March 22 mega-link dump: ChernobyLinks & Middle East twitter mil ops live feeds, Nuclear Annotations, CIA Facebook OnionLol; Syria videos & moar

A ton of the latest & greatest links to throw at ya, roughly themed out! First some Lols and things to check out:

CIA's 'Facebook' Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs | Onion News Network

Bloomberg's Winkler Discusses Fed Bank Loan Data Ruling - Video - Bloomberg

Granbury woman run over, killed by monster truck at Dallas strip club | Dallas | News fr...

In reversal, key fax allowed in ex-CIA agent case | - Elderly Rightwing CIA Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is tangled up in Texas court for 1997 terror bombings.

This was pretty awesome: Owning the Weather (2009) - IMDb


Middle East scenes:

Libya: Sometimes It’s Right To Fight! « Liam Fox: Irreverence Cafe - a lot of people disagree w this idea!

...because of the hypocrisy factor in part: Bahrain and Yemen declare war on their protesters - Middle East, World - The Independent

Egypt State Security Officials Named // Flickr: The Piggipedia موسوعة الجلادين Pool

Live Blog Libya - March 22 | Al Jazeera Blogs - running Drupal!

Al Jazeera: Has the future arrived? - Opinion // AIPAC's newest strategy.

Livetweets and radioscanning: Larry Van Horn (MilcomMP) on Twitter // Gayle Van Horn (QSLRptMT) on Twitter // Shortwave Central // Milcom Monitoring Post: Monitoring Operation Odyssey Dawn - Update // Milcom Monitoring Post

FMC the Netherlands (FMCNL) on Twitter // Notes: Burhan Gharaibeh (burhanco) on Twitter

Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths | Danger Room |

Morocco I think: YouTube - مظاهرة في داعل درعا سوريا

Syria: Wave of unrest shakes Syria, crowds torch party HQ | The Raw Story // YouTube - شام - القامشلي - الأكراد يجيبون درعا نعم للحرية21-3-2011 // YouTube - شام - دمشق - اعتقالات الأموي 20-3-2011 // YouTube - شام - دمشق - اعتقالات الأموي 20-3-2011 // YouTube - شام - درعا 1 موكب تشييع الشهداء 20-3-2011

Disturbing as hell: US Army 'kill team' in Afghanistan posed with photos of murdered civilians | World news | The Guardian. This one is psyop jammed in the US eh?

IDF officers confirm special department created to monitor left-wing organizations - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Rap News reports on the uprisings in the Middle East and Midwest | Raw Replay

Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya: beware the lies of March | Neil Clark | Comment is free |

Chossudovsky: Libya no-fly zone means war

Revolutionary Politics » Blog Archive » The Littlest Invasions, No-fly zones and covert ops are just as bad as large-scale interventions.

Kinda Nsfw: BeRNaNKaGeDDoN 2012 | zero hedge - in space no one can hear you print.

Interactive Timeline Of Middle-East/North Africa Turmoil | zero hedge


ChernobyLinkS! Or tune in live: NHK WORLD TV on USTREAM: Official NHK WORLD TV live on USTREAM. NHK WORLD TV is an English language 24-hour international news and information channel. New...

Chernobyl design RBMK 1000:

Chernobyl | Chernobyl Accident | Chernobyl Disaster

RBMK Reactors | reactor bolshoy moshchnosty kanalny | Positive void coefficient


Corium (nuclear reactor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chernobyl disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Moderation of Fission Reactions

Nuclear Fission Concepts // Nuclear Energy Concepts // HyperPhysics // Chernobyl // Chernobyl

"Xenon Poisoning" or Neutron Absorption in Reactors


Pebble bed reactor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Big German fail I hadn't heard of.

Chernobyl or Not? Methodology is at the center - 57 versus 1.0 million deaths? | The Agonist

I hadn't heard earlier about: Windscale fire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Graphite moderated reactor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - original machine!

Spent fuel elements removed from world’s first nuclear power plant at Obninsk, Russia in giant step toward decommissioning - Bellona

Criticality accident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kyshtym disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Harry K. Daghlian, Jr. died from messing with the aptly named Demon core, made of plutonium. Also: Godiva device

As Pressure In Reactor 3 Builds Again, Here Are The Downstream Effects From The Fukushima Catastrophe | zero hedge

Every kind of energy has to fail: Possible New Oil Spill 100 By 10 Miles Reported in Gulf Of Mexico (Update: Spill Photos) | zero hedge // YouTube - BP Fails Booming School 101 Gulf Oil Spill (Mirror)

"Understanding The Radioactivity At Fukushima" - A Physics And Engineering Perspective | zero hedge

YouTube - Chernobyl // From bioRobot To (Long Overdue) iRobot In 25 Short Years | zero hedge - this is mind blowing!

Report outlines problems at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant | Greenspace | Los Angeles Times


Crazy Japanese HAARP-type conspiracy posts: this is officially the weirdest stuff I have found about the synthetic quake idea. Not sure if this whole site is one guy's plant or not... CAUTION! 3-11 SEISMIC TERRORISTS ARE STILL AROUND. richardkoshimizu's blog/ウェブリブログ // Dear human species, Japan quakes are man-made! richardkoshimizu's blog/ウェブリブログ // Look at this clear evidence of ARTIFICIAL QUAKES richardkoshimizu's blog/ウェブリブログ // Artificial earthquakes in Japan by D Rockefeller richardkoshimizu's blog/ウェブリブログ // and this guy also posted: YouTube - 1/9 911 Inside Job and Hereafter (Modified) by Richard Koshimizu・



Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, Hope and Turmoil in 2011 | TomDispatch

Thomas Jefferson, On the Size of Government, To William Ludlow, September 6, 1824 | The Federalist Papers

The Virtual Academic

Pootwattle, the Virtual Academic(TM), says:

The (re)invention of millennial hedonism generates the fiction of the master-slave dialectic.

Smedley, the Virtual Critic(TM), responds:

Pootwattle's carefully researched summary of the relationship between the (re)invention of millennial hedonism and the fiction of the master-slave dialectic is a tribute to the author's diligence, if not to his judgment.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: On whose side is the Mexican Army? lol what about the Federal Reserve?!

LOL US ambassador to Mexico resigns amid uproar over leaked cable criticizing Mexico's drug fight |

Corporations Versus Individuals: The End of the Left/Right Paradigm | Disinformation

The Case of Bradley Manning: What Are We Called To Do? – Alice Walker |The Official Website for the American Novelist & Poet

"Quantico Community Relations" Facebook Page shuts down Bradley Manning protests - Nigel Parry

Milwaukee: Toward and Unlimited Strike, for a World without Prison | Anarchist news dot org

I Was a Sock Puppet for the CIA - PCWorld

Exclusive: Military’s ‘persona’ software cost millions, used for ‘classified social media activities’ | The Raw Story



Told ya so: Secretive Plan For a Global Currency

Quickies | zero hedge - financials fun with Bruce Krasting, a buddy of Mr Milken from the old skewl - bringing us this financial corruption coverup gem:


Moar Gaddafi cash hoarding.


A couple more Miscs:

Classic: AOL Search Log Special

Funny notes; Robert Welch and the John Birch Society - The Education Forum

Fun/Weird Conspiracy stuff:

LOL winning: Cannonfire - Crowley and Barbara Bush!

WIDE EYE CINEMA – Free Conspiracy Videos

Mysterious: Child Abuse--sanctioned - Mae Brussel and Michael Aquino

WIDE EYE CINEMA » Gary Allen: None Dare Call it Conspiracy


New York State Senator Carl Kruger is set to turn himself in to federal law enforcement |

NOPD corruption fueled by system of paid, private details, federal officials say |

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