Stay Fly: Holy Smokes

Oh I dearly hope this is an authentic photo - isn't it easily the greatest news photograph ever? Floating around, see : Something Out of The Godfather... | E L V O M I T A R . C O M etc.


Good luck to the Catholics, they need help like all of us. Regardless, there's no swag like Vatican swag.

The three main figures in this pic would make a solid Goodfellas trio.

Gallani, checking his phone, is the maestro, the schemer, but his rough touch sets in motion awkward consequences.

Agostini, upper right corner there, agonizes over the hijinks of the others. Looks down, closes his eyes, fingers the Rosary.

De Fiore, upper left, is the financial specialist, the man with the leads. He's the one who rolls with the Swiss bankers.

Drago lights the cigarette - he is of course the fixer, the tall man on the run, ever craning down, looking in on his operations.

Cuocco, facing away, mendacious but bumbling, he's a convenient scapegoat for the others and always a step behind.

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