which helped bring about the financial collapse of the Soviet Union. I think everyone agrees on this. Wanta was written about some years back in Claire Sterling's "Thieves' World: The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime (1994)."

Wanta got incarcerated in Wisconsin on the premise of some bizarre tax thing for a while, and apparently he got sympathetic help from a UK finance/conspiracy journalist, Christopher Story (, who loaned him some skrilla to post bail, which Wanta then welched on.

Things get murkier from here. The storyline is that Wanta somehow controls the 'winnings' of bringing down the Soviet Union thru currency operations. The idea is that Wanta is the trustee or custodian of trillions of dollars leftover from 'winning the Cold War'. This pile of cash, which really ought to go to the US Treasury methinks, has attracted the Usual Suspects into stealing and otherwise manipulating the money. The Clintons and the Bushes, and associated operatives, all want to make off with the money, or use it as collateral to get other financial instruments going.

Also, Wanta, as an Office of Naval Intelligence operative, was apparently friends with Michael Delmart Vreeland, an ONI operative who most infamously was arrested in Canada before 9/11 and tipped off his captors that Pentagon & World Trade Center attacks were on the way. [Let one happen, stop the rest..] Vreeland's bizarre story, which involved allegations that the Russians and Saddam Hussein were involved somehow, became the basis for a few chapters in Michael Ruppert's Crossing The Rubicon. (Vreeland seems very much like Richard Case Nagell, the "Man Who Knew Too Much" in the JFK assassination, and put himself under custody just prior to that shady staged event. The Vreeland stuff is a tangent right now tho :)

So we come to a strange idea of WANTAGATE that is not widely reported: the resolution of huge sums of money behind the scenes. Christopher Story claims, roughly, that a financial arrangement known as 'the settlements' would bring this huge amount of money back onto the balance sheets of the US Treasury, but sneeky dudes like Geithner, Bushes, Clintons, etc., want to try to keep the shadow money moving and use it to rebuild the great fraudulent derivatives scheme.

At this point, Story claims that somehow (how the media, even US underground media, doesn't catch onto this, I don't get at all) that the US Treasury is under a lien, the World Court and these INTERPOL forces are basically cleaning house, which was why INTERPOL got its privileges boosted from Obama's Executive Order in December.

A whole galaxy of confusing actors and disinfo agents are around this. It gets right around to some low profile characters going back to the Clinton years and Iran-Contra/BCCI. Story introduces the idea that 'DVD' is a secret Nazi black intelligence agency in Germany, the descendant of the CIA-sponsored Gehlen Organization after WWII. WIkipedia: "He also claims that former British Prime Minister Edward Heath was "recruited by the Nazis before the war" and was an agent of the "the secret Nazi strategic continuum since exposed as Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau."

Story says that Kissinger and HW Bush are part of the secret German agenda (as well as Wanta), and if we look back to more old-skewl Nazi links, the role of Skull and Bones as a Germanic order that illustrates how closely intertwined Eastern families are with the Nazis... Nazis of course just being a right-dialectic wing of the Illuminati agenda...

Story used to be cool with Wanta but is now against him. Story posted the texts of documents indicating that Thomas Heneghan acted as Wanta's financial agent.

Thomas Heneghan is a self proclaimed intelligence expert, who actually at one point jacked my Sibel Edmonds image off the site, blogs on Myspace in a fairly odd way. Heneghan seems to be allied with Tom Flocco and Stew Webb, who was something of a whistleblower on BCCI/Iran-Contra and other weird Clinton banking scam things. Pretty sure it was Webb who did the most awesome flowchart of Clinton/Bush mega-conspiracy. He also writes on FBI creeps (Tim White, Jeff Fisher seem uber creepy members of the mythical FBI Division Five). Somehow satellites become involved with votefraud... Heneghan is really a weird one, part of a certain knot in the fabric.

Eva Teleki. Story says she is part of the evil German operation. She is like some minion sent around by the Bush family to open accounts or something. Best name in the scheme.

CASPER: Casper (pseudonym) seems to be a sort of stock market huckster with intelligence connections. Story talks a ton of smack about Casper and Casper kind of is like 'you don't know whats up over here and also this particular odd loan was not a CIA ponzi scheme.' Casper is part of an ongoing mess posted at the oft-updated FourWinds website.

Sorcha Faal: While seeming to be a woman, Sorcha Faal seems to actually be a Catholic intelligence guy in Virginia. Faal seems to post something around provocative/subversive tone but this would seem to be CIA gatekeeping of the fringe. Or not. But Faal seems to have annoyed people widely.

Story wrote:
In this connection we need to reiterate that anonymous, unprovenanced reports by a fictitious source calling itself Sorcha Faal and purporting to be derived from the Kremlin, is actually a diversionary disinformation operation perpetrated by an Irishman, S. L. O’Huallachain and by Commander J. Forrest Sharpe, of Light in the Darkness Publications, Vienna, VA, located, as we recently pointed out, deep in US intelligence communitysville, according to our sources. - (Check this post) likes to post around sides of this issue but also seems to attract flowz of the big disinfo. Hard to say what the role is but has been around for a long time. Story is pissed with them (he doesn't seem to like conspiracy sites and thinks a lot of them are carrying 'diversionary claptrap.' Fair enough.)

Mysterious Wanta items

Anything within about 2 hops of Leo Wanta turns into a lot of smudgy faxes and strange narrative chunks. These could be red herrings but they reflect the texture of what's going around - these faxes are one 'stillpoint' version. Story claimed stillpoint was a plan to crash America, but the other guys said it was nothing of the sort. And this appeared thru Heneghan...

The Arctic Beacon: some people regarded as a first-generation CIA disinfo website, or used for limited hangouts, and there quite is a lot of Wanta stuff that's come thru there. This may be an unfair characterization of Greg Syzmanski who is involved with GCN Radio Network (Genesis Communications Network - The Alex Jones & other quirky stuff radio net). See for hits. Related Syzmanski describes his version of the Wanta story, which makes Bush2 out to be the bad guy:

Four Winds: big arguments about it all posted a lot here

I thought this Wanta article was super funny, by Marilyn Barnewall,

GodlikeProductions is a chill forum, they hashed over Sorcha Faal vs Story

By far the best discussion thread (at least the longest) about what in the hell this adds up to was @ The Unhived Mind, which appears to be mainly about anti-DeepCatholicism (i.e. Templars, the weird Legatius group, Vatican ops, etc) .

that's one heckuva thread.

Anyway this is only a rough roundup of some major factors, but should lead the way to where the discussions and axes of new exposures and arguments might be around Leo Wanta, the multi trillion dollar incarcerated German/Reagan financial operative, who ended up with the money that "won" the Cold War. Before he got thrown in jail in Wisconsin. :-/

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