FBI investigated American Trucking Association link to 2002 Wellstone plane crash

Wellstone plane crash was super sketchy. There was no icy condition that it was spun as. Fortunately MPR got the Wellstone FBI files, a lot of redacted materials.

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There is an interesting logical flow - including "justice center" ... Service Transportation Act - expose board members of ATA - DOT truck safety issues, tied to organized crime. ATA Board Members, "Yellow" and "Chief Admin Law Judge" are all flagged - "trucking industry pushing drivers beyond their limits / non enforcement of trucking laws."

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This actually makes a fair bit of sense. In the sunset of his excellent career, Wellstone was starting to turn towards the war on drugs and Colombia, going so far as to get himself sprayed with fumigant back somewhere in the coca mountains. I have read some materials discussing how the ATA is a very conservative and connected trade association, with allegations of links between many kinds of shady operations and the neo-confederate / hardcore dixie authoritarian types. Naturally the trucking industry could easily connect a lot of pieces, and it wouldn't be a surprise for Wellstone to start circulating issues like these. The ATA-drug connection has to factor in somewhere, why not?

The solution --- are there scheduled hearings? No? Ok let's leave it there..... The ATA went on to have no real political problems besides their failed shady fusion center which got involved in the RNC. [noted EPIC Spotlight on Surveillance]

On the other hand, if no former Wellstone staffers have yet stepped forward with material like this -- what he would have come back to DC with in that unspeakably bleak & dismal 2002 political landscape... there is a clip from a drugwar documentary where he says essentially, no matter what you do about the war on drugs, someone's making money. He truly believed it, no doubt.

8 Years Later, NORTHCOM has one hell of an integrated warondrugs scheme getting its #fail on in Mexico: Narco News: The Military Command Behind Mexico's Violent Drug War... and what year did NORTHCOM start? 2002. Wellstone gone? 2002. Spooky...

NORTHCOM will bomb Mexico before they admit the role of the FedWire in the Drug$. One politician woulda called em on it - We miss ya Paul!

Thinking of Wellstone reminds me of the creepy crash of GOP uber-webmaster Mike Connell, but now I can't find the freaky 'jackal' memo anywhere :-( ... Earlier: Mike Connell's mysterious plane crash via 'jackals'? rel: The BRAD BLOG : Exclusive: Mike Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options:

"I think Mike got caught up in some other people's lives and didn't know how to get out or was trying to get out. You know, I'm real cynical about whether justice will be done. A lot of the government officials probably have gotten away with a lot of things. My position now is what's going to make this different? What's different with my brother's death that's any different than Paul Wellstone's?"

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