Sprawling interview w wtfrly.com on activist news, next week on The Rundown Live

Alright here's a link if you want to check out. Super long like 2.3hr interview with WTFRLY.com editor Baran Hines covering lots of stuff on police state materials, local goings on including DRE.

Had a mention of the shady MnSCU shutdown of organic agriculture training, Turkey, Brazil, activist media organizing you name it. I have been trying to help out WTFRLY now and then, there is no shortage of stuff getting put through there including some fun deep research items.

Also talked about Syria, middle eastern scenario, name dropped Graham Fuller, a key CIA figure apparently involved in 9-11 and close to the Chechen family accused of running the recent attacks in Boston. [Sibel Edmonds named Fuller in her rogue's gallery of 9-11 people as well]

Includes also a little bit at the end about the Integral Community Exchange System for alternative time banking and barter that I have been working on cleanup / Drupal basics this summer in my spare time.

On Monday I am scheduled to do an interview with The RunDownLive with Mike P - sort of We Are Change Milwaukee, therundownlive.com , bigpzone.com, twitter.com/bigpzone. There was funny stuff with Stew Webb on here earlier.

Also the Drug Recognition Evaluator program lawsuit is going to federal court in July. Get info on it at http://nathanmhansen.blogspot.com from my friend Nathan Hansen who is pursuing the case. [disclosure: I did a bit of design work for Hansen in years past. Not very much but worth noting.]

Anyway nothing too grand but I figure it's good to do some casual long form interviews about some deep subjects for a change.

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