Massive Minnesota Tar Sands Enbridge Line 67 called out by Rep. Hornstein for invalid Certificate of Need at MN Public Utilities Commission; Utah make total win; Felix & Michigan Cats win vs Enbridge Line 6B today!

Set yr hashtags for #fearlessSummer #summerheat cause it's on! Enbridge is a Canadian corporation trying to nail down a disastrous and indeed genocidal tar sands pipeline from Alberta Canada. This would be bigger than the infamous Keystone XL.

Great starting article based on latest events: Climate activists to fossil fuel industry: ‘If you build it, we will come’ by Camila Ibanez.

On the Minnesota front first: It's a bit of a complicated regulatory story - for a rundown and action items start here: http://tc.indymedia.org/2013/jul/dont-keystone-take-action-stop-enbridge...

Posted just now on OccupyMN.org about this with more detailz, plz check it out - http://www.occupymn.org/as-the-enbridgeresistance-grows-a-minnesota-repr...

See earlier: http://www.ienearth.org/oil-in-your-backyard/ (July 18)

Related lines (but not Line 67) are blockaded outside Leonard MN and the camp is awesome. Follow on fedbook: https://www.facebook.com/EnbridgeBlockade - Background story: http://earthfirstnews.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/red-lake-encampment-battl...



Fortunately just found out today, State Rep. Frank Hornstein has at least gone on record that the Certificate of Need is total BS. He's a pretty good guy.


Here is a backgrounder on the tar sands world market mechanisms from Al Monaco CEO of Enbridge: http://www.northerngateway.ca/news-and-media/northern-gateway-blogs/trad... indicating Hornstein is indeed correct and Enbridge is lying in the MN Certificate of Need.


In related developments in Utah: Efforts to scatter investors from the potential first US tar sands mine have gotten tons of traction and lots of nifty direct action! http://canyoncountryactioncamp.org/ and on twitter @Peace_Up_ and https://twitter.com/CCRisingTide also https://twitter.com/tarsandsRESIST . Here is the full reportback from @uneditedcamera http://uneditedmedia.com/utah-canyon-country-action-camp/ - please read it!

Just a fantastic video from our dear colleagues! Please pass it on, best direct action in Utah video evar?!

Lol direct action zaps already almost worthless 'penny stock' - take that Capitalist herd navigating betwixt fears & greeds! http://earthfirstnews.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/tar-sands-stock-tanks-after-direct-action-in-utah/ .

TICKER: http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=USO.V and great headline: http://www.kcsg.com/view/full_story/23284210/article-US-Oil-Sands-stock-drops-13--day-nonviolent-direct-action-shuts-down-mine?instance=eeo_report1 "US Oil Sands stock drops 13% day nonviolent direct action shuts down mine".


In Michigan today something's been going on all day with Michigan Cats! These Lolcats just got the goods with Non Violent Direct Action! On FedBook: https://www.facebook.com/michigancats

main post / live blog: http://www.michigancats.org/daring-aerial-blockade/. on tweeter: https://twitter.com/MichiganCat

This morning, MICATS is taking direct action in the Crane Pond State Game Area to halt expansion of Canadian corporation Enbridge Energy’s tar sands pipeline 6B with an aerial blockade.

LIKE and SHARE if you stand in solidarity with impacted communities, ‪#‎MICATS‬, and all those resisting tar sands infrastructure.

Check out our LIVE updates on our blog! http://www.michigancats.org/

michigancats2.jpg michigancats1.jpg


California Wut? Also via @revfredsmall "Fantastic 7-min interview w/ my 90yr-old mom arrested at #SummerHeat Richmond Chevron @KALW #CrossCurrents (:59-8:00) http://bit.ly/174YUo9 " - San Fran Chronicle Ecuador communities speak out : http://t.co/99cyAfqdPS . via @carriem213: sit in to get arrested vs fossil fuels . DNow snippet about 200 arrested: http://m.democracynow.org/headlines/2013/8/5/35340

Well it is just great to see things firing on so many cylinders on this issue. Good luck everyone!!!

UPDATE: left out a few things. Oglala Lakota president Brewer arrested in human blockade at White Clay Nebraska - http://youtu.be/08qOoZNohSw .

IDAHO: About 100 in Nez Perce Tribe maintain 2.5 hour rolling roadblock despite 40-50 police officers. Moar here: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/08/photos-nez-perce-rolling-roadblock... . some more updates here: https://www.facebook.com/bigcountrynewsconnection?hc_location=stream

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