Nasty situation in Crystal with police officers sanctioned, partially corrupt city administration clamps down

The mayor of the City of Crystal locked the doors on locals & people speaking out against improper actions by city executive officials against two local police officers. Our friends at Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) have been organizing around the case.

I heard that video from what happened this Tuesday at City Council got reported as "abusive" on youtube very quickly.Videos via Sam Wagner:


This partially goes back to the disbanded multi-jurisdiction Metro Gang Strike Force which went around ripping property off from immigrants in particular - and the fallout there in Crystal.

Star Tribune Aug 29th Crystal fires 1 police officer; another faces termination | Star Tribune

Response to Star Tribune pulled off facebook open group: JUSTICE FOR CRYSTAL COPS ERKENBRACK AND WATT - [I'm posting this because the whole thing is set open/public already, not a closed group and has a lot of key details not widely known.]

via Linda Riedle Erkenbrack:

Dear Mr. Adams,

I am very disappointed in the end result of your article. When I read the article it feels to me that it is in favor of Revering & Norris.

First of all, my husband did not commit the minor policy violation, Officer Watt did. Revering was trying to say that Rob failed to supervise him and that is why she had placed him on leave and then demoted him but Rob clearly proved by the schedule that he was not even present at the department when the minor policy violation occurred. That is in the report that she refuses to release.

Also, this minor policy violation has been committed by many other officers (including Revering) and there has never been any discipline given.

Norris' claim of Watt misinterpreting the letter is not true. You can read the letter for yourself. She also claims that Rob's termination isn't final. His letter states midnight on August 27, 2013. There is NO private employee data at this point. Every investigation has been completed which makes everything public.

Every time there was misconduct on the part of Revering and/or others in the administration there was never any discipline given. This does not mean the act was not committed and yes, this is retaliation because a lot of the misconduct was reported by Rob and this is how she is paying him back.

A lot of the article focuses on the Ramirez case and that is a big issue which you need to get more of those facts correct i.e. Brandon Johnson's investigation or forced lack of but how can not being present while something occurred and then speaking vaguely to people about being put on leave as you are upset and being sent away from your job of over 27 years in this country where we have freedom of speech- he was not given any kind of court ordered gag order, cause for termination. Why wasn't that asked in your article?

Thanks for your time.

Maybe do more investigating before your next article.


Longer video report:

Anyway hopefully this provides a quick overview & spots one can engage the battle against abusive suburban inter-jurisdictional police operations & their local government allies.

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