DeVos Family: The Koch types you don't know - Right Wing voucher agenda

Devious, Devoted, DeVos: For the all-important role of obscure financiers, the DeVos family is right up there with the Kochs, the Waltons and Richard Mellon Scaife in the modern rich people right wing front organization industry.

Anyone who's ever wondered where the hell entities like the Heritage Foundation come from, to support their salaries and invariable push towards corporate right wing dystopian policies, need look little further than the DeVos family. Tax sheltered entities keep the gravy train rolling, and the DeVos familia has been right there in deliberate obscurity all along.

The DeVos squad has turned its attention towards setting up astroturfing outfits for advancing School Vouchers, as well as the good old pro-life industry. I don't always like Alternet but this is a good piece. Bonus stuff for Council for National Policy and more mysterious ones like the Acton Institute, advancing dominionism and corporatism for that special babylon policy platform. The ever popular Family Research Council has a piece of this too.

They now have limitless abilities to set up blizzards of PACs too.

Black Commentator 2004: Vouchers as the right's final answer to Brown V Board. I didn't realize that just before Brown, Mississippi segregationists rolled out voucher-type fund diversion as a way to let white students leave with all the money from integrated public schools.

Anyway I am not an education policy enthusiast but this particular ball of nasty seemed worth a quick post. Support the students & teachers - not those pesky right wing players and their foundation-sponsored fronts.

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