The Great Default & End of July; Minneapolis' alien energy vortex; Welcome MadMax; AAA Rating Goodbye; Nelson Mandela=Knights of Malta! Hayden Demands Digital Blackwater

Looks like they just announced some kind of debt deal, staving off total collapse for a month or 2. Next up.....

In July you’ll be launching another three-day Pleiadian event in Minneapolis. How many have you done so far?

Christine Day, Pleiadian Ambassador!: We’ve done three in the United States and this will be our fourth one in the last 12 months. We are building one in September in Brazil and one in Germany in September 2012. The Pleiadians told me I had to move here five years ago, and they wanted this to be where the energy anchored. They said that Minneapolis/St. Paul is one of the vortex energies within America and the most important one to really assist us in these changes. The Pleiadian Ambassador: An interview with Christine Day

*FULL FEATURE* Next on the Pleiadians-Minneapolis Alien Exopolitics!

~~~~This is a decent but unwieldy LinkDump post w. too many links for everyone - On our next post, the idea of alien spirits in Minneapolis is too entertaining!... things are happening fast! There's too much energy! Before the Great Default, we could partake in such matters...

...I like how this video combines subliminal advertising and HAARP, two of the minor issues we had before the Great Default :) [see also the 1hr documentary Psywar]

Evidently the US economy is finally going off the cliff next week. Here is the deets about how the US Treasury market is supposed to technically function in the national credit emergency scenario: Complete Summary Of The Fed's Meeting With Primary Dealers By Way Of A Primary Dealer | ZeroHedge:

Once again, straight out of Morgan Stanley's rate deks (or what's left of it after the whole TIPS implosion).

Treasury officials held a 12 pm meeting today with all 20 primary dealers to discuss market developments and financing options. They did not want to discuss specific contingencies related to the debt ceiling but did want to outline a course of action aimed at preserving access to the markets.

First, Monday’s bill auction will be held as scheduled. Second, if there is a debt ceiling hike enacted before Wednesday’s 9am refunding announcement, the announcement, WI trading, and auctions will proceed as usual.

However, if there is no debt ceiling extension, three possible options were discussed:

1) Delay the August refunding and issue a short-dated cash management bill as a substitute. The bill could be rolled, as needed. The coupon auctions would be rescheduled when the debt ceiling was hiked.

2) Hold auctions as scheduled but at much smaller sizes using up only the available borrowing authority created by the maturing issues. There are $24 bil of securities maturing on the 15th. Dealers were concerned that you would have illiquid issues and playing catch up once the debt ceiling was raised, which would cause bigger problems.

3) Announce a conditional refunding with WI trading. The auctions would occur as soon as the debt ceiling was hiked. Dealers argued that this was not a viable option either because markets would be unable to price the securities given the timing uncertainty.

Also, one dealer suggested auctioning a full size 10-year security, delaying the 3-year until the end of the month and blending in the 30-year to subsequent cycles

Treasury indicated that dealers need to be prepared for the possibility that auctions (even coupon auctions) will be announced, auctioned and settled on the same day (although Treasury agreed that a 24 to 48 hour period of WI trading would be preferable).

There was significant amount of discussion surrounding money markets conditions (particularly, CP) but policymakers did not provide any hints regarding if and how they might respond.

Dealers suggested that the Treasury might be able to repo their MBS portfolio to raise cash. However, Treasury officials did not offer any comment on this possibility.

We had a good time now didn't we? Mad Max postapocalypse here we come... But first a ton o linx.... I hope future generations will still be able to listen to Rage Against the Machine....

But a bit more seriously -- ie Obama's Final Loophole: The "Catastrophic Emergency" Clause? -- as Kevin at Cryptogon suspected, the arcane secret regulations probably have enough emergency authority to force the issuance of debt for previously mandated spending.

Alternet uses a Minneapolis-centered story reminiscent of mythic colonial madness as a hook to discuss the great global freakout: $230,000 For a Guard Dog: Why the Wealthy Are Afraid Of Violence From Below...

Wisconsin cutting off voting rights immediately: Video reveals bank ‘activity’ a requirement for Wisconsin voter ID. Out of control.

Videos: Eddie Griffin vs Programming, Television, "Obama... puppet on a string... United Empire of Earth..." - respectable set :) Eddie Griffin goes OFF: “Obama is just a puppet” / “Afghanistan is about Opium” (Explicit Language) : Deadline Live With Jack Blood

‪"PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" - Official Trailer‬‏ - subliminal advertising movie. Programming the Nation opens August 19th.

Hipsterlols: A Twee Grows In Brooklyn | The New York Observer. Just great.

Hackerlols: Things are getting hot out there between the government and assorted activists. A recent wave of arrests of people who the government alleges are basically tiny fish (at best) has prompted FBI tracking software on the arrestee's computers for bail release - as posted at CERT chief folds: US-CERT Director Leaves Abruptly.

Confusion with cyberwars and congress - GAO wow. The normative internet crackdown plan response moves forward... EFF Action on insane data retention bill HR1981 which will cancel casual quasi-anonymous dimensions of the Internet -- not to mention cause the retained data to inevitably get stolen so douchebags can expl0it all yr net data. These maniacal Orwellians actually called it "Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act". Srsly shameless 1984pr0n here.

The Federated Bureau of Antisec meets ManTech: Naturally the firm entrusted with FBI cybersecurity got pretty much entirely 0wned more or less. Undeterred By Arrests, Anonymous Spills Data From FBI Contractor ManTech. ManTech is involved with a lot of stuff domestically and internationally, including in particular the biometrics and NATO Madness industries. Also: AntiSec: 77 law enforcement websites hit in mass attack. Here's the notice.

The lovable Michael Hayden demands a Digital Blackwater (to shoot these goddamn skript kiddies in the middle of the night, presumably).

PayPal stock took a tank lol all week upon an organized push for withdrawals as a response to PayPal DDOS-instantiated FBI raids. If nothing else we could hope for an era of relatively spontaneous political/economic gestures within the legal framework at vast scales. It's spurred people to finally start turning to PayPal's many workable competitors.

Lol a fine moment with Nigel & Anonymous & some restaurant listings: Twitter conversation with Anon2T // more freaky security madness: Mantech - Echelon 2 // C5i - Echelon 2 // Endgame Systems Peddling zerodays from 'community' to the Man: Cyber Weapons: The New Arms Race - BusinessWeek // What Will We Watch As Drones Evolve? //

The JSTOR crackdown: Aaron Schwartz taken down in another gesture obviously designed as a federal PSYOP trying to 'shock and awe' people who use the "Copy" command in their Operating Systems. RT covers it as US mediaCorps obviously can't: Aaron Swartz Arrested: The Open Access Debate‬‏ - YouTube

Police State developments: The debt ceiling political disaster reinforces the ability of the establishment to roll through horrible bipartisan proposals like extending FBI Director Muller's reign of insanity: FBI Director’s Term Extension Ensures Neo-COINTELPRO Operations Will Prevail | The Dissenter // A lingering question for the FBI’s director //Jailhouse informant bill a test for Jerry Brown. Good compilation of police state videos. // An Israeli snatch squad grabs kids. // Kid dies without medical treatment. State of Florida, Eric Perez’s Life Isn’t Even Worth $5,000. No nurses in jail??? // Fingerprint analysis tech aims to revolutionize drug testing | The Raw Story // Martial Law in North America Represents The Total Destruction of Freedom. yah!

Por Miedo! Immigrant police state film Two Americans. Shocking trailer here.

Rainbow Nation: Rainbow Family cleaning up WA gathering site... Here's a great story from Flux about taking out the trash at the Rainbow Gathering: Debunking the Anarchy Trashman Theory | Fluxview, USA. Rainbow Gathering 2011 ~ low impact doobie step. There will be a new video site soon, stand by...

NarcoFail: Narco News: US Officials Say They Won't Give a Reason for Blocking Mexican Human Rights Defender's Flight.

Wobblygawkin: Does Starbucks Need a Union? // Starbucks Union | IWW Starbucks Workers Union. It all starts with solidarity!


Techbits: This kind of model can work for a lot of things! Open Source Programmer's Text Editor using Canvas and WebGL by Robey Holderith — Kickstarter // Mozilla Is Making an Android-Based Mobile OS // Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 Hints for New Users // On GIFs | Twin Cities Daily Planet // Ethical fails of techworld and treating people like ##s: A Billion Dollars Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? Basic Human Decency.

Seattle on edge? From Santa Cruz to Seattle | Anarchist news dot org

PharmaFaiL: Keiser Report 167: Mass Psychosis. We need more Wilhelm Reich: Wilhelm Reich: Beyond the Mad Scientist Paradigm. Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense. Study: Marijuana compound helps mitigate cocaine addiction in mice // ADHD—Labeling normal kids "mentally ill" -

Mpls: Minnesota state Sen. Berglin retires after 39 years - Expect special elections around these parts, Rep. Hayden is going for it. Berglin really was a health care genius, you are just not going to find policymakers like her around any more. // Chickens on the move in Minneapolis | Twin Cities Daily Planet //

Remembering Mike Connell: The Connell plane crash was sketchy & reminiscent of Wellstone. As I have followed the election irregularity stories back in the day.... Anyway Bob Fitrakis who wrote a lot of the original stuff about Ohio, has come back with more info showing precisely the network topology that made Connell's firm SmartTech the Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) for spoofing the election by adding electronic votes trivially.

Fitrakis: Connell created a front company, GovTech, that sold itself as non-partisan when he had been working for years for his company New Media as one of the most partisan IT operatives in the U.S. GovTech managed to become the first private company to put its servers behind the firewalls of the U.S. Congress, when Congressman Bob Ney awarded them a contract to provide servers and internet service for the House Ways and Means, Intelligence, Judicial and Administrative Committees. This should have never happened. No partisan operative should be privy as an internet service provider to the emails of Congressional members. Connell was the man who kept IT secrets for Karl Rove...

Basically they probably hired mercenaries to down Connell's plane after he was going to spill the beans. I'd forgotten Michael Mukasey was AG at the time, as he declined to provide Connell with personal security in light of the death threats.

Related: // BRAD BLOG : Mike Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options // Legal Schnauzer: A "Deep Throat" Emerges in the Mike Connell Plane Crash // The BRAD BLOG : Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney // CBS News: Michael Connell was told NOT TO FLY and that his plane may be SABOTAGED ! // It's a little sketchy I can't find the pseudonymous 'mark felt' memo anywhere now.

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 3.43.49 AM.png

Well this picture from this video about Christopher Story changed my mind about some things :P

Remembering Christopher Story: The imminent Illuminati-triggered economic collapse (or whatevs villain floats yr boat) makes more sense thanks to one great gruff obscure British financial journalist Christopher Story. A man of the Oxford-Eton upbringing, an ambitious publisher of the alternative "Communism is still plotting its Masonic/Illuminati takeover" narrative, he was truly a role model for us all. The decline of the European Union's stability and the further toppling of the United States, both under the pressure of the global criminal bankers, shows the perhaps dramatic old fellow was rather right all along. (His mega-conspiracy tome "New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism / Dark Actors Playing Games / The Global Fantasies of the Geomasonic Illuminati" is available now on PDF, and not for beginners :)

The Knights of Malta are getting new notice these days – this year-old video showed some aspects of Story's weird research. One last point: Story said that a nuclear false flag attack at 2008 RNC was in the works according to Vreeland. "Vreeland advised a US party on 21st October 2004 that he had information to the effect that the TWIN cities of Minneapolis-St Paul had been targeted for a devastating attack. " This whole thing wigged me out at the time a bit — fortunately nothing came of it!

Good visuals: Gorillaz - Empire Ants ft. Little Dragon visuals on Vimeo

EconFail Parallel world news: So far Tarpley is making sense here on the EconFail... I don't buy what him (and other assorted LaRouchies) peddle out of hand, but at least they have a kind of quasi-FDR frame of reference economically. Props to Tarpley for having the Whiskey Rebellion conspiracy explanation ready to roll - Swiss Bankers!

A week ago: Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Sea of Red in Asia, China Down Nearly 3 Percent; New Record High for Gold; "Super Committee" is Super Idiocy

Ala. county readies for possible record bankruptcy <-- how many municipalities rely upon "AAA" Treasury bills as collateral? Git ready...

Help-Wanted Ads Exclude the Long-Term Jobless <- must be currently employed (the new Non-Irish)

Retirementfail: From the Inside Out: The Plan to Kill the Armed Forces' Retirement System

Why Some People Are Just Fine with the Collapse of the Debt Ceiling Negotiations // but to be fair, only in America will you get labeled an extremist for demanding to balance the budget: Who Are The Extremists? | ZeroHedge.

Agriculture conspiracy of the summer: I tried finding if this was still cooking, but it appears to only be a set of stories posted like a month ago? There is a lot of ag land purchase going on as hedgefundy types start to flee the cities. Is Soros is Buying Flooded Missouri River Farm? George Soros buying up flooded farm land « BUNKERVILLE. George Soros buying up flooded farmland! « Follow The Money // Broadly: “Land Grabs” in Agriculture: Fairer Deals Needed to Ensure Opportunity for Locals

GMO wins: Hungary has rebuffed GMOs and maybe Africa will be saved too. Prominent agriculture figure says GMOs do not belong in Africa, organic biodiversity is the way.

"Eighty percent of Africa's small-scale farmers depend on seed saving, so patented crops present a threat to their food security and way of life," said Maina. "We have clearly seen how farmers who grow a diversity of crops using organic farming techniques become much more food secure than on conventional or GM varieties, where expensive seeds and chemicals must be purchased each season."

A few more lols: Much like CrimeThinc (is) for Beginners we all had a lol with The Coming Insurrection‬‏ (video snip :)


BachmannLols: Michele Bachmann is pulling out all the stops to coverup the gay therapy clinic Bachmann & Associates including bullying the media by carrying out access blackout threats. And the rest of the media doesn't really call her on it -- part of the toxic power grid of the news industry. Bachmann Campaign Takes Retribution Against Local Iowa Station That Asked About Ex-Gay Clinics | ThinkProgress // Michele Bachmann's $4,700 Hair and Makeup Bill | Mother Jones // NOT FUNNY: The Teen Suicide Epidemic in Michele Bachmann's District.

More Econdetails: As CBO Scores Boehner's (Laughable) Deficit Cut Plan, Jay Carney Admits Obama Still Does Not Have An Actual Plan | ZeroHedge. A thoughtful bit: Wright: Coming to grips with the national debt // Political Fail Blog: The Pentagon Rules America: Militarism and the Crisis of the Civilian Economy // Guest Post: Complexity And Collapse | ZeroHedge

NorwaySads: The Norway attacks are “from the same Gladio-type stable” – former European MP // The Missing Lesson From Norway: Never Trust a Man in Uniform by William Norman Grigg

More geopolitik news: Brushfire with Julia & more Boiling Frogs notes: The Gulen US Charter Schools & CIA Ops. The new Controlled Left & CIA-friendly domestic Islamic front ops - Gulen's network is totally CIA-friendly. // Excavator: The Scapegoat in American Culture: From Lee Harvey Oswald To Osama bin Laden

Blame mom for impassible lethal roads: Transportation For America » Raquel Nelson sentenced; no jail time, new trial possible

Israel rebellion: Ah here's the first link to claim it's a synthetic Color Revolution BARRY CHAMISH - NEW ISRAEL FUND COLOR REVOLUTION (1/7). Palestinian advocates less than thrilled about liberal Zionist appropriation, but are the underpinnings of colonialism finally cracking apart anyways? Why not? Get ready for a similar thang, Sept 17th, #OCCUPYWALLSTREET | Adbusters

ObamaTweetNoisefail: Social media fail: @BarackObama loses 36,000-plus Twitter followers in barrage | The Raw Story

Why not? Is America Caught In The Closed Mind Trap? ICH

Yah You Betcha: With political and business leaders like these, who needs enemies? | Commentary | Minnesota Public Radio News

... All right /// on to the Pleiadian energy vortex!

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