Restored 1927 "Metropolis" adds new subplots on worker Georgy 11811, fight scenes, mobs, giant head of Hel, 1920s carphone!


Frame by frame, the lost almost-complete version of Metropolis is coming out. METROPOLIS2710

It's an amazing & essentially perfect film, which created the bases for epic pop culture characters like Doc Brown, C3PO, as well as a powerful vision of utopian urbanism -- the film itself created a huge cultural force in the iconography of urban development.

This restored version has new villain enforcing the rules via a car phone!

SPOILER ALERT - this is a truly magic film - however if you want a loose outline of everything, in particular the deleted cuts, read on. Otherwise ditch out...

After a Utopian garden scene with a few new cuts, a factory accident transforms into a vision of Moloch!!

Picture 23.png<Picture 24.png

Picture 25.png

The cityscapes are nice - our hero Freder gives us more city imagery when he gets to the chief's office...

  Picture 26.png Picture 27.png

Picture 28.png<Picture 29.png

His stressing out - more cuts
Picture 30.png Picture 31.png

This still has gotta be the best representation of Capitalist Time as an irreversible flow - thanks Debord! In the new Edit, Freder switches places with (i think) this worker -- then the worker gets chased down. This was cut!

Also the press stand is tight - this whole subplot gets cut, where the totally deleted evil dude comes in.
Picture 32.png Picture 33.png

And the Metropolis Courier!
Picture 34.png Picture 35.png

There was a lot of cut time with this giant head of Hel -- deceased lady, motivates Rotwang to beat the laws of nature. Very unreal & a lot was cut.
Picture 36.png Picture 37.png

Look at Rotwang, he is Luke & Annekin Skywalker, Doc Brown and Dr. Strangelove -- he was preceded in fiction by Dr Frankenstein but really... he says he lost the hand in the process, but the hand kind of controls him, like it has an occult force, just like Dr. Strangelove. Plus of course the Pentagrams.
Picture 38.png

Maria is running a spiritually inspired revolution down in the caves -- naturally a falseflag attack from the government needs to bring this down, but first a tale of the Tower of Babel!

Picture 39.png Picture 40.png Picture 41.png Picture 43.png

Picture 44.png Picture 45.png

Picture 46.png Picture 47.png

Picture 48.png Picture 49.png

Freder falls for Maria while Rotwang & the Mayor hatch a plot. Dig the Persian-style wing formation in the stonework.
Picture 50.png Picture 51.png

Tight live orchestra.
Picture 52.png Picture 53.png

Deleted - Rotwang talking about bringing down the Apocalypse from this wicked angle!
Picture 54.png Picture 55.png

Picture 56.png Picture 57.png

Worker Georgy 11811 is the deleted worker character - we also see more of OSHIWARA, the mod Asian themed Club of Total Sin where Evil Maria launches her bid to become the Beast! The Evil dude gets the worker and thrashes him, then plots further through his carphone!

Picture 58.png Picture 59.png

Also cut, some kinda-slow dialogue with Freder hanging out with the nervous guy from the mayor's office. CARPHONE!
Picture 60.png Picture 61.png

The insane two-way elevator was epic - Evil One pops up!
Picture 62.png Picture 63.png

Groovy Flapper on zooming Elevator!

Picture 64.png Picture 65.png

Picture 67.png Picture 68.png

Picture 69.png Picture 71.png
Lots more pics below the fold

Fritz Lang always had the lighting down so well, like the window light cast here.
Picture 72.png Picture 73.png

Picture 74.png Picture 75.png

Rotwang is going to steal Maria's face - more signs of the occult with Rotwang, who has an awesome Babel style spiral neon lamp on his desk as well.
Picture 76.png Picture 77.png

Ah yes the Fifth Element style. Also the curved shelves are awesome.
Picture 78.png Picture 79.png

Picture 80.png Picture 81.png

Look - it's IRON MAN - and bonus Chi fields too. You know this is why the Germans have had flying saucers figured out for decades!
Picture 82.png Picture 83.png

Picture 84.png

At last we have Robot Maria -- or is it Lady Gaga? The left eye is esoteric... There were a lot of deleted apocalyptic snippets, this priest raving about the apocalypse.

Picture 85.png Picture 87.png

Picture 88.png Picture 89.png

Picture 90.png Picture 91.png

There was a lot deleted from the Babylon stripping scene for US distribution! Deft portrayal of the male gaze - almost nothing this edgy entered US movies or TV for the next 30 years...
Picture 92.png Picture 93.png

Also the bearers of her 4 Horsemen become the sinners - deleted.
Picture 94.png Picture 95.png

Picture 96.png Picture 97.png

Naturally Freder is dreaming about the sexypocalypse... This whole sequence gets a different flow from the adds, a lot freakier. I mean, wow...
Picture 98.png Picture 99.png

Deleted scene about how they lament slacking off on worker repression! Then fighting over Robot Maria... deleted elites shooting elites at her feet!
Picture 100.png Picture 101.png


Picture 102.png Picture 103.png

Picture 104.png Picture 105.png

Good Maria vs the Glove of Evil, meanwhile Robot Maria Provocateur launches her plan...
Picture 106.png Picture 107.png

Picture 108.png Picture 109.png

There was a lot of deleted footage of elevators...
Picture 110.png Picture 111.png

She is completely crazy when they get to the machines - a ton of this was cut - it's amazing how much they added!

Picture 112.png Picture 113.png

Picture 115.png  Picture 117.png

There was a lot deleted of the burly worker ("final boss") & Good Maria trying to save subterranean Workertown... Digital effect here :)
Picture 118.png Picture 119.png

Picture 120.png Picture 121.png

Cut footage of the kids crying out, flooding...
Picture 122.png Picture 123.png

Picture 124.png Picture 125.png

The partying at OSHIWARA got cut a lot - alot of partying in general was cut earlier too.
Picture 126.png Picture 127.png

Picture 128.png Picture 129.png

Fritz Lang grabs false group consciousness so well here -- but why stop here when deleted scenes of Rotwang having a Moment with the Hel godhead are on the way....

Picture 130.png Picture 131.png

Mob running scenes were cut heavily - pretty serious stuff
Picture 132.png Picture 133.png

Picture 134.png Picture 135.png

Mob says Burn her! Oh yeah, did we mention Monty Python?! hehehe.. She has some serious intense deleted moments here, with this crowd.
Picture 136.png Picture 137.png

Picture 138.png Picture 139.png

More of the pyre as well...
Picture 140.png Picture 141.png

Picture 142.png

I won't tell you how it ends but the rest seems basically the same....


METROPOLIS2710: Questions about METROPOLIS (1927/2010)

1. There already are several restored versions of METROPOLIS; the one from 2001 even belonging to the UNESCO World Documentary Heritage. What is so special about the restoration of 2010?

All the copies of METROPOLIS that were available so far could only base on the shortened and dramaturgically modified versions that have been used for German and international utilization. They could not be based on the 30 minutes longer version that has received its world premiere on January 10, 1927. This copy had only been on screen for a few months and for decades was considered to be irrecoverable.

So the myth of METROPOLIS as filmic torso grew bigger: It was a known fact that the masterpiece had to undergo significant mutilations; different sources tell about the missing scenes but the repeated search for the wanted footage was unsuccessful. Despite the research of generations of archivists as well as of the Murnau Foundation itself about one quarter of the original version remained missing – up to the sensational discovery in Buenos Aires in 2008 and the current restoration.


2. How does the current restoration look like?
The current restoration wishes to reconstruct as close as possible the original version of METROPOLIS that premiered 1927 and that has been lost for decades. The extensive digital restoration from 2001 provides the base for the version to be restored right now. It will be completed by the newly found pieces of the Argentinian copy. At first the montage of the original version had to be reconstructed that is the order of shots, scenes, and sequences.

Second the footage found in Argentina is being restored digitally. Restoration aims to reduce the damage of the heavily used Argentinian material – whose pictures are difficult to recognize – by using the best amount of digital technology. Furthermore the original score is being re-edited based on the the score composed by Gottfried Huppertz.


3. How far is the restoration of METROPOLIS?
Restoring METROPOLIS not only counts as a film culturally significant but also very complex project. This is due to the problematic condition of the found footage that is a 16mm Dup Negative, not a contemporary 35mm copy or a camera negative. Thanks to the close cooperation of all partners the Murnau Foundation will be able to present the restoration project in February 2010 to the public. The first step, meaning the reconstruction (merging the material known so far with the newly found scenes of the Argentinian version), is finished by now. Right now the scenes coming from the Argentinian version (about 25 minutes length) are being digitally restored.


4. Contrary to the restoration of 2001 that has been included in the UNESCO World Documentary Heritage the base material of the approximate 25 minutes is not a 35mm camera negative but a 16mm Dup Negative. What does this mean for the restoration?
A 35mm nitro copy of the Argentinian distributor from 1927 after commercial utilization became private property of the film critic Manuel Pena Rodriguez. He screened the copy in private film clubs until the 1960s.

His collection later passed into the possession of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes. Safety copies in 16mm Negative were made from the nitro material that afterwards supposedly has been destroyed. This copying lacked competent supervision and duplicated all the damage and stain of the heavily torn copy. In addition the format reduction (35mm to 16mm) resulted in a loss of resolution quality as well as a heavy cut of the picture size.


5. Does the restoration effect change about the plot?
The METROPOLIS version 1927/2010 differs significantly from all the versions known so far. Although the plot of the film keeps its well-known framework the structure of the plot changes: It becomes more harmonic and more comprehensible. Especially the minor characters that Fritz Lang gives room emerge again. Two newly found scenes give Georgy, Josaphat and The Thin Man back their own profiles that through the cuts were almost downgraded to extras.

The now included sequences like Georgy´s car ride through Metropolis as well as Freder and The Thin Man´s visiting with Josaphat turn out to be siginificant for the plot. But also the relationship between the inventor Rotwang and Joh Fredersen, the ruler over Metropolis, as well as the reason for their rivalry become clear through the current restoration: Finally one can see the famous scene “Chamber of Hel”, the departed woman loved by both rivals, from which up to now only one still and several descriptions existed. METROPOLIS (1927/2010) is going to be a film event of it´s own!


7. Will one reach the photographic quality from the version of 2001?
Even by digital means the difference in quality between the version of 2001 which is based on a camera negative and the heavily torn Argentinian material cannot be eliminated. The difference between the two materials will stay visible. The reinserted pieces that have been removed about 80 years ago because of commercial reasons will always be noticeable. Therefore METROPOLIS as filmic torso, a myth capturing generations, will be documented also in the almost complete version.


8. How will the premiere take place?
The world premiere of the restored version of the Murnau Foundation takes place on February 12 at the same time in the Alte Oper (Frankfurt am Main) accompanied by the Staatsorchester Braunschweig under the direction of Helmut Imig as well as in the Friedrichstadtpalast on the occasion of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival accompanied by the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin under the direction of Frank Strobel.
Tickets for the performance in Frankfurt cost 25,50 respectively 39,50 Euro. Tickets are available at the usual advance ticket sale agencies as well as online.
Tickets for the performance on the occasion of the Berlinale will be available in the middle of January. Information can be found on the web page of the Berlinale.


9. Will METROPOLIS be re-released for theatre screenings?
After the score will be recorded and the analogue version of the film is on hand copies can be made and distribution will be possible. We assume that the film is available for theatre distribution in autumn 2010. Transit Film, Munich will be in charge of the world sale.


10. Will there be a DVD release?
Naturally there will be a DVD release by the Murnau Foundation after the technical requirements (like music recording) have been met and bonus material is completed. The estimated release date will be the end of 2010.

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