Bitcoin taps $200 again as ecosystem for services matures

Prices around $200 USD now, interesting price patterns. Stabilization & slow growth reigned since the woolly early 2013 era. Here: Bitcoin fake fibonacci trend line fun - even in crashes it never broke thru the lowest trend line.

It's hard but not impossible to see it below $100 again. I think now $80 is probably the floor. $200 i think is a psychological barrier, it will have hard time spiking higher unless 'another round of buzz' occurs.

Also note the USD sliding against Euros today: - probably helps BTC / USD price.

Also as the market for exchanges has slowly diversified you see less instability related spikes/crashes heavily spawning from MtGox, which has been an exchange overly-relied upon until now. Of course any market will suffer when there are not enough sturdy exchanges. It's called the GoxHammer or something like that when bitcoin prices crash around Gox instability.

Source: and my pseudo-Fib generator in Preview :P


If you are looking to get bitcoins: CAVEAT EMPTOR. Let buyer beware. I am not vouching for results with any service, your Grues may be eaten etc. The ecosystem is maturing but things will rise and fall, and beware pump n dumps.

However is doing pretty decently based in Georgia - a MtGox without the clustermesses. And you can mail them USD checks if you like. .55% fees on transactions seems pretty fair. You need to provide ID to use services extensively.

Also for meeting people in coffee shops around town locally. More anonymity than CampBX, but also a higher fee. Anonymity and fees seem to have an inverse relationship!

Also is also based in Georgia and can do point-of-sale integration with various platforms - the integration code for developers is admirably simple. Much cheaper Bitcoin purchases turned into USD bank deposits multiple times a week if you like. So you would only be risking a day or 2 of transaction cash at a time for this, used as a gateway in yr business.

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