Rewilding and live performances in abandoned places: Wastelands Project from Children of the Wild


Just wanted to give a nod to my friends working on developing a new traveling performance art piece, the childrenofthewild Wastelands Project. They're on Facebook at Children of the Wild.

Here is some of the copy on the THE WASTELANDS PROJECT | Indiegogo page. The timer runs out in a couple days so please check it out.

The Wastelands Project from Children of the Wild on Vimeo.

A traveling ensemble of artists seeks to rewild the Great Lakes through free outdoor performances.


The Silent Revolution

Western Civilization is self-destructing all around us, and it’s never looked so under control. Wolf hunts, receding glaciers, the dream of a gardened planet: the ecological crisis spreads across the plains like an endless chain of luxury high rises. We believe there is a light to be found in the dark rows ahead. But to see it, we first need to stretch our imagination.


That's where we enter the Wastelands, an outdoor, traveling live performance about the future of life on Earth.

The Wastelands The Wastelands is a revolutionary art project, loosely based on Dante's Purgatorio, that transcends medium--theatre, music, film, dance, fine art, adventurous travel--from us, an emerging ensemble called Children of the Wild.

From April 20th-May 18th, 2015 we will travel across the Great Lakes in search of people to engage with and locations to bring The Wastelands. Ultimately we aim to uncover the real-life stories of environmental crimes suffered by the Great Lakes Basin. More importantly we seek out the resistance of communities that won't back down until the Lakes are free. Why the Great Lakes? We are living in a watershed moment, so it helps to look at our watershed.

WHO ARE WE? Children of the Wild, an ensemble of North American artists, currently in residence at Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA.

Our mission is to make original works of theatre and film that further the rewilding of the human spirit as part of a common struggle for social and environmental justice.
Rewilding Theatre Over the next two years, we are building our show out of and performing in the detritus of this world—ruins of factories, overgrown lots, junk piles that were once industrial parks. We envision being costumed by dust and dirt, ash and burlap; we imagine a set made from found objects; we will travel in an adventurous way (bus or boat) and live as a tribe, in order to open space for what is possible politically and culturally. The film will faithfully document our tour, exposing the in-between places where fiction meets reality. But why go through all that trouble just to tell a story? We believe in order talk about rewilding our souls as well as our environments, we must live it. So the question is, Where do we look to find a landbase reinventing itself in order to survive an almost certain death?

I pitched in with some website work for UGB & Twilight back in the day and I am glad the new project is getting executed. I saw some of the early notes and I think it's really promising.

A clue in Fellini's La Dolce Vita about that old Mithraic esotericism: To live outside of time, detached...

This is a random thing but it caught my attention. At almost the exact middle of Fellini's La Dolce Vita there is a somber discussion as Marcello, the tabloid journalist protagonist, tells Steiner the intellectual he wishes he had such a nice & accomplished life.

But Steiner looks out the window and fears for the life his children will face. He says he wishes he could "live outside of time, detached" in English subtitles, anyway. He's one of the more distinctly anti-fascist characters in the film & he seems to also be lamenting what appear to be persistent spotlights of the spectacle outside his windows.


Sometimes at night this darkness, this silence, weighs on me. Peace frightens me. I'm afraid of peace more than anything else. To me it seems that it's only an outer shell and that hell is hiding behind it. I think of what my children will see tomorrow. "The world will be wonderful," they say. From what point of view? When a phone call can announce the end of the world. One should live outside of passions, beyond emotions, in that harmony you find in completed artworks in that enchanted order. We should learn to love each other so much, to live outside of time, detached. Detached.

Thus ends the middle segment of the film divided into seven days and nights.


Only a couple days earlier, thanks to @daviDNAlexander I ran into a funny essay, "The Entheogen Theory of Religion and Ego Death" by Michael Hoffman which dives into the idea that ancient mystery religions sought a very similar sort of avenue to enlightenment.


The idea is explored by associating the various snakes and orphic egg iconography with the sort of wiggly path that a person's life takes, as if it were seen from a five-dimensional or timeless perspective, a "frozen universe". Likewise the notions of fixed fates & destinies were always so big in ancient western mythology. Connections are made to the ancient Mithra cult, an important underlying source of symbolism for Roman Catholicism. No surprise, then, that the idea would have wiggled its way into a film so closely linked to Italy & Catholicism as Vita.

Side note: The floppy red Phrygian cap worn by Mithra turns up later in a lot of revolutionary and Freemasonry-friendly artwork in the time of the French Revolution, as well as within the Romanesque iconography of America's "civic religion". I posted a whole bunch of related art including the symbolic caps, see images posted previously: June 2011: Dashing Wartime Philosopher Bernard Henri Lévy ties Libyan rebels & Netanyahu, lolz at teh Bilderberg conspiracy - and your French Revolution Freemason delirium too! |

And of course, Hoffman writes about the notion that entheogenic drugs allow the 'ego death' so that one can finally see a glimpse of that weird little fixed place in the cosmos, before you shake it off and resume weaving forward on your linear life path…

I'm sure there are other interesting symbols stuffed into Dolce Vita that I've only barely begun to find, but I definitely dig how this particular moment is right at the very middle of the film.

Adrian Lamo testimony at Bradley Manning trial

This is worth posting as it is a pivotal section of the case. I can appreciate that Lamo candidly points out Manning did *not* want to funnel this information to foreign powers, which is important to the case. Ugh snitches… Lamo is @6 on Twitter.

Locally there is a rally downtown on Thursday June 6th. Check it out!

UPDATE: Moar Transcripts:

MOAR: Bradley Manning Support Network. Follow . Latest today from the Truck: "The CFAA charges are being disproven rapidly."

Art here from Clark :


via Jenna:

DAVID COOMBS: He told you he was an intelligence analyst?


DAVID COOMBS: He said to you, he thought he would reach out to somebody like you who would possibly understand?


DAVID COOMBS: During this initial chat conversation he told

you about his life and his upbringing?

ADRIAN LAMO: In some amount of detail, yes.

DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he was being challenged due to a gender identity issue?


DAVID COOMBS: He also told you that he had been questioning his gender for years, but started to come to terms with that with his gender during the deployment?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you he believed he had made a huge mess?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: And he confessed that he was emotionally fractured?


DAVID COOMBS: He said he was talking to you as somebody that needed moral and emotional support?


DAVID COOMBS: At this point he said he was trying not to end up killing himself?

ADRIAN LAMO: That is also correct.

DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he was feeling desperate and



DAVID COOMBS: He described himself as a broken sole?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: He said his life was falling apart and he didn't have anyone to talk to?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: And he said he was honestly scared?

ADRIAN LAMO: He also said that.

DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he had no one he could trust?


DAVID COOMBS: And he told you he needed a lot of help?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: He ended up apologizing to you on several occasions for pouring out his heart to you since you were total strangers?


DAVID COOMBS: Now at one point he asked you if you had access to classified networks and so on, incredible things, awful things, things that belonged to the public domain, not on some servers dark room in Washington, D.C. What would you do? Do you recall him asking you that question?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, I did.

DAVID COOMBS: He told you he thought that the information that he had would have impact on entire world?

ADRIAN LAMO: That is also correct.

DAVID COOMBS: He said the information would disclose casualty figures in Iraq?


DAVID COOMBS: He believed the State Department, First World Countries exploited the Third World Countries?

ADRIAN LAMO: He made that representation, yes.

DAVID COOMBS: And he told you that the cables detailed what was criminal political fact dealings?


DAVID COOMBS: He believed that everywhere there was a U.S. post there was a diplomatic scandal?

ADRIAN LAMO: That he did.

DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he believed it was important that the information got out?


DAVID COOMBS: He thought that if the information got out, it might actually change something?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you he did not believe in good guys versus bad guys anymore?


DAVID COOMBS: He only believed in a plethora of states acting in self-interest?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you he thought he was maybe too idealistic?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he was always a type of person that tried to investigate to find out the truth?

ADRIAN LAMO: Something I could appreciate, yes.

DAVID COOMBS: And based upon what he saw, he told you he could not let information just stay inside?


DAVID COOMBS: He said he could not separate himself from others?


DAVID COOMBS: He felt connected to everybody?


DAVID COOMBS: Even told you it felt like we were all distant family?

ADRIAN LAMO: Engagement.

DAVID COOMBS: And he said he cared?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he thought he would keep track -- keep track of people that his job impacted?


DAVID COOMBS: And he wanted to make sure that everybody was okay?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you that the way he separated himself from other analysts was, he cared about people?

ADRIAN LAMO: He said that, yes.

DAVID COOMBS: PFC Manning told you he followed humanist values?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: He said he had dogs tags saying "humanist" on it?


DAVID COOMBS: Do you know what it means to be a humanist?

ADRIAN LAMO: From my understanding the importance of human life and human beings and has a structure of morality.

DAVID COOMBS: PFC Manning told you that at the time he was feeling (inaudible) and no one seemed to see that or care?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he was bothered that nobody seemed to care?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: He said he thought apathy was far worse than active participation?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he preferred the truth (Inaudible)?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: He also told you that he was maybe too traumatized to really care about the consequences to him?


DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he wasn't brave. He was weak?


DAVID COOMBS: He said he was not so much scared of getting caught and facing consequences as he was of being misunderstood?


DAVID COOMBS: At one point you asked him what his end game was, correct?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, I did.

DAVID COOMBS: And he told you, hopefully worldwide discussions, debates and reforms?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: He told you that the reaction to the (Inaudible)?


DAVID COOMBS: And he said he wanted people to see the truth?


DAVID COOMBS: He said without information you can't make informed decision as a whole?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: And he told you to, he was hoping that people would actually change if they saw the information?


DAVID COOMBS: He also told you that he recognized that he may be just young, naive and stupid?


DAVID COOMBS: And at one point you asked him why he didn't just sell the information to Russia or China?


DAVID COOMBS: And he told you that the information belonged in the public domain?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, he did.

DAVID COOMBS: He believed that information was in the public domain and should be for the public good?


DAVID COOMBS: You asked him how long he had been helping out WikiLeaks at one point?

ADRIAN LAMO: Yes, I did.

DAVID COOMBS: He told you that he essentially had been --

THE COURT: Sustained. Hearsay.

MR. COOMBS: Very well, Your Honor.


DAVID COOMBS: At one point he told you that his belief or his feelings were that he wanted to eventually go into politics?


DAVID COOMBS: And at the time he was thinking that humanity could accomplish a lot, if smart people with ideas cooperated with each other?


DAVID COOMBS: At anytime did he say he had no loyalty to America?

ADRIAN LAMO: Not in those words, no.

DAVID COOMBS: At anytime did he say the American flag didn't mean anything to him?


DAVID COOMBS: At anytime did he say he wanted to help the enemy?

ADRIAN LAMO: Not in those words, no.

Mordor Mayor Rybak makes moves to hide Minneapolis panopticon: Total Minneapolis Awareness Automatic License Plate Reader records form 'retroactive surveillance' empire


"It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state." ~ Cryptographer/security guy Bruce Schneier (src)

We all know the old motif - Feds staking out parking lots, reporting the license plates back to Hoover. Nowadays things are a little different - computers can trivially hoover up all the unique features like license plates and faces from video signals, 24/7. These are technical capabilities that Hitler and Stalin only dreamed of. The former National Security Agency employee William Binney described the system locking into place as a "turnkey totalitarian state" is arriving one system at a time. One of those turnkeys just turned up in Minneapolis.

The word is out now that more than 2 million license plate records have been obtained through a data request, since the surveillance material consists of mostly public record fields. Minneapolis developer Tony Webster (@webster) wrote up the info on what happened here - and quite correctly calls for the government to quit holding this kind of data for a number of serious reasons. See Minneapolis Police release 2.1 million license plate records.

Rybak wants quick action on license plate data |

A day after the city released a database containing more than two million license plate scans, Mayor R.T. Rybak wants expedited state action to make the data non-public.

The Legislature is already expected to take action this session to reclassify license plate tracking data, which is derived from cameras mounted on local police squad cars across the state. But after complying with a request for Minneapolis' entire public database -- featuring dates, times and locations of all plates scanned in a 90 day period -- Rybak wants more immediate action.

He said the request was "already in the works" before Tuesday's data release, but "it does concern me." His request to temporarily reclassify the data would, if approved by the Commissioner of Administration, prevent the city from releasing the tracking data to members of the public.

See also latest on MPR: Lawmakers mull bill to regulate automatic license plate readers Minnesota Today. I think MPR is inaccurate as MPD said they'd shortened this to 90 days from the original year, as Strib indicated. (otherwise they would have violated MN Data Practices Act by failing to release earlier public records upon request)

Minneapolis' DFL Mayor RT Rybak (@mayorRTrybak) has sprung into action to demand the records generated by Minneapolis Police Department's Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) system become classified as "private data", which means only the government, cops, various lawyers under different circumstances, etc, could trivially get ahold of incredibly detailed data & patterns about your vehicle's movements without a warrant.

Rybak's thoughtful plan is to make sure that no one else can get that data, only that bloated galaxy of whom John Young @ calls the 'authoritatives' lording the new panopticon over us.

This is our window - our snapshot of the beta test - into the hellish future of total 'retroactive surveillance' awaiting us, when all our actions are constantly recorded to be 'played backwards' whenever some bureaucratic enforcer wants to increment his career through hassling us, demanding civil fines for infractions etc.

As recent posts on this site have documented, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (which just got a new chief) is spending state taxpayer money funnelled to military-industrial contractors in order to build a local version of a GPS tracking system called Intellidrive, which would transmit every damn move, including velocity, of every tagged car.

Additionally, exposure of abusive & immoral practices in the Drug Recognition Evaluator training program (& main BCA file) resulted not in a candid cleanup by law enforcement, but stonewalling. When individual law enforcement officers invariably abuse these massive data mining deployments, as some do, is there really adequate oversight let alone punishment for turning these 'necessary' technologies into avenues of abuse?

Plus of course, what are the implications of the chilling effects of these ALPR systems? What is the price paid by society when the chilling effect of avoiding ALPRs by staying put kicks in? How many people refuse to fly because of the intrusive & abusive security measures? And what happens when municipal cameras collect data even more granular and intrusive than the federal TSA?

For more on this stuff I recommend following @webster, and @RichNeumeister, a citizen activist on nearly all data & privacy matters at the Mn State Capitol. It seems like Webster triggered the Rybak blocking him on Twitter. Classy - especially since Webster posted in this recent context he's a lifelong DFL supporter.

To quote a bit from Rich Neumeister's blog which is VERY helpful for Minnesota issues: Two meetings: prescription records and license plate scans

Now to the Criminal Justice and Juvenile Information Policy Group meeting which was to make a decision about the collection and retention of millions of records of where you and I travel if we happen to be owners of cars collected secretly by the cops.

Per Eric Roper's Star Tribune Blog post  the Policy Group made up of Commissioners, judges, and others decided to make the license scan data private, but deleted the retention of 180 days for the data if there were no hits for law enforcement investigation.

Now I have to scratch my head on this one. By deleting the retention of 180 days, is the Policy Group saying with all intents and purposes, DO NOT KEEP OR COLLECT LICENSE SCANS ON INNOCENT AND LAW ABIDING PEOPLE, or are they saying the COPS CAN COLLECT ALL THE LICENSE SCAN DATA THEY WANT ON INNOCENT AND LAW ABIDING PEOPLE AND KEEP IT AS LONG AS THEY WANT.

I am perplexed.

& also earlier: Email to Minnesota Criminal Justice Policy Group on License Plate Cameras. For what it's worth Webster tweeted this afternoon (Tues Dec 13th) that the division of the state govt that implements/sets the rules, IPAD, has NOT yet received anything new from Minneapolis about ALPR data.

The reality is that politicians are not that responsible about these data issues. Instead you get ignored, blocked on Twitter etc. I am writing another post about yet another newly relevant old case - the Norm Coleman credit card database leak which I covered at Politics In Minnesota circa January 2009, eerily similar to the new charges against alternative journalist Barrett Brown. (Posting links to data like the Coleman leak is a form of journalism & research that feds are trying to redefine [unconstitutionally] as a felony! NOT GOOD). But that is definitely a whole 'nother story....


MORE ON RETROACTIVE SURVEILLANCE LIKE MINNEAPOLIS POLICE DEPARTMENT ALPR SYSTEM: (not to be confused with the practice of retroactively legalizing the earlier illegal surveillance performed by telecoms during the Bush administration). 'Retroactive surveillance' is basically a timestamped panopticon.

Retroactive surveillance is a class of technology which can easily destroy certain dimensions of 'free will' and therefore should be considered extremely carefully as a keystone type of social control system. It's my personal opinion it will take at least a century for this type of tech to be possible to be used ethically (if ever), as the ethical structures do not currently exist – a major reason we are all descending into a kind of neo-feudal technocratic authoritarianism worldwide. » NYPD and Microsoft Team Up to Peddle Retroactive Surveillance System [WSJ] - same type of camera data inputs

NYPD, Microsoft Hope to Make a Mint off New Surveillance System - National - The Atlantic Wire

Coming soon: Ubiquitous surveillance from Big Brother's wayback machine (the wayback machine snapshots many websites over time, invaluable!)

NetworkWorld, 2011: Coming soon: Ubiquitous surveillance from Big Brother's wayback machine » New Video Surveillance System Tags, Tracks and Follows

a commenter puts it well at » Coming Soon: Retroactive Surveillance on Anyone: "A present anxiety of future trouble from the unforgotten past; black to the future."

A change in tune: law enforcement now aggressively promoting retroactive surveillance capabilities of license plate readers | Privacy SOS

Is there any science (social science) of retroactive surveillance?

House Passes Surveillance Bill without Retroactive Immunity | TPMMuckraker

Drug war provides cover for retroactive surveillance without probable cause | Privacy SOS

.. That's all for now - this post is licensed Creative Commons remix/reuse with attribution to Dan Feidt/ non-commercially, including the "sheeple style" remix image I slapped together.

Anonymous & Wikileaks beefing - it's bigger than a paywall - Bonus confusions, Cointelpro Spam, Silent Circle, Cryptocat, Federal "Restricted Information" & i2p

plf-wikileaks.pngA review of the latest internet dickering, with mostly unrelated useful new programs & ideas at the end...

It ain't a 'war' but several prominent representations of the anon flock are speaking out against Wikileaks and it's not just the Javascript paywall (disable JS to get around it). This is happening realtime on Twitter tonight. [pic source]

One thing worth pointing out everyone I believe can agree on, that @Wikileaks Twitter recently accused @AnonymousIRC Twitter, a major account run by several folks, of sending out misleading info about insecure proxies, without specifying which proxies so worried them. That was not a good idea, or at least didn't put anything concrete out there, spreading distrust based on incomplete info instead.

[sub note: the oft very substantive @Asher_wolf adds that @anonyops is the only high-follower twitter account really held by one person since its inception]

The whole thing is a mess on a bunch of levels, as another Anonymous related account @PLF2012 just said they had an inch thick of dox on Wikileaks & judging by today's tweets, frustration that indictments keep raining down on people while Assange lectures them & Wikileaks seems to vacillate.

//// UPDATE OCT 16 AFTERNOON: While the pastebin isn't signed by anyone in particular, a pretty substantial "let's move on" kind of statement has been released. Worth Reading:

UPDATE OCT 15 AFTERNOON: A couple more dramas involving 'Project Vigilant' which Lamo was involved with (bonus Sneakers reference via the SETEC ASTRONOMY patch), and the Wikileaks Forum site (and followup). It seems that Assange's mom is on some aggressive patrol to keep people in line. UK Guardian on all this. I haven't even scoped these things out yet, ye gods it goes on and on.... ////

The constructive lesson in here, to really maximize the positive contributions of all involved without getting sucked into drama, is to take what you can learn from things and get new things going, don't just join some unwieldy bandwagon for the drama flow. While Wikileaks comes across as Julian Assange/Lady Gaga/weird international epicfail ego show going on, they have actually been publishing & releasing more data from the Stratfor files and Syria. That's good -- but trolling @anonymousIRC with nothing to back it up, not good..[MEME SOURCE TROLL.ME - yes rly]


Assange just put up a long post lecturing Anonymous about how easy it is for them to get turned into snitches and fail because they lack 'Unity', a word he uses a ton when perhaps he should consider that viable ecosystems really have little lockstep unity at all. He definitely brushed off referencing "the many Bothans that died to bring him this information" so to speak, except to say that it's bad for them to say anything about sources for defendants' legal reasons. Nonetheless he doesn't really seem to venture much explanation of his own responsibility towards the general human wreckage & prosecutors surrounding these very ugly gigabytes...

Overall take it for what it's worth, between the paranoid yet intermittently informative Reddit threads to the review of HBGary and Assange's valid critique that Internet assets (or as 4GW systems theorists can call "bowties") are control points that can get co-opted. In reaction to freeform paranoia over which Anon Twitter accounts are taken over by law enforcement, someone on Reddit added that even when you don't really feel it's sound to assume an account is co-opted, you just don't need to send sensitive info or etc. to them, don't bother freaking out.

Additionally it's not helpful that Texas-based researcher & Project PM police state/contractor research wiki publisher Barrett Brown is incarcerated, awaiting trial [indictment PDF] & some mysterious & unexplored class of "restricted information" has surfaced in his case, & not really been analyzed -- Barrett seems to have been accused of feloniously enticing people to google search for FBI agents, among other things. []

In Barrett's case, as well as the origin of the Stratfor leak, with Sabu & Lamo in the mix, an infestation of many informants and operatives operates perhaps as "crapflooding", the political hacker scene COINTELPRO counterpart to the paid corporatist trolls filling up & derailing internet discussions everywhere. In all cases the crapflooding ultimately wastes all our time, it buys time for bureaucratic status quo interests, the corrupt & those benefitting from the Power of Ignorance. Interpret gibberish as damage and route around it.


Some background [mixed thoughts about this one]: How (not) to destroy Wikileaks: where it all began… | Darker Net

The original @AnonymousIRC post: Statement on Wikileaks - - the Reddit Thread: @AnonymousIRC's statement on Wikileaks : anonymous

Oct 12 Reaction to @AnonymousIRC with some good points: Supporter response to @AnonymousIRC's Statement on WikiLeaks -

Julian Assange's Oct 15th missive, kinda be trollin. Yet its page title is simply: TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter. Fair enough, [maybe the big lesson here?]

A couple accounts to check: anonoccubloc / (PLF2012) / @anonymousIRC / @youranonnews / @Asher_wolf

Easily Sunday's best move was EncyclopediaDramatica, the high Octane wiki chronicling troll wars & attempting to crowdsource the most offensive possible entries, poaching for Wikileaks style sources & "defectors". [ED's battles to stay online are actually kinda interesting & a little like a Wikileaks/anon combo situation].

The whole thing has explicitly been tied back to the July Beef by Wikileaks in a tweet hours ago - specifically this Reddit: Update to something I previously posted about @AnonymousIRC on Twitter : anonymous. So links on the earlier affairs:

Tweet July 12 saying is good for paste services: Twitter / Par_AnoIA: So we heard that Privatepaste ...

July 15 tweet saying AnonymousIRC shouldn't trust Twitter / KiingCobra: @AnonymousIRC Honeypot site,I ...

July 13 tweet implying something sketch about being registered May 9 when @AnonymousIRC was silent around those few days (when twitter accounts go off air, people fear Party Vanning - arrested hackers flipping while getting sweated by Feds, like Sabu did last summer) Twitter / tmichaels1: The domain @AnonymousIRC is ...

3 months ago, the proxy beef: Reddit thread NO war between WikiLeaks and Anonymous : anonymous

July 14: AnonPaste signed by @YourAnonNews @AnonPR_Network @PLF2012 @AnonCollective @Anon_Central "There is no 'War' with Wikileaks": "....The Anonymous account in question (@AnonymousIRC) is angry because all the contents of the "Syria Files" are not being instantly published. This is due to the fact that the individual behind this account is not in the decision loop regarding our handing over these files to WikiLeaks. ....

So @Wikileaks itself is *right now* trying to stir up this old July thing, is it a competition for leaking services or what? Why a priority now when the Ecuadorian embassy is surrounded etc., yet also calling for Unity? Not well explained but there you go. We can only hope it's a proxy to some more interesting intrigue?


I2P & Cryptocat: let's learn something handy anyway: Eh & after all this bitching well let me add something possibly useful in the long run. In recent weeks away from writing here, I've been taking a bit of time to review encryption, software, approaches to making open source easily replicated communications techs, which seems like a good field for inquiry and experiments right now.

[Also watched the 1992 film Sneakers, which just celebrated its 20th birthday. It only anticipated the NSA's effort to tap everyone & everything domestically. What is Darpa Plan X anyhow?]

A relatively obscure encryption protocol called i2p (an extension of some earlier Darknet efforts) may be the successor to Tor, the big Cahuna which is also a bit US Government funded & regarded cynically by Cryptome among others. Via one of the reddit threads: // good convo about tor, jap, and i2p

i2p shall prevail where Tor has failed - money quote: "There are too few exit nodes, and many are up to something... Tor therefore forces users to make the bizarre choice between non-anonymous Internet use with only their ISP logging traffic or somewhat anonymous Internet use with a complete stranger logging their traffic.". at some point the story went around that Wikileaks claimed to have a zillion documents early on (where did those go?) because they were copying them off their own malicious Tor honeypot exit node that Chinese hackers were sending goodies back home through. May not be true but would make sense.

main i2p website // A bunch of stuff on how i2p works // /r/i2p of course -Anonymous OpDarknet(pre-pedo hunter)

Moar programs: And this is cool, from two years ago, Anomos a combo implementation of Bittorrent and i2p. Groovy! Plus, honesty: "Anomos is an experimental anonymity protocol. It has not yet undergone the serious peer-review necessary to consider it safe for general use. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity." The argument in the 'i2p shall prevail' piece was that new protocols are essential, while Tor is kinda tied down in its weaknesses by basically being a proxy network to the existing web.

Firefox 16 got whacked with an exploit right away, [the JS hack here] but imagine how many more bugs would have gotten by if not for open development. So in turn we need to keep good apps with new protocol thinking developing openly. Cryptocat is another new entrant for IM chat with a lot of potential. Source code here, roll yr own! Don't worry about the drama, just code, crack & compile! [And the PGP man Phil Zimmermann has promised to opensource the touted Silent Circle app for review (see @silentcircle, because centralized communications are sooo secure lol]

Just released from EFF, HTTPS Everywhere 3.0 switches your browser to secure HTTPS, at least improving one level of communications on more than 1500 sites. Also the EFF Observatory is really interesting & discusses part of why HTTPS is not good if the upstream certificate generators, the CAs, are weak/shady:

The EFF SSL Observatory is a project to investigate the certificates used to secure all of the sites encrypted with HTTPS on the Web. We have downloaded datasets of all of the publicly-visible SSL certificates on the IPv4 Internet, in order to search for vulnerabilities, document the practices of Certificate Authorities, and aid researchers interested the web's encryption infrastructure.

We are particularly concerned about the role and practices of Certificate Authorities (CAs), which are the organizations that can sign cryptographic certificates trusted by browsers. These certificates can contain statements like, "this public key belongs to", "this public key belongs to, and", or "this public key should be trusted to also act as a CA, signing certificates for other domains".

Browsers trust a very large number of these CAs, and unfortunately, the security of HTTPS is only as strong as the practices of the least trustworthy/competent CA. Before publishing this data, we attempted to notify administrators of all sites observed vulnerable to the Debian weak key bug; please let us know if your analysis reveals other classes of vulnerabilities so that we can notify affected parties.

Overall, the idea of credible trust in closed source encryption is seemingly pretty much dead. Or if not, major political strides can be made against it on totally practical grounds.

In this insightful TEDtalk Clay Shirky got a lot right about GitHub vs Lawyers in the control structures of our country & government system. Consequently: Demand code audits, if indeed these executive branch & computer systems are both supposed to be Executing Secure Processes... or whatever it is, exactly, they're $UpTo. [Does a subtle programmer joke subvert currency itself via $variables marked by dollar signs? Will time tell as the Fed addMoar($lots) program hits QEInfinityLoop?]

When it comes to what the security establishment is up to, to modify the ultimate conspiracy tweet of Hassan-i-Sabah, leader of the Assassins & the Man in the Mountain, nothing is true, everything is permissible. Also, full of Spam. [& Since Spam will always be part of the problem, Monty Python ultimately wins the meme war.]

Alchemy and Debt Demons - FAIL DOT GOV sHuTdOwN2011 - The All-True Esoteric story behind the 2011 Government Shutdown

FEDERAL SHUTDOWN 2011: The Untold Story -
long story short, our narrative ends with The Jesus giving everyone SHROOMS. Alchemy and accountants, the Shutdown revealed mysterious & esoteric truths underlying our post-masonic Nation.

[ I had a couple folders sitting around with new, weird & funny images. Dropped these pics in and wrote a weird story, kind of Conspiracy JPEG Mad Libs :-]


It Began with a Plague of Debt Demons


Tea Party Jacobins at it again (classic political cartoon from the French Revolution)


They switched to Aviators in the next decade or so.

Below the fold: more of the Mysteries!

Waterfall New World Order Resistance of Minneapolis! Mysterious Mississippi riverfront stencil street art agitates vs tyranny


What can I say? I like street art – when it breaks up the unspeakable horror of the modernist nightmare, the endless, colorless flat planes composing our concrete public existence.

So it was a surprise to go looking and find these big New World Order stencils around the Hennepin Avenue bridge and down on Main Street. This one gets many bonus points for facing right at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis a few hundred feet away.


Somewhat unnerving Obey-style figure that appears to be Alex Jones, stenciled into the arrow. On the Stone Arch Bridge towards the Downtown Mpls side.



This second New World Order stencil was on a concrete nook on Main Street, near the St. Anthony movie theatre and the stairwell up to Central / 3rd Avenue.


I'm feeling too lazy to work with the exposure right now but this is the context.


The mysterious stenciled faces are all over too - this is on the NE end of Hennepin bridge.


Earlier - stencils on the 3rd Avenue / Central Avenue on the stairwell down to Main Street.


The inside of the stairwell has the Obama-Joker stencil.



Got a funny pic of this snowman in the Cancer Survivors park.



A little fun with slow shutter down by the Boardwalk / Stone Arch Bridge.


Got interesting look from the Soap Factory neon. Again too lazy to up the brightness but it's all in fun.


Next to our first pyramid on Hennepin, on the support pillar of the bridge, some lolcat chalked 'Stop FBI Raids!'

IMG_0440.JPG IMG_0441.JPG

From the bridge - here's the lazy view towards the Fed - it's over there to right right of the triple pillars.

IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0432.JPG

Restored 1927 "Metropolis" adds new subplots on worker Georgy 11811, fight scenes, mobs, giant head of Hel, 1920s carphone!


Frame by frame, the lost almost-complete version of Metropolis is coming out. METROPOLIS2710

It's an amazing & essentially perfect film, which created the bases for epic pop culture characters like Doc Brown, C3PO, as well as a powerful vision of utopian urbanism -- the film itself created a huge cultural force in the iconography of urban development.

This restored version has new villain enforcing the rules via a car phone!

SPOILER ALERT - this is a truly magic film - however if you want a loose outline of everything, in particular the deleted cuts, read on. Otherwise ditch out...

After a Utopian garden scene with a few new cuts, a factory accident transforms into a vision of Moloch!!

Picture 23.png<Picture 24.png

Picture 25.png

The cityscapes are nice - our hero Freder gives us more city imagery when he gets to the chief's office...

  Picture 26.png Picture 27.png

Picture 28.png<Picture 29.png

His stressing out - more cuts
Picture 30.png Picture 31.png

This still has gotta be the best representation of Capitalist Time as an irreversible flow - thanks Debord! In the new Edit, Freder switches places with (i think) this worker -- then the worker gets chased down. This was cut!

Also the press stand is tight - this whole subplot gets cut, where the totally deleted evil dude comes in.
Picture 32.png Picture 33.png

And the Metropolis Courier!
Picture 34.png Picture 35.png

There was a lot of cut time with this giant head of Hel -- deceased lady, motivates Rotwang to beat the laws of nature. Very unreal & a lot was cut.
Picture 36.png Picture 37.png

Look at Rotwang, he is Luke & Annekin Skywalker, Doc Brown and Dr. Strangelove -- he was preceded in fiction by Dr Frankenstein but really... he says he lost the hand in the process, but the hand kind of controls him, like it has an occult force, just like Dr. Strangelove. Plus of course the Pentagrams.
Picture 38.png

Maria is running a spiritually inspired revolution down in the caves -- naturally a falseflag attack from the government needs to bring this down, but first a tale of the Tower of Babel!

Picture 39.png Picture 40.png Picture 41.png Picture 43.png

Picture 44.png Picture 45.png

Picture 46.png Picture 47.png

Picture 48.png Picture 49.png

Freder falls for Maria while Rotwang & the Mayor hatch a plot. Dig the Persian-style wing formation in the stonework.
Picture 50.png Picture 51.png

Tight live orchestra.
Picture 52.png Picture 53.png

Deleted - Rotwang talking about bringing down the Apocalypse from this wicked angle!
Picture 54.png Picture 55.png

Picture 56.png Picture 57.png

Worker Georgy 11811 is the deleted worker character - we also see more of OSHIWARA, the mod Asian themed Club of Total Sin where Evil Maria launches her bid to become the Beast! The Evil dude gets the worker and thrashes him, then plots further through his carphone!

Picture 58.png Picture 59.png

Also cut, some kinda-slow dialogue with Freder hanging out with the nervous guy from the mayor's office. CARPHONE!
Picture 60.png Picture 61.png

The insane two-way elevator was epic - Evil One pops up!
Picture 62.png Picture 63.png

Groovy Flapper on zooming Elevator!

Picture 64.png Picture 65.png

Picture 67.png Picture 68.png

Picture 69.png Picture 71.png
Lots more pics below the fold

It's 1975: Do you have IBM Data Base?

This awesome presentation from threads features the best of IBM mid-1970s leisure suit mainframe presentations... It's too damn cool!

As a matter of fact i think i need to make this first one my Facebook picture now.

Yay Hooray | It's 1975...

200807302056.jpg 200807302058.jpg



These guys are AWESOME
200807302054.jpg 200807302054.jpg 200807302055.jpg

200807302055.jpg 200807302056.jpg 200807302056.jpg

That's all for now. Art it is.

What else is new?

People are asking me if the war in Iran is going to start on the 15th of October. Well, I answer, in the 4th generation warfare sense, it already has started..... Seymour Hersh's latest missive must be read. Now it's 'counterterrorism' with the Republican Guard. Joe Lieberman practically tried to start the war last week. Fuckin A. The new war messaging. The whole bit... Goddamn... Goddamn...

Daily dimension of Minnesota conspiratoria: Jesse Ventura questions 9/11 and compares it to the JFK assassination:

Fourth dimension of power: your partisan bickering, removed: This Modern World. Obvious statements: Boondocks is teh awesome. Doonesbury too.

OpenCircuit, a new Twin Cities tech collective concept. Related: MinneDemo: DemoCamp Minnesota.

Yong Ho from the Macalester days has a sweet trilingual website.

AIR is a new Adobe app platform (Like Java). You can do your GoogleAnalytics through it. Didn't seem to have much advantage over the web way though.

OpenDNS is a nifty new DNS management service. Get rid of those "looking up website....." delays by getting better DNS! Bonus for businesses and fundies: it can filter porn too!

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. This is a great long summary, the major sectors of the book distilled so you can better understand the IMF/Pinochet/supercapitalist doom mode, seen everywhere from Katrina to Iraq. And how are people are building "shock absorbers" into their local societies in order to thrive once more. A powerful argument against the dying 'Washington consensus' of exploitative trade and debt slavery economics. Much more useful as an analytic frame than most things these days.

Alternatives to the conventional 'crazy talk': Icarus, community alternatives for mental illness.

Cool stuff: Free Speech TV and Keynote: Jeremy Scahill on his new "Blackwater" book, and something called Conspiracy Theory Rock.

Wall Street Journal fantasyland, convinced $100 barrels of oil wouldn't kill the economy. Dangerous groupthink from on high, and Mr. Murdoch's property working nicely: How Economy Could Survive $100 Oil.

Good for secrets and such:

Retired CIA analysts spell out the mideast gig: The Teflon Alliance with Israel. (Counterpunch rules)

A selection of interesting stuff from the Agonist, one of my favorite sites:

The Hope In Weakness (Morality II) | The Agonist

The Land of Cotton: Uzbekist@n, Not Dixie and East Germany on the Amu Darya: Ubzekist@n.

Blackwater Woes: More Elite than Our Military? and Blackwater, The Privatization of War And Public Enemy Number One.

Old Folks In the US Unhealthier Than Europeans. A LOT Unhealthier.

Morality | The Agonist

Air War: Target Iran! | The Agonist

That's all for now kiddos. Go read Hersh if you didn't already.

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