Interview on streaming radio & shortwave today on DRE drug scandal / MK Occupy Minnesota

UPDATE June 4: It was a cool interview but got cut off immediately after the host asked if there were similar nationwide patterns to DRE -- which of course there are, for example the Cleveland 5 entrapment case drugs were used to help get control of the FBI's patsies according to a report on Alternet by Arun Gupta:

Peskar says jobs weren’t the only thing Azir was hooking them up with. Baxter admitted to him that he was taking Adderall, a widely abused prescription stimulant. Peskar says, “Connor was also taking it, and mentioned, ‘I have a connect for Adderall.’ Both Wright and Baxter said the connection for the Adderall was Azir. I asked Baxter where he got it from, and he said ‘Doug’s boss.’”

So I only got about half the time I was allotted but nonetheless it was great to reach a new audience for these issues via shortwave, and I was able to discuss at some length National Special Security Events and the plan for domestic deployment of military forces known as USNORTHCOM CONPLAN 3502 Civil Disturbance Operations, which I believe NSSEs are partially used as live exercise cover for. (and mentioned the dual status task force which was in Chicago at the NATO summit yet not really seen)

Around 5:30PM Central today I'm doing a phone interview on the DRE drug scandal / MK Occupy Minnesota with the Global Freedom Report (streaming - shortwave WWCR World Wide Christian Radio 9.350 MHz!) & other topics - i'll try to get at the latest w Cruz house, etc over 40 mins as well. Fun fun!

Link to video is here:

BTW: Also I got a kick out of this video by various folks including the ACLU & Joseph Gordon-Levitt which shows in cartoon form, a cop selling drugs to a couple guys.

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