Big banhammer falls on comments

Hey all,

due to the profusion of horrible comment spam, I swung the big banhammer and hid the comment threads on all the previous material on the site. This should markedly improve performance and with luck the search engine rankings as well (SEO). I am really sorry to the people that left legit comments, it got too far out of hand for me to control. It's too bad regular hosted comments aren't a viable business these days.

The new policy is that comments will be open on posts for two weeks, and then they close. Hopefully this means that we will not have to hide comment threads in the future.

Also if you want to leave a comment and you're legit, be sure to save your comment in Notepad or whatever because the spam filter will dump/delete/discard everything it rejects.

As always you can reach me via the Contact form or at hongpong at

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