Sheriff Stanek lied on Minnesota Public Radio this morning about marijuana and local violence

Super quick note: Sheriff Stanek lied on Minnesota Public Radio this morning claiming that tons of people are intoxicated on marijuana when they commit violent crimes - a dramatic distortion of yesterday's Stanek Star Tribune op-ed saying more than 50% of people booked at Hennepin Co Jail test positive (as one can test positive for weeks after smoking MJ).

Harry Anslinger abandoned this particular tactic decades ago. MPR mentioned my tweet around noon "Dan says Stanek just lied on MPR" and now the meme is rolling around further ;) stay tuned …..


Lies on MPR: "When you show me that in a jail that books 40,000 people a year for a variety of offenses, whether drunk driving, domestic assault, rape, robbery, murder, and I don't have 54 percent of them under the influence of marijuana, maybe I'll say something different," he said. "But at this point the facts speak for themselves."

Star Tribune totally different claim: "I have seen firsthand in Hennepin County that there is a direct connection between marijuana and violent crime. Drug task forces here have linked marijuana to assaults and homicides. In the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center, marijuana is the most commonly detected drug among the 36,000 inmates who are booked into the facility each year. According to our most recent data, approximately 54 percent of males arrested for violent crime test positive for marijuana in Hennepin County."

You're busted for lying about the war on drugs and drug effects, sheriff. Alcohol causes way more violence.

UPDATE 3:45 Saturday: Aaron Rupar @ City Pages expands in more detail on the falsity of the pot/violence link as shown in relatively plentiful academic studies. 459 FB likes, 27 tweets and 119 local comments. Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek thinks pot makes you violent - thanks @atrupar for the hat tip! On Friday, the Star Tribune carried a good op-ed from west coast radio host Russ Belville as well: Sheriff Stanek's misdirection on marijuana | Star Tribune.

Susan Perry in MinnPost also wrote a more detailed medical perspective: Sheriff Stanek's marijuana comments confuse correlation and causation | MinnPost. Well done everyone!


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