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"Fake News" moral panic to be weaponized against resistance to abusive government programs

Here is a sneak preview for everyone : North Dakota Governor Dalrymple claims "fake news" like documenting spraying water protectors with fire hoses in 20 degree weather led them to defeat on social media (video from drones banned by the FAA showed fires were not the target). Every time people stand up to abuses authorities will claim it's "fake news":

North Dakota governor says pipeline company ‘abdicated’ role in defending project: (Dec 9, Forum News Service)

State officials have been busy maintaining public safety in the face of a sophisticated public relations operation involving paid protesters, strategic advice from public relations professionals and an “army” of activists posting often misleading information, including “fake news,” that has shaped national media coverage, Dalrymple said.

“National media is killing us,” the governor said.

“There’s a new paradigm,” he said, referring to the influence of social media in molding public opinion. “I try to do what I can, but I’m no match for that organization. That’s a long-term challenge. That may be going on well after the pipeline is laid.”....
Some protesters also repeatedly provoked law enforcement officers to try to goad them into a response that would make law enforcement look bad on video that would be widely shared on social media sites, Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley said.

One notable example came Nov. 20, he said, when protesters refused to back away from a bridge and set fires. When responders used fire hoses to douse the flames, protesters could easily have moved back away from the spray, but didn’t, creating a misleading visual representation of the confrontation, Wrigley said.

Wrigley said he and Dalrymple, joined by Col. Michael Gerhart, superintendent of the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and Al Dohrmann, adjutant general of the state National Guard, as well as Ron Rauschenberger, Dalrymple’s chief of staff, watched a live video feed of the confrontation.

“The Native Americans are being used, absolutely being used, by these outside agitators,” Wrigley said. “The state of North Dakota is not in conflict with the Standing Rock tribe.”

[Also note "outside agitators" is a phrase from the 1950s, showing how dated their ideology is]

Many of the outlets named by the Washington Post "fake news" piece are speaking out and Yves Smith from has prepared action for libel.

Hard line politicians like Dalrymple will keep naming organizations highlighting their misconduct as "fake news". So this is how the fake news moral panic will be weaponized for crackdowns.

See also: Washington Post Refuses to Retract Article Defaming Naked Capitalism and Other Sites

Please follow Unicorn Riot ( @ur_ninja) for frontline media - many examples of the type of hard primary sources that he's claiming are fake.

Also the North Dakota theatre gave many examples where local police routinely lied up to politicians and feds. There's not an internal way to really process their deception level except videos - that is one of few levers available for deterring police deception in internal vertical information flows within the government (and of course politicians are generally happy to accept the deceptions unless their hand is forced by public videos).

Hillary naturally is complaining about fake news (rather than, say, Trump's intense attacks on organized labor) even though she purveyed plenty of fake news to help achieve the political goal of invading Iraq.

[hat tip @xodanix3]

Fear and Loathing 2016: "STEIN and BARAKA"

Let's all hold hands for a moment. After fear & loathing, I will vote for "STEIN and BARAKA" on the 2016 Massachusetts Ballot. Mass is hostile to minor parties & I want to support expanded choices, but I do not support parts of Green platform & positions.

Your decisions, to participate in this thing, if they let you, or to decline, are your own. I hope we can still be friends. If I were in a different state or life, I might not choose this. I doubt the idea that voting is an 'ethical act'. Tactical, sometimes yes. Ethical?

Did you notice intelligence agencies have already taken over this election? Feuding, leaking securocrats, the same Beltway/NoVA crowd that propagandized America into Iraq, are falsely portrayed as more important and credible than the public. Vote all you want; they will continue to gather power.

Support for Palestinian dignity is an important litmus test which the Democrats have failed on. Generally US politicians treat peoples like Palestinians, Haitians, American Indians and other people facing massive disadvantages in similar ways.

Is the core function of government merely enforcing violent and abusive claims against Indigenous people, stealing their land through fraudulent land title and currency systems, whether in Standing Rock/North Dakota or West Bank/Palestine?

Is the Blood in the Elevator the core of political science? Is the whole government just a system of violence assuring itself through hallucinated concepts and performative utterances that it all adds up?

[Specifically I do not agree with the Green Party platform backing the criminalization of sex workers, nor with Baraka's view on Syrian elections, nor the Green Party's amiability in some instances with far-right bigoted forces. I totally understand why anyone would refuse to support Greens over matters like this, but I want future Greens to have a ballot line in this state.]

The future is still unwritten, the book is not yet closed. Let the Pixies play us out...

Journalist Al Giordano concisely explains why Sen. Bernie Sanders is not winning the 2016 Democratic primary

al giordano

Al Giordano is a seasoned journalist with a background in political activism, having worked for years with Abbie Hoffman, against nuclear power and US intervention in Nicaragua, as Rolling Stone noted, among various undertakings. The wildly corrupt Mexican bank Banamex, now part of Citigroup, tried to silence his work in court but failed. In 2000 he launched one of my favorite websites, NarcoNews, reporting the grim realities of a corrupt and sprawling war on drugs with continental scope. (which has been on the permanent sidebar here for who knows how long). He also has organized the School of Authentic Journalism to train young journalists.

More recently, outside of the NarcoNews project, Al has been unyielding in pointing out the shortcomings of Sen. Bernie Sanders' primary campaign and the activities of his supporters. When I first noticed this I was a bit surprised since I think of Hillary Clinton as the quintessential establishment, pro-war-on-drug politician, but I appreciated that Giordano was sticking to the facts. He is very, very good at predicting primary election results, although he was wrong about the 2016 Michigan Democratic primary.

I was able to briefly engage Giordano tonight on Allen Richardson's Facebook post about Arizona results and get him to spell out a little bit more of his logic for how, why and when Sanders fell so short among many important segments of the US primary voting public. He noted that Sanders' vote nine years ago against Sen. Ted Kennedy's immigration reform bill didn't help matters, and also has called attention to the lack of deep training which contrasts to the more thorough Camp Obama trainings as documented here in summer 2007.

DF: I am curious what strategy could have worked better for Sanders if we could rewind the campaign time period Al Giordano, or do Sanders' inescapable liabilities stretch back to the 1990s or before? He kinda seemed like a more hacky version of Paul Wellstone before the campaign started.. i definitely agree w you there was never a good training camp that could have put the volunteers on a better footing as you have pointed out lately.
Giordano: Yes, one of the things that distinguished Paul Wellstone was his Camp Wellstone trainings, which are still happening. One is coming up in May in Virginia:
Sanders blew it with most black voters when he kept running against Obama's record and putting Obama haters like Cornel West out there to be a surrogate. He blew it with Latino voters when he had no remorse or good explanation for his 2007 vote vs Ted Kennedy's immigration reform vote. Clinton voted wrong on Iraq but had the sense to reflect, say it was a mistake and apologize for it. Sanders just really shows no reflection at all about himself - a key warning sign to many people when white men do it.
DF: thanks for the concise explanation, that seems pretty logical.
Giordano: Instead Sanders made himself a magnet for the Obama haters, readers of the Intercept, same bunch of people who said he was "Bush in blackface" and other racial slurs, West who called him a "niggerized president." And those people sucked up so much oxygen that the organizer left simply said "gross" and didn't want to be associated with it. Then Clinton smartly pivoted to hugging Obama (after initially trying to distance herself). When Bernie said in January that Clinton was hugging Obama "to pander to black people" that ruined him with most of that demographic, that which loves the president. When he said "you can be a progressive or you can be a moderate but you can't be both" that purity trolling ruined him with many on the left who rejected that kind of fundamentalism over the years. When his people attacked John Lewis and Dolores Huerta - some even attacked Liz Warren for remaining neutral! - the wheels came totally off the bus. The rest has just been mopping up since then.
DF: I've been a fan of narconews forever, I'm glad you're talking people down from the bubble reality of campaign season
Giordano: Not all of them are glad, but it's a "teaching moment."

For progressive ideas to succeed in the electoral arena in this country, it will be critical in future cycles to avoid the kind of problems that Giordano outlines here. I could rave on about how terrible the elections administration is in the United States, the huge wave of voter suppression on the way due to new "Voter ID" hurdles and the Voting Rights Act Section 4 Supreme Court strikedown in June 2013 which will block countless votes, or the email server scandal could pop up again as Pat Lang suggests, but those are issues for another post. Truly Sanders and his leadership staff have to be held accountable for their own shortcomings in the campaign, and we all have to take the teaching moments as they come. Like millions of Americans I am tired of the bubble reality of election season politics, but we still have a long ways to go, don't we?

Please follow Al on Twitter, the TSU social network and support Narco News as well!

Photo is Creative Commons via Wikimedia.

VIDEO: Vermin Supreme & Jimmy McMillan QA 3-17-2015: 2016 presidential operations?!


Will Vermin and Jimmy attempt to ontologically defeat the corrupt and bloated US political sphere again? High rent and oral hygiene will be back on the agenda in 2016, they hint in a QA.

Vermin Supreme and Jimmy McMillan answer questions after a free screening of "Who is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey" at the Paramount in downtown Boston. Director Steve Onderick answers questions, followed by Vermin and Jimmy over skype.

vermin-film.jpg - here's the trailer: .

The film has been continuously improved since previous versions I've seen, thanks to New Alliance in Cambridge for an all-new sound remastering, it's really got a polished, unusual audio experience.


A nice review from the evening: Who Is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey (2014) | Film Static: Criticism and Essay by Jarrod White

To contact Jimmy McMillan, please email him at

[Yes I helped Steve distribute his film to kickstart supporters]

Original event URL.


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