Currency turbulence and FEMA cyberwarfare excitement, Awlaki to Pentagon in terrorfail, expect savage austerity

The old days... "The BCCI scandal gave citizens of the world a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the covert global banking intelligence power structure, revealing power politics in its purest form. ".... -link

Now that's what I call a currency war! DXZ Flash Crash Detonates Entire Currency Complex | zero hedgeDXZ 10.22.jpg

Wowz! .... let's hit some random links. 70% Of All Stock Market Trades Are Held for An Average of 11 SECONDS → Washington's Blog and earlier "It's Not A Market, It's An HFT 'Crop Circle' Crime Scene" - Further Evidence Of Quote Stuffing Manipulation By HFT | zero hedge. QE2 lookin to be bad news. Weird reference to federal reserve & civil war in TIME blog. Expect Savage Austerity. Lawrence Kotlikoff - The Fed And Treasury's Actions Are Equivalent To Child Abuse: "If things continue as we adults have planned, our nation’s debt, measured as a share of gross domestic product, will reach Greek levels just when the grandkids start heading to work. At that point, simply stabilizing the debt-to-GDP ratio will require raising taxes by 50 percent, thereby lowering the grandkids’ living standard from 74 to 61."

Bloomberg - election financed by Shadow Parties. Half of US teens meet criteria for mental disorder. Bankruptcy judge bombshell - never approved sale of Lehman bros.

There was a fine tradition of immigrant voting in MN back in the day - Voting instructions to recent immigrants | Museum Collections Up Close : MNHS.ORG

We've had a tough series of events in MN this week -- the IWW's first round of voting at Jimmy Johns fell about 20 votes short of conquering the Minneapolis part of the franchise, forcing the management to go with illegal tactics all around.

Anwar Al-Awlaki, radical Islamic cleric wanted by the CIA, ate lunch at Pentagon after 9/11: reportDOJ AIPAC File press clippings investigation

Jimmy John’s Employees in Minneapolis Reject Bid to Join Union - BusinessWeek - [owner] told workers the I.W.W. is a “socialist-anarchist” group, and that the union likely won’t improve their working conditions.

“They’re trying to take down the quick-service industry,” said Mulligan, who became a franchisee after he retired from Supervalu as a way of going into business with his son. “Our employees don’t deserve these people, and these people don’t deserve our employees.”

lulz - they had to cheat to win IWW release sez.

Tough times for NPR: Some guy writing about 'ruppert murdock' has the funny stuff on a George Soros NPR venture called "Impact of Government". Crossposted into the breitbart world and spellchecked. What can I say? I basically like public radio, but they are in quite a fix. Juan Williams is colossally annoying, and now he's wrecked pledge week for them. NPR needs to get hardcore, more angry. Less of this cool attitude. That would garner respect. More: The real danger from NPR's firing of Juan Williams - Glenn Greenwald

Raw Milk Revolution, police state for calories & moar: FDA's war on food contracts

Raw Milk Revolution also explores the debate between the germ theory of illness, to which Western (allopathic) medicine subscribes, and the holistic theory (homeopathic), which the probiotics community hails. One seeks to wipe out all microbes (via drugs, vaccines and pasteurization) to make food sterile. The other recognizes that microbes act in accord with the biological terrain in which they live, and so promotes consuming live foods that boost “friendly” bacteria. (Thischart, which also appears in the book, nicely lays out the differences. For a more detailed explanation, see Biological Terrain vs Germ Theory.)

Gumpert quotes the probiotic argument: “People certainly can and do get sick from pathogens, but they do so because of failures in their own immune systems, rather than because the germs are so strong.” He then refers to “an entire body of research [that] has emerged on the benefits of probiotics in preventing illness.”

Recognizing this ideological difference, Salatin asks, “Is not freedom to choose our food at least as fundamental a right as the freedom to worship?”

Fun with Scribd: I've been having fun posting documents on Scribd. check em: old tract about the jesuit conspiracy: A Glimpse of the Great Secret Society, and a true nifty classic, Manly P Hall - The Secret Teachings of All Ages, the spy situation for Homeland Security and social media, DHS SNMC Inauguration Monitoring, the Minneapolis Police RNC After Action Report, the Wells Fargo Tsunami Repurchase Process Overview October 2010, DOJ AIPAC File press clippings investigation, etc.

Not a bad discussion with Alan Watt - even including TV frequencies for alpha wave entrainment as government mind control - YouTube - Alan Watt: The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity 3/4 - a whole series there.

Awlaki PSYOPS LOLfail - it appears yet again that Anwar Awlaki is a fake CIA type intel puppet figure, a kind of attractor figure to the would-be western jihadis (You gotta wonder, with these high profile cats like him, Julian Assange, etc.). Reminds one of Emmanuel Goldstein, or the Zarqawi propaganda campaign. EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda Leader Dined at the Pentagon Just Months After 9/11 - - Anwar Al-Awlaki, radical Islamic cleric wanted by the CIA, ate lunch at Pentagon after 9/11: report - part of the earlier pattern claimed by the AlexJones/Webster Tarpley type guys Al-Qaeda Mastermind Invited To Pentagon After 9/11 - Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex etcetecetc.. i.e Major Hasan Of Fort Hood: A Patsy In A Drill Gone Live?

Cyberwar what? This sounds not good U.S. Says Military Can Respond to Domestic Cyberthreats - commentary - Obama Tells Pentagon to Attack “Cyberthreats” On American Soil -

NYT! The system would mirror that used when the military is called on in natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires. A presidential order dispatches the military forces, working under the control of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Under the new rules, the president would approve the use of the military’s expertise in computer-network warfare, and the Department of Homeland Security would direct the work.

Officials involved in drafting the rules said the goal was to ensure a rapid response to a cyberthreat while balancing concerns that civil liberties might be at risk should the military take over such domestic operations.

The rules were deemed essential because most of the government’s computer-network capabilities reside within the Pentagon — while most of the important targets are on domestic soil, whether within the government or in critical private operations like financial networks or a regional power grid.

The new approach will begin with a Department of Homeland Security team deploying to Fort Meade, Md., home to both the National Security Agency, which specializes in electronic espionage, and the military’s new Cyber Command. In exchange, a team of military networking experts would be assigned to the operations center at the Homeland Security Department.

The rules were detailed in a memorandum of agreement signed in late September by Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security, and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, but they were not released until last week.

Oh man.... NSA to Assist DHS with Domestic Cyberwarfare Operations | Public Intelligence

Telepathic Critterdrug -- talking like Conway's Game of Life with telepathy and neural nets and drugs - mutation and artwork!!! A strange piece of software forked from critterding. Slashdot Technology Story | Electronic Life Makes Evolving Art. telepathic-critterdrug - YouTube - critterdrug fire mode. in a way related: about | electric sheep

New Asterisk! Asterisk- The Open Source Telephony Projects | Asterisk - Asterisk 1.8 Released with Support for Google Voice, Calendaring, and More

Denninger calls out corporatist Tea Party Takeover - Denninger, early inventor of the Tea Party motif, announces it's all been taken over by the right wing vanguard - turning scrutiny away from the vast federal economic disaster, business & etc. - on the video cenk gets lol for noting brilliant cooption:

"Yeah, that's a joke," he writes. "But so are you. All of you. Especially Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, and douchebag groups such as the 'Tea Party Patriots.'"

Denninger writes: "Tea Party my ass. This was nothing other than the Republican Party stealing the anger of a population that was fed up with the Republican Party's own theft of their tax money at gunpoint to bail out the robbers of Wall Street and fraudulently redirecting it back toward electing the very people who stole all the ****ing money!"

Denninger runs Market Ticker, a financially-focused blog that has been strongly opposed to bank bailouts and has railed against excessive government spending. He founded the group FedUpUSA in early 2008, shortly after the collapse of investment bank Bear Stearns........

"The Tea Party was initiated as a political protest against the unlawful and in fact unconstitutional usurpation of power from the Congress and The People in the form of extortion-led bailouts of enterprises that had engaged in acts that I, and many others, believe were at least civilly actionable and in many cases crossed the line into criminal activity.

"This indictment is not limited to the nation's large banks, although it certainly starts there. The corruption of our economic and monetary systems runs the gamut from Fannie and Freddie through their ties to Congress (including literal sexual encounters in some cases), banking interests selling trash securities to everyone from pension funds on down, judges who don't judge but rather protect monied interests on Wall Street, The Federal Reserve intentionally debasing our currency and monetizing government debt, government spending that is running 40% above revenues and much more.

"In short, The Tea Party was and is about the the corruption of American Politics and the blatant and outrageous theft from all Americans that has resulted. It is about personal responsibility and enforcement of the law against those who have robbed, financially ****d and pillaged the nation.

Yet today we hear literally nothing about these issues among the so-called "Tea Party" candidates and their backers. Sarah Palin has not said one word about locking up the banksters that brought up on the housing bubble and economic collapse. Not one word about Bernanke's out-of-control Fed and the arguably unlawful monetization of Fannie and Freddie paper, not to mention the monetization of the Federal Debt.

Inside the Global Banking Intelligence Complex! What a fun essay going on here: David DeGraw :

To get a more complete understanding of our current crisis, we need to look at the history of events that led up to it. We need to peer deeply into the inner workings of the Global Banking Intelligence Complex. Without acknowledging and exposing the covert forces that are aligned against us, we will not be able to effectively overcome them.

In the past I have shied away from going too deeply into the details of the intelligence world out of fear of being written off and dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. If I hadn’t spent the majority of the past 20 years investigating global financial intelligence operations, I certainly wouldn’t believe half of this myself. Given the severity of our current crisis and the imminent devastating implications, I now realize that I must go deeper into covert activities than I publicly ever have. The information I am about to report is very well-sourced and documented, and needs to be covered before we can proceed to exposing present operations.

I: All Roads Go Through BCCI

Here is a partial list of the economic and political scandals that I investigated throughout the 1980s and early ’90s:

  • The Savings & Loan scandal;
  • Stock market manipulation and money laundering;
  • Iran-Contra Affair;
  • The October Surprise and Iran hostage crisis;
  • Iraqgate-BNL and the rise and funding of Saddam Hussein;
  • Pakistan’s nuclear program and the selling of bomb-making technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea;
  • The rise and funding of the Afghan Mujahideen (founding and funding of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network);
  • Illegal weapon sales to Iran and Saudi Arabia;
  • The proliferation of Middle Eastern terrorism;
  • The international drug trade run by people like Manuel Noriega and Pablo Escobar.

All of these scandals had one vital thing in common, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

In December 1992, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations delivered a report on their investigation into the bank, entitled “The BCCI Affair.” The report would disclose the largest political corruption case in the history of the global economy. As the Senate Committee summed it up:

“BCCI’s criminality included fraud by BCCI and BCCI customers involving billions of dollars; money laundering in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas; BCCI’s bribery of officials in most of those locations; support of terrorism, arms trafficking, and the sale of nuclear technologies; management of prostitution; the commission and facilitation of income tax evasion, smuggling, and illegal immigration; illicit purchases of banks and real estate; and a panoply of financial crimes limited only by the imagination of its officers and customers.

Among BCCI’s principal mechanisms for committing crimes were its use of shell corporations and bank confidentiality and secrecy havens; layering of its corporate structure; its use of front-men and nominees, guarantees and buy-back arrangements; back-to-back financial documentation among BCCI controlled entities, kick-backs and bribes, the intimidation of witnesses, and the retention of well-placed insiders to discourage governmental action.

The BCCI scandal gave citizens of the world a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the covert global banking intelligence power structure, revealing power politics in its purest form. BCCI was modeled after the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and multinational corporations. It represented the evolution of organized crime into the new world of the global economy, rendering nation-states obsolete. BCCI transcended religions and nationalities; it cut across the entire political spectrum, uniting countries and groups that, on the surface, were considered rivals, yet were unified in their pursuit of power.

BCCI consisted of a complex alliance of intelligence agencies, multinational corporations, weapons dealers, drug traffickers, terrorists, global bankers and high-ranking government officials. It involved leaders from 73 countries and formed what was described as “an elaborate corporate spider web.”

As former US Senate investigator Jack Blum described it:

“The problem that we are all having in dealing with this bank is that… it had 3,000 criminal customers and every one of those 3,000 criminal customers is a page one story. So if you pick up on one of [BCCI's] accounts you could find financing from nuclear weapons, gun running, narcotics dealing, and you will find all manner and means of crime around the world in the records of this bank.”

Elsewhere - people resist foreclosure schemes. Weaponization of space.

Freaky dude says "this is a drill and these are blanks" when blasting away....

PublicIntelligence - Everyday coverup on Credit Reporting system - Confidential Trans Union Automated Inquiry Credit Report User Guide | Public Intelligence, TransUnion Corporation Sale of Consumer Credit Information Privacy Litigation Decision 2002 | Public Intelligence, TransUnion Illegal Sale of Personal Credit Information 2000 FTC Documentation | Public Intelligence, and finally! TransUnion Threatens Public Intelligence Over Credit Reporting Guides | Public Intelligence. See also wikileaks ain't the only one getting sigacts entries these days - (U//FOUO) ISAF Regional Command SIGACTs Maps October 4-10, 2010 | Public Intelligence - proof sigacts

Domestic intel centers lack privacy plans. Little brother cybershark feeding frenzy. Weird Exterminator truck.

William Black on the great American Bank Robbery.

Gotta dig BareBones Productions — Outdoor Puppetry and Performance Art Spectacles via Ray Bradbury Something Wicked this Way Comes -- the carnival....

Yuk - Northwest Training Range Complex EIS/OEIS - even more so - WELCOME TO THE AEROSOL SOCIETY'S WEB PAGES | The Aerosol Society - & spooky EAC 2011 : Sunday 4th - Friday 9th September 2011 | EAC Conference. Waiting around on a new chemtrailz movie -- Chemtrails 911 - Supporting Evidence

Signed up for this, why not - - The Social Network of the Revolution (Beta) - Home Page. runs partially on MooTools - a compact javascript framework

Failed pipeline negotiations with Taliban FOIA proof!

Big ups to this dude for linking to my story -- and talkin up the big NSA Neural Spying conspiracy. Learned about Akwei vs NSA, mysterious!

These guys must have bank accounts somewhere. shush. US-trained cartel terrorises Mexico - Features - Al Jazeera English

Dice is rigged in G20 cases in Pittsburgh. Fixed Fight - News - News - Pittsburgh City Paper

Nanopollution Morgellons!! NanoTransformation, GMO Diseases Morgellons and Beyond - More: YouTube - Morgellons and Agrobacterium: The Geneticist who Warned the World Part 1- Creepy - Morgellons Exposed - Jan Smith Home Page

A little fun w tech: Inside Pivotal Labs, the Agile Force Behind Twitter and Groupon: Tech News « and OpenFile Wants to Re-Invent Local Journalism: Tech News «

Makers n takers: ReMade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement by Electromagnate — Kickstarter - related: 5 Reasons The Future Will Be Ruled By B.S. | - fantastic article.

Must see looks like: YouTube - Inside Job Trailer 2010 HD

WTF - McDonalds tracks burglars by spraying them with 'artificial DNA' as they make getaway | Mail Online

New project in town: MinnPost - Introducing the MinnPost Intelligencer

Lulz - Bill Clinton ‘Lost’ Nuke Launch Codes for Months -- News from

DARPA Selects Four To Develop Super Computer....

Ahh leave it there for now. Have fun and stay sharp everyone!

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