ECHELON GCSB military surveillance vs New Zealand & Kim Dotcom; IRC logs on Anonymous false flag attacks viewed anew; Barrett Brown setup via #OpCartel

"<omg> i'm one of those horned rimmed guys sitting behind a desk in DC dreaming of ways to manipulate Anonymous for UK's and USA's purpose :)" Backtrace Security - -posted BY: A GUEST ON MAR 16TH, 2012 | SYNTAX: NONE | SIZE: 9.62 KB | HITS: 833 |

/// UPDATE OCT 23 1AM: YET ANOTHER SHADY OP with links to OpCartel material turns up! YE GODS! Even more #OpCartel related shadiness: Anonymous hive instantly rejects @FawkesSecurity feds/contractors/fools posting violent threat, false flag or buffoonery ///

Dragging a big post together here because it's a loose thing, happening in real time, with some old logs illustrating new predicaments from New Zealand to Texas. All of this post material is out in the open, not SpySquirrel material, but drifting by quick. Everything here seems pretty tenuous but might be useful to have for review. If nothing else there is kind of an old school global hacker madness tone tying this all together, hard to tell what is truthful & hype :-/ Mostly just raises a bunch of questions for further inquiry.

Wired is covering the Kim Dotcom case - one of the world's (literally) biggest cloud hosting provider CEOs taken down by the New Zealand government and FBI; the case is collapsing in court and it's been admitted that their NSA spy sigint equivalent GCSB was illegally spying on him - even the Prime Minister had to apologize. Suggested to search for "GCSB Surveillance" "GCSB Scandal" etc.

Checking into backstories kind of related to realtime events From New Zealand & found some new info from Decentralise Occupy (endarken) on Twitter. There was an #O20 anti-austerity protest this weekend and a complex surveillance scandal unfolding. I don't really agree with endarken's conclusions about a bunch of things, however there is a lot worth looking at. First the New Zealand Dotcom/Surveillance scandal - let's mainline some New Zealand surveillance state inside-Cricket fail - or here is a news clip running down the illegal NZ GovOps:

The problem with riding out a political controversy is that it makes it very hard to draw a line underneath it.

High profile resignations eventually allowed the Government to draw a line under the ACC mess.

Compare that to the problems Mr Dotcom is causing, which are numerous and largely unresolved. John Banks' involvement is still creating fallout, with the Prime Minister again having to back his coalition partner. This is despite revelations in a letter from Banks' lawyer that the Act leader - who repeatedly stated he had nothing to hide - was concerned about what journalists and Opposition MPs might do with his statements to the police - see: Key still backs Banks, despite letter.

Of course the actual statements are still to be revealed - another political grenade waiting to go off, even as related issues keep John Key occupied. David Shearer's claim that there was a video of the PM discussing Kim Dotcom in February clearly wasn't a knockout blow and as Patrick Gower reports, Shearer's Labour colleagues weren't exactly enthusiastic in support - see: Has Shearer's GCSB claim backfired?.

In the (un)parliamentary melee that erupted as John Key sought to correct a previous statement to the House there were no real blows landed, just some brawling that was difficult to referee - see: Jane Clifton's Smith on a hot tin roof with points-ordering. As Corin Dann points out, however, that is probably enough for the opposition at the moment: 'The fact is that the Government is now having to fight a number of fires on different fronts. It's starting to look a little rattled' - see: No 'gotcha' moment for Key.

The nature of the GCSB may also be preventing Key from dealing with the politics of the issue says Patrick Smellie: 'If lawyers are unwilling to be open about the truth, spy agencies are both obliged and pathologically inclined to withhold information. He simply can't defend himself. In the process, however, his position is eroded' - see: Trust easily lost in age of new media. However, heads may be beginning to roll at the spy agency, albeit slowly, as it appears Hugh Wolfensohn - a key player in signing off on the illegal spying of Dotcom is on 'gardening leave' - see Patrick Gower's Senior spy faces sack over Dotcom debacle.

There will undoubtedly be some gardening leave on offer soon at the Ministry of Social Development. The seriousness and scale of the problem has been underlined by the head of the Government's IT programmes being ordered to do an urgent stocktake of all public computer systems in use by government departments: - see Claire Trevett's Scramble to safeguard IT systems.

Despite denials that the Minister, her office and her department had nothing to do with the outing of Ira Bailey, suspicion remains. Not least because the Minister has a track record: 'Ms Bennett has done a similar thing in the past, releasing the weekly benefit details of a solo mother who challenged a National Party policy. Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei wants a forensic investigation of the computers in Ms Bennett's office' - see: Bennett accused of breaching privacy again. There is clear evidence that Bailey's identity was known in the Beehive. Holly Ford, a member of Ms Bennett's staff, checked out Bailey's LinkedIn profile just before it was leaked to the Herald's Claire Trevett - see: Chris Keall's LinkedIn trail leads to Bennett's office - Ng.

The independent journalist at the centre of it all wasn't impressed with his source being forced into public view, but Keith Ng will be happy with the public response to his work - over $5,500 in donations so far to support his work - see: Blogger raises donations for breaking Winz story.

KimDotcom tweets a news clip on this thing unfolding & more here. Roughly speaking @endarken says... well if i can paraphrase, between the industrial surveillance on Dotcom, the new State Dept cables and others, chunks of the overall surveillance grid are getting exposed in operations from New Zealand to the US. In New Zealand right now the Dotcom surveillance issue is really cooking!


Other things from down under & thereabouts surfacing, including the industrial-strength US-backed spying campaign against MegaUpload proprietor Kim Dotcom, a combination of stuff including Australian diplomatic cables -- cables also showing PM Gillard being noticed as friendly new Leader material for Australia with a thumbs-up from US intelligence.

False Flagging Mossad website attack: Let's get to this purported IRC log @endarken highlights from many months back, which purports to show two hacker-handlers bragging about creating Anonymous false flag operations. The first idea is that "omg" tries to have "rooster" get "zeekill" to jam the Mossad's public website enough to cause a news story -- then they joke about their previous #op false flags and jeopardizing Texas journalist Barrett Brown's life by starting the #opCartel fight between Anonymous & the Zetas Mexican drug trafficking cartel. (google that one)

This could be another spoof writing (packs rather a lot of info, srsly) but it's getting a lot of renewed interest now, if the hit counter's any indication:

<rooster> Tell me what you told him.

<omg> <omg> just get zeekill to use his BR roots to hit mossad's IP for 20 hours and i'll make sure you and zeekill are free to stroll along with no more interference from "external" parties

<omg> <omg> or if you want just 8 hours

<omg> <omg> enough to have reporters verify Mossad's tango down

<omg> i'll make sure Interpol doesn't get a red notice on him

<rooster> why.

<omg> his little panda security stunt and with #antisec hacking the site is what will get his ass hauled by SUPO to Spain

<omg> this is what i call leverage

<omg> <omg> do you know it wasn't Sabu's idea to tell Anarchaos to deliver the emails?

<rooster> yes, i know abou that.

<omg> that was my work, along with other stupid Anonymous false operations such as

<omg> #opcartel, #opglobalbackout

<rooster> Yes, that's fine. i know

<rooster> about all of that.

<rooster> i want to know

<rooster> why.

<rooster> not only, why did you do it.

<rooster> why are you now

<rooster> telling people.

<omg> <omg> i'm one of those horned rimmed guys sitting behind a desk in DC dreaming of ways to manipulate Anonymous for UK's and USA's purpose :)

<rooster> if this is true.

<rooster> give me contact information.

<omg> Anonymous never had leadership that's why it was so easy in the last 6 months

<omg> tell your handlier in NYC

<omg> he'll know

<omg> FBI plays by the books

<rooster> alright. i'll be in touch then.

<omg> however guys like me in counter intelligence don't

<rooster> you'd be surprised.

<omg> oh i know

<omg> don't worry :) i have friends in JTTF

<omg> i assume your magneto's handlier?

<omg> if so call up Philip Selton in DC he's a good friend of my

<omg> tell him 'B' is up to his old tricks

<rooster> i'll look into that. that's what i needed in the first place.

<rooster> Thanks.

<rooster> im working on something of my own, it's a bit in your department, but i need to talk to someone official about it.

<omg> trying to mitigate the Strafor email damage unfortunally

<omg> did you see the assesment?

<rooster> no i did not.

<omg> ask CT in NYC

<omg> they have it

<omg> Senate Intelligence Committee will have a briefing on it next week

<rooster> oh, i don't go to that. i have someone who gives me things i request.

<omg> prob above your clearance level

<omg> anyways you know about their little group's HTP right?

<rooster> not really. but i'm interested.

<rooster> what can you tell me?

<omg> apparently in an attempt to SE, one of their guy's zeekill ran a SYN+ACK ddos against

<rooster> oh, the mossad ddos.

<rooster> done with brazil roots, right?

<omg> yep

<omg> from what i gather it's prob CDN servers

<omg> with the bandwidth that was pumped to the site

<omg> the site is on a tier 1 backbone provider with about 1gbs of total speed

<omg> their little gang has some serious bandwidth

<rooster> i guess so. would have to be a good amount to take out something on t1

<omg> haha much faster from what i guess Mossad has

<omg> think it's on a OC-24

<rooster> well, most public sites are on small servers isolated from anything important

<omg> onto a STM-64 uplink

<omg> dunno but what that anonyroot idiot hit CIA's site was pretty high too. The uplink pipe for DC's link was a OC-24

<omg> guys in DS&T had to rotate the public ip three times

<rooster> these guys are persistent fuckers, aren't they?

<omg> well it depends

<omg> most are idiots

<omg> their Anonymous-OS already has a sudoder backdoor

<omg> i think the offical dl count is close to 34K now

<rooster> that was well known

<rooster> and obvious

<omg> about their HTP group from what's read from previous intel reports. It was a splinter group that formed after the HB Gary hack

<omg> they previously use the irc

<omg> and apparently the group rotates irc servers monthly

<rooster> i'll be right back.

<omg> figured i should give it a try and try to use their crazy members to try and mitigate the next wikileaks release

<omg> one of them did a quick demo yestoday and was able to bring down Mossad's site

<omg> *yesterday*

<omg> btw you know Israel already caught that 0xOmar kid right?

<omg> it's embarrassing to see Israel able to catch a hacker weeks after an intrusion, while we don't have CERN teams cyber readiness level to react quickly enough to large scale attacks

<rooster> back, sorry i have two other people relaying information to me.

<rooster> reading, sec.

<rooster> hes the israeli, right?

<rooster> no

<rooster> the saudi?

<omg> they caught him in SA

<rooster> yea, the saudi.

<omg> tracked him through credit card purchases

<rooster> yes, i remember when he pastebinned some ccs

<omg> it takes about 2 weeks min to just get a search warrent your whitecollar depts + SS with the DOJ for a simple id theft

<rooster> Yes, i know.

<rooster> fraud isn't just a slap on the wrist.

<omg> yes

<omg> and it's a constant battle

<omg> with DOJ versus state level id theft charges

<omg> though it's good to know cybercrime is monitering hardchats

<rooster> yeah, there are eyes on a lot of different places right now

<omg> that's good, though i'm prob the only guy in my agency trying to figure how to not mess things up with current investigations :)

<rooster> if you can disclose, who are you with?

<omg> sorry i cannot

<rooster> understandable

<rooster> just, personal curiosity.

<omg> just contact SSA Selton

<omg> he'll understand

<rooster> right.

<omg> but i'm not with you guy's at the Bureau

<omg> in fact because of the sealed DOJ docket's, I didn't even know about Xavier Monsegur being a CI

<rooster> Should have, it was actually leaked a while back.

<rooster> also i'm with the bureau, i have to state that if you return this back to anyone.

<omg> i had track down one of your contractors Backtrace to confirm it two months ago in Jan

<rooster> i have a position similar to you.

<rooster> just so that's clear.

<rooster> i don't want break any laws while doing my job.

<omg> i just don't want to mess up any existing investigations

<omg> i thought everything is need to know. Regardless everyone has TS clearance, but certain things such as knowing who is an CI is a need to know

<omg> at the Bureau

<rooster> again, i'm not with the bureau, i do what you do.

<rooster> and it is all need to know

<rooster> but if you look closely

<rooster> you can find out a lot on your own

<omg> <rooster> also i'm with the bureau, i have to state that if you return this back to anyone.

<rooster> hah. wow.

<rooster> that is a typo.

<rooster> meant to say not. i apologize.

<omg> i'm with DS

<omg> of the DOS

<rooster> ah.

<rooster> ive interacted with the bureau

<omg> i'm the guy responsible for mitigating damage caused by Jeremy Hammond sending the Strafor emails to Wikileaks

<rooster> hammon, sounds familiar.

<rooster> um

<rooster> what does he run

<rooster> he runs something, i think.

<omg> Anarchaos aka crediblethreat aka Hack This Site founder

<omg> btw did you ever use the nick moop?

<rooster> there are a few people

<rooster> that use that nick

<omg> my suggestion work with Jennifer Emick with Backtrace

<rooster> i've not worked with backtrace directly, but i've chatted to hubris before.

<omg> i've been helping Hubris aka david with some "special projects" such as injecting fake Anonymous operations such as #opcartel

<rooster> i understand about injecting fake ops, like a honeypot

<rooster> but opcartel

<rooster> was too far

<rooster> lives could have been at risk

<omg> not really, only Barret Brown's

<omg> the goal of #opcartel was to get CISEN into iranserv

<omg> and understand the leadership structure resulted in the recent Interpol South American arrests

<omg> and anonworld

<rooster> ah, so you're planting fake ops, to infiltrate.

<rooster> smart.

<omg> #opglobalbackout was a response by that anonyroot's idiot ddos of

<omg> so the NSA could argue for stronger monitering + domestic intelligence

<omg> inject stories such as:

<rooster> so is that new internet monitoring bill related at all to OpDarknet?

<omg> opdarknet?

<rooster> also

<rooster> i dont tink

<omg> no it's because of the constant threat of China

<rooster> there is any validity

<rooster> in that pastebin

<omg> + guys like pr0f_srs's dump of the SCADA system

<rooster> i understand SCADA system dumps.

<rooster> how does china play into that?

<omg> and a simple ddos to is enough to invoke the "terrorism" arguement

<rooster> anything is enough to invoke the terrorism card

<rooster> it's so vague, it can be thrown around until it sticks.

<omg> when you have critical US infracture such as a Water Pump Facility, or your Intelligence Agency being under attack?

<rooster> why do you think the reason for monitoring the occupy movement, and various protesters was under a counter-terrorism effort?

<omg> how do you think Counter-Intelligence feels?

<rooster> i think they would feel like they need to step it up.

<rooster> and that's where you come in, correct?

<omg> yep

<omg> been doing the injections and manipulation of Anonymous' agenda at the sidelines to push for stronger FBI + NSA prescence

<omg> not everyone in DSS agrees with me

<omg> but when the head of the FBI + NSA is making these arguements to the National Security Council

<omg> ^-- Director

<omg> i've said i've did a good job in the last 5 months :)

<rooster> opcartel, an globalblackout were well recognized, i guess that means you're right

<omg> i'm not involved with Intelligence gathering of Occupy

<omg> it's the boys that are with DHS

<omg> then again they over-react to everything

<rooster> nor am i, but i've a few contacts of mine are.

<omg> shit like Anonymous hackers fucking up train lines?

<omg> yea... DHS your idiots

End of log. This log could be fake or partially fake but it draws a classic picture.

[Side note - the planted story they mention - - is a rather silly "message for Anonymous from Mossad" which I remember thinking of as really silly...(BY: A GUEST ON FEB 12TH, 2012 | SYNTAX: NONE | SIZE: 12.71 KB | HITS: 12,109 | EXPIRES: NEVER) ]

Speculating but DSS could be Defense Security Service - - which has a purview of defending the Defense Industrial Base generally & that could involve efforts to catch hackers eh? It is a military agency with responsibility for aspects of guarding private contractor installations, so they would seem to have an Interface or 2 to domestic political monitoring. DSS definitely scans websites a lot & shows up in logs but has virtually no public or alt-researcher profile at all. What kinds of programs have they been up to in this exciting era? etc. [Also could be State Diplomatic Security Service but I doubt it - or the odd DOJ Domestic Security Section but that dissolved in 2009 into (this is not a TV show probably): Criminal Division: the Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section.

Any place run from Quantico AND bonus Fort Meade DISCO Summary from their site:

About Us

The Defense Security Service (DSS) is an agency of the Department of Defense(DoD) located in Quantico, Virginia with field offices throughout the United States. The Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence provides authority, direction and control over DSS. DSS provides the military services, Defense Agencies, 24 federal agencies and approximately 13,300 cleared contractor facilities with security support services.

DSS contributes to national security by serving as an interface between the government and cleared industry. DSS administers and implements the defense portion of the National Industrial Security Program pursuant to Executive Order 12829. Approximately 356 Industrial Security Representatives provide oversight and assistance to cleared contractor facilities and assist management and Facility Security Officers in ensuring the protection of U.S. and foreign classified information. DSS also facilitates classified shipments between the United States and foreign countries and implements foreign ownership, control and influence countermeasures.

The Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) is located in Linthicum, Md., and provides security education and training to DoD security professionals through formal classroom and distributed learning methodologies (i.e., computer-based, web-based and tele-training).

The Defense IndustrialSecurity Clearance Office (DISCO), located in Fort Meade, Md., processes requests for industrial personnel security investigations and provides eligibility or clearance determinations for cleared industry personnel under the NISP.

OMG's comment on DHS - Homeland Security, collecting info on Occupy could have been related to the Critical Infrastructure stuff similar to DSS activities (as well as Federal Protective Service which has been the main FOIA released docs so far).

The Pastebin he references as a lol fake OMG - it's this crazy absurd Mossad threat missive that got tons of views at the time:

//// Below the fold - more logs - coverage on the DOJ's system of illegal operations and signaling to cartels, and other loosely related elements ////

Then there is this log - more oblique but references both systematic ECHELON spying in Australia and the fakeness of #OpCartel. "BY: A GUEST ON MAR 15TH, 2012 | SYNTAX: NONE | SIZE: 11.34 KB | HITS: 788 | EXPIRES: NEVER"

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Thu Mar 15 17:31:54 2012

Mar 15 17:31:59 <Dwaan> wtf are you trying to say

Mar 15 17:32:06 <Dwaan> you actually think they are informants?

Mar 15 17:32:15 <wino> they are

Mar 15 17:32:21 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:32:24 <Dwaan> what makes you think that

Mar 15 17:33:01 <Dwaan> ?

Mar 15 17:33:02 <wino> do you know @fakegregghoush?

Mar 15 17:33:06 <Dwaan> yea

Mar 15 17:33:09 <Dwaan> jennifer emick

Mar 15 17:33:28 <wino> i help her with other work

Mar 15 17:33:57 <wino> guys like ev0, venuism, hex of teamp0ison

Mar 15 17:34:01 <wino> became CI's

Mar 15 17:34:10 <Dwaan> everyone knows ev0 is

Mar 15 17:34:17 <Dwaan> but venuism isnt

Mar 15 17:34:47 <Dwaan> why do you work with her

Mar 15 17:34:52 <Dwaan> if thats even true

Mar 15 17:35:04 <wino> i'm friend's with hubris

Mar 15 17:35:11 <Dwaan> like

Mar 15 17:35:12 <Dwaan> irl?

Mar 15 17:35:14 <Dwaan> so

Mar 15 17:35:23 <Dwaan> you are working to dox/get anons v&?

Mar 15 17:35:31 <wino> nah

Mar 15 17:35:32 <wino> i do SE

Mar 15 17:35:50 <wino> make idiots like zeekill go ddos sites like mossad

Mar 15 17:35:54 <wino> :-P

Mar 15 17:35:56 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:36:05 <wino> and post it on #ed

Mar 15 17:36:15 <Dwaan> thats not gonna get anyone in trouble

Mar 15 17:36:16 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:36:23 <wino> nah

Mar 15 17:36:46 <wino> it just makes everyone like zeekill a fucktard

Mar 15 17:36:53 <wino> or that anonyroot kids

Mar 15 17:36:57 <Dwaan> he feeds off it tho

Mar 15 17:36:58 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:37:19 <wino> there's a bunch of us on AnonOps creating fake ops

Mar 15 17:37:28 <wino> and seeing how Anon falls for it

Mar 15 17:37:36 <Dwaan> i figured that

Mar 15 17:37:37 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:37:40 <Dwaan> they are stupid

Mar 15 17:37:51 <Dwaan> but why are you of all people doing this all of a sudden

Mar 15 17:37:52 <wino> like that OpCartel or example

Mar 15 17:37:54 <Dwaan> you used to be into it

Mar 15 17:37:54 <wino> or the OpGlobalbackout

Mar 15 17:38:21 <Dwaan> ??

Mar 15 17:38:24 <wino> that's the psychological warfare part of it

Mar 15 17:38:33 <Dwaan> huh

Mar 15 17:38:39 <wino> after Backtrace goot the CAGE #

Mar 15 17:38:56 <wino> certain gov entities + companies want to push for stronger laws

Mar 15 17:39:24 <wino> people like Hubrius, me, Backtrace get paid to do the dirty work

Mar 15 17:39:29 <wino> of planting fake ops

Mar 15 17:39:40 <wino> and see how the press picks it up

Mar 15 17:39:58 <Dwaan> but

Mar 15 17:40:04 <Dwaan> why are you of all people doing this

Mar 15 17:40:06 <wino> shit like the ddos DNS root servers?

Mar 15 17:40:14 <wino> hey we have to make a living you know?

Mar 15 17:40:43 <wino> @fakegregghoush does all the detective doxing

Mar 15 17:41:03 <wino> while hubrius and a small team of us do the tatical psyche op

Mar 15 17:41:06 <Dwaan> im gonna murder emick irl one day

Mar 15 17:41:07 <Dwaan> tbh

Mar 15 17:41:21 <Dwaan> but you

Mar 15 17:41:25 <Dwaan> used to be into this stuff

Mar 15 17:41:34 <Dwaan> you werent working for backtrace at the start

Mar 15 17:41:40 <Dwaan> or your just lying about the whole lot

Mar 15 17:41:53 <wino> nope never was part of Anon actually

Mar 15 17:42:10 <wino> i'm one of hubrius's miltary buddies

Mar 15 17:42:10 <Dwaan> lies

Mar 15 17:42:15 <Dwaan> why did you get v& then

Mar 15 17:42:17 <wino> that is looking for extra $$$ :)

Mar 15 17:42:24 <wino> never got v&

Mar 15 17:42:24 <wino> lol

Mar 15 17:42:37 <Dwaan> why are you making up so many lies

Mar 15 17:42:46 <wino> no lies

Mar 15 17:42:48 <Dwaan> and why then did you get so mad at me for posting your dox

Mar 15 17:42:57 <wino> what's my dox?

Mar 15 17:43:12 <Dwaan> you're trivette

Mar 15 17:43:21 <wino> pastebin?

Mar 15 17:43:25 <Dwaan> ?

Mar 15 17:44:07 <Dwaan> what?

Mar 15 17:44:13 <wino> trivette?

Mar 15 17:44:14 <wino> sorry?

Mar 15 17:44:21 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:44:27 <wino> Anonymous are a bunch of idiots

Mar 15 17:44:30 <Dwaan> i know

Mar 15 17:44:39 <Dwaan> trivette uses the nick wino on anonops

Mar 15 17:44:43 <wino> very easily to be manipulated

Mar 15 17:44:44 <Dwaan> and has come here before as wino

Mar 15 17:44:54 <wino> for example that DJ_TAM guy

Mar 15 17:45:00 <wino> make a really cool "video"

Mar 15 17:45:09 <wino> he'll paste it and get a shitload of views

Mar 15 17:45:15 <wino> press takes a hold and it's a op

Mar 15 17:45:17 <wino> lol

Mar 15 17:45:30 <wino> inject stories to Barrett Brown

Mar 15 17:46:04 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:46:47 <wino> like the mossad ddos for zeekill

Mar 15 17:46:51 <wino> it was just a simple SE

Mar 15 17:46:59 <wino> but you really don't understand the big importance of that right?

Mar 15 17:47:08 <Dwaan> tell me?

Mar 15 17:47:26 <wino> Isearl prides itself as a nation of cyber readiness

Mar 15 17:47:49 <wino> if a trigger happy packet kid can bring down their intelligence agencies' website

Mar 15 17:48:03 <wino> it's like that anonyroot kid

Mar 15 17:48:12 <wino> inject stories

Mar 15 17:48:16 <wino> have them do it

Mar 15 17:48:22 <wino> NSA has a field day arguing that

Mar 15 17:48:26 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:48:31 <Dwaan> why are you telling me this

Mar 15 17:48:36 <wino> a stupid kid with his botnet is a danger to national security

Mar 15 17:48:37 <wino> the point is

Mar 15 17:48:55 <wino> Anon already was influnenced by guys like Backtrace Security

Mar 15 17:49:21 <wino> you just need idiots like that anonyroot, zeekill, follower's of Sabu to be the lemmings

Mar 15 17:49:26 <wino> even Barrett Brown

Mar 15 17:50:44 <wino> Jeremy Hammond of HTS was pushed by Sabu and the FBI to send the Strafor emails to wikileaks

Mar 15 17:50:59 <Dwaan> hts?

Mar 15 17:51:05 <wino> hackthissite

Mar 15 17:51:16 <Dwaan> oh

Mar 15 17:51:34 <Dwaan> but again

Mar 15 17:51:36 <wino> so Julian Assange can be found guilty of industrial espionage which even the UK can proscute

Mar 15 17:51:36 <Dwaan> why tell me all this

Mar 15 17:52:07 <wino> your IRC has about 3 CI reporting everything to NSY and FBI

Mar 15 17:52:19 <wino> you just need to figure out who it is

Mar 15 17:52:39 <Dwaan> but why do you want me to know this

Mar 15 17:52:47 <Dwaan> i thought youd want us all to get v&

Mar 15 17:53:08 <wino> it's all part of the psyche ops

Mar 15 17:53:22 <wino> those that are the CI's will end up snitching on guys like zeekill

Mar 15 17:53:31 <wino> *cough* venuism

Mar 15 17:54:00 <wino> you being the IRC operator like Joepie with cryto didn't know about Sabu being a CI

Mar 15 17:54:48 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:54:50 <wino> i already did my part

Mar 15 17:54:55 <wino> zeekill ddosed mossad

Mar 15 17:55:31 <Dwaan> why would cis waste their time on hardchats

Mar 15 17:55:52 <wino> who said CIA?

Mar 15 17:55:57 <wino> cia is intelligence

Mar 15 17:56:11 <wino> it's counter intelligence that is doing the nasty stuff

Mar 15 17:56:12 <Dwaan> i meant

Mar 15 17:56:14 <Dwaan> ci's

Mar 15 17:56:30 <wino> confidential informants?

Mar 15 17:56:33 <Dwaan> yea

Mar 15 17:56:57 <wino> ask magneto why he keeps on talking abut his handlier

Mar 15 17:57:15 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 17:57:18 <Dwaan> he is joking

Mar 15 17:57:31 <wino> i'm counter intelligence so i do the SE spec ops

Mar 15 17:57:43 <Dwaan> magneto meant

Mar 15 17:57:45 <Dwaan> his internet gf

Mar 15 17:57:59 <wino> shit like:

Mar 15 17:58:47 <wino> #opGlobalBlackout or #opcartel was my brainchild work

Mar 15 17:59:56 <Dwaan> i ask again though

Mar 15 17:59:58 <Dwaan> why the fk

Mar 15 18:00:03 <Dwaan> would you want to tell me all this

Mar 15 18:00:20 <wino> haha

Mar 15 18:00:31 <wino> it's part of your reaction

Mar 15 18:00:35 <wino> and how your going to spread it

Mar 15 18:00:51 <wino> no one is going to believe Dwaan of HardChats

Mar 15 18:01:37 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 18:01:54 <wino> shit then spreads as a conspiracy theory

Mar 15 18:02:50 <wino> besides i already know your relaying it to your buddies

Mar 15 18:03:03 <Dwaan> and who are my buddies?

Mar 15 18:03:19 <wino> your skidrus guys

Mar 15 18:03:29 <Dwaan> oh

Mar 15 18:03:34 <Dwaan> haha

Mar 15 18:03:43 <wino> the point is

Mar 15 18:04:12 <wino> everyone is just a pawn

Mar 15 18:04:30 <wino> like how Sabu was "influencing" people

Mar 15 18:04:43 <Dwaan> ya

Mar 15 18:04:46 <wino> when he himself was just misdirected by the FBI

Mar 15 18:05:00 <wino> so the director of the FBI can push for stronger cybercrime laws

Mar 15 18:06:03 <wino> anyways now you know it's all a complex SE

Mar 15 18:06:25 <Dwaan> i suspected this

Mar 15 18:06:26 <wino> and idiots like zeekill, anonyroot, ev0, etc are just part of that

Mar 15 18:06:26 <wino> lol

Mar 15 18:06:54 <wino> even th3j35t3r

Mar 15 18:07:29 <wino> well wish you the best

Mar 15 18:07:41 <Dwaan> huh

Mar 15 18:07:42 <Dwaan> ?

Mar 15 18:08:41 <wino> doubt your gonna get v& anyways

Mar 15 18:08:49 <wino> your an aussie

Mar 15 18:09:04 <wino> unless your causing millions of $$$ of damanges

Mar 15 18:09:08 <Dwaan> how does that affect anything

Mar 15 18:09:11 <Dwaan> being aussie

Mar 15 18:09:17 <wino> only thing your gov is doing is spying on you

Mar 15 18:09:20 <wino> with wiretaps

Mar 15 18:09:20 <wino> lol

Mar 15 18:09:27 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 18:09:32 <Dwaan> me directly?

Mar 15 18:10:15 <wino> nah

Mar 15 18:10:16 <wino> hardchats

Mar 15 18:10:37 <wino> every traffic from Austrilia is part of the ECHELON COMSAT

Mar 15 18:10:55 <wino> it's part of the ADSCS relay network

Mar 15 18:11:15 <Dwaan> what

Mar 15 18:11:19 <Dwaan> explain further

Mar 15 18:11:42 <wino> that's how they caught this guy:

Mar 15 18:12:40 <wino> Austrilia is one of the few countries that secretly spies on it's own citizens

Mar 15 18:13:39 <wino> anyways

Mar 15 18:13:46 <wino> wish you the best mate

Mar 15 18:13:49 <wino> cheeros

Mar 15 18:14:31 <Dwaan> lol

Mar 15 18:14:42 * wino has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Mar 15 19:56:38 * Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

So this @endarken earlier posted COINTELPRO & Occupy: The War Within a piece posted Sept 24 2012. I don't agree with the whole story (honestly, the black bloc mis-spun/provocateur freakout issue was really marginal until way after the major camps all got cleared out. The reality is if had been as described in the piece, the FBI would have set up more people like in Cleveland, etc., ) but this part rings pretty true.

[.....] Not only by civil and police authorities, but by third parties including corporates/”private” contractors and potentially their subcontractors, as revealed in the TrapWire scandal that implicated “corporate intelligence”, “market intelligence” and “asset tracking” agencies like Cubic Defense, Abraxas Corp, and potentially countless other similar military-industrial-complex interfacing companies around the globe.

We have seen proof that yes, modern surveillance cameras can zoom. Yes, they can pan. Yes, they can tilt. Yes they can target specific individuals/groups for both audio and visual reconnaissance and yes, their footage is potentially going off-shore and/or circulating around private & governmental intelligence agencies worldwide.

Yes, it is all happening on public dollars. Happening TO the public. We are the unwitting purchasers of technology that turns us into international commodities for the incestuous trading of for-profit intelligence agencies.

In this light, the idea that Joe Bloggs filming on his cellphone is going to be of any more use to law enforcement than their military-grade state-of-the-art capabilities, is ironic at best.

The truth is, Livestreams are Occupy’s single greatest recruitment tool.

Droves of new occupiers are brought into the movement by the viral nature of the live-streams, which allow us to eye-witness what the corporate media do NOT put in their made-for-TV fairy-tales dressed as news broadcasts.

Occupy Wall Street was suppressed by the global corporate media for over three weeks.

Those of us eye-witnessing the live-streams then visiting corporate news websites only to discover the blackout, were irrevocably shown that our conventional world view of the status quo is wholly malleable; and indeed is manufactured by corporations.

It appears that blackouts are created whenever events on the ground outpace the information systems that the elite 0.1% rely on, to maintain societal control.

The blackout occurred because the international media monster took time to be fed tactical instructions on how to dress and package what was unfolding in a way that would inhibit or prevent its further growth, creating an information vacuum that was filled by ordinary people.

This was a golden period of time for Occupy, one reflected in its high intake of donations and its fast growth around the globe.

However, the corporates-that-be soon got a handle on the situation and out came the Reuters and A.P. faxes to the international media who used untold thousands of outlets to saturate media markets with suitably derogatory soundbytes and vacant stereotypes, simultaneously.

The constant “24 hour news echo-chamber” post-eviction monotone drone of “Occupy is dead, Occupy is dead, Occupy is dead“, wasn’t just a voice that came from the corporate media. It was a voice which came from within the movement itself. Upon reflection, we notice the individuals who most fervently purport that the movement is over, are the same people who made and/or supported proposals to G.A.’s to deconstruct & not to construct.

To constrain and not to free. To centralise, and not to decentralise. To usurp key infrastructure. To fire media teams wholesale. To control and usurp finances.

Their malignancy flew in the face of the resources, time, care, love and attention poured in by genuine Occupiers around the world.

These subversives are people with names (albeit often fake ones), and often self-styled titles, who court an obviously corrupt corporate media for their own ends. Who stage Astroturf events, who create new media that ostracises participants, derides/degrades the movement or violates its core principles.

Another IRC log in the longer more general narrative of contractor ops, from when contractor Aaron Barr was confronted about spreading disinformation on Anonymous & the HBGary servers got hacked, revealing a sprawling conspiracy of absurd & illegal and semi-legal contractor planned operations including trying to discredit Glenn Greenwald. So this is not new but worth including : - the confrontation between Aaron Barr (coganon), tflow, topiary, q, Sabu (xavier Monsegur, apparently before he was flipped) & Barrett Brown.

I don't think the authenticity of this text is disputed. Barr was yet another contractor - as the data that was obtained from Barr's servers showed, part of a large project with the DOJ close at hand, called "Team Themis". Who in the federal government is handling the descendant programs of Team Themis? (or more likely, is it just a free-for-all of crazed contractors likely to cause a totally avoidable, disastrous SCADA industrial control type false flag disaster?)... How many more Aaron Barrs and OMGs and roosters are out there?

[2011-02-06 23:53:35] -->| CogAnon ( has joined #ophbgary
[2011-02-06 23:53:49] <q> Ohai CogAnon
[2011-02-06 23:53:56] <tflow> Hello, Mr. Barr.
[2011-02-06 23:54:12] <Topiary> Mr. Barr and his infiltration of Anonymous; "Now they're threatening us directly", amirite?
[2011-02-06 23:54:16] <tflow> I apologize for what's about to happen to you and your company.
[2011-02-06 23:54:20] <q> Enjoying the Superbowl, I hope?
[2011-02-06 23:54:25] <CogAnon> high one sec. please
[2011-02-06 23:54:25] <tflow> I really do, Mr. Barr.
[2011-02-06 23:54:36] <tflow> You have no idea what's coming next.
[2011-02-06 23:54:36] <Topiary> tflow: How are things going with that, anyway?
[2011-02-06 23:55:24] <Topiary> CogAnon is clearly super 1337 with his PM psyops skills in the Washington area
[2011-02-06 23:55:29] <CogAnon> ok...sure I figured something like this might happen.
[2011-02-06 23:55:42] <Topiary> CogAnon: nah, you won't like what's coming next
[2011-02-06 23:55:51] <tflow> CogAnon: Can you guess what's coming next?
[2011-02-06 23:56:00] <Topiary> Ooh, a fun game - guess!
[2011-02-06 23:56:02] <CogAnon> just don't get it. it was research on social media vulnerabilities...I was never going to release the names...
[2011-02-06 23:56:11] <Sabu> LIAR
[2011-02-06 23:56:14] <CogAnon> as I told CommanderX last night.
[2011-02-06 23:56:16] <BarrettBrown> CogAnon: You went to press
[2011-02-06 23:56:22] <Topiary> CogAnon: yeah we read the facebook conversation, and every other conversation
[2011-02-06 23:56:23] <BarrettBrown> With info that was largely false
[2011-02-06 23:56:24] <q> CogAnon: only that your research like totally failed and all your info was bullshit
[2011-02-06 23:56:25] <c0s> CogAnon: that article was a hit peice.
[2011-02-06 23:56:27] <CogAnon> ok whatever...whoever has done this has tied my hands now though.
[2011-02-06 23:56:37] <BarrettBrown> I suggest you go to Bloomberg and explain
[2011-02-06 23:56:38] <Sabu> CogAnon: Don't you have a meeting with the FBI Monday morning?
[2011-02-06 23:56:39] <CogAnon> ok
[2011-02-06 23:56:42] <Topiary> Sabu: he totally does
[2011-02-06 23:56:44] <tflow> CogAnon: I feel sorry for what's about to happen. I really do.
[2011-02-06 23:56:45] <Sabu> Tomorrow @ 11am?
[2011-02-06 23:56:46] <q> CogAnon: we'll send that to your FBI friends, so they have that before your talk tomorrow
[2011-02-06 23:56:49] <CogAnon> yep...they called me.
[2011-02-06 23:56:51] <n0pants> Moral of the Story: Don't drum up business by banging on a hornet's nest.
[2011-02-06 23:57:01] <CogAnon> I have a lot of people calling me.
[2011-02-06 23:57:02] <Sabu> You intended of battling anonymous in the media for media gain and attention
[2011-02-06 23:57:04] <Sabu> well let me ask you
[2011-02-06 23:57:08] <Sabu> you got the media attention now
[2011-02-06 23:57:10] <Sabu> how does it feel
[2011-02-06 23:57:11] <Sabu> ?
[2011-02-06 23:57:14] <CogAnon> yep
[2011-02-06 23:57:16] <Topiary> CogAnon: want me to call you, baby?
[2011-02-06 23:57:16] <tflow> Oh, no
[2011-02-06 23:57:17] <Sabu> was it worth it?
[2011-02-06 23:57:19] <tflow> He hasn't got it yet.
[2011-02-06 23:57:22] <Sabu> Topiary: just call him.
[2011-02-06 23:57:23] <BarrettBrown> CogAnon: michaelriley@bloomberg/net
[2011-02-06 23:57:26] <tflow> This is just the tipping point.
[2011-02-06 23:57:28] <BarrettBrown> Tell him your side of the story
[2011-02-06 23:57:30] <BarrettBrown> and hurry
[2011-02-06 23:57:34] <tflow> Of what's going to happen next
[2011-02-06 23:57:34] <Topiary> Oh guys, what's coming next is the delicious cake.
[2011-02-06 23:57:40] <BarrettBrown>, rather
[2011-02-06 23:57:41] -->| `k ( has joined #ophbgary
[2011-02-06 23:57:47] <q> @AnonymousIRC Is it illegal to download it?! By the way the mac privacy package, crashed my macbook last time!
[2011-02-06 23:57:48] <`k> lol
[2011-02-06 23:57:51] <q> good question
[2011-02-06 23:57:54] <c0s> k: <3
[2011-02-06 23:57:56] <`k> <3
[2011-02-06 23:57:59] <q> is it illegal to download the database?
[2011-02-06 23:58:00] <Topiary> hold on lemme tweet about this channel
[2011-02-06 23:58:02] <q> hey k!
[2011-02-06 23:58:07] <Sabu> OK MATE
[2011-02-06 23:58:12] <`k> sh1t g0t fuck3d l0l
[2011-02-06 23:58:21] <n0pants> and then the flood
[2011-02-06 23:58:22] =-= Mode #ophbgary +o `k by q
[2011-02-06 23:58:25] <Sabu> AARON BARNETTE SPEAK TO US
[2011-02-06 23:58:30] -->| nigg (h@D708A2F9.7193C430.4840EDD0.IP) has joined #ophbgary
[2011-02-06 23:58:31] <Sabu> ERR I MEAN BARR
[2011-02-06 23:58:31] <Sabu> LOL
[2011-02-06 23:58:33] <--| nigg has left #ophbgary (Leaving)
[2011-02-06 23:58:36] -->| nigg (h@D708A2F9.7193C430.4840EDD0.IP) has joined #ophbgary
[2011-02-06 23:58:41] <nigg> why hello thar
[2011-02-06 23:58:46] <Sabu> hello nigg.
[2011-02-06 23:58:50] <Topiary> okay tweeted
[2011-02-06 23:58:53] <nigg> so who wants all of
[2011-02-06 23:58:55] <nigg> his emails?
[2011-02-06 23:59:06] <Sabu> uhm you have his emails????
[2011-02-06 23:59:07] -->| blergh (blergh@ has joined #ophbgary
[2011-02-06 23:59:10] <Sabu> DAMN!
[2011-02-06 23:59:14] <nigg> 2.3gb's of gold
[2011-02-06 23:59:15] <Topiary> sure, I'd enjoy some 68,000 emails
[2011-02-06 23:59:19] <Topiary> can we please have 68,000 of their emails?
[2011-02-06 23:59:21] <blergh> lol
[2011-02-06 23:59:21] <`k> nigg not ehre
[2011-02-06 23:59:22] <tflow> I already have them
[2011-02-06 23:59:23] <blergh> what is this?
[2011-02-06 23:59:24] -->| Cody (oh@hi.i.didnt.c.u.thar) has joined #ophbgary
[2011-02-06 23:59:25] <c0s> those emails are going to be pretty
[2011-02-06 23:59:25] <Topiary> oh wait we totally already have them
[2011-02-06 23:59:26] <`k> here
[2011-02-06 23:59:27] <nigg> 68,000?
[2011-02-06 23:59:27] <Topiary> trolololol
[2011-02-06 23:59:27] <tflow> I'm going to torrent them shortly.
[2011-02-06 23:59:35] <nigg> not many
[2011-02-06 23:59:38] <nigg> i got more
[2011-02-06 23:59:38] <blergh> As an ircop i demand answers
[2011-02-06 23:59:39] <`k> nigg is a friend
[2011-02-06 23:59:40] <blergh> niggurz
[2011-02-06 23:59:44] <`k> :)
[2011-02-06 23:59:45] <Sabu> [Case #00947622] Account have been hacked [ref:00D0VNwG.5006AppGm:ref]
[2011-02-06 23:59:45] <Sabu>
[2011-02-06 23:59:45] <Sabu> Inbox X
[2011-02-06 23:59:45] <Sabu>
[2011-02-06 23:59:45] <Sabu> Reply
[2011-02-06 23:59:45] <blergh> what is this?
[2011-02-06 23:59:46] <Sabu> |
[2011-02-06 23:59:48] <Sabu> Google Enterprise Support to me
[2011-02-06 23:59:50] <nigg> 68 is tiny
[2011-02-06 23:59:50] <tflow> I have Barr's, Ted's and Phil's emails
[2011-02-06 23:59:50] <nigg> im talking
[2011-02-06 23:59:50] <CogAnon> lol..ok guys well u got me right. :)
[2011-02-06 23:59:51] <Sabu> show details 6:53 PM (5 minutes ago)
[2011-02-06 23:59:51] <tflow> All of them.
[2011-02-06 23:59:53] <Sabu>
[2011-02-06 23:59:53] <BarrettBrown>
[2011-02-06 23:59:54] <q> tweeted with weblink
[2011-02-06 23:59:56] <Sabu> from Google Enterprise Support <>
[2011-02-06 23:59:56] <nigg> 200k
[2011-02-06 23:59:58] <Sabu> to "" <>
[2011-02-06 23:59:59] <BarrettBrown> great place to send e-mails
[2011-02-06 23:59:59] -->| mib_ep5qpb ( has joined #ophbgary
[2011-02-07 00:00:00] <Sabu> date Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 6:53 PM
[2011-02-07 00:00:01] -->| haz (Mibbit@7C61D6D2.425F8753.1D709F83.IP) has joined #ophbgary

Another fork of the problem is what about these DOJ government assets? What rules - or lack of rules - do they operate under? A form of criminalist trolling going on at high levels? What was Sabu allowed by them to do after he was flipped?

What signals are sent to Sinaloa cartel and Zetas by DOJ & DHS units? What effect do informant exempt operations cause? To head to another aspect of this we have to look at the illegal government operations performed by operatives and informants for the Department of Justice. USA TODAY actualy nailed all this together: from the Department of Obvious: Top enforcement agencies don't track crimes by informants

9:12PM EDT October 7. 2012 - WASHINGTON — The nation's top drug and gun enforcement agencies do not track how often they give their informants permission to break the law on the government's behalf.

U.S. Justice Department rules put strict limits on when and how agents at the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can authorize their informants — often drawn from the ranks of the criminals they are investigating — to commit a crime. But both the ATF and DEA acknowledged, in response to open-records requests and in written statements, that they do not track how often such permission is given.

That routine, if controversial, tactic has come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of the bungled "Fast and Furious" gun-trafficking investigation, which allowed 2,000 weapons to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and other criminals. A report by the Justice Department's Inspector General found that ATF agents failed to get authorization from their superiors before they allowed gun dealers to sell weapons to suspected cartel operatives.

The report, delivered in September, is the latest internal probe to find agents ignoring the rules. And the department continues to face accusations that its agents overlook crimes by their informants, including one case this year involving an alleged Boston mob captain who was working for the FBI.

"The way we use confidential informants is a huge aspect of the daily operation and also the legitimacy of the criminal justice system," said Alexandra Natapoff, a professor at Loyola Law School Los Angeles. "It's insane that even the law enforcement agencies that actually carry out this policy may not always know how their operatives are doing it."

The ATF and DEA said in written statements that they are "in compliance'' with the rules for using informants, and that information about crimes by individual informants is "collected at both the field division and headquarters levels." The rules do not require the agencies to tally authorizations to engage in what the department calls "otherwise illegal activity" to determine how often it happens.

The FBI, by comparison, is required to collect information on how often each of the bureau's 56 field offices allows informants to break the law, though the bureau would not release those figures. (The FBI initially said in response to a request by USA TODAY that it, too, had no reports that would indicate how often informants are allowed to commit crimes.)

"There has to be some new accountability," said Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., who introduced a bill last year to force federal law enforcement agencies to tell Congress about crimes by their informants. "There can be a big upside when informants are used and the FBI actually pulls bad people off the street. But no one is looking at the collateral damage."

Informants' work is a closely guarded secret, in large part because of the danger involved. But records suggest the government's network of cooperators is vast: In 2005, the DEA estimated it had 4,000 informants, and two years later the FBI said in a budget request that its agents had 15,000 more. DEA officials told the inspector general's office that "without confidential sources, the DEA could not effectively enforce the controlled substances laws of the United States."

As part of that work, agents have authorized their informants to do everything from buying and selling drugs to participating in Medicaid fraud rings. Agents are supposed to get supervisors' approval before they permit informants to commit even minor crimes; in more serious cases — involving violence or big drug shipments — they must also get permission from Justice Department lawyers.

The department tightened those rules a decade ago, after the FBI acknowledged that its agents had allowed accused Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger to run a crime ring responsible for extortion and murder in exchange for information about the mafia.

[What should state level governments do about this system?] This is a huge area that needs more attention: see Narco News: US, Mexican Officials Brokering Deals with Drug “Cartels,” WikiLeaks Documents Show // Narco News: Funcionarios mexicanos y de EEUU negocian con "cárteles" de droga, según documentos de WikiLeaks // Mexican Special Forces Employed as Death Squads in Drug War, Email Records Released by WikiLeaks Reveal | the narcosphere.

The "signals" aspect of this is interesting - if we are looking at the fault line between #OpCartel as possibly a trolling operation, not just originating with the FBI, what "signals" were being sent by #OpCartel to the Zetas et al? Really interesting Wikileaks email leak from Stratfor source "MX1" via :

... This is how “negotiations” take place with cartels, through signals. There are no meetings, etc….

So, the MX [Mexican] strategy is not to negotiate. However, I think the US [recently] sent a signal that could be construed as follows:

“To the VCF [the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes] and Sinaloa cartels: Thank you for providing our market with drugs over the years. We are now concerned about your perpetration of violence, and would like to see you stop that. In this regard, please know that Sinaloa is bigger and better than [the] VCF. Also note that CDJ [Juarez] is very important to us, as is the whole border. In this light, please talk amongst yourselves and lets all get back to business. Again, we recognize that Sinaloa is bigger and better, so either VCF gets in line or we will mess you up.”

I don’t know what the US strategy is, but I can tell you that if the message was understood by Sinaloa and VCF as I described above, the Mexican government would not be opposed at all.

In sum, I have a gut feeling that the US agencies tried to send a signal telling the cartels to negotiate themselves. They unilaterally declared a winner [the Sinaloa Cartel], and this is unprecedented, and deserves analysis. If there was no strategy behind this, and it was simply a leaked report, then I will be interested to see how it plays out in the coming months.

......We believe that when the US made an announcement that was corroborated by several federal spokespersons simultaneously (that Sinaloa controlled CDJ [Juarez]), it was a message that the DEA wanted to send to Sinaloa. The message was that the US recognized Sinaloa’s dominance in the area [Juarez], although it was not absolute. It was meant to be read by the cartels as a sort of ultimatum: negotiate and put your house in order once and for all.

One dissenting analyst thinks that the message is the opposite, telling Sinaloa to take what it had and to leave what remains of VCF. Regardless, the reports are saying that the US message to the cartels was to negotiate and stop the violence. It says that the US has never before pronounced that a cartel controls a particular plaza, so it is an unusual event.

A June 3, 2010 email is pretty well off the Hook:

There have been more developments. I found out that there is a group of US and Mexican LE [law enforcement] that discretely attempted, and succeeded, in brokering a deal in Tijuana. If you notice, Tijuana violence has nearly ceased. There are only minor skirmishes that do not appear to be tied to any major cartel.

It was this same group of guys that presented their “signaling strategy” and attempted it for CDJ [Juarez].

It is not so much a message for the Mexican government as it is for the Sinaloa cartel and VCF [the Juarez Cartel] themselves. Basically, the message they want to send out is that Sinaloa is winning and that the violence is unacceptable. They want the CARTELS to negotiate with EACH OTHER. The idea is that if they can do this, violence will drop and the governments will allow controlled drug trades. [Emphasis added.]

Unfortunately, CDJ [Juarez] is not ripe for this kind of activity, as the major routes and methods for bulk shipping into the US have already been negotiated with US authorities. In this sense, the message that Sinaloa was winning was, in my view, intended to tell SEDENA [the Mexican military] to stop taking down large trucks full of dope as they made their way to the US. These large shipments were Sinaloa’s, and they are OK with the Americans. The argument is that most of the violence [in Juarez] remains related to the local market, and that SEDENA should focus on smaller gangs and fringe groups that try to cross smaller quantities....

So a very interesting case of a normative information signal in federal government (DOJ) support for the cartel's criminal operations, which is perhaps to be overlaid with the other legalized system of DOJ illegal drug operations noted in USA Today. Likewise, basically we can speculate that if some 'gray area' contractors sent a "signal" to other drug organizations, that those organizations would sense a "green light" from the Yanquis -- including #opCartel?

The point about the Mexican drug situation is that Texas journalist Barrett Brown - awaiting trial on Dec 10 - - talked at length about the dangers he perceived from Zetas & contractors in the videos posted prior to his arrest. The IRC logs (which of course could be altered or fake) if nothing else suggest an agenda by the COINTELPRO forces to plant #OpCartel, a risky Anonymous project to troll the Zetas drug cartel, dox them, etc.

Naturally the government strategically quotes here with ellipses -- Barrett's apparent fear of the consequences of the #OpCartel Op which the IRC logs indicate was staged by government agents. When you delete those parts of the statement, it provides the Threatening Spin which only Government Lawyers can really provide.

Screen shot 2012-10-20 at 5.04.03 AM.png

This edited quote which got the federal government's attention could be very very related to this basic, very federally sponsored idea, #OpCartel, as seen in the first log above: (this link is finally getting hits fast, it's gone up from 600 to 1000 in the course of compiling this post)

<omg> my suggestion work with Jennifer Emick with Backtrace

<rooster> i've not worked with backtrace directly, but i've chatted to hubris before.

<omg> i've been helping Hubris aka david with some "special projects" such as injecting fake Anonymous operations such as #opcartel

<rooster> i understand about injecting fake ops, like a honeypot

<rooster> but opcartel

<rooster> was too far

<rooster> lives could have been at risk

<omg> not really, only Barret Brown's

<omg> the goal of #opcartel was to get CISEN into iranserv

<omg> and understand the leadership structure resulted in the recent Interpol South American arrests

<omg> and anonworld

<rooster> ah, so you're planting fake ops, to infiltrate.

<rooster> smart.

There's a word for all of this: Trolling.

How many drug cartels are contractors allowed to manipulate into threatening people like Barrett? Where's that little bit of Executive Order, Memos of Understanding, profitable secret contracts, exempt illegal operations, signals from Lawful Authorities to Criminals?

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