Fascinating Greek parallel euro payment network nearly activated in crisis, after hacking into EU-controlled systems to clone tax IDs

It can't be emphasized enough that the global debt complex we are all trapped in is reproduced daily by sophisticated (and in many cases quite old & deteriorated) computers. There is no magic man behind the curtain, just a bunch of nasty computer systems whose authority is enforced by central banking authorities like the Troika, IMF, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements and the Federal Reserve System.

This is one of the biggest stories at this level I have seen in ages, perhaps ever. Fascinating story very worth reading: A secret lolcat team in Greece's finance ministry hacked into their own EU-controlled systems and had a parallel financial network ready to go, but it all got wound down. Apparently FM Varoufakis resigned as a result of the plan being halted - and overall it was a pretty cool plan under dire national circumstances of emergency survival vs austerity.

Varoufakis reveals cloak and dagger 'Plan B' for Greece, awaits treason charges - Telegraph;


A secret cell at the Greek finance ministry hacked into the government computers and drew up elaborate plans for a system of parallel payments that could be switched from euros to the drachma at the "flick of a button" .

The revelations have caused a political storm in Greece and confirm just how close the country came to drastic measures before premier Alexis Tsipras gave in to demands from Europe's creditor powers, acknowledging that his own cabinet would not support such a dangerous confrontation.

Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance minister, told a group of investors in London that a five-man team under his control had been working for months on a contingency plan to create euro liquidity if the European Central Bank cut off emergency funding to the Greek financial system, as it in fact did after talks broke down and Syriza called a referendum.

People really need to pay more attention to the crappy computers running the whole financial system, see also very important here: Bank IT, Grexit, and Systemic Risk | naked capitalism - lots of gory details:

On the IT front, the challenge is vastly larger due to the state of financial firm IT systems. We intend to return to this topic, because we see bank IT systems as an unrecognized source of systemic risk. They are required to run to mission critical standards: enormous transaction volumes, extremely high demands for accuracy of end output, high uptimes. Yet the code base is an agglomeration, with many important operations relying in meaningful ways on legacy systems. Thus, as our expert with relevant experience stressed, changes that seem simple are anything but.

VaroufakisStare_0.pngThis is precisely why it is so important to understand these systems and come up with intermediate replacements, as your local version of the ECB is always waiting to make its next move for artificial austerity & assorted lethal games all taking place inside these computers…

More: Reports Of Secret Drachma Plots Leave Tsipras Facing Fresh Crisis | Zero Hedge, Syriza "Rebels" Planned To Ransack Greek Mint, Seize Cash Reserves, Arrest Central Bank Governor | Zero Hedge.

Varoufakis claims had approval to plan parallel banking system | News |

Former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has claimed that he was authorized by Alexis Tsipras last December to look into a parallel payment system that would operate using wiretapped tax registration numbers (AFMs) and could eventually work as a parallel banking system, Kathimerini has learned.

In a teleconference call with members of international hedge funds that was allegedly coordinated by former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont, Varoufakis claimed to have been given the okay by Tsipras last December – a month before general elections that brought SYRIZA to power – to plan a payment system that could operate in euros but which could be changed into drachmas "overnight" if necessary, Kathimerini understands.

Varoufakis worked with a small team to prepare the plan, which would have required a staff of 1,000 to implement but did not get the final go-ahead from Tsipras to proceed, he said.

The call took place on July 16, more than a week after Varoufakis left his post as finance minister.

The plan would involve hijacking the AFMs of taxpayers and corporations by hacking into General Secretariat of Public Revenues website, Varoufakis told his interlocutors.This would allow the creation of a parallel system that could operate if banks were forced to close and which would allow payments to be made between third parties and the state and could eventually lead to the creation of a parallel banking system, he said.

As the general secretariat is a system that is monitored by Greece’s creditors and is therefore difficult to access, Varoufakis said he assigned a childhood friend of his, an information technology expert who became a professor at Columbia University, to hack into the system. A week after Varouakis took over the ministry, he said the friend telephoned him and said he had “control” of the hardware but not the software "which belongs to the troika."


"The prime minister before he became PM, before we won the election in January, had given me the green light to come up with a Plan B. And I assembled a very able team, a small team as it had to be because that had to be kept completely under wraps for obvious reasons. And we had been working since the end of December or beginning of January on creating one.

"What we planned to do was the following. There is the website of the tax office like there is in Britain and everywhere else, where citizens, taxpayers go into the website they use their tax file number and they transfer through web banking monies from the bank account to their tax file number so as to make payments on VAT, income tax and so on and so forth.

“We were planning to create, surreptitiously, reserve accounts attached to every tax file number, without telling anyone, just to have this system in a function under wraps. And, at the touch of a button, to allow us to give PIN numbers to tax file number holders, to taxpayers.

"That would have created a parallel banking system while the banks were shut as a result of the ECBs aggressive action to deny us some breathing space.

"This was very well developed and I think it would have made a very big difference because very soon we could have extended it, using apps on smartphones and it could become a functioning parallel system and of course this would be euro denominated but at the drop of a hat it could be converted to a new drachma.

"But let me tell you - and this is quite a fascinating story - what difficulties I faced. The General Secretary of Public Revenues within my ministry is controlled fully and directly by the troika. It was not under control of my ministry, of me as minister, it was controlled by Brussels.

Ok, so problem number one: The general secretary of information systems on the other hand was controlled by me, as minister. I appointed a good friend of mine, a childhood friend of mine who had become professor of IT at Columbia University in the States and so on. I put him in because I trusted him to develop this……

a week or so after we moved into the ministry, he calls me up and says to me: 'You know what? I control the machines, I control the hardware but I do not control the software. The software belongs to the troika controlled General Secretary of Public Revenues. What do I do?'


"So we decided to hack into my ministry’s own software program in order to be able break it up to just copy just to copy the code of the tax systems website onto a large computer in his office so that he can work out how to design and implement this parallel payment system.

"And we were ready to get the green light from the PM when the banks closed in order to move into the General Secretariat of Public Revenues, which is not controlled by us but is controlled by Brussels, and to plug this laptop in and to energize the system.

Obviously it was a disappointment to many sane people that Syriza seems to have mostly folded to the Troika but perhaps the Secret Team tactic could be used when the next big one hits the fan and an entrapped debtor nation decides to quickly assert technical sovereignty.

But how to pull this again without tipping the hand? And could it be used again by Greece, now that the word is out? What will happen to Varoufakis' rather exposed techie friend, assuming it's accurate? A fascinating and very pertinent story, I can only hope gets dramatized in some fashion.

Get these computers because one way or another, they are definitely gonna getcha, getcha, getcha…

Update: worth pointing out the Federal Reserve drama over banks wanting their electronically created money kicked back from the Fed. Interesting because it unravels a 100-year-old pact between Congress and banks, as well as highlighting the bizarre secretive and lucrative bank membership in Fed regional entities. Great source of electronic "money" to put into the roads, Ace work whoever managed to slide this policy under the nose of the bank lobbyist fleet.

The Hill, 7/25/2015 - Banks revolt over plan to kill $17B Fed payout by Peter Schroeder

Industry lobbyists say they were blindsided by the inclusion of the provision, which would help policymakers cover the bill’s cost by cutting the regular dividend the Federal Reserve pays to its member banks.

One lobbyist went so far as to reread the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 after getting wind of the proposal to determine what was at stake.
“I think it took everyone by surprise,” said Paul Merski with the Independent Community Bankers of America. “There was no study of the issue, no hearings, no consultation with the Federal Reserve itself.”

“It came on very quickly,” said James Ballentine of the American Bankers Association, who said he first caught wind of the idea a little over a week ago. “It’s certainly a scramble.”

In a Congress where lawmakers are always hunting for politically palatable ways to raise revenue or cut costs to cover the expenses of additional legislation, the Fed provision was a novel, and rich, one. The proposal is estimated to raise $17 billion over the next decade, and is by far the richest “pay for” included in the bill.

Lobbyists said they were not aware of any previous time when lawmakers had attached the language to a piece of legislation, which would scrap a perk banks have come to expect for over a century.

When banks join the Federal Reserve system, they are required to buy stock in the central bank equal to 6 percent of their assets. However, that stock does not gain value and cannot be traded or sold, so to entice banks to participate, the Fed pays out a 6 percent dividend payment.

The Senate proposal says it would slash that “overly generous” payout to 1.5 percent for all banks with more than $1 billion in assets. While the summary language outlining the proposal said that change would only impact “large banks,” industry advocates argued that banks most would identify as small community shops could easily have assets in excess of that amount.

Banks are working to mobilize against the provision, even as lawmakers are pushing to pass a highway bill before program funding expires at the end of the month.

Merski said ICBA had launched a “nationwide grassroots effort,” enlisting its numerous member banks and bankers and told them to call Senate offices to oppose the provision.

And Ballentine said his group was engaged in a concerted education effort for members, outlining why the industry believes the policy change would be disruptive and has no place in highway legislation.

Five major industry groups also sent a letter to lawmakers blasting the provision, saying it “undermines a key agreement that has underpinned the United States banking system for 100 years.”

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) opposes the provision, and invited Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen to opine on it when she appeared before his panel earlier this month.

She told lawmakers that if the dividend payment is reduced, some banks may not want to buy into the Fed.

“This is a change that likely would be a significant concern to the many small banks that receive the dividend,” she said.

Donald Kohn, the former vice chair of the Fed, told House lawmakers Wednesday that the proposal would be one directly felt by banks.

“Let’s recognize that by lowering it to, say, 1.5 percent on the proposal, in effect you are placing a tax on banks,” he told the House Financial Services Committee.

A review of previous policy proposals suggests that the idea may have first been thought up by House liberals. The 2014 budget proposal from the Congressional Progressive Caucus put forward the idea to raise revenue, and a CPC aide said he believed it was the first time someone in Congress proposed the idea. But the Senate highway bill apparently marks the first time members have actually placed it in actual legislation.

This all reminds me that the Federal Reserve Bank [Atlanta] branch in Miami would have some fascinating figures benefiting its busy member banks from the 1980s in the Iran Contra cocaine salad days, but that's another story... [Jeb Bush's angle in the Miami Dade Republican Party/Cartel days is treated in this hilarious Daily Beast limited hangout, spurring hope of awesome JebCokeCIA campaign stories (or videos?) yet to come.]

MN Legislature 2015: A bill for lowering fees on bankruptcy debtors in Minnesota: HF 652

Bankruptcy is a process that the modern banking establishment has made a point of hiding in plain sight these days, since it lets regular people cut loose tons of debt that would otherwise make a mess of their life. Unfortunately student loans are not dischargeable this way, because it's better to keep graduates on the hamster wheel and prop up the higher ed debt bubble.

I am cross posting this post w permission from Nathan Hansen - it covers a nasty local fee required to clear more local debts even after a federal bankruptcy has been accepted and put in motion. via Nathan M. Hansen's Blog: Rep. Mary Franson introduces HF 652: A bill that helpsa lot of consumer bankruptcy debtors in Minnesota:

One of the major parts of my law practice is consumer bankruptcy and litigation in bankruptcy court related to consumer bankruptcy. I am a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and have been for several years.

Bankruptcy is a Federal proceeding that a debtor can bring to absolve themselves of their debts. At the end of a bankruptcy proceeding, an honest debtor receives a "discharge" order signed by a United States Bankruptcy Judge. This discharge order absolves a debtor of most debts (there are exceptions to this, but such a discussion is beyond the scope of this post). For example, credit card debts are generally dischargeable in bankruptcy.

I routinely communicate with my fellow members of NACBA in Minnesota. These are excellent attorneys with varying political beliefs as diverse as the general population. For the past few years, a serious issue has been plaguing bankruptcy debtors in Minnesota, our clients. The issue is debtors having to pay exorbitant filing fees to state court administrators to remove state court money judgments entered on debts that were already discharged in bankruptcy. While Minnesota Statute 548.181 Subd. 1 states that this removal of judgments should only cost $5.00 payable to the court administrator, the Minnesota State Court Administrator has taken the position that debtors with "default judgments" against them need to pay the full filing fee for an answer to a lawsuit in addition to the $5.00. In my home County of Ramsey, this extra fee is $327.00, for a total of $332.00 per judgment to be removed. If a debtor had several judgments, they could easily be forced to pay $1,000 to $2,000 or more to remove their judgments for debts that have already been discharged by the bankruptcy court. Regardless of political beliefs, almost anyone can run into financial troubles for any number of reasons.

Representative Mary Franson (R- Alexandria) listened to the concerns of Minnesota NACBA members about this common sense issue affecting all kinds of people in Minnesota. She introduced a bill today,HF 652, to address the bipartisan concerns of NACBA members for their clients. This bill will prohibit Minnesota Court Administration from charging these exorbitant filing fees to debtors for filing their applications for discharge of judgments, and keeps the fee at the $5.00 originally set forth by the Legislature.

My fellow NACBA members are absolutely elated that a bill has been brought to fix this injustice that keeps people from getting their fresh start to which honest debtors are entitled. Bankruptcy is specifically mentioned in the Constitution, so I do mean entitled. On behalf of Minnesota NACBA members who are my friends and colleagues, our sincere thanks to Rep. Franson for taking a leadership role on this issue.

Please contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to co-sponsor and support this very important bill that will have a very positive effect on Minnesotans trying to get back on their feet. If you want to know who represents you in the Minnesota Legislature, here is a link to a tool for finding out from the Minnesota Legislature's website.
If anyone has any questions about this issue, please feel free to e-mail me at

Also disclosure note I did some professional work w Hansen back in the day - nice guy to work with. You can say hi to him at .

Aha: Carbon Market digital currency "Ven" by Hub Culture = evil Illuminati knockoff of Bitcoin, backed with REDD "CO2lonialism of Forests" suddenly now approved!

Lolz just stumbled on this - had to write a quick post with a lurid headline. Ven is like the Sharper Image / corporate greenwashing version of Bitcoins and it's all tied into a big ball of classic shady stuff. There is a really nice blob of greenwashing social constructions underpinning the Ven 'value' here, see if you can spot it:


The value of Ven is determined by the financial markets in a weighted basket of currencies, commodities and carbon futures trading against other major currencies at floating exchange rates. Ven is the first digital currency to float, and the first to include carbon in its pricing, making it the only environmentally linked currency in existence. Since Ven is 100% backed by reserve assets equivalent to the total Ven in circulation, the inclusion of these assets in the reserve basket provide a demand source for carbon, with material benefits to the environment at large. Over 25,000 acres of Amazon rainforest and other environmental investments have been made as a result of Ven.

Currently over 20 million units of Ven have circulated, and it can be used to purchase anything from commoditiesto fashion to cars to a coffee. Watch a Ven video. Read what Forbes, CNN, WSJ, Harvard Business Review, Techcrunch, Fortune and others say about Ven

REDD IS A DONE DEAL: I bumped into the big news, REDD is now a done deal, after wondering if there would be some more weird knockoffs of Bitcoin-like digital currency systems. There are other open source P2P systems like Litecoin which are basically mostly Bitcoin code, with some logical enough replacements. This is a welcome development. Anything with non-commercialized overall code & network structure should probably help us in the long run.

Then there are the the more suspiciously organized schemes -- rather, they are centralized, which undermines the whole point. Ven and Ripple are two of the biggest.

REDD, as you will see below, is literally a Walmart scheme.

The extra juicy bonus level with Ven is its cornerstone rests on the commodification of atmospheric carbon, spun not as a final act of capitalism but one that redeems it.

Even better this is all linked to REDD, "Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation". REDD is one of the nastiest byproducts of the COP climate failsauce agreement negotiating rounds... Oh crap - apparently REDD, or REDD+ has just been approved by "Conference of the Parties" aka COP.

The "Carbon Market" and REDD+ forest commodification schemes are the root of the Ven Tree. [More Ven REDD plumbing below]


Specially designed for the greenwashing junkie in all of us, a new scheme long opposed by the Indigenous to unleash yet another round of deforestation and reproduce extra capitalisms.

Please check out the TONS of material about REDD: REDD - Reaping Profits from Evictions, land grabs Deforestation and Destruction of biodiversity Lots of info here. :[

The Key: "Carbon Trading and Origination- Carbon Planet & REDD -What are REDD Carbon Credits?

REDD stands for 'Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation'. A REDD carbon credit is a carbon market mechanism created to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries.

Official UN-REDD page: UN-REDD Programme -- About REDD+

Moar goodies: Carbon Credits | // Why you should not buy voluntary carbon credits as an investment: A carbon trader explains | // Carbon credits « naked capitalism // McLaren F1 & Jenson Button One Minute, Boiler Room Scams the Next: the Remarkable Double Life of Carbon Neutral Investments, Limited, (CNI) « naked capitalism // Carbonscam firms aggressively knock stuff off of Google: Why is Google Censoring Search Results to Nix Warnings Just Like Ones Issued by a UK Regulator? « naked capitalism // The Lotus Formula 1 Team, Its Embarrassing Partner, Advanced Global Trading of Dubai, and Carbon Neutral Investments « naked capitalism // Newcastle United FC, Bloodhound SSC, Glitz, Glam and Police Raids: a Last Look at the Remarkable Double Life of Carbon Neutral Investments Limited (CNI) « naked capitalism // The UK Insolvency Service’s Oddly-Timed Carbon Scams Press Release Highlights Its Own Slow Response « naked capitalism

Even in recent weeks, more work on carbon credit scams is coming out: Week two of Naked Capitalism's series on Carbon Neutral Investments and other carbon credit scams | Look at all these sketchy British corporate shells trading carbon goodies: List of Clearing Members » Carbon Neutral Investments < Apr 2013 archive page of a website that is now down. Nov 6 2013: Insolvency Service - Press Releases - Carbon credit scams targeted as 19 companies shut down

Nineteen carbon credit companies that ripped off nearly £24m from over 1,500 investors, including a 94-year-old man, have been wound up in the last 15 months by the Insolvency Service, Consumer Minister Jo Swinson announced today.

The companies, including Eco Global Markets Limited ('Eco Global'), which alone took at least £8.5m from over 230 investors – targeted mainly older people and sold them Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERs) – or carbon credits - using high pressure sales techniques. Most of the victims ranged in age between 50 and 85 years.

Eco Global was wound up by the Insolvency Service in July 2013.Two other companies, Anglo-Capital Partners Ltd and Cavendish Jacobs Ltd which between them took over £1.2m, were wound up in October 2013.

Salesmen played on people’s keenness to ‘do their bit’ to save the environment while making an investment at the same time. Investors were promised huge returns by selling these credits to corporate giants such as Marks and Spencer and British Airways. But instead most found there was no market for the relatively small amounts they held as companies that trade CERs only trade in high volumes.

Plus This: Carbon credit trading - Financial Conduct Authority

Find out how carbon credit trading works, why we think you should avoid investing in carbon credits and related markets, and how to protect yourself from what is most likely a scam......

However, many investors have told us they are not able to sell or trade the carbon credits they have bought. None of these investors reported making a profit.

This supports our view that there is not a viable secondary market for ordinary investors to sell or trade carbon credits, despite claims and promises made by many firms, advisers and brokers promoting and selling them as an investment.

More critical info: REDD - carbon trade watch. Academic: Demand for REDD Carbon Credits: A Primer on Buyers, Markets, and Factors Impacting Prices | The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. Wiki: Carbon offset - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Matt Taibbi had this nailed down in 2009: The Great American Bubble Machine | Politics News | Rolling Stone - Goldman Sachs planned to blow up a huge carbon bubble but when cap-and-trade fell apart in the US, so did the plan to make insane money off trades based on derivatives of air quality. Now the plan is coming back fast.



Ecosystem Marketplace - UPDATE: COP Makes It Official<br />Complete REDD Package Adopted [What a sketchy website! Sponsored by Bloomberg, World Bank & USAID ]
UPDATE: 20:33 CET, 19:33 GMT
: Complete REDD package sails through the COP. It's now a done deal. Congratulations to all those who made this possible.

UPDATE: 19:30 CET, 18:30 GMT: The Conference of the Parties (COP) has now officially approved the REDD text that REDD negotiators had signed off on this morning.

22 November 2013 | WARSAW | Seven long years after it was placed on the agenda of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), REDD+ is about to become a functioning, formal mechanism with agreed-on rules for establishing reference levels, recognizing mitigation activities, creating institutions, ensuring safeguards, and – above all – creating performance-based financing mechanisms.

The finance section had been the sticking point all week, with the Coalition of Rainforest Nations, led by Papua New Guinea (PNG), pushing for all finance to be placed under a new REDD+ Committee. That provision was finally removed by the REDD chair yesterday afternoon, and PNG did not object. The final text was released this morning and approved by all REDD negotiators.

Participants highlighted several passages as being significant. For one, the document calls not only for results-based financing, but for financing of all phases of REDD implementation – from readiness and capacity-building, through piloting, and to payments for performance.

The final document also makes results-based finance contingent on safeguards being met, lays out clear rules for transparency, and sets minimum reporting requirements before countries can qualify for results-based finance.

Moving forward, the document calls for further research into non-carbon benefits and requires the incorporation of lessons learned.

Meetings are ongoing, and we will expand our coverage with a complete wrap-up of events here in Warsaw early next week.


Ok that's a pretty big deal. I learned about REDD / REDD+ from COP16 videos mainly shot by my indefatigable colleague FluxRostrum ( ):: SEE COP 16 March for Life & Climate Justice | Mobile Broadcast News. VIDEO COLLECTION HERE: COP16 Coverage MBN/GBC - YouTube.

This video with the dubious Soham Baba about how indigenous people need to be ordered around via a REDD regime: ▶ Soham Baba, Lessons in Manipulating the Indigenous - COP16 - YouTube - great question at the end from Flux to the CHAIRMAN OF WALMART about why all the Indigenous people are opposed to REDD+:

Jane Goodall speaking at REDD+ thing Dec 2010: ▶ Jane Goodall Speaks at the COP 16 - YouTube

Robert Zoellick President of World Bank speaks at COP16 hawking REDD+ ▶ Robert Zoellick President of the World Bank Speaks at COP16 - YouTube

AND: Advancing REDD+: New Pathways and Partnerships


Anyway so naturally the Ven digital currency is a way of taking the value of the 'carbon offsets' and turning them into Bitcoin-like digital exchange tokens. I found this guy because he wrote an article about China and Bitcoin on Why China wants to dominate Bitcoin - Nov. 18, 2013

Main site: Ven - global digital currency by Hub Culture A few other items...

Hub / Store / MaxMiner Digital Asset Miner - 1.25Ghash is not a worthy investment at this time certainly not at 100 watts. developed by Maxeler Technologies and these Hub Culture people.

Hub / Store / Bitcoin Ven Combined Virtual Currency Fund

Hub / Store / Finance and Funds

Hub / Store / Individual Carbon Offset

This carbon offset offer is a one tonne reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (or other greenhouse gases) to compensate for an emission made elsewhere. Use of offsets can help individuals to offset their own emissions, whether for travel, industry or other activities. There are two types of carbon offests, the compliance market and the voluntary market. The compliance market is related to the Kyoto Protocol and includes fixed market purchases related to the Kyoto Protocol. The voluntary market, which is much smaller, allows individuals, companies and governments to purchase carbon offsets to mitigate their own emissions. The price of carbon offsets vary depending on the quality, duration, scale and scope of a particular project.

Hub Culture carbon offset purchases are aggregated by individual purchases to pool resources for offset purchases at a slightly larger scale. Hub Culture offset purchases are linked specifically to REDD forest protection with Wildlife Works and to the Nike Mata no Peito project, which is actively protecting Amazon rain forest through the development of carbon protection purchases to save this important natural resource.

Pricing is on a 'per ton' basis. For guidance on calculating your own offsets, here are some approximate calculations on carbon tonnage to help you decide how much carbon to offset with this great carbon calculator from the Nature Conservancy.


Driving a midsize car 10 miles a day: 2.7 tonnes per year
One long haul flight: 2.2 tonnes per flight
One short haul flight: .4 tonnes per flight
A one bedroom New York City apartment with some efficiency upgrades: 15 tonnes per year
Eating meat as part of your normal diet: 5.8 tonnes per year
Eating meat and also eating organic as part of your normal diet: 4.1 tonnes per year
Eating vegeteraian and organic as part of your normla diet: .6 tonnes per year
Waste production, not recycling or composting very much: 1.2 tonnes per year


Possibly from related people - the link was in there somewhere: Kraken Digital Asset Trading Platform

Hub / Hub Culture News / News

Hub Culture

Hub / Ven - Global Digital Currency / Projects / About Ven / Notes

Hub / Ven - Global Digital Currency / News

Hub / Selected news, from Hub Culture

Hub / Ven - Global Digital Currency / News

28 April, 2011 (Hong Kong) - In a landmark transaction for the Ven economy, Hub Culture and a group of partners have successfully completed the first carbon offset trade to be priced in a virtual currency, Ven.
Article Image

The contract, negotiated by Hub Culture Knowledge Brokerage Services, is for carbon offsets registered on Winrock International’s American Carbon Registry(ACR), which were sold and retired as part of Nike's Mata no Peito initiative.

Mata no Peito is Nike’s long-term commitment to work with local organizations and communities to protect and replant forests throughout Brazil. Through the sale and retirement of carbon offsets to corporations and individuals seeking to reduce their carbon footprints, Nike will generate funds which it will donate as seed investments to innovative Brazil forestry projects.
With this Hub Culture transaction, the London Carbon Market becomes the first partner in the Mata no Peito initiative, seeding the Nike forestry fund and setting the stage for continuing growth in global Ven trading volumes.
“Nike is pleased to work with Hub Culture to list offsets for sale and retirement that will benefit the Mata no Peito initiative” said Hannah Jones, Nike VP, Sustainable Business and Innovation. “The transparent platform and virtual currency make it easy for partners around the world to become involved in protecting forests throughout Brazil.”
The transaction is the first carbon offset deal to use the Ven currency platform and represents a step forward in the evolution of the Ven global currency for international markets.
“ACR is thrilled to be a part of this revolutionary transaction,” stated Mary Grady, American Carbon Registry director of business development. “Hub Culture’s facilitation of the first carbon offset sale in Ven together with the fact that proceeds are being donated by Nike to the Mata no Peito Brazil forest fund demonstrate that ACR is working with the right partners to fulfill our mission of harnessing the power of markets to improve the environment.”
Article Image

Advantages to both parties created by the Ven as the means of exchange for the transaction include greater international pricing stability and an implied carbon offset resulting from the basket of carbon futures, commodities and leading currency components which determine ongoing Ven values. The very use of Ven implies greater demand for future carbon projects, by helping to stimulate demand for carbon futures at large.

“London Carbon Market is proud to donate to the Mata no Peito Brazil forest fund by retiring credits registered by Nike on Winrock’s ACR. As Nike’s first partner in this initiative, we look forward to further involvement with Nike and other partners committed to making sustainable projects a success. Partnering with Hub Culture for the transaction using the Ven currency makes history as the first carbon trade to be priced in the Ven digital currency, a statement of leadership we are proud to be a part of” said Dr. Constantine Pagonis of London Carbon Market.
"This Ven transaction highlights the potential of Ven in the carbon markets, and delivers tangible benefits to Brazil through forest related initiatives. As part of our commitment to the creation of a more efficient economy that better tracks externalities, the Ven has particular advantages for everyone, including an embedded carbon signal and forward price stability. We are delighted to be working as a catalyst to connect the London Carbon Market with Nike and Winrock's groundbreaking work for Brazil." said Stan Stalnaker, Founding Director at Hub Culture.

About Hub Culture

Hub Culture is a global network that operates the digital currency Ven, a network of Pavilions to drive community collaboration, and Knowledge Brokerage, a suite of services building value for the community. Established in 2002, Hub Culture is focused on worth creation and deal generation for over 25,000 global-influencers, and is at the forefront of innovation in work and collaboration.

About the American Carbon Registry

The nonprofit American Carbon Registry (ACR), an enterprise of Winrock International, is a leading carbon offset program recognized for its strong standards for environmental integrity. Founded in 1996 as the GHG Registry by Environmental Resources Trust, ACR has 15 years of experience in the development of rigorous, science-based carbon offset standards and methodologies as well as in carbon offset issuance, serialization and transparent online transaction and retirement reporting. As the first voluntary GHG registry in the world, ACR has set the bar in the global voluntary carbon market for offset quality and operational transparency.

About the London Carbon Market

London Carbon Market (LCM) champions the wisdom of green investment and social responsibility. LCM has at its foundation a board of directors which has over one hundred years of collective city experience in a spectrum of industries ranging from physical commodities trading, financial futures, and foreign exchange to financial investments. Coupled with socially conscientious blue chip partners, LCM is now at the forefront of the carbon market.

Official short links:


Stan Stalnaker, Hub Culture   Tel: +44 7974156 458
Gurps Singh   Tel. +44 7403515315
Mary Grady, American Carbon Registry   Tel: +1 805 884 1961


Also: The proprietors of "EcosystemMarketplace": Search "the Katoomba Group REDD" for only the finest in technocratic Africa-oriented greenwashing ruminations. Welcome to the Katoomba Group::

"The Katoomba Group is an international network of individuals working to promote, and improve capacity related to, markets and payments for ecosystem services (PES). The Group serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategic information about ecosystem service transactions and markets, as well as site for collaboration between practitioners on PES projects and programs."

Katoomba Group: About Us

In 1999, Forest Trends launched the Katoomba Group – an international working group dedicated to advancing markets and payments for ecosystem services – including watershed protection, biodiversity habitat, and carbon sequestration. The Group is comprised of leading experts from forest and energy industries, research institutions, the financial world, environmental NGOs, and communities. It serves as a source of ideas for and strategic information about ecosystem service markets and transactions. The Group has been known for its international convenings, which have provided a forum for exchanging ideas, influencing policy-makers, and catalyzing new initiatives.

It has held 10 major global conferences, published and contributed to a number of publications and supported the development of a range of new PES schemes including the BioCarbon Fund, and the Mexican PES Fund. The Katoomba Group has also advised national policy discussions on financial incentives for conservation in numerous countries including China, Brazil, India, and Colombia. In 2005, The Katoomba Group launched The Ecosystem Marketplace (—the world’s first global market information service for ecosystem services.


Moar: Forest Trends - Publication Details - The REDD Opportunities Scoping Exercise

Anyway that should be a nice research pile to get you going. Bitcoins were of course a prank project of several retired NSA cryptographers known as the "Justice League" as well as VALIS, the orbiting alien intelligence. Later all :)

Federal Homeland Security TSA VIPR Team & #VikingsDrone: Suspicious drone & Feds spotted at Vikings/Packers game

Things are a little strange at the Vikings/Packers Game today. A drone has been photographed hovering around the Metrodome fan plaza on the west side, and a Homeland Security / TSA "VIPR" team has been hanging around as well, indicating the federal government is shifting into "protecting" the major Spectacles at taxpayer expense.

My friend Nathan Hansen noticed the #VikingsDrone and the VIPR team, documenting & posting them on twitter @nathanmhansen. [Note: awhile back I did a 'lil client design work for Hansen.]

//// UPDATE 12:15PM Monday: According to @TCRover, a branch of the Pioneer Press, the drone was NOT operated by the government but rather some production company. The pic they say is from the crew flying it earlier: See . Nonetheless we still need to deal with the impending prospect of government & contractor drones filling our airspace - and indeed this story has prompted others to discuss other sightings near government sites. //// 2:20PM update: It's annoying that they tried to tweet @ me last night but it never turned up in my timeline so I didn't find out until today. I would have much preferred to straighten it out immediately! Also, here's what's going on with drones in Oklahoma... Follow my friend @axxiom for more. ////

PHOTO sources: yfrog Fullsize - // yfrog Fullsize - // yfrog Fullsize - // VIPR Team: yfrog Fullsize -

odjd2ybj.jpeg h41hxevhj.jpeg

You can see the four rotors pretty well on these pics. It is comparable to the sports photography drone linked below as well - I figured it might just be a civilian hobbyist drone or some weird sports media project drone until the VIPR team was found by Hansen.

mkqkob.jpg mubby.jpeg

I am just delighted that the national government had to borrow more money at interest from the Federal Reserve System in order to send out these guys and their fancy flying spy robot to the Vikings/Packers game. We get the twin benefits of national debt slavery AND a surveillance state with nothing useful to do!

Our friends at WTFNews cranked out a quick post on this already: Unidentified Drone Spotted at @Packers-@VikingsFootball @NFL Game » WTF RLY REPORT

Let's Ban This Drone Operation in Minneapolis: Already Minneapolis activist Kurtis Hanna has suggested a petition to get drones banned on the city charter. (come to think of it, wouldn't it be good to get something like the White House petition site for the Mpls Charter Commission?) I will include some info below on this.

The Department of Homeland Security and the National Football League have a burgeoning relationship. Previously when I wrote up a post on the relatively new and totally off-the-radar Homeland Security Investigations division (basically their own militant version of the FBI, intended to reach BATF-level org status) they did a drill black helicopter landing on the Super Bowl field. [yes really - HSI is so new I must have been the first person to satirize its absurdities on the whole interweb!] See April 12 2012: Meet the new Boss in Town: ICE spawns... HSI Homeland Security Investigations, for great justice & cocaine cowboys |

The Super Bowl and World Series are also both declared National Special Security Events, which activates a fat block of overtime for many federal police agencies, much like the Republican & Democratic National Conventions. (However, since rioting at sports events is closer to the booze-soaked Id of the American public than more 'political' street upheavals, it doesn't meet the same heavy hand from federal & local police agencies) NSSEs generally feature Homeland Security, FEMA and the Secret Service operating at a high tempo, another thing that HSI & TSA are getting involved with as a 'filler force' if you will.

For Super Bowl NSSE info see: Super Bowl XLVI, NSSE & Big Sis - YouTube // on Bowl XXXVI // this crazy PDF: // Infowars » Indy Super Bowl: National Security State Protects Sports Fans from Prostitutes // National Special Security Events: 8. NSSE Fill-in Fact Sheet // Article Detail - Domestic Preparedness via // etc

Federal VIPR teams: been popping up in all sorts of places. Here's the Wiki page. Wiki notes GAO attributes their existence to a Reaction to the shady Madrid train bombings. VIPR is trying to get at pro sports & local transportation (the Hiawatha light rail has a station close to where they were photographed) and wherever else they can normalize their presence. In this case the VIPR deployment apparently includes at least a half-dozen uniformed officers and at least one drone.

Additionally there was strange audio interference right before a commercial break in the first half, kind of like the sound a cell phone makes when its microwave signal induces noise in a speaker or electronics. However, I don't think game-day satellite transmissions go straight over-the-air from the Metrodome, as there aren't really satellite dishes around there I've noticed. Thus it seems unlikely to me that the one spotted drone would have glitched the transmission. Perhaps unrelated but also something you don't usually see. I blame Wisconsin FalseFlag types for this noise, whoever that might be :-P


The drone does look similar to the one in this story. New use for drones: Sports photography - CBS News

Oh this is great. Perhaps the best link I've found in this. "PUT [VIPR] TEAMS TO WORK FOR YOU" VIPR teams and pipelines!! A "no cost resources for expanding and enhancing your security". Free oil goon security? Screw that:

May 2012: TSA VIPR Team Spotted at… Detroit Music Festival?? « TSA Out of Our Pants!

CNN Jan 28 2012: TSA rail, subway spot-checks raise privacy issues -

VIDEO Blackburn Questions TSA Officials on VIPR Teams - YouTube

VIDEO TSA VIPR Teams in Greyhound Bus Station Tampa FL 02/16/2010

TSA deploys 'VIPR' teams throughout Tennessee to set up illegal security checkpoints on interstates - NaturalNews with a bunch of other links including: TSA-style full body pat-downs coming to an NFL stadium near you (Sept 2011) etc

6 USC § 1112 - Authorization of Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams | LII / Legal Information Institute. So they are doing this about the Hiawatha light rail officially I would guess. This would also signify that Metro Transit would have some record of the situation if "consult" in Sec.4 has occurred

(a) In general

The Secretary, acting through the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, may develop Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (referred to in this section as “VIPR”) teams to augment the security of any mode of transportation at any location within the United States. In forming a VIPR team, the Secretary—

(1) may use any asset of the Department, including Federal air marshals, surface transportation security inspectors, canine detection teams, and advanced screening technology;

(2) may determine when a VIPR team shall be deployed, as well as the duration of the deployment;

(3) shall, prior to and during the deployment, consult with local security and law enforcement officials in the jurisdiction where the VIPR team is or will be deployed, to develop and agree upon the appropriate operational protocols and provide relevant information about the mission of the VIPR team, as appropriate; and

(4) shall, prior to and during the deployment, consult with all transportation entities directly affected by the deployment of a VIPR team, as appropriate, including railroad carriers, air carriers, airport owners, over-the-road bus operators and terminal owners and operators, motor carriers, public transportation agencies, owners or operators of highways, port operators and facility owners, vessel owners and operators and pipeline operators.

(b) Authorization of appropriations

There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary to carry out this section such sums as necessary for fiscal years 2007 through 2011.

Process for City Charter Amendment for banning these drones: Sent along by Kurt Hanna who thinks that "10,791 valid signatures of Minneapolis residents who are registered voters in order to qualify for the ballot" based on the figure of 215,806 voters voting last time. Citizen petition timeframe link. BUT: How much time do we have to gather these signatures?

Some more info: Via Minneapolis City Charter:

(1) The methods available for amending a home rule city charter are contained in Minnesota Statutes, Section 410.12 et seq., which provides as follows:

(1) 410.12 AMENDMENTS. Subdivision 1. Proposals. The charter commission may propose amendments to such charter and SHALL DO SO upon the petition of voters equal in number to five percent of the total votes cast at the last previous state general election in the city.Proposed charter amendments must be submitted at least 12 weeks before the general election. Only registered voters are eligible to sign the petition. All petitions circulated with respect to a charter amendment shall be uniform in character and shall have attached thereto the text of the proposed amendment in full; except that in the case of a proposed amendment containing more than 1,000 words, a true and correct copy of the same may be filed with the city clerk, and the petition shall then contain a summary of not less than 50 nor more than 300 words setting forth in substance the nature of the proposed amendment. Such summary shall contain a statement of the objects and purposes of the amendment proposed and an outline of any proposed new scheme or frame work of government and shall be sufficient to inform the signers of the petition as to what change in government is sought to be accomplished by the amendment.The summary, together with a copy of the proposed amendment, shall first be submitted to the charter commission for its approval as to form and substance. The commission shall within ten days after such submission to it, return the same to the proposers of the amendment with such modifications in statement as it may deem necessary in order that the summary may fairly comply with the requirements above set forth.

Subd. 2. Petitions. The signatures to such petition need not all be appended to one paper, but to each separate petition there shall be attached an affidavit of the circulator thereof as provided by this section. A petition must contain each petitioner's signature in ink or indelible pencil and must indicate after the signature the place of residence by street and number, or their description sufficient to identify the place. There shall appear on each petition the names and addresses of five electors of the city, and on each paper the names and addresses of the same five electors, who, as a committee of the petitioners, shall be regarded as responsible for the circulation and filing of the petition. [........]

(1) Subd. 3. May be assembled as one petition. All petition papers for a proposed amendment shall be assembled and filed with the charter commission as one instrument. Within ten days after such petition is transmitted to the city council, the city clerk shall determine whether each paper of the petition is properly attested and whether the petition is signed by a sufficient number of voters. The city clerk shall declare any petition paper entirely invalid which is not attested by the circulator thereof as required in this section. Upon completing an examination of the petition, the city clerk shall certify the result of the examination to the council. If the city clerk shall certify that the petition is insufficient the city clerk shall set forth in a certificate the particulars in which it is defective and shall at once notify the committee of the petitioners of the findings. A petition may be amended at any time within ten days after the making of a certificate of insufficiency by the city clerk, by filing a supplementary petition upon additional papers signed and filed as provided in case of an original petition. The city clerk shall within five days after such amendment is filed, make examination of the amended petition, and if the certificate shall show the petition still to be insufficient, the city clerk shall file it in the city clerk's office and notify the committee of the petitioners of the findings and no further action shall be had on such insufficient petition. The finding of the insufficiency of a petition shall not prejudice the filing of a new petition for the same purpose. (Back)

(1) Subd. 4. Election. Amendments shall be submitted to the qualified voters at a general or special election and published as in the case of the original charter. The form of the ballot shall be fixed by the governing body. The statement of the question on the ballot shall be sufficient to identify the amendment clearly and to distinguish the question from every other question on the ballot at the same time. If 51 percent of the votes cast on any amendment are in favor of its adoption, copies of the amendment and certificates shall be filed, as in the case of the original charter and the amendment shall take effect in 30 days from the date of the election or at such other time as is fixed in the amendment.

An amusing side question: is this "magick" security theater? Security Theater of course works most "effectively" at materializing psychological phantoms with an audience at a Spectacle. This is the perhaps the principle Stimulus Effect intended by Homeland Security & its general orientation around 'visuals' which is not that different than Ceremonial Magick, which is [arguably] anything that generates a certain sense-impression in the mind of Observers.


Another old backstory: In 2010 some people noticed they were using government photos of MN National Guard riot control gear from the deployment at the 2008 Republican National Convention under the NSSE system for recruitment propaganda on the Metrodome. RNC '08 Report: Our News: National Guard advert on Metrodome, proposed site of 2012 DNC, depicts soldiers deployed against protesters during 2008 RNC. Your tax dollas at work!

Wins in Minneapolis & Choppy seas indeed: Glowing Monsanto corn, Fukushima quake would make total Cesium northern hemisphere doom

EU bankfail as everyone relishes Spain's 'successful auction' - American bankfail continues as homeless spirals, inflation & money velocity drift

On the MN front, well the Occupy movement in Minneapolis really flushed out a lot of authoritarian over-reactions in the last couple weeks, starting with a haphazard police action slapping a KSTP photographer, arresting a dozen occupiers including an indy videographer (which the tut tutters ignore, etc). A meeting with the mayor and police chief was achieved. Videos & stills from the street incident by various folks including myself and at & quickly circulated as far as Iran's state news service PressTV lol.

A few days later, Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson tried to sneak an unlawful resolution without any public notice, which would have instantiated shutting down many inalienable rights between midnight and 6 AM on Nicollet Mall and Peavey/Greenway/Riverside plazas etc., including my right to collect stories and media as a journalist, a proselytizer's right to preach the Gospel, a protesters right to protest, a homeless person's right to exist, etc., in the name of the hellish blandness demanded by corporate psychopaths who want peace & quiet and these damn kids off their publicly owned lawns. The Council kicked it to committee 9-4 after the mayor lobbied for the corrupt resolution.

For the moment, anyhow, this pushed Johnson from the perceived 'center' to the 'right' of the DFL-dominated city political continuum. With an embarrassing defeat for the mayor, with the high stakes Vikings Stadium deal to rail thru without a vote in Minneapolis on the rocks at the Capitol, and Barb's greasy Peavey Plaza plan whacked in at least one committee, it seems the wheels of shadiness have trouble turning when a little sand gets in the gears. (the next hearing is May 2nd or 3rd, this would be a public hearing for the public safety committee vote, don't have info on hand. see or )

According to one source, Mayor Rybak & Johnson's defeat last Friday was enough to spur one pol to discuss finally taking on the city machine -- the notion is that this new shakeup could finally crack open some political space in Minneapolis for an alternative after years upon years of stasis and acquiescence to top-down control (on behalf of the big banks and police union types in particular).

If nothing else then, it shows that the Founding Feathers insisted upon enough cracks in the machine to get the sand into. They never really could guarantee that the machine would work, but it seems like the saving grace for the last week was basically our dwindling freedom to throw sand in the machine. Good times. Even in Big Stone County people are standing up against massive mining projects.

Kind of a linkdump to throw here. Let's roll...

Keiser Report: Vicious Circle of Bankster Huddles (E277) - RT video 25mins with Matt Taibbi, covers the glorious Warren Buffett's Wells Fargo ownership link re drug money laundering with Wachovia & 22 tons in cocaine at about 20 minutes.

I missed this article rounding out the Bank of America situation: Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail. Taibbi addresses in the RT segment how to deal with breaking down complex financial crimes to a mass audience, and sycophant trends in the journalism industry... tough stuff especially when the blasé corruption of a whole generation creates a nice thick layer of cynicism which has to be pierced and/or eroded before a damn thing changes. My favorite angle is Bank of America manipulating London's LIBOR inter-bank interest rate to alter the $350,000,000,000,000 - yes $350 trillion worth of securities. [Everything is priced linked to LIBOR as a general index] More corruption: Yet Another Obama Big Lie: Mortgage Fraud Investigation Not Even Staffed « naked capitalism

Wanted Pakistani man surfaces in video - Asia - Al Jazeera English. Adnan Rashid another operative out and about to tangle with that Pakistani government the interventionists enjoy ragging on. Oh yeah... Iran war. No time for that, but the whole middle east geopolitical equation with Iran/Syria is like some damn junior-year daydream scenario of mine. It's just weird. (see one of my favorite pieces from the Mac Weekly 2004: Lunch Beyond Good and Evil: Around a Table with Michael Ledeen)

NATO Summit 2012 - Police State Chicago - YouTube - lol get ready, this is Lower Wacker Drive hehe...

dead honeybees in colony collapse studyMonsanto glowing corn; Honey has a sad. Monsanto got control of a bee research place to inject more disinfo in the discourse about that other colossal eco-collapse, I'm sure. Someone told me a good one about the time Monsanto tried to make a new variety of corn and it glowed. It was a huge failure and they went to some lengths to cover it up. I wonder what other freakish creations they've made?

Here is a nice study by two beekeepers and a Harvard man.

Colony Collapse Disorder in bees triggered not just by pesticides, but also by GMO high-fructose corn syrup. NaturalNews can be a bit hippyish but overall its not a bad place to start & they catch decent stories as well as in-depth on the federal food & drug fascist network operations going on at the behest of the Big Ag cartel, the Chicago-based milk price fixing racket etc. "Data from this in situ study provide convincing evidence that exposure to sub-lethal levels of imidacloprid in HFCS causes honey bees to exhibit symptoms consistent to CCD 23 weeks post imidacloprid dosing," wrote the authors. "15 or 16 imidacloprid-treated hives (94%) were dead across four apiaries 23 weeks post imidacloprid dosing."

So the pesticides left over in the corn syrup wastes the bees pretty easily. Makes sense, but it sucks they are feeding bees pesticide-laden corn syrup to make cheap honey eh?

Fukushima kabewm: Massive industrial strength coverup. One good place to start: OpEdNews - Article: Is Fukushima's Doomsday Machine About to Blow? Look up Arnie Gundersen's videos, etc. Where are the EPA readings? Videos of people with 3x hazmat-triggering radiation levels in Los Angeles air filters. Vancouver etc., it's all hot now. Almost as horrible as the disfigured seafood coming out of the Gulf in droves nowadays.

Cancer studies gigafail as medical journals verified as mostly spam-laundering for spoofing FDA processes with new "intellectual property": Also, perhaps a bit dramatic but 88% failure rate is not acceptable, you chumps: Cancer industry total fraud exposed: Nearly all 'scientific' studies fail to be replicated. Roundup: Cell phone radiation and cancer: Just how much more proof do you need?

President of Iceland explains how to tell banks to go screw themselves and win yr country back! Proof positive we can defeat the bankster police state slavery policy through resistance and courage! Iceland's President Explains Why The World Needs To Rethink Its Addiction To Finance - Business Insider. "Recovering faster and more effectively" than any other economy -- by dumping bad debt, not backing up zombie banks! If you read one interview, it should be this one :) He even points out that BankBloat absorbs more useful tech people, IT, engineers etc., and when the banks collapsed, those people got productive jobs in the primary (or "real") economy, which picked up even more.

Funniest damn thing: this video I didn't bother to watch but the idea of ancient nephilim giants coming to eat frozen corpses in FEMA coffins is like some kind of prize achievement in conspiracy thinking. Madame Blavatsky would be proud of the mythological cuisinart going on here, and the tags are great too: FEMA CAMPS - People frozen and eaten? - YouTube. Why not?

ZBV Backscatter van coming to protests and Super Bowls near you: This has been out for a bit but not too high profile. Around the time of big Capitol protests in March 2011 I saw a weird tall van in Madison WI with California plates, parked among the state patrol & ranger types. It was not as wide as this van, but it sat lurking all night with some dude doing stuff, and the engine running... Something like an unmarked mobile command center or etc. Anyway: "ZBV" - Z Backscatter Van - YouTube

Islamic universalism, colonial divide & rule lecture: Hour+ video just posted with Dr Fouzi Slisli Islamic Universalism and Colonial Divide and Rule Policies.

College courses for slum dwellin IT guys: a cynical take but let's see: Top U.S. Colleges to Offer Free Classes Online

Assange, RT and a Hezbollah interview? There's a word for this: trolling. Here come the haters! Attacks on RT and Assange reveal much about the critics - Another review by Kevin Gosztola: About Julian Assange’s New Revolutionary Television Show | The Dissenter

Keep it classy, down with paganism! Rep. Mary Franson infuriated by Earth Day, calls it "Pagan holiday" [UPDATE] - The Blotter

FBI grabs Riseup server: Consequences spill over harming many legit organizations. FBI Seizes a Server Used by CLG's Webhoster in Bomb Threat Investigation | Citizens for Legitimate Government. Notably the FBI doesn't grab Google's servers physically - it's proof that the unbelievably reliable isn't playing the same game as the other guys. Official note: Server Seizure, April 2012 -

Foreclosure mill: Moar fake vice presidents. Economy Watch - Inside the foreclosure factory, they're working overtime

Colombia Secret Service fail: reeks of covert ops. Didn't I post just before this happened that merging Homeland Security and the Secret Service was bad news?! Can this please somehow lead to the end of the war on drugs AND the end of the war on sex workers? CBS: At Least 20 Women Involved In Secret Service Prostitution Scandal - YouTube

Older stuff; TSA VIPR nightmare: The TSA's mission creep is making the US a police state -- Puppet Masters -- // "Dominate. Intimidate. Control." - Reason. (James Bovard is a damn good libertarian writer, details without the usual fluff)

Meet the new DNA? Scientists create DNA alternative | The Raw Story. Well at least we know XNA will be the operating system of our hellish cyborg overlords. See also: [1204.4116] An existing, ecologically-successful genus of collectively intelligent artificial creatures. First line "People sometimes worry about the singularity" lolll...

Drug war aside, Backstrom as Elvis: Dakota County Attorney and dedicated drug-warrior James Backstrom will actually run away rather than answer questions about whether or not cannabis has been used as medicine for centuries. Try it, it's fun! Thus, playing a man felled by Big Pharma like Elvis makes sense. Well hat tip to Backstrom here: Dakota County Attorney By Day, Elvis By Night? « CBS. // The next sham in Minnesota, pretending Schedule I actually means "no medical use" for cannabis: HF2508 Status in House for Legislative Session 87 // A little essay: Let's Be Blunt: It's Time to End the Drug War - Forbes // 1989: Drug-money Launderers Cleaning Up With Cash - Chicago Tribune:

Leigh Ritch, convicted of drug trafficking in 1986, testified at his trial that he regularly moved hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug profits to the Cayman Islands with ease.

Ritch said he stuffed the money into suitcases and took it to the Caymans, where local banks charged a 1 percent fee for ``counting the cash,`` a euphemism for laundering. The banks then shipped the money to the U.S. Federal Reserve system, he said.

As U.S. officials successfully pressured Caribbean nations to curtail such practices, Panama, with a longstanding policy of allowing untaxed, numbered bank accounts and asking few questions, became the banking center of Latin America.

Man, European new world order eugenic bloodline types are the worst! And who worse than those maniacs in the Netherlands!? Queen Beatrix’s Brother-In-Law Calls For Mandatory Birth Control For The “Unfit” - Alex Jones. Classic 1984 clip of Prince Philip talking about humanity in "plague proportions." Damn reptilians! Why can't they just hang out in old castles and dine on human flesh like their forefathers? (yes really)

Propellerheads unite: The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver is now a real thing of sorts (io9)

Rise of the drones: coming for a county cattle rustler near you! The Rise of the Killer Drones: How America Goes to War in Secret | Politics News | Rolling Stone

Romney's Mormon mafia on the rise? Courthouse News Service - Bain Capital management slaves say they were fired because they weren't Mormon. Ugh. Mitt Romney, American Parasite - villagevoice.

The Nation and its OWS VISA offer: Gawd what an eye roller. Don't these people understand VISA and compound interest are right at the core of the problem!? Lol at Adbusters. The Pitch: Move Your Money Relay | The Nation...

Show your support today for OWS's Move Your Money Relay by applying for The Nation Magazine Platinum Visa® Rewards Card from UMB Bank of Kansas City.

UMB is a small, regional bank recommended by the Move Your Money project, a project we support. When you apply for and use the Nation Magazine Platinum Visa® Rewards Card, the bank will donate $50 and a percentage of all your future purchases on the card to The Nation! .... The more of us who participate, the bigger the impact. Show your support today for Occupy Wall Street and The Nation magazine and Move Your Money!

This is worth its own post but.... yeah. Wow. Re: Battle for the Soul of Occupy | Adbusters.

More econ items: Chris Martenson: "The Trouble With Money" | ZeroHedge // Forget '5 Minutes To Midnight', We Are 'An Inch From War' | ZeroHedge // Guest Post: Floating Exchange Rates - Unworkable And Dishonest | ZeroHedge // The Risk Of 'Hot' Inflation | ZeroHedge


Europe Drops Dismally Amid Deja Vu | ZeroHedge // Guest Post: Wages And Consumption Are Both In Long-Term Downtrends | ZeroHedge // Is The Real Indicator Of The Global Economy In Africa? | ZeroHedge // The Check Is In The Mail And Other Lies | ZeroHedge

Cool fallback plan bro: Guest Post: How States Can Protect Themselves From Financial Collapse | ZeroHedge: "States with heavy resources will be in a perfect position to decouple from the failing establishment and build their own systems (which is probably a main motivation behind Obama’s latest “National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order…). Step 5: Adopt Alternative Currencies... Provide for yourself and others what the mainstream system will not, and eventually, they will either have to conform to your logic, because it works, or, they will have to try and stop you with violence and expose their inherent tyranny, building greater resistance. In either case, you win." etc. neat!

Montana GOP gets the Iran Contra Psyop Treatment!: Bob Janjuah Dismisses Central Bank Independence Amid Monetary Anarchy // Guest Post: Fake Conservatives As Dangerous To Freedom As Obama | ZeroHedge -- an exciting account of shady lunatic operative Neil Livingstone and his Psyops guru buddy Paul Vallely electioneering around; Vallely's a co-writer of the infamous Michael Aquino tract "From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory".

Vallely has been posing locally and nationally as a Liberty Movement proponent with his organization “Stand Up America”, just as Livingstone and Zinke have been posing as Constitutional freedom loving traditional conservatives. Anyone who has studied the Cointelpro operations of the 1960’s and 1970’s would probably see a familiar pattern in all of this, but many Montanans I fear may not be quite so aware.

So Montana is in a pretty hard core situation with a ring of Ollie North types cutting a major move. Where else can we spot the template?

The Mother Of All Infographics: Visualizing America's Derivatives Universe | ZeroHedge // Fasten Your Seatbelts: High Frequency Trading Is Coming To The Treasury Market | ZeroHedge // Gravitation Returns As Apple Falls, Drags Everything With It | ZeroHedge // Italy Jumps On Nationalization Bandwagon: Tax Police "Seizes" 20% Of Second Largest Domestic Insurer | ZeroHedge // Viva Central Planning | ZeroHedge // electricity is deteriorating but it's worse for brokerages than anyone else?! All that wasted electricity - not to mention the talent as Iceland's five-term president described above. Yet Another Exponential Chart... And A Different Spin On "Keynesianism" | ZeroHedge. woww...

A little more grab bag action: Prison » Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics’ Homes - a good example of PrisonPlanet going slightly off kilter with their headline -- the decidedly reactionary writer Steve Swick says "let's let their houses burn" which is a really off-putting kind of statement, but it's not the same as 'burning down'. Let's lock PrisonPlanet's Watson and Zwick in a room for a while...

Bill Gates comic book: this guy... wow man, the Gates Foundation and the whole bit. Arggg.. This site is a little odd but they are having some fun with a new approach: The Daily Bell - Is the Vaccine Industry Beginning to Fail?

HOMELESS VETERANS: I just heard more info on this - BIG pdf report on CHALENG, a homeless coordination services project. More info: Project CHALENG - Homeless Veterans // . United States Interagency Council on Homelessness | People's Advocacy Council // Opening Doors Across America | Take Action | United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH). For every fraudulently conveyed mortgage and robosigned fake document, every eviction and foreclosure you get more homeless and an empty house (and a further depressed housing market).

THis is nuts: F-35 fighter jet's escalating costs are on Washington's radar -

Looks cool - notes in MN: Global Robotics Innovation Park // Wedge Co-op warehouse employees unionize //

Homeland security story propagates: interestingly, a lot of people across the political spectrum picked up the post about Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and their monstrous trucks. » Homeland Security Unveils Monstrous SWAT Trucks Alex Jones // • SPECIAL RESPONSE TEAM RIDES..... // | // // Resistor in the Rockies: Meet the new Boss in Town: ICE spawns - HSI Homeland Security Investigations // Special Response Team: Coming To A Neighborhood Near you, by Homeland Security | Decrypted Matrix // seeing is believing ....sit down - Back Country Rebels - Forums // Keep and Bear Arms - Gun Owners Home Page - 2nd Amendment Supporters // The republican Mother: This is how the government preps, you amateurs! etc. People seem instantly infuriated by the sight of those damn trucks!

Anyway that is it for now. Hope you enjoy zee ol linkdump!

The Great Default & End of July; Minneapolis' alien energy vortex; Welcome MadMax; AAA Rating Goodbye; Nelson Mandela=Knights of Malta! Hayden Demands Digital Blackwater

Looks like they just announced some kind of debt deal, staving off total collapse for a month or 2. Next up.....

In July you’ll be launching another three-day Pleiadian event in Minneapolis. How many have you done so far?

Christine Day, Pleiadian Ambassador!: We’ve done three in the United States and this will be our fourth one in the last 12 months. We are building one in September in Brazil and one in Germany in September 2012. The Pleiadians told me I had to move here five years ago, and they wanted this to be where the energy anchored. They said that Minneapolis/St. Paul is one of the vortex energies within America and the most important one to really assist us in these changes. The Pleiadian Ambassador: An interview with Christine Day

*FULL FEATURE* Next on the Pleiadians-Minneapolis Alien Exopolitics!

~~~~This is a decent but unwieldy LinkDump post w. too many links for everyone - On our next post, the idea of alien spirits in Minneapolis is too entertaining!... things are happening fast! There's too much energy! Before the Great Default, we could partake in such matters...

...I like how this video combines subliminal advertising and HAARP, two of the minor issues we had before the Great Default :) [see also the 1hr documentary Psywar]

Evidently the US economy is finally going off the cliff next week. Here is the deets about how the US Treasury market is supposed to technically function in the national credit emergency scenario: Complete Summary Of The Fed's Meeting With Primary Dealers By Way Of A Primary Dealer | ZeroHedge:

Once again, straight out of Morgan Stanley's rate deks (or what's left of it after the whole TIPS implosion).

Treasury officials held a 12 pm meeting today with all 20 primary dealers to discuss market developments and financing options. They did not want to discuss specific contingencies related to the debt ceiling but did want to outline a course of action aimed at preserving access to the markets.

First, Monday’s bill auction will be held as scheduled. Second, if there is a debt ceiling hike enacted before Wednesday’s 9am refunding announcement, the announcement, WI trading, and auctions will proceed as usual.

However, if there is no debt ceiling extension, three possible options were discussed:

1) Delay the August refunding and issue a short-dated cash management bill as a substitute. The bill could be rolled, as needed. The coupon auctions would be rescheduled when the debt ceiling was hiked.

2) Hold auctions as scheduled but at much smaller sizes using up only the available borrowing authority created by the maturing issues. There are $24 bil of securities maturing on the 15th. Dealers were concerned that you would have illiquid issues and playing catch up once the debt ceiling was raised, which would cause bigger problems.

3) Announce a conditional refunding with WI trading. The auctions would occur as soon as the debt ceiling was hiked. Dealers argued that this was not a viable option either because markets would be unable to price the securities given the timing uncertainty.

Also, one dealer suggested auctioning a full size 10-year security, delaying the 3-year until the end of the month and blending in the 30-year to subsequent cycles

Treasury indicated that dealers need to be prepared for the possibility that auctions (even coupon auctions) will be announced, auctioned and settled on the same day (although Treasury agreed that a 24 to 48 hour period of WI trading would be preferable).

There was significant amount of discussion surrounding money markets conditions (particularly, CP) but policymakers did not provide any hints regarding if and how they might respond.

Dealers suggested that the Treasury might be able to repo their MBS portfolio to raise cash. However, Treasury officials did not offer any comment on this possibility.

We had a good time now didn't we? Mad Max postapocalypse here we come... But first a ton o linx.... I hope future generations will still be able to listen to Rage Against the Machine....

But a bit more seriously -- ie Obama's Final Loophole: The "Catastrophic Emergency" Clause? -- as Kevin at Cryptogon suspected, the arcane secret regulations probably have enough emergency authority to force the issuance of debt for previously mandated spending.

Alternet uses a Minneapolis-centered story reminiscent of mythic colonial madness as a hook to discuss the great global freakout: $230,000 For a Guard Dog: Why the Wealthy Are Afraid Of Violence From Below...

Wisconsin cutting off voting rights immediately: Video reveals bank ‘activity’ a requirement for Wisconsin voter ID. Out of control.

Videos: Eddie Griffin vs Programming, Television, "Obama... puppet on a string... United Empire of Earth..." - respectable set :) Eddie Griffin goes OFF: “Obama is just a puppet” / “Afghanistan is about Opium” (Explicit Language) : Deadline Live With Jack Blood

‪"PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" - Official Trailer‬‏ - subliminal advertising movie. Programming the Nation opens August 19th.

Hipsterlols: A Twee Grows In Brooklyn | The New York Observer. Just great.

Hackerlols: Things are getting hot out there between the government and assorted activists. A recent wave of arrests of people who the government alleges are basically tiny fish (at best) has prompted FBI tracking software on the arrestee's computers for bail release - as posted at CERT chief folds: US-CERT Director Leaves Abruptly.

Confusion with cyberwars and congress - GAO wow. The normative internet crackdown plan response moves forward... EFF Action on insane data retention bill HR1981 which will cancel casual quasi-anonymous dimensions of the Internet -- not to mention cause the retained data to inevitably get stolen so douchebags can expl0it all yr net data. These maniacal Orwellians actually called it "Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act". Srsly shameless 1984pr0n here.

The Federated Bureau of Antisec meets ManTech: Naturally the firm entrusted with FBI cybersecurity got pretty much entirely 0wned more or less. Undeterred By Arrests, Anonymous Spills Data From FBI Contractor ManTech. ManTech is involved with a lot of stuff domestically and internationally, including in particular the biometrics and NATO Madness industries. Also: AntiSec: 77 law enforcement websites hit in mass attack. Here's the notice.

The lovable Michael Hayden demands a Digital Blackwater (to shoot these goddamn skript kiddies in the middle of the night, presumably).

PayPal stock took a tank lol all week upon an organized push for withdrawals as a response to PayPal DDOS-instantiated FBI raids. If nothing else we could hope for an era of relatively spontaneous political/economic gestures within the legal framework at vast scales. It's spurred people to finally start turning to PayPal's many workable competitors.

Lol a fine moment with Nigel & Anonymous & some restaurant listings: Twitter conversation with Anon2T // more freaky security madness: Mantech - Echelon 2 // C5i - Echelon 2 // Endgame Systems Peddling zerodays from 'community' to the Man: Cyber Weapons: The New Arms Race - BusinessWeek // What Will We Watch As Drones Evolve? //

The JSTOR crackdown: Aaron Schwartz taken down in another gesture obviously designed as a federal PSYOP trying to 'shock and awe' people who use the "Copy" command in their Operating Systems. RT covers it as US mediaCorps obviously can't: Aaron Swartz Arrested: The Open Access Debate‬‏ - YouTube

Police State developments: The debt ceiling political disaster reinforces the ability of the establishment to roll through horrible bipartisan proposals like extending FBI Director Muller's reign of insanity: FBI Director’s Term Extension Ensures Neo-COINTELPRO Operations Will Prevail | The Dissenter // A lingering question for the FBI’s director //Jailhouse informant bill a test for Jerry Brown. Good compilation of police state videos. // An Israeli snatch squad grabs kids. // Kid dies without medical treatment. State of Florida, Eric Perez’s Life Isn’t Even Worth $5,000. No nurses in jail??? // Fingerprint analysis tech aims to revolutionize drug testing | The Raw Story // Martial Law in North America Represents The Total Destruction of Freedom. yah!

Por Miedo! Immigrant police state film Two Americans. Shocking trailer here.

Rainbow Nation: Rainbow Family cleaning up WA gathering site... Here's a great story from Flux about taking out the trash at the Rainbow Gathering: Debunking the Anarchy Trashman Theory | Fluxview, USA. Rainbow Gathering 2011 ~ low impact doobie step. There will be a new video site soon, stand by...

NarcoFail: Narco News: US Officials Say They Won't Give a Reason for Blocking Mexican Human Rights Defender's Flight.

Wobblygawkin: Does Starbucks Need a Union? // Starbucks Union | IWW Starbucks Workers Union. It all starts with solidarity!


Techbits: This kind of model can work for a lot of things! Open Source Programmer's Text Editor using Canvas and WebGL by Robey Holderith — Kickstarter // Mozilla Is Making an Android-Based Mobile OS // Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 Hints for New Users // On GIFs | Twin Cities Daily Planet // Ethical fails of techworld and treating people like ##s: A Billion Dollars Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? Basic Human Decency.

Seattle on edge? From Santa Cruz to Seattle | Anarchist news dot org

PharmaFaiL: Keiser Report 167: Mass Psychosis. We need more Wilhelm Reich: Wilhelm Reich: Beyond the Mad Scientist Paradigm. Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense. Study: Marijuana compound helps mitigate cocaine addiction in mice // ADHD—Labeling normal kids "mentally ill" -

Mpls: Minnesota state Sen. Berglin retires after 39 years - Expect special elections around these parts, Rep. Hayden is going for it. Berglin really was a health care genius, you are just not going to find policymakers like her around any more. // Chickens on the move in Minneapolis | Twin Cities Daily Planet //

Remembering Mike Connell: The Connell plane crash was sketchy & reminiscent of Wellstone. As I have followed the election irregularity stories back in the day.... Anyway Bob Fitrakis who wrote a lot of the original stuff about Ohio, has come back with more info showing precisely the network topology that made Connell's firm SmartTech the Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) for spoofing the election by adding electronic votes trivially.

Fitrakis: Connell created a front company, GovTech, that sold itself as non-partisan when he had been working for years for his company New Media as one of the most partisan IT operatives in the U.S. GovTech managed to become the first private company to put its servers behind the firewalls of the U.S. Congress, when Congressman Bob Ney awarded them a contract to provide servers and internet service for the House Ways and Means, Intelligence, Judicial and Administrative Committees. This should have never happened. No partisan operative should be privy as an internet service provider to the emails of Congressional members. Connell was the man who kept IT secrets for Karl Rove...

Basically they probably hired mercenaries to down Connell's plane after he was going to spill the beans. I'd forgotten Michael Mukasey was AG at the time, as he declined to provide Connell with personal security in light of the death threats.

Related: // BRAD BLOG : Mike Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options // Legal Schnauzer: A "Deep Throat" Emerges in the Mike Connell Plane Crash // The BRAD BLOG : Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney // CBS News: Michael Connell was told NOT TO FLY and that his plane may be SABOTAGED ! // It's a little sketchy I can't find the pseudonymous 'mark felt' memo anywhere now.

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 3.43.49 AM.png

Well this picture from this video about Christopher Story changed my mind about some things :P

Remembering Christopher Story: The imminent Illuminati-triggered economic collapse (or whatevs villain floats yr boat) makes more sense thanks to one great gruff obscure British financial journalist Christopher Story. A man of the Oxford-Eton upbringing, an ambitious publisher of the alternative "Communism is still plotting its Masonic/Illuminati takeover" narrative, he was truly a role model for us all. The decline of the European Union's stability and the further toppling of the United States, both under the pressure of the global criminal bankers, shows the perhaps dramatic old fellow was rather right all along. (His mega-conspiracy tome "New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism / Dark Actors Playing Games / The Global Fantasies of the Geomasonic Illuminati" is available now on PDF, and not for beginners :)

The Knights of Malta are getting new notice these days – this year-old video showed some aspects of Story's weird research. One last point: Story said that a nuclear false flag attack at 2008 RNC was in the works according to Vreeland. "Vreeland advised a US party on 21st October 2004 that he had information to the effect that the TWIN cities of Minneapolis-St Paul had been targeted for a devastating attack. " This whole thing wigged me out at the time a bit — fortunately nothing came of it!

Good visuals: Gorillaz - Empire Ants ft. Little Dragon visuals on Vimeo

EconFail Parallel world news: So far Tarpley is making sense here on the EconFail... I don't buy what him (and other assorted LaRouchies) peddle out of hand, but at least they have a kind of quasi-FDR frame of reference economically. Props to Tarpley for having the Whiskey Rebellion conspiracy explanation ready to roll - Swiss Bankers!

A week ago: Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Sea of Red in Asia, China Down Nearly 3 Percent; New Record High for Gold; "Super Committee" is Super Idiocy

Ala. county readies for possible record bankruptcy <-- how many municipalities rely upon "AAA" Treasury bills as collateral? Git ready...

Help-Wanted Ads Exclude the Long-Term Jobless <- must be currently employed (the new Non-Irish)

Retirementfail: From the Inside Out: The Plan to Kill the Armed Forces' Retirement System

Why Some People Are Just Fine with the Collapse of the Debt Ceiling Negotiations // but to be fair, only in America will you get labeled an extremist for demanding to balance the budget: Who Are The Extremists? | ZeroHedge.

Agriculture conspiracy of the summer: I tried finding if this was still cooking, but it appears to only be a set of stories posted like a month ago? There is a lot of ag land purchase going on as hedgefundy types start to flee the cities. Is Soros is Buying Flooded Missouri River Farm? George Soros buying up flooded farm land « BUNKERVILLE. George Soros buying up flooded farmland! « Follow The Money // Broadly: “Land Grabs” in Agriculture: Fairer Deals Needed to Ensure Opportunity for Locals

GMO wins: Hungary has rebuffed GMOs and maybe Africa will be saved too. Prominent agriculture figure says GMOs do not belong in Africa, organic biodiversity is the way.

"Eighty percent of Africa's small-scale farmers depend on seed saving, so patented crops present a threat to their food security and way of life," said Maina. "We have clearly seen how farmers who grow a diversity of crops using organic farming techniques become much more food secure than on conventional or GM varieties, where expensive seeds and chemicals must be purchased each season."

A few more lols: Much like CrimeThinc (is) for Beginners we all had a lol with The Coming Insurrection‬‏ (video snip :)


BachmannLols: Michele Bachmann is pulling out all the stops to coverup the gay therapy clinic Bachmann & Associates including bullying the media by carrying out access blackout threats. And the rest of the media doesn't really call her on it -- part of the toxic power grid of the news industry. Bachmann Campaign Takes Retribution Against Local Iowa Station That Asked About Ex-Gay Clinics | ThinkProgress // Michele Bachmann's $4,700 Hair and Makeup Bill | Mother Jones // NOT FUNNY: The Teen Suicide Epidemic in Michele Bachmann's District.

More Econdetails: As CBO Scores Boehner's (Laughable) Deficit Cut Plan, Jay Carney Admits Obama Still Does Not Have An Actual Plan | ZeroHedge. A thoughtful bit: Wright: Coming to grips with the national debt // Political Fail Blog: The Pentagon Rules America: Militarism and the Crisis of the Civilian Economy // Guest Post: Complexity And Collapse | ZeroHedge

NorwaySads: The Norway attacks are “from the same Gladio-type stable” – former European MP // The Missing Lesson From Norway: Never Trust a Man in Uniform by William Norman Grigg

More geopolitik news: Brushfire with Julia & more Boiling Frogs notes: The Gulen US Charter Schools & CIA Ops. The new Controlled Left & CIA-friendly domestic Islamic front ops - Gulen's network is totally CIA-friendly. // Excavator: The Scapegoat in American Culture: From Lee Harvey Oswald To Osama bin Laden

Blame mom for impassible lethal roads: Transportation For America » Raquel Nelson sentenced; no jail time, new trial possible

Israel rebellion: Ah here's the first link to claim it's a synthetic Color Revolution BARRY CHAMISH - NEW ISRAEL FUND COLOR REVOLUTION (1/7). Palestinian advocates less than thrilled about liberal Zionist appropriation, but are the underpinnings of colonialism finally cracking apart anyways? Why not? Get ready for a similar thang, Sept 17th, #OCCUPYWALLSTREET | Adbusters

ObamaTweetNoisefail: Social media fail: @BarackObama loses 36,000-plus Twitter followers in barrage | The Raw Story

Why not? Is America Caught In The Closed Mind Trap? ICH

Yah You Betcha: With political and business leaders like these, who needs enemies? | Commentary | Minnesota Public Radio News

... All right /// on to the Pleiadian energy vortex!

Feds take down Liberty Dollar with Extreme Prejudice


[photo source] Mother Jones reports von NotHaus has founded the Free Marijuana Church of Honolulu – eat that, coppers! Full trial Blog @ LibertyDollarTrial. Ron Paul Coin Minter, Pot Priest, Faces 15 Years in Prison | Mother Jones

ron-paul-dollar_web.jpgA few crib notes on the late great Liberty Dollar, which worked like a barter currency that was backed by precious metals. Until, like so many other interesting things, it was ruthlessly crushed by crazed government lawyers working directly for the interests of our beloved banking industry.

In 2006-7 the pwns of the central bankerz decided to kill off this kewl scheme lest it reveal their perfidious plan to destroy the US Dollar! Now we are *safe*, safe I tells ya!

Bernard von NotHaus taken down for circulating gold coins and warehouse certificates - and what else, of course he has an epic beard and the metals warehouse was in Coeur d'Alene Idaho, the last place that will be conquered by the New World Order no doubt!

It wasn't the strange charge of quasi-counterfeiting (as if people would mistake these for totally "real" Federal Reserve Notez) - but rather the angry US Attorney who denounced these charlatans and subversives as "non-violent" "domestic terrorists". This insanity seems to have no end.

Via Cryptogon: Attempts to Replace Confetti Currency Federal Reserve Notes with Precious Metals Are, ‘A Unique Form of Domestic Terrorism’

Campaign For Liberty — Ron Paul's Statement on The Free Competition in Currency Act

Liberty to Mint Your Own Coins? These Guys Did Not Read the Constitution | Wall St. Cheat Sheet

A ‘Unique’ Form of ‘Terrorism’ - March 20, 2011 - The New York Sun

The United States code imposes a fine or imprisonment for anyone who, “except as authorized by law, makes or utters or passes, or attempts to utter or pass, any coins of gold or silver or other metal, or alloys of metals, intended for use as current money, whether in the resemblance of coins of the United States or of foreign countries, or of original design . . .” The Justice Department, in a press release about the verdict, asserts that von NotHaus was placing just such coins into circulation with the purpose of mixing them “into the current money of the United States.”

Photo - Denny Simmons - Courier & Press:

Using Gold As Money Is Terrorism: U.S. Attorney Tompkins

Instead, she was talking about the fact that if the Norfed dollar were permitted by law to be used as a parallel currency in competition with the U.S. dollar, the marketplace would soon reduce the paper dollar to its true value: zero. That's why she views Norfed as counterfeiting and Von Nothaus as a terrorist. In her view, the Norfed dollar wouldn't undermine the U.S. dollar by diluting it. Rather, it would undermine the U.S. dollar by demonstrating in free market competition that the official U.S. dollar's true value is worthlessness, and she considers that possibility to be anti-American and those who support it to be terrorists.

Local Liberty Dollar 'architect' Bernard von NotHaus convicted » Evansville Courier & Press // Liberty Dollar creator guilty | The Asheville Citizen-Times |

Asheville man charged in alleged Liberty Dollar fraud scheme | The Asheville Citizen-Times |

Backstory: Federal trial opens for Liberty Dollar founder

Liberty Dollar Reportedly Raided by FBI - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Your Liberty Dollar Raid Update - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

The affidavit concludes that because the Liberty Dollar operation uses Federal Reserve Notes to conduct its business, it is fraudulent. "This reliance upon FRN's by a group opposed to FRN's demonstrates that the American Liberty Dollar Monetary system is simply a drain on the United State Government's monetary system for financial profit via fraudulent means," the feds claim. The document further claims there is probable cause that violations of federal law took place as a result of these activities.

Where's the fraud?? Liberty Dollar Founder Reportedly Found Guilty - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Liberty Jailed // The Jawa Report: Liberty Dollar Dies

Earlier: Federal trial opens for Liberty Dollar founder

Sadly for the bankers' baying bloodhounds, various states like Utah are taking up similar approaches to backing emergency or alternative currencies in gold or silver. Also this means any kind of labor-exchanging "time points" systems are now apparently domestic terrorism, in the bizarrely defined alternate universe of these people.

Good luck sorting it all out, sports! QE3 will rupture the value of the entirely "real" green paper thingies in yr pocketz around June btw.

Anonymous Bank of America docs show Insurance Cutouts destroying info, fraud double-bank shot; Operation Empire State, lolz for all

The Chain of Crime Starts Here: #BlackMonday Ex-Bank of America Employee Can Prove Mortgage Fraud Part 1

With the tragic situation in Japan - and the lawless situation ruling the day in Wisconsin - the news about more exposure of Bank of America systems of fraud comes mostly under the radar, but it's getting out there. with the stamp of the Anonymous crew has spurred interest including an inquiry from the government investigators who have failed to jail any bankers so far.

At this point, why call it hacking? Is there "hacker" in the BoA stuff so far? Are journalists actually hackers in the realm of social engineering? Is there a difference between the Beltway establishment's coverup-oriented view of reality -- and a stance of "refusing to hack away against the bullshit of the system"?

As the insidious totalizing power of Lawyer Bullshit and its financial bridge counterpart, Insurance-Related Securitization of All Reality & Judicially Protected Fraudlayering, have spread more and more towards a complete takeover of all society, the truth about this network of criminals and flacks has become more and more suppressed.

With prima facie cases of fraud, no one goes to jail. It's all one big transaction -- the legal system is far too corrupted to effectively prosecute virtually any actual criminal acts. Insurance treadmills of money define the pathway of the entire process.

The insurance entities profiting from the documented foreclosure fraud brought forth by the BoA whistleblower are helped in the judicial realm by the Rules of Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure -- yet another part of their 100% arbitrary gibberish, judicial-branch derived, non-legislatively-based schemes.

How many more abused like the Anonymous BoA whistleblower, demonized by the Bank operatives? Who are the hatchetmen and legal triggermen for these neutralization operations?

This person ain't going to take no more bullshit. Interesting point here, a couple different ways to interpret: "I know you don’t put your personal name on your statements because you fear the legal action that will be taken against you. You do not want to be made the scapegoat for your own actions."

This is (I think) a good example of the Prudent Man Rule -- essentially the same trap as pyramid schemes and other low-level fraud participants and pawns. you crossed the line, so you're already neutralized, ready to be hung out.

#BlackMonday Open Letter To All from Ex-BofA Employee:

What Bank of America seems not to understand as they continue to underestimate me is that I’ve already read their plan of action against me. Anonymous leaked it for the world to see months ago. While “Anonymous” BofA executives huddle together and cower behind their corporate logo, hoping their corporate name can withstand a greater shitstorm than mine, we’ve both been reading the exact same battle plan. Don’t be fooled by press releases. The HB Gary plan cost a lot of the money from their piggy bank, and they’re not ones to let their own money go to waste.

To those at BofA that are plotting against me:

I’m not afraid of you. I’m not some distant, unapproachable eccentric like Julian Assange. Sensationalize all you want, but your employees all know me, and they’re slowly starting to figure out why it is you did what you did to me. I live in your backyard. Drag my name through the mud all you want. I can take it. I’ve got more friends in more high places than you think. While the media races to be the first to report any story they can about me to make their money, I’m neither making nor losing money on this. You took my statement of “I’ve got nothing to lose” as meaning I’m desperate and lonely. Get the facts straight. I’ve got a large family that’s been supporting me this entire time. I’ve got friends in places you can’t even imagine. My community knows me, and the bonds I’ve formed are backed by love, not money. When will you ever learn? I know you don’t put your personal name on your statements because you fear the legal action that will be taken against you. You do not want to be made the scapegoat for your own actions.

To my fellow Americans, struggling to hold on to your house or car:

Hang in there. Help is coming. While you may not yet fully understand the full impact of the lesson I have been and will continue teaching, you will benefit from it soon enough. Throughout all of the misquoted garbage I’ve read and seen thus far, the people the message was meant for are starting to get it:

Make no mistake. It was not just some overnight and irrational decision I made to create this blog and begin talking. I don’t put anything in writing for you that I’m not willing to back up and prove. I’m not in jail because I followed the rules as I will continue to do.

Ignore the hype. Disregard the sensationalism. Learn the facts. They’re easy to see for those willing to look.

Coverage on the subject:

Bank of America Document Leaks Allege Forced-Place Insurance Scams - DailyFinance

“Anonymous” Whistleblower Charges BofA With Large Scale Force Placed Insurance Scheme With Cooperation of Servicers « naked capitalism

#Anonymous Bank Of America #BlackMonday On RT

#Anonymous Bank Of America #BlackMonday Epic Intro

#Anonymous Bank Of America #BlackMonday On MSNBC

Bubbling up - Latest Mortgage Scandal: Force-Placed Insurance | The Big Picture

When a homeowner fails to keep up their insurance premiums on a mortgaged residence, their loan servicer has the option/obligation to step in to buy a comparable insurance policy on the loan holder’s behalf, to ensure the mortgaged property remains fully insured….

Consider one case found by [American Banker's Jeff] Horwitz. A homeowner’s $4,000 insurance policy, was paid by the loan servicer, Everbank via escrow. But Everbank purposely let that insurance policy lapse, and then replaced it with a different policy – one that cost more than $33,000. To add insult to injury, the insurer, a subsidiary of Assurant, paid Everbank a $7,100 kickback for giving it such a lucrative policy — and, writes Horwitz, “left the door open to further compensation” down the road.

That $33,000 policy — including the $7,100 kickback – is an enormous amount of money for any loan servicer to make on a single property. The average loan servicer makes just $51 per loan per year.

Here’s where things get interesting: That $33,000 insurance premium is ultimately paid by the investors who bought the loan.

Also recommended: YouTube - The American Dream By The Provocateur Network

It goes on and on...

Waterfall New World Order Resistance of Minneapolis! Mysterious Mississippi riverfront stencil street art agitates vs tyranny


What can I say? I like street art – when it breaks up the unspeakable horror of the modernist nightmare, the endless, colorless flat planes composing our concrete public existence.

So it was a surprise to go looking and find these big New World Order stencils around the Hennepin Avenue bridge and down on Main Street. This one gets many bonus points for facing right at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis a few hundred feet away.


Somewhat unnerving Obey-style figure that appears to be Alex Jones, stenciled into the arrow. On the Stone Arch Bridge towards the Downtown Mpls side.



This second New World Order stencil was on a concrete nook on Main Street, near the St. Anthony movie theatre and the stairwell up to Central / 3rd Avenue.


I'm feeling too lazy to work with the exposure right now but this is the context.


The mysterious stenciled faces are all over too - this is on the NE end of Hennepin bridge.


Earlier - stencils on the 3rd Avenue / Central Avenue on the stairwell down to Main Street.


The inside of the stairwell has the Obama-Joker stencil.



Got a funny pic of this snowman in the Cancer Survivors park.



A little fun with slow shutter down by the Boardwalk / Stone Arch Bridge.


Got interesting look from the Soap Factory neon. Again too lazy to up the brightness but it's all in fun.


Next to our first pyramid on Hennepin, on the support pillar of the bridge, some lolcat chalked 'Stop FBI Raids!'

IMG_0440.JPG IMG_0441.JPG

From the bridge - here's the lazy view towards the Fed - it's over there to right right of the triple pillars.

IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0432.JPG

Metals To Nibiru! Gold & silver $1400 / $29 parabolics as Zoellick pitches global-gold-SDR action; HFT Robot firms buying Eric Cantor's vote; Bill Black Vs BOA; Always Time for Vatican Annunaki

Linkdump O Quick Hitz! Way too many links going on-have fun! Sorry for lack of pics, you gotta clix em to see :-|


"Where is My Mind" came on TheCurrent as I posted this, really appropriate for the ZeroHedge Durden posts. Total Waveform Synchronicity and it ain't even 11/11 yet.... Onwards.


Much like Frederick Hitz, there are a few oldskewl opponents o' graft still around. Bill Black has been on a lot of stuff lately, good for him, he earned it because he knew how to put criminal financiers into Jail - a skill entirely lost on the whole federal government nowadays.


Bill Black around the Block: William K. Black: Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 1: Put Bank of America in Receivership // Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 2: Spurious Arguments Against Holding the Fraudsters Accountable and even bettar Let's Set the Record Straight on Bank of America: Open the Books! and Part 2: Eliminating Foreclosure Fraud


From $1400 to World Gold Standard?! I tried to say Gold-SDR as global currency was coming from the IMF type people, well now it's happening. Previously on April Whistle Blower Comes Forward With Solid Proof The Price Of Gold And Silver Is Being Manipulated By Major Financial Institutions // July: Heads Up to Quigley's Apex: Bank of International Settlements (Former Nazi Bank) developing Gold/SDR global fractional reserve currency with IMF, Federal Reserve. It's getting here fast.


Jim Rickards On Silver Margin Changes, Peter Schiff On A New World Gold Standard | zero hedge - Zoellick is pitching this thing in Financial Times which helped kick the price right over $1400. JEEBUS!  GoldPrices would have to multiply 47x to do this they say. Whacked down to 1402 by professionals - hah Accelerating Sell Off In Commodities Shows Why Fed's Hands Are Now Tied | zero hedge


There was almost a flashcrash in the Euro/Dollar prices Forex EUR/USD - down to 1.377 "something very ugly behind the scenes" . EURUSD Friend-O'ed


For fun: Pentagon Can't Explain "Missile" Sighting, NORAD Believes It Is Not A Foreign Military Object | zero hedge - I told the airmen to quit mason around.


Silver changeup : When JPM/HSBC Don't Like The Results, The CME Just Changes The Rules: Full Revised Silver Margin Schedule | zero hedge - Silver is goin nuts - Forget Parabolic: Silver Is Now Asymptotic, Hits $29. Andrew Maguire Re-Emerges: Ex-Goldman Trader Exposes JPMorgan, HSBC In Latest Silver Price Manipulation Class Action Lawsuit. earlier :  Silver Passes $28 | zero hedge


BTW things took off On Aug 27 when Bernanke floated QE2 to the boy in Jackson Hole Text Of Ben Bernanke's Jackson Hole Speech - this makes clear that a 1/10th of a %% hike in government debt servicing costs greece 1.5% of GDP, this is how interest rates are like a radioactive bomb for govt debt in the unstable times we live in...Morgan Stanley On How Only A "Deux Ex Machina" Can Save The European Periphery, And Why The Fed May Have To Do God's Work Out Of The Machine


GENERALIZED INSANITY - What could beat the nuking of the once-rocksolid American Land Title System: Video Depositions of Nationwide Title Clearing Employees - Bin laden couldn't pull this!


Dig the New Modern: The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations | The Big Picture - Barry Ritholtz rousted things up. Bigpicture is an ace site. Old but good. Another from Sept - Chris Hedges: Do Not Pity the Democrats - Chris Hedges' Columns - Truthdig. Dude turned pretty radical. He needs some years of drinking Black Label to round things out I think.


Haterz: Pennsylvania Homeland Security office engaged in domestic surveillance, compared political groups to Al Qaeda | - unbelievably catty and insane emails inside the PA consultants' crazed cluster


Royalist Chemtrail Agenda! Ah taking on the oldskewl AngloScientific elite's plan for Global Engineering (aka chemtrails and/or nano-doomclouds etc) UK Indymedia - Royal Society Picket : Our Planet is not your experiment - not bad! For Moar Official (celebrating 350 years of) Taking control! Geoengineering - taking control of our planet's climate - Events Diary - The Royal Society.


What On Earth Are They Spraying? The new Chemtrailz movie is really quite good by "conspiracy documentary" standards and leads off with hilarious meteorologists joking about all the sprays messing up radar. Nicely done realityzone crew, strong recommend! YouTube - 1 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails) - (Lets make a Morgellons Movie?!)


Foul mouthed Bernie Sanders vs Comcast buyout! What Keith Olbermann's Suspension Says About Our Cowardly Corporate Media | Media and Culture | AlterNet -- 


Torturelinx: As Bush Gets Sugarcoated - Congratulations, America. Torture Has Led You On a Wild Goose Chase, Destroyed the Rule of Law and Made You Less Safe | zero hedge


A call for A Debt Jubilee - I saw it proposed on Zerohedge. All the ancient civilizations cancelled debts because otherwise they spiraled - compounded - out of control. Jubilee (Biblical) - and also don't miss the new documentary - Watch Inside Job - The Movie | zero hedge. Mishkin and some other goons get proven ridiculous. Now that's some interviewing! 


Gold Breakout and econ pins getting pulled - The Dollar is going all WTC7 Up On This - Gold hits new high on inflation worry, Europe debt | Reuters - an interview in re peak oil and perpetual growth etc The Automatic Earth: October 23 2010: Jim Puplava interviews Stoneleigh, Part 2


ECONBITS - take em & weep: wisdom from Zerohedge and a little stuff from earlier -John Boehner Says In Order To Pay For The Wars, We Need To Raise The Social Security Retirement Age To 70 - BlackListed News


This is the most nuts of all maybe: 500+ Micro-Flash Crashes in 2010 Exclusive: Presenting The Flash Crashes Of 2010 - Part 1 | zero hedge


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lulz why not eh comrades: YouTube - Vatican Prepares for Annunaki Disclosure - late great Zecharia Sitchin - -  Origin of the Species, From an Alien View -

If you’re going to ask Zecharia Sitchin, be ready for a “Planet of the Apes” scenario: spaceships and hieroglyphics, genetic mutations and mutinous space aliens in gold mines.

It sounds like science fiction, but Mr. Sitchin is sure this is how it all went down hundreds of thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia. Humans were genetically engineered by extraterrestrials, he said, pointing to ancient texts to prove it.

Till I see you on Nibiru, Mr Sitchin...

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