A baffling tale: Millions of Kg of Asian gold, mysterious bonds, the Dragon Family Keenan lawsuit, Admiralty Law liens on the Federal Reserve & the end of fascist banksterism

I really don't know what to make of this, but it's still worthwhile to pull a few links together for research purposes. Don't assume anything in this story is true, particularly since very little of the info is coming from people I would consider reliable sources. I suggest doing your own research & see if it flows...

I believe previous posts may be tangentially relevant: Heads Up to Quigley's Apex: Bank of International Settlements (Former Nazi Bank) developing Gold/SDR global fractional reserve currency with IMF, Federal Reserve, & The biggest scandal in world history; WANTAGATE, Leo Wanta, the post-Soviet trillions and lots of tangled disinfo from shady operatives (or not).

A lawyer named Neil Keenan has filed a number of unusual legal claims, including apparently liens on each Federal Reserve Bank using the obscure yet ancient and important Admiralty Law framework. Keenan claims to represent a bunch of Asian political powers who are trying to regain control of their vast store of gold — gold which, Keenan claims, the western banking powers-that-be have abusively profited from, used as collateral for their Ponzi schemes etc.

Keenan states that in the early decades of the 20th century, after the uber-sketchy Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was created as a central-bank-of-banks in Switzerland to pass through reparations for World War I, the World Powers agreed to consolidate their gold into a central repository. (BIS papers)

Keenan says the Asian powers, who had tons upon tons of gold (i.e. the Thai royal family, Nationalist Chinese led by Chang Kai-Shek, Indonesia, Phillipines etc), received gold-backed Federal Reserve bonds worth hundreds of millions of dollars at the time (now trillions or more!).

These Federal Reserve gold bonds are floating around out there, the proponents of this narrative say. Periodically you hear about "Japanese businessmen" or others caught with bonds that have staggering face values in the tens, even hundreds of billions of dollars or more. The authorities usually claim these are absurdly counterfeit or etc.

Here's one example of a couple guys getting thrown in UK jail for years after being involved with bonds like these. The City of London was pissed!

Moar links: The Neil Keenan / “Dragon Family” Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit Is Real - cryptogon

Courthouse News Service: Bizarre Claim for $1 Trillion (Dec 5 2011)

MANHATTAN (CN) - An American expatriate in Bulgaria claims the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Office of International Treasury Control and the Italian government conspired with a host of others to steal more than $1.1 trillion in financial instruments intended to support humanitarian purposes.

The 111-page federal complaint involves a range of entities common to conspiracy theorists, including the Vatican Illuminati, the Masons, the "Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission," and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Plaintiff Neil Keenan claims he was entrusted in 2009 with the financial instruments - which included U.S. Federal Reserve notes worth $124.5 billion, two Japanese government bonds with a combined face value of $19 billion, and one U.S. "Kennedy" bond with a face value of $1 billion - by an entity called the Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families.

"The Dragon family abstains from public view and knowledge, but, upon information and belief, acts for the good and better benefit of the world in constant coordination with higher levels of global financial organizations, in particular, the Federal Reserve System," Keenan claims.

"During the course of its existence over the last century, the Dragon family has accumulated great wealth by having provided the Federal Reserve Bank and the United States Government with asset assignments of gold and silver via certain accounts held in Switzerland, for which it has received consideration in the form of a variety of Notes, Bonds and Certificates such as those described ... that are an obligation of the Federal Reserve System."

Keenan says that with accrued interest the instruments are now worth more than $1 trillion. He says the family designated him as its principal in an effort to select certain registered and authorized Private Placement Investment Programs (PPPs) for the benefit of unspecified global humanitarian efforts.

In his remarkable complaint, Keenan claims that the U.S. government enormous amounts of money - delivered in gold and other precious metals - from the Dragon Family many years ago, and that the money was placed into the Federal Reserve System for the benefit and underwriting support of the dollar, "which was to become and currently remains the global reserve currency".

Keenan claims the conspiracy began with the illegal detention of two Japanese citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, and the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Italy, in June 2009.

Yamaguchi can best be described as Keenan's predecessor in trying to place Dragon Family instruments in legitimate PPPs to advance the group's humanitarian aims, according to the complaint.

Keenan says he came to know both Yamaguchi and the Dragon Family through the Japanese man's efforts on the group's behalf, and that he introduced them to a bank in Cyprus with which they could do business.

Keenan says that in gratitude, Yamaguchi sought and was granted approval to execute a special power of attorney, whereby Keenan would also act on behalf of the Dragon Family to place their assets in PPPs.

It was then, he says, that he took possession of the instruments that are the heart of the lawsuit. For his assistance, Keenan says, he was to receive a profit share amounting to 30 percent of any particular PPP he arranged.

A month after the Japanese men were detained, an man named Leo Zagami, "a self-described 33rd degree Free Mason, who, as of April 2008, had reportedly claimed to be the leader of a breakaway faction of the Knights of Templar and high-level Freemasons centered around the elite of the Masons P2 (propaganda Due) Lodge in Monte Carlo," arrived on the scene, according to the complaint. (Parentheses in complaint.)

Zagami claimed to be a representative of the Vatican Illuminati and other European sect societies and "had been looking to make contact with certain Asian Secret Societies," the complaint states.

During a meeting in Japan, he says, he told a contact that Yamaguchi and Watanabe had been "set up" and that he had inside information about the seized instruments.

Subsequently, he introduced his contact in Japan to defendant Daniele Dal Bosco, a Vatican banker and associate of the P2 Masonic Lodge, who "would be able to 'cash the bonds seized by the Italian Treasury Police,'" according to the complaint.

The complaint alleges a complicated history with many moving parts and scores of internationally known and unknown characters, the sum of which is that Keenan claims he was entrusted with billions of dollars in bonds by the Dragon Family.

He claims that soon, he and Dal Bosco were in daily contact via Skype and they arranged to meet in Italy. During these conversations, Dal Bosco represented that he was not only financial advisor to Zagami, but also to the Vatican, Vatican City, Rome, and the treasurer for the P2 Masonic Lodge.

As a result, Keenan said, although he tried keep personal possession of the financial instruments with which he was entrusted, he nevertheless came to trust Dal Bosco, and turned the bonds over to him for "temporary safekeeping and custodianship".

Dal Bosco absconded with the bonds and sought assistance in selling the instruments "in the global marketplace through stealth, conversion and bribery," Keenan claims.

He claims that as the conspiracy continued to unfold, various high level officials repeatedly offered him a bribe of $100 million to "release" the instruments without disclosing their theft to the Dragon family, and to allow the instruments to be converted to a so-called UN "Sovereign Program" wholly under the auspices, protection and umbrella of the sovereign immunity enjoyed by the defendants.

Other defendants include UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Giancarlo Bruno, who is identified as head of the banking industry for the World Economic Forum, Italy's ambassador to the UN Cesare Maria Ragaflini, Ray C. Dam, president of the Office of International Treasury Control, and David A. Sale, the deputy chief of the council for the cabinet of the OITC.

Keenan seeks the return of the stolen instruments, punitive damages and court costs on multiple claims of fraud, breach of contract and violation of international law.

He is represented by William H. Mulligan Jr., with Bleakley, Platt & Schmidt of White Plains, N.Y.



DavidWilcockFront.jpg... so this brings us to the two major advocates for the story: a bizarre alternative journalist named Benjamin Fulford, and his dorky UFO-proponent counterpart David Wilcock. Both of these guys seem like the last people who would actually run into a real story like this. Wilcock sports a funny Star Trek shirt on his website .

Wilcock likes to claim he's the reincarnation of psychic Edgar Cayce, which Cayce's family doesn't like at all. He posts a lot of demonstrably false stuff, like for example saying that human DNA is 7% different than it used to be because we are in the cosmic 2012 hoopla -- ignoring the pesky facts like chimpanzee DNA is about 97-98% identical to human DNA... does that imply that the human DNA somehow diverged way more from the chimp baseline than we've been led to believe, etc etc. Get the info on ETs, the 7% DNA thing and funky jazz combos with great regard for Phil Collins here.


Benjamin Fulford is an alternative journalist living in Japan who essentially claims to be a 'front guy' for various mysterious Asian secret societies. He used to be a bureau chief for Forbes, and talks a lot about the Illuminati and stuff. He also seems to be tight with the Rockefellers (consult youtube for an interview) - and the late great UK financial conspiracy journalist Christopher Story of believed Fulford was a charlatan working for sketchy powers. He posts a lot of videos on Youtube with weird subjects.

Anyway so this dynamic duo are the main guys floating this whole story — again, it's too bad that more reliable elements aren't working the story, dragging pieces out or etc. Typical interview: Project Camelot | Benjamin Fulford transcript - Part 2.

He also claims to have wrangled with a lot of Yakuza type assassination issues, and hey, the interview link shows his "Ninja Assassin Turned Protector." I don't even know what to say, but this is the kind of angles he's kicking around.



Anyway with all of that said, the posts on DivineCosmos have been the first place for Neal Keenan's legal filings and interviews to turn up. For the bulk of the narrative see:

ARREST WARRANTS: Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks

MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny

FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time


Here is the text of the lien Neil Keenan put against the Federal Reserve under the mysterious framework of Admiralty Law:

A Security (15 USC)
A USSEC Tracer Flag
Not a point of Law

Affidavit of Obligation
Commercial Lien

(This is a verified plain statements of fact)
All men and women know that the foundation of law and commerce exists in the telling of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Truth, as a valid statement of reality, is sovereign in commerce. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce.
An unrebutted affidavit is acted upon as the judgment in commerce. Guaranteed---All men shall have a remedy by the due course of law. If a remedy does not exist, or if the existing remedy has been subverted, then one may create a remedy for themselves -- and endow it with credibility by expressing it in their affidavit.
(Ignorance of the law might be an excuse, but it is not a valid reason for the commission of a crime when the law is easily and readily available to anyone making a reasonable effort to study the law.)
All corporate government is based upon Commercial Affidavits, Commercial Contracts, Commercial Liens and Commercial Distresses. Hence, governments cannot exercise the power to expunge commercial processes.
The Legitimate Political Power of a corporate entity is absolutely dependent upon its possession of Commercial Bonds against Public Hazard -- because no Bond means no responsibility, means no power of Official signature, means no real corporate political power, and means no privilege to operate statutes as the corporate vehicle.
The Corporate Legal Power is secondary to Commercial Guarantors. Case law is not a responsible substitute for a Bond.
Municipal corporations, which include cities, counties, states and national governments, have no commercial reality without bonding of the entity, its vehicle (statutes), and its effects (the execution of its rulings).
In commerce, it is a felony for the Officer of a Political/Public Office to not receive and report a Claim to its Bonding Company, and it is a felony for the agent of a Bonding Company to not pay the Claim.
If a Bonding Company does not get a malfeasant public official prosecuted for criminal malpractice within sixty (60) days, then it must pay the full face value of a defaulted Lien process (at 90 days).
Except for a Jury, it is also a fatal offense for any person, even a Judge, to impair or to expunge, without a Counter-Affidavit, any Affidavit or any commercial process based upon an Affidavit.
Judicial non-jury commercial judgments and orders originate from a limited liability entity called a municipal corporation -- hence must be reinforced by a Commercial Affidavit and a Commercial Liability Bond.
A foreclosure by a summary judgment (non-jury) without a commercial bond is a violation of commercial law.
Governments cannot make unbonded rulings or statutes which control commerce, free enterprise citizens, or sole proprietorships without suspending commerce by a general declaration of martial law.

A Security (15 USC)
This is a USSEC Tracer Flag
Not a point of Law

It is tax fraud to use Courts to settle a dispute/controversy which could be settled peacefully outside of, or without the Court.
An official (officer of the court, policeman, etc.) must demonstrate that he/she is individually bonded in order to use a summary process.
An official who impairs, debauches, voids or abridges an obligation of contract or the effect of a commercial lien without proper cause, becomes a lien debtor and his/her property becomes forfeited as the pledge to secure the lien. Pound breach (breach of impoundment) and rescue is a felony.
It is against the law for a Judge to summarily remove, dismiss, dissolve or diminish a Commercial Lien. Only the Lien Claimant or a Jury can dissolve a commercial lien. Notice to agent is notice to principal; notice to principal is notice to agent.

All officials are required by federal, state, and municipal law to provide the name, address and telephone number of their public hazard and malpractice bonding company, and the policy number of the bond -- and, if required, a copy of the policy describing the bonding coverage of their specific job performance. Failure to provide this information constitutes corporate and limited liability insurance fraud (15 USC), and is prim-a-facie evidence and grounds to impose a lien upon the official, personally, to secure their public oath and service of office.  Parties:

Neil Keenan/Lien Claimant as Settlor for Global Accounts
Keith Scott/Lien Claimant as Settlor for Global Accounts  
c/o Notary Acceptor
Box 123
Ivins, Utah [84xxx
Eric S. Rosengren/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
600 Atlantic Avenue
P.O. Box 2076
Boston, MA 02106-2076
(617) 973-3000
William Dudley/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045
(212) 720-5000
Charles I Plosser/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
10 Independence Mall
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 574-6000
Sandra Pianalto/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
1455 East Sixth Street
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 579-2000
Jeffrey M Lacker/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
701 East Byrd Street
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 697-8000
Dennis P. Lockhart/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
1000 Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, GA 30309-4470
(404) 498-8500
Charles L. Evans/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
230 South LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 322-5322
James B. Bullard/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
411 Locust Street
St. Louis, MO 63102
(314) 444-8444
Narayana Kocherlakota/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
90 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55480
Mail Address: P.O. Box 291
Minneapolis, MN 55480-0291
(612) 204-5000
Esther George/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
1 Memorial Drive
Kansas City, MO 64198
(816) 881-2000
Richard W. Fisher/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
2200 North Pearl Street
Dallas, TX 75201
Mail Address: P.O. Box 655906
Dallas, TX 75265-5906
(214) 922-6000

John C. Williams/Lien Debtor
dba CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
101 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Mail Address: P.O. Box 7702
San Francisco, CA 94120
(415) 974-2000

Other PARTIES/Lien Debtors: John Does 1-20

1.   The amount of gold under contract to the Federal Reserve system is 2,420,937,400 kilograms. (2,420,937.4 metric tons.)
2.   The lease payments on this gold are payable at the rate of 4% per annum. The total owed, starting in 1961 through 2012, is 4,638,791,996 kilograms of pure gold.
3.   Proof of the Federal Reserve Obligation is in the form of Federal Reserve Bonds, series of 1928 and series of 1934.
4.   Proof of the interest obligation is further demonstrated by the issue of international currencies that have been issued to the Holders of the Gold Accounts, but against the Federal Reserve Bonds.
5.   The gold was acquired through a time when gold coin and gold bullion could not be privately owned, and had to be surrendered to the State.
6.   The States combined the bullion into a single, central deposit, whereby all countries would have equitable access. 7.   The gold is actually owned by Governments through their Ministry of Finance. 8.   In 1948, under UN Resolution MISA 81704, Operation Heavy Freedom, President Soekarno was appointed as M1, (Monetary Controller), and the entire centralized system was put under his disposal as Trustee.

9.   The gold was deposited into the system by a group of Trustees appointed by Soekarno. These Trustees formed an association of Trustees now known as the Amanah, otherwise known as the Mandates.
10. The Mandates have assigned their authority over the accounts to Neil F. Keenan and Keith F. Scott.
11. The owners of the gold and other assets leased to the Federal Reserve system between 1928 and 1968, at a 4% per annum rental fee, have never received substantive payment since 1928 until today. They have been constantly tricked and deceived.
12. All persons from several organizations of persons who consider themselves to be the global elite have illegally used these assets -- making fortunes for themselves, or otherwise benefitting from the illegal use of these accounts. Key among these are members of (but not limited to) :-

The Committee of 300
Skull and Bones Society
The Bilderberg Society
The Trilateral Commission
Council on Foreign Relations

13.   The Federal Reserve System is a privately owned banking system. All debts of that private banking system, beyond the value held in gold, is the obligation of the Federal Reserve System only -- and is not a debt obligation of the people of the United States of America.
14.   Owners, Shareholders, Directors/Executive Officers and Bonding Companies of the Federal Reserve System are deemed lien debtors -- collectively and severally.
Proof of Allegations:
1.   The amount of gold in the system is 2,420,937,400 kilograms.
ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  2.   The lease payments on this gold are payable at the rate of 4% per annum. The total owed, starting in 1961 through 2012, is 4,638,791,996 kilograms of pure gold. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  3.   Proof of the Federal Reserve Obligation is in the form of Federal Reserve Bonds, series of 1928 and series of 1934. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  4.   Proof of the interest obligation is further demonstrated by the issue of international currencies that have been issued to the Holders of the Gold Accounts, but against the Federal Reserve Bonds. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  5.   The gold was acquired through a time when gold coin and gold bullion could not be privately owned, and had to be surrendered to the State. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  6.   The States combined the bullion into a single, central deposit, whereby all countries would have equitable access. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  7.   The gold is actually owned by Governments through their Ministry of Finance. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  8.   In 1948, under UN Resolution MISA 81704, Operation Heavy Freedom, President Soekarno was appointed as M1, (Monetary Controller), and the entire centralized system was put under his disposal as Trustee. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  9. The gold was deposited into the system by a group of Trustees appointed by Soekarno. These Trustees formed an association of Trustees now known as the Amanah, otherwise known as the Mandates. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  10. The Mandates have assigned their authority over the accounts to Neil F. Keenan and Keith F. Scott. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  11. The owners of the gold and other assets leased to the Federal Reserve system between 1928 and 1968, at a 4% per annum rental fee, have never received substantive payment since 1928 until today. They have been constantly tricked and deceived. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  12. All persons from several organizations of persons who consider themselves to be the global elite have illegally used these assets -- making fortunes for themselves, or otherwise benefitting from the illegal use of these accounts. Key among these are members of (but not limited to) :-

The Committee of 300
Skull and Bones Society
The Bilderberg Society
The Trilateral Commission
Council on Foreign Relations

ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  13. The Federal Reserve System is a privately owned banking system. All debts of that private banking system, beyond the value held in gold, is the obligation of the Federal Reserve System only -- and is not a debt obligation of the people of the United States of America. ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]  14. Owners, Shareholders, Directors/Executive Officers and Bonding Companies of the Federal Reserve System are deemed lien debtors -- collectively and severally.
ANSWER: [If no response, allegation is affirmed.]
Ledgering and True Bill:
The ledger for this True Bill is based on the rate of 4% per annum of the principal amount of leased gold, which was 2,420,937,400 kilograms of pure gold. The total amount since 1961 to present is as follows:

times          .04
96,837,496 per annum
times         51 years
4,638,791,996 kilograms of pure gold

Demand is now made for Lien Debtors, jointly and severally, to deliver over to Lien Claimants 4,638,791,996 kilograms of pure gold.
Any and all accounts, assets, bonds, insurances, securities, profits, proceeds, fixtures and the like, owned/managed by the Federal Reserve Banks at any location under control of Federal Reserve Banks.
Lien Debtors are granted ten days (10) upon receipt of this Affidavit of Obligation to respond/rebut, absent which this matter is stare decisis and res judicata -- and Lien Debtors have created an estoppel in pais. Any and all rebuttal must rise to the level of swearing of Lien Claimants to be held valid [no oath under “pains and penalties” is acceptable].

I, Neil Francis Keenan, certify on my own full commercial liability that I have read the above affidavit -- and do know the contents to be true, correct, complete and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and do believe that the above described acts have been committed contrary to law. [see 18 USC 4 misprision of felony].           
Neil Francis Keenan/Lien Claimant as Settlor  I, Keith Francis Scott, certify on my own full commercial liability that I have read the above affidavit -- and do know the contents to be true, correct, complete, and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and do believe that the above described acts have been committed contrary to law. [see 18 USC 4 misprision of felony].
Keith Francis Scott

Similar liens were sent out to G8 bank leaders as well. However, rumormillnews posted that these are not actually liens: see Reader: David Wilcocks LIEN against the FED is NOT a LIEN // Pax.. I don't think that is what a legal lien looks like.. but they say "it is the correct first step in filing a self-certifying 'administrative claim'."


The Wooly World of Admiralty Law: The business of liabilities and responsibilities on the high seas has been a formalized matter for many centuries, and a weird parallel legal system exists called Admiralty Maritime Law, which does not have juries. In 1063, rules were codified under the "Ordinamenta et consuetudo maris" or the Ordinances and Custom of the Sea is the "oldest surviving maritime law code of the Latin West".

The strange thing is that Admiralty Law has influence well into the land, but it gets murky from there. "The Law Of the Land" actually means common law - it is the direct opposite of Admiralty Law. The Seventh Amendment tries to proscribe the bloating of Admiralty Law by insisting upon common law:

In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Many of the founding fathers were maritime lawyers, and a major cause of the American Revolution was the handling of Stamp Act prosecutions in British Admiralty Courts instead of common law courts with juries deciding the issues at hand. There are a lot of interesting citations about early Americans fearing the extension of Admiralty Law across the land, beyond the water.

Today there is apparently also something called the reverse Erie doctrine, which helps route legal reasoning "up" into the Admiralty Law framework, at the expense of 'more legit' common law. (The Erie doctrine is supposed to promote the role of state law, but it doesn't always apply.)

Oddly, Admiralty Law applies to spaceships as well as islands covered in guano, making for a fairly awesome bit of US Code. Section (1) seems circular as well.

18 USC § 7 - Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States defined | LII / Legal Information Institute

The term “special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States”, as used in this title, includes:

(1) The high seas, any other waters within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States and out of the jurisdiction of any particular State, and any vessel belonging in whole or in part to the United States or any citizen thereof, or to any corporation created by or under the laws of the United States, or of any State, Territory, District, or possession thereof, when such vessel is within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States and out of the jurisdiction of any particular State.

(2) Any vessel registered, licensed, or enrolled under the laws of the United States, and being on a voyage upon the waters of any of the Great Lakes, or any of the waters connecting them, or upon the Saint Lawrence River where the same constitutes the International Boundary Line.

(3) Any lands reserved or acquired for the use of the United States, and under the exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction thereof, or any place purchased or otherwise acquired by the United States by consent of the legislature of the State in which the same shall be, for the erection of a fort, magazine, arsenal, dockyard, or other needful building.

(4) Any island, rock, or key containing deposits of guano, which may, at the discretion of the President, be considered as appertaining to the United States.

(5) Any aircraft belonging in whole or in part to the United States, or any citizen thereof, or to any corporation created by or under the laws of the United States, or any State, Territory, district, or possession thereof, while such aircraft is in flight over the high seas, or over any other waters within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States and out of the jurisdiction of any particular State.

(6) Any vehicle used or designed for flight or navigation in space and on the registry of the United States pursuant to the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies and the Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space, while that vehicle is in flight, which is from the moment when all external doors are closed on Earth following embarkation until the moment when one such door is opened on Earth for disembarkation or in the case of a forced landing, until the competent authorities take over the responsibility for the vehicle and for persons and property aboard.

(7) Any place outside the jurisdiction of any nation with respect to an offense by or against a national of the United States.

(8) To the extent permitted by international law, any foreign vessel during a voyage having a scheduled departure from or arrival in the United States with respect to an offense committed by or against a national of the United States.

(9) With respect to offenses committed by or against a national of the United States as that term is used in section 101 of the Immigration and Nationality Act—

(A) the premises of United States diplomatic, consular, military or other United States Government missions or entities in foreign States, including the buildings, parts of buildings, and land appurtenant or ancillary thereto or used for purposes of those missions or entities, irrespective of ownership; and

(B) residences in foreign States and the land appurtenant or ancillary thereto, irrespective of ownership, used for purposes of those missions or entities or used by United States personnel assigned to those missions or entities.

Nothing in this paragraph shall be deemed to supersede any treaty or international agreement with which this paragraph conflicts. This paragraph does not apply with respect to an offense committed by a person described in section 3261 (a) of this title.

ats55708_masflagmoon1.jpegA tangent - Who controls the moon - Freemasons or Admiralty Law? We could speculate about the time Buzz Aldrin claimed the moon for Freemasonry, but Admiralty Law appears to have claimed the moon under its jurisdiction anyway. (this pic via ATS is photoshopped but Aldrin did bring that flag, though it was smaller). Lolz!

Anyway... when you go looking for info on Admiralty Law you invariably bump into pissed off IRS tax protester/Sovereign Citizen type material. If I can summarize, these people tend to believe the federal tax system is a fake British Admiralty Law framework.

The "gold fringed flag" thing is part of this stuff - and they tend to claim the main reason the IRS has standing to take property is only because of Admiralty Law.

Everyone involved in the subject, from the government to the sovereign citizens all seem about as reliable as Wilcock and Fulford.

Nonetheless, people in early America wanted to make sure the more arbitrary and authoritarian Admiralty Law system couldn't leach out onto the land and overrun common law. I don't really know what to conclude about this page: Treason In Government! Admiralty Law! but the cites are pretty good. John Adams, cited in a later case:

"Next to revenue (taxes) itself, the late extensions of the jurisdiction of the admiralty are our greatest grievance. The American Courts of Admiralty seem to be forming by degrees into a system that is to overturn our Constitution and to deprive us of our best inheritance, the laws of the land. It would be thought in England a dangerous innovation if the trial, of any matter on land was given to the admiralty." -- Jackson v. Magnolia, 20 How. 296 315, 342 (U.S. 1852)


"The committee also alluded to "the great force" of "the great constitutional question as to the power of Congress to extend maritime jurisdiction beyond the ground occupied by it at the adoption of the Constitution...." - Ibid. H.R. Rep. No. 72 31st Cong., 1st Sess. 2 (1850)

The idea seems to be that arbitrary court power created by legislative action can supercede common law and the Constitution. And:

"This power is as extensive upon land as upon water. The Constitution makes no distinction in that respect. And if the admiralty jurisdiction, in matters of contract and tort which the courts of the United States may lawfully exercise on the high seas, can be extended to the lakes under the power to regulate commerce, it can with the same propriety and upon the same construction, be extended to contracts and torts on land when the commerce is between different States. And it may embrace also the vehicles and persons engaged in carrying it on. It would be in the power of Congress to confer admiralty jurisdiction upon its courts, over the cars engaged in transporting passengers or merchandise from one State to another, and over the persons engaged in conducting them, and deny to the parties the trial by jury. Now the judicial power in cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, has never been supposed to extend to contracts made on land and to be executed on land. But if the power of regulating commerce can be made the foundation of jurisdiction in its courts, and a new and extended admiralty jurisdiction beyond its heretofore known and admitted limits, may be created on water under that authority, the same reason would justify the same exercise of power on land." -- Propeller Genessee Chief et al. v. Fitzhugh et al. 12 How. 443 (U.S. 1851)

Here is a pretty concrete claim about the 'parallel system' or 'two national governments' caused by this problem.

"The idea prevails with some indeed, it found expression in arguments at the bar that we have in this country substantially or practically two national governments; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside and independently of that instrument, by exercising such powers as other nations of the earth are accustomed to exercise."
"I take leave to say that if the principles thus announced should ever receive the sanction of a majority of this court, a radical and mischievous change in our system of government will be the result. We will, in that event, pass from the era of constitutional liberty guarded and protected by a written constitution into an era of legislative absolutism."
"It will be an evil day for American liberty if the theory of a government outside of the supreme law of the land finds lodgment in our constitutional jurisprudence. No higher duty rests upon this court than to exert its full authority to prevent all violation of the principles of the constitution." -- Downes vs Bidwell, 182 U.S. 244 (1901)

Federal District Courts are in fact admiralty courts.

"It is only with the extent of powers possessed by the district courts, acting as instance courts of admiralty, we are dealing. The Act of 1789 gives the entire constitutional power to determine "all civil causes of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction," leaving the courts to ascertain its limits, as cases may arise." -- Waring ET AL,. v. Clarke, Howard 5 12 L. ed. 1847

The situation in 1933 - decreeing roughly a state of national bankruptcy - also involved, wait for it, gold!

"My investigation convinced me that during the last quarter of a century the average production of gold has been falling off considerably. The gold mines of the world are practically exhausted. There is only about $11,000,000,000 in gold in the world, with the United States owning a little more than four billions. We have more than $100,000,000,000 in debts payable in gold of the present weight and fineness. . . As a practical proposition these contracts cannot be collected in gold for the obvious reason that the gold supply of the entire world is not sufficient to make payment." -- Congressional Record, Congressman Dies, March 15, 1933
"Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. government." -- Congressman Traficant on the House floor, March 17, 1933
"I want to show you where the people are being imposed upon by reason of the delegation of this tremendous power. I invite your attention to the fact that section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act provides that whenever the Government of the United States issues and delivers money, Federal Reserve notes, which are based on the credit of the Nation--they represent a mortgage upon your home and my home, and upon all the property of all the people of the Nation--to the Federal Reserve agent, an interest charge shall be collected for the Government." -- Congressional Record, Congressman Patman, March 13, 1933
"That is the equity of what we are about to do. Yes; you are going to close us down. Yes; you have already closed us down, and have been doing it long before this year. Our President says that for 3 years we have been on the way to bankruptcy. We have been on the way to bankruptcy longer than 3 years. We have been on the way to bankruptcy ever since we began to allow the financial mastery of this country gradually to get into the hands of a little clique that has held it right up until they would send us to the grave." -- Congressional Record, Congressman Long, March 11, 1933

The doctrine of perpetual emergency also sucks....

"I think of all the damnable heresies that have ever been suggested in connection with the Constitution, the doctrine of emergency is the worst. It means that when Congress declares an emergency there is no Constitution. This means its death....But the Constitution of the United States, as a restraining influence in keeping the federal government within the carefully prescribed channels of power, is moribund, if not dead. We are witnessing its death-agonies, for when this bill becomes a law, if unhappily it becomes law, there is no longer any workable Constitution to keep the Congress within the limits of its constitutional powers." - Congressman James Beck in Congressional Record 1933
"Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency....Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may: seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens."
"A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 (now 63) years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency....from, at least, the Civil War in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency." - Senate Report, 93rd Congress, November 19, 1973

Good ol Jefferson speaks on the threat of debt:

"...And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debts as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours in the twenty-four, and give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses; and the sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they now do, on oatmeal and potatoes; have not time to think, no means of calling the mismanager's to account; but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow sufferers..." -- (Thomas Jefferson) THE MAKING OF AMERICA, p. 395

Some really excellent stuff from the Yale Law Journal Volume XI - 1901-1902. via: The Yale law journal - Yale Law School - Google Books

yale-law-admiralty1.png yale-law-admiralty2.png yale-law-admiralty3.png yale-law-admiralty4.png

Cornell's Admiralty summary page includes a bunch of interesting stuff Admiralty | LII / Legal Information Institute:

Admiralty law in the United States developed from the British admiralty courts present in most of the American colonies. These courts functioned separately from courts of law and equity. With the Judiciary Act, though, Congress placed admiralty under the jurisdiction of the federal district courts. Although admiralty shares much in common with the civil law, it is separate from it. Common law does not act as binding precedent on admiralty courts, but it and other law may be used when no law on point is available. [......]

Under admiralty, the ship's flag determines the source of law. For example, a ship flying the American flag in the Persian Gulf would be subject to American admiralty law; and a ship flying a Norwegian flag in American waters will be subject to Norwegian admiralty law. This also applies to criminal law governing the ship's crew. But the ship must be flying the flag legitimately; that is, there must be more than insubstantial contact between the ship and its flag, in order for the law of the flag to apply. American courts may refuse jurisdiction where it would involve applying the law of another country, although in general international law does seek uniformity in admiralty law.

Just as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure placed law and equity under the same jurisdiction in 1938, the 1966 rules subsumed admiralty. Nonetheless, the Supplemental Admiralty Rules take precedence over the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in the event of conflict between the two.

Notes from the despicably shady Rules of Civil Procedure: Rule 1. Scope and Purpose | Federal Rules of Civil Procedure | LII / Legal Information Institute

1966 Amendment: This is the fundamental change necessary to effect unification of the civil and admiralty procedure. Just as the 1938 rules abolished the distinction between actions at law and suits in equity, this change would abolish the distinction between civil actions and suits in admiralty. See also Rule 81.

2007 Amendment: The merger of law, equity, and admiralty practice is complete. There is no need to carry forward the phrases that initially accomplished the merger.

LexisNexis items: ARTICLE: When Worlds Collide: The In Rem Jury and Other Marvels of Modern Admiralty // NOTE: The Jury on the Quarterdeck: The Effect of Pleading Admiralty Jurisdiction When a Proceeding Turns Hybrid. +

More resources: Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide // Home (mostly Canadian). PDF: - essay by Robert Force, Tulane Maritime Law Center. // Admiralty Law Flow Charts

Wiki: United States admiralty law // Admiralty court // Tax protester conspiracy arguments // Maritime lien -- oddly, vessels, as opposed to people, are the entities to which liens are put upon.

A bit of activist writing by 'Vigilant Liberty': "Secret of the Special Maritime Jurisdiction of the United States Exposed". It does have a lot of good cites in it... "Admiralty / Maritime Process: Are you lost at sea" is another one [scribd mirror]. INSTRUCTIONS: 4.21 Challenge All Liens and Levies

"United States of America v. $3,976.62 IN Currency, One 1960 Ford Station Wagon Serial No. OC66W145329" I think has the 'smoking gun' we are really looking for:

“Although, presumably for purposes of obtaining jurisdiction, action for forfeiture under Internal Revenue Laws is commenced as PROCEEDING IN ADMIRALTY, after jurisdiction is obtained proceeding takes on character of civil action at law, and at least as such stage of proceedings, Rules of Civil Procedures control.”

(if you google around for that title you can find similar writeups. Notably Admiralty allows proceedings against objects, not people. In admiralty, you can seize the ham sandwich as it's party to the court.)

Moar quirky liens and schemes: Hypertiger Wisdoms: Why does the IRS have a $14 Trillion lien against the US? // Quatloos! - Deceptive IRS spoof on NFTL // OVERVIEW OF ADMIRALTY / MARITIME LAW >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds // Tax Protester FAQ // fake lien! // The UCC Connection: Free yourself from legal tyranny: a funny story from a successful tax protester which talks about the Erie decision in 1938 as well as the weirder side of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), like Admiralty, another layer in the cake of weirdness.

Chicago flurry of maritime liens: One of few alternative stories I've seen go out on the Admiralty Law front: April 14-15, 2011 -- Sudden flurry of maritime lien activity in Chicago - Wayne Madsen Report

April 14-15, 2011 -- UPDATE 1X. Sudden flurry of maritime lien activity in Chicago

Maritime liens are filed on vessels for various reasons, including insuring cargo or for non-payment of stevedoring and other port fees. It is all fairly standard fare except for when a dozen or so Chicago and Illinois politicians and other officials file $100 million in maritime liens against the U.S. Department of Treasury.

WMR has discovered that although less than 100 maritime liens had been filed in Cook County since 1985, since March 28 of this year, 11 maritime liens have been filed in Cook County against the U.S. Treasury Department.

Such a development could be easily explained away, except when examining the names of the maritime lien filers in the order that they were filed. It is not known who some of the individuals are who filed the liens since March 28, but they are also listed:

W. Smith (unknown affiliation)

Lisa Madigan (Attorney General of Illinois)

C. Wallace (unknown affiliation)

Richard Michael Daley (outgoing Mayor of Chicago)

Chicago Police Deptartment

Thomas G. Byrne (Commissioner of the Chicago Streets & Sanitation Department; ex-Chicago Police Department)

Catherine Hennessy (affiliation unknown, possibly Chicago Police Department)

Pat Quinn (Governor of Illinois)

Milton R. Sees (former Illinois Department of Transportation Secretary)

Jesse White (Secretary of State of Illinois)

Ernie Dannenberger (Director of Vehicle Service Department of the Illinois Secretary of State's office)

Filing maritime liens against the US Treasury Department might indicate the future movement of U.S. Navy and/or Coast Guard vessels into Chicago's ports. However, the question looms: As Rahm Emanuel prepares to take over as mayor of Chicago, why was there a sudden flurry of maritime liens filed by top city and state officials a few weeks after Emanuel captured the mayor's seat in the election? With 9/11 rogue Larry Silverstein owning the former Sears, now Willis, Tower; Sam Zell running the Chicago Tribune; Emanuel soon sitting in the mayor's office; and Chicago-based President Obama kicking off his re-election campaign, the seemingly innocent filing of liens may indicate that something else is afoot.

UPDATE 1: Although maritime liens represent a relatively specialized area of the law, the American Bar Association Journal from October 1957 stated in an article that a recognized maritime tax lien has priority over a federal tax lien. Maritime liens can also cover non-vessel property, including buildings.

So what does it all mean?! Hell, beats me! I'm more confused than when I started, but at least these old-school quotes from Adams illustrate the fundamentally authoritarian nature of Admiralty Law, which the founding fathers struggled against. It's hard to say if these notices filed against the Federal Reserve would pan out, but it is quite an exciting yarn. Wilcock's site said that Admiralty Law is even more secret & privileged than UFOs, so... yeah.

Markets take more of a dive, so cash out and start meeting about collapse & local food

In Afghanistan the 'Seal Six' craft evidently went down... everyone killed in action there are now called "NATO troops" instead of Americans. Heavily armed Multi-Jurisdiction FoodControl Swat teams step in to shut down & crush the Rawesome Foods outlet in Venice CA as our friendly local industrial food monolith Cargill has millions pounds of ground turkey recalled -- weeks after regulators realized something was up. Clearly the regulatory capture in FDA & related authorities has spun pretty far out of control. No one is ever going to swat raid Cargill. That's the game, people.

And of course stability is taking a huge leg down this week. It's always hard to get the timing with these things, but it's pretty clear that thangs are getting worse fast. If you hasn't already, try to cash out of the American & European stock market while you still can. Get rolling, know your neighbors, readjust for a different life. Minnesota in particular is a hard place and they're right, it's going to be a hard winter here. (Video: good interview w Gerald Celente)

Overall it has occurred to me there should really just be weekly public meetings about collapse & responses in as many places as possible. This is really pretty bad.

One of the things about the recent Minnesota government shutdown was that childcare was really a mess as the state childcare credits were cut off. Let's say that the economy takes another major dive like 20% with a lot more layoffs & people with jobs are stretched thin. If people have a better way of obtaining childcare available then they are more likely to be able to hang onto their jobs or be capable of taking new ones.

I don't really know if I can follow through but I think it would be helpful. At collapse meetings, might also help to adding an online channel for live video (ie skype or livestream or google+ hangouts or whatever it's called) would probably be a good idea -- possibly also a phone line to call into.

We are seeing positive trends a bit in Minneapolis for food security as urban farming becomes a possibility, but the nettlesome regulatory & zoning parts of city government will surely take longer than winter 2011 to actually permit things, I bet. :(

Mpls fluoride toxifies foods! Another issue is that city tapwater is fluoridated, which means that the disgusting toxic additive will accumulate in vegetables! What happens to veggies when they get this toxic crud into their cells? Mpls has either Fluorosilicic acid or Sodium fluorosilicate added... the city budget is trashed & they're going to make layoffs. Hey City: Quit fluoridating! Damn state mandate! One idea: call a special session to suspend as many mandates as possible :-|

Urban agriculture plan: // main page:

city notices on local food:

the major story on it by Rebekah Rentzel: about Growing Lots Urban Farm in Seward by Hiawatha & Sisters Camelot which is also growing now. There's a pretty good community food effort rolling along -- can't find a good map of this stuff around though.

Bernie Sanders causes exposure of $16,000,000,000,000 in unauthorized global criminal banker syndicate Federal Reserve operations

The criminal banker syndicate which has captured much of our federal government has finally had some of its inner mechanics exposed thanks to Bernie Sanders, one of a handful of legit people in Congress today.... The Full Bernie post is well earned:

The Fed Audit - Newsroom: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont)

The first top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve uncovered eye-popping new details about how the U.S. provided a whopping $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. An amendment by Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Wall Street reform law passed one year ago this week directed the Government Accountability Office to conduct the study. "As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world," said Sanders. "This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you're-on-your-own individualism for everyone else."

Among the investigation's key findings is that the Fed unilaterally provided trillions of dollars in financial assistance to foreign banks and corporations from South Korea to Scotland, according to the GAO report. "No agency of the United States government should be allowed to bailout a foreign bank or corporation without the direct approval of Congress and the president," Sanders said.

The non-partisan, investigative arm of Congress also determined that the Fed lacks a comprehensive system to deal with conflicts of interest, despite the serious potential for abuse. In fact, according to the report, the Fed provided conflict of interest waivers to employees and private contractors so they could keep investments in the same financial institutions and corporations that were given emergency loans.

For example, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase served on the New York Fed's board of directors at the same time that his bank received more than $390 billion in financial assistance from the Fed. Moreover, JP Morgan Chase served as one of the clearing banks for the Fed's emergency lending programs.

In another disturbing finding, the GAO said that on Sept. 19, 2008, William Dudley, who is now the New York Fed president, was granted a waiver to let him keep investments in AIG and General Electric at the same time AIG and GE were given bailout funds. One reason the Fed did not make Dudley sell his holdings, according to the audit, was that it might have created the appearance of a conflict of interest.

To Sanders, the conclusion is simple. "No one who works for a firm receiving direct financial assistance from the Fed should be allowed to sit on the Fed's board of directors or be employed by the Fed," he said.

The investigation also revealed that the Fed outsourced most of its emergency lending programs to private contractors, many of which also were recipients of extremely low-interest and then-secret loans.

The Fed outsourced virtually all of the operations of their emergency lending programs to private contractors like JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo. The same firms also received trillions of dollars in Fed loans at near-zero interest rates. Altogether some two-thirds of the contracts that the Fed awarded to manage its emergency lending programs were no-bid contracts. Morgan Stanley was given the largest no-bid contract worth $108.4 million to help manage the Fed bailout of AIG.

A more detailed GAO investigation into potential conflicts of interest at the Fed is due on Oct. 18, but Sanders said one thing already is abundantly clear. "The Federal Reserve must be reformed to serve the needs of working families, not just CEOs on Wall Street."

To read the GAO report, click here.

So Rational, Entirely Scheduled, Always Escalating War on Drugs & Indie Foods: Mn Board of Pharmacy & our endless circular biochemical police state

Check it: So Rational, Entirely Scheduled, Always Escalating War on Drugs & Indie Foods: Mn Board of Pharmacy & our endless circular biochemical police state. Finally got this story posted.

Also had a fairly good effort to point out that no one cares about criminal banking operations in Minnesota, including the laundering of drug money thru the Federal Reserve System! You're guaranteed to laugh at this moment of law enforcement rationalization fail :)

Michigan's power to zap townships - the end of Real Property? The Emergency Financial Manager law and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787

I found this writeup on the new Midwest 'financial martial law' system interesting enough to share. The crazy rationale for the horrible law in Michigan is that dissolved townships won't be burdened with debt? But what of the system of townships and property created in the Northwest Ordinance? What is the Northwest Ordinance? I though this argument by one Amy Washburn was worth sharing...The Michigan emergency financial manager (EFM) law and real property - what we're not yet being told by the media

See also YouTube - Rachel Maddow: Michigan's Dystopian (Corporate Republican) Future And Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine and more recently YouTube - Maddow on Emergency Manager Takeover of Benton Harbor, Michigan. The emergency financial manager law is a huge scam to accelerate the typical eminent domain for rich people schemes - in their pilot case, stealing Benton Harbor's big park and putting stupid rich people homes and a golf course there. Because it's an emergency!!


The Federal Reserve is laundering money - Xtranormal

For followups & fun I've posted a bunch of vids to youtube (New Madrid MSNBC and Army Corps 1 and 2 ) and a bunch of pdfs to Scribd including all the latest crazy Pennsylvania Homeland Security stuff.

Event here: Indymedia having a 2010 Resistance in Review on Friday at Waite House with dinner!
TC Indymedia Dec 3 Event Resistance in Review New

I tried loading a funny cable about Prince William from Wikileaks into Xtranormal. It's not super funny, but xtranormal kicks ass...

Anyway here is the stupid core of the system going on. Look at that, we have these damn things maturing as soon as May 2012 here, why are they such short bonds, why can't we lock in some cheap 20-year bonds? Gawd this is like the exploding ARM of doom coming off this chart. As the video explains....Tentative Outright Treasury Operation Schedule - Federal Reserve Bank of New York also Federal Reserve Bank of New York - Permanent Open Market OperationsScreen shot 2010-12-01 at 2.27.53 AM.png

Nicely done, video is just a fun way to reach people. The trick is to keep puttin em out.....

Waterfall New World Order Resistance of Minneapolis! Mysterious Mississippi riverfront stencil street art agitates vs tyranny


What can I say? I like street art – when it breaks up the unspeakable horror of the modernist nightmare, the endless, colorless flat planes composing our concrete public existence.

So it was a surprise to go looking and find these big New World Order stencils around the Hennepin Avenue bridge and down on Main Street. This one gets many bonus points for facing right at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis a few hundred feet away.


Somewhat unnerving Obey-style figure that appears to be Alex Jones, stenciled into the arrow. On the Stone Arch Bridge towards the Downtown Mpls side.



This second New World Order stencil was on a concrete nook on Main Street, near the St. Anthony movie theatre and the stairwell up to Central / 3rd Avenue.


I'm feeling too lazy to work with the exposure right now but this is the context.


The mysterious stenciled faces are all over too - this is on the NE end of Hennepin bridge.


Earlier - stencils on the 3rd Avenue / Central Avenue on the stairwell down to Main Street.


The inside of the stairwell has the Obama-Joker stencil.



Got a funny pic of this snowman in the Cancer Survivors park.



A little fun with slow shutter down by the Boardwalk / Stone Arch Bridge.


Got interesting look from the Soap Factory neon. Again too lazy to up the brightness but it's all in fun.


Next to our first pyramid on Hennepin, on the support pillar of the bridge, some lolcat chalked 'Stop FBI Raids!'

IMG_0440.JPG IMG_0441.JPG

From the bridge - here's the lazy view towards the Fed - it's over there to right right of the triple pillars.

IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0432.JPG

The biggest scandal in world history; WANTAGATE, Leo Wanta, the post-Soviet trillions and lots of tangled disinfo from shady operatives (or not)

Draft conspiracy post note - this rough draft story lacks links but I want to get it up anyways... Have fun everyone!

UPDATE: Hi to everyone from - keep it up :)


This guy, Leo Wanta / Lee Wanta / Ambassador Leo Wanta, could be the key to the biggest financial conspiracy of all time. Or maybe it's a huge thing of hot air.

It seems we can all agree Wanta was a buddy of Ronald Reagan, and a financial intelligence operative who performed some maneuvers which helped bring about the financial collapse of the Soviet Union. I think everyone agrees on this. Wanta was written about some years back in Claire Sterling's "Thieves' World: The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime (1994)."

Wanta got incarcerated in Wisconsin on the premise of some bizarre tax thing for a while, and apparently he got sympathetic help from a UK finance/conspiracy journalist, Christopher Story (, who loaned him some skrilla to post bail, which Wanta then welched on.

Things get murkier from here. The storyline is that Wanta somehow controls the 'winnings' of bringing down the Soviet Union thru currency operations. The idea is that Wanta is the trustee or custodian of trillions of dollars leftover from 'winning the Cold War'. This pile of cash, which really ought to go to the US Treasury methinks, has attracted the Usual Suspects into stealing and otherwise manipulating the money. The Clintons and the Bushes, and associated operatives, all want to make off with the money, or use it as collateral to get other financial instruments going.

Also, Wanta, as an Office of Naval Intelligence operative, was apparently friends with Michael Delmart Vreeland, an ONI operative who most infamously was arrested in Canada before 9/11 and tipped off his captors that Pentagon & World Trade Center attacks were on the way. [Let one happen, stop the rest..] Vreeland's bizarre story, which involved allegations that the Russians and Saddam Hussein were involved somehow, became the basis for a few chapters in Michael Ruppert's Crossing The Rubicon. (Vreeland seems very much like Richard Case Nagell, the "Man Who Knew Too Much" in the JFK assassination, and put himself under custody just prior to that shady staged event. The Vreeland stuff is a tangent right now tho :)

So we come to a strange idea of WANTAGATE that is not widely reported: the resolution of huge sums of money behind the scenes. Christopher Story claims, roughly, that a financial arrangement known as 'the settlements' would bring this huge amount of money back onto the balance sheets of the US Treasury, but sneeky dudes like Geithner, Bushes, Clintons, etc., want to try to keep the shadow money moving and use it to rebuild the great fraudulent derivatives scheme.

At this point, Story claims that somehow (how the media, even US underground media, doesn't catch onto this, I don't get at all) that the US Treasury is under a lien, the World Court and these INTERPOL forces are basically cleaning house, which was why INTERPOL got its privileges boosted from Obama's Executive Order in December.

A whole galaxy of confusing actors and disinfo agents are around this. It gets right around to some low profile characters going back to the Clinton years and Iran-Contra/BCCI. Story introduces the idea that 'DVD' is a secret Nazi black intelligence agency in Germany, the descendant of the CIA-sponsored Gehlen Organization after WWII. WIkipedia: "He also claims that former British Prime Minister Edward Heath was "recruited by the Nazis before the war" and was an agent of the "the secret Nazi strategic continuum since exposed as Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau."

Story says that Kissinger and HW Bush are part of the secret German agenda (as well as Wanta), and if we look back to more old-skewl Nazi links, the role of Skull and Bones as a Germanic order that illustrates how closely intertwined Eastern families are with the Nazis... Nazis of course just being a right-dialectic wing of the Illuminati agenda...

Story used to be cool with Wanta but is now against him. Story posted the texts of documents indicating that Thomas Heneghan acted as Wanta's financial agent.

Thomas Heneghan is a self proclaimed intelligence expert, who actually at one point jacked my Sibel Edmonds image off the site, blogs on Myspace in a fairly odd way. Heneghan seems to be allied with Tom Flocco and Stew Webb, who was something of a whistleblower on BCCI/Iran-Contra and other weird Clinton banking scam things. Pretty sure it was Webb who did the most awesome flowchart of Clinton/Bush mega-conspiracy. He also writes on FBI creeps (Tim White, Jeff Fisher seem uber creepy members of the mythical FBI Division Five). Somehow satellites become involved with votefraud... Heneghan is really a weird one, part of a certain knot in the fabric.

Eva Teleki. Story says she is part of the evil German operation. She is like some minion sent around by the Bush family to open accounts or something. Best name in the scheme.

CASPER: Casper (pseudonym) seems to be a sort of stock market huckster with intelligence connections. Story talks a ton of smack about Casper and Casper kind of is like 'you don't know whats up over here and also this particular odd loan was not a CIA ponzi scheme.' Casper is part of an ongoing mess posted at the oft-updated FourWinds website.

Sorcha Faal: While seeming to be a woman, Sorcha Faal seems to actually be a Catholic intelligence guy in Virginia. Faal seems to post something around provocative/subversive tone but this would seem to be CIA gatekeeping of the fringe. Or not. But Faal seems to have annoyed people widely.

Story wrote:
In this connection we need to reiterate that anonymous, unprovenanced reports by a fictitious source calling itself Sorcha Faal and purporting to be derived from the Kremlin, is actually a diversionary disinformation operation perpetrated by an Irishman, S. L. O’Huallachain and by Commander J. Forrest Sharpe, of Light in the Darkness Publications, Vienna, VA, located, as we recently pointed out, deep in US intelligence communitysville, according to our sources. - (Check this post) likes to post around sides of this issue but also seems to attract flowz of the big disinfo. Hard to say what the role is but has been around for a long time. Story is pissed with them (he doesn't seem to like conspiracy sites and thinks a lot of them are carrying 'diversionary claptrap.' Fair enough.)

Mysterious Wanta items

Anything within about 2 hops of Leo Wanta turns into a lot of smudgy faxes and strange narrative chunks. These could be red herrings but they reflect the texture of what's going around - these faxes are one 'stillpoint' version. Story claimed stillpoint was a plan to crash America, but the other guys said it was nothing of the sort. And this appeared thru Heneghan...

The Arctic Beacon: some people regarded as a first-generation CIA disinfo website, or used for limited hangouts, and there quite is a lot of Wanta stuff that's come thru there. This may be an unfair characterization of Greg Syzmanski who is involved with GCN Radio Network (Genesis Communications Network - The Alex Jones & other quirky stuff radio net). See for hits. Related Syzmanski describes his version of the Wanta story, which makes Bush2 out to be the bad guy:

Four Winds: big arguments about it all posted a lot here

I thought this Wanta article was super funny, by Marilyn Barnewall,

GodlikeProductions is a chill forum, they hashed over Sorcha Faal vs Story

By far the best discussion thread (at least the longest) about what in the hell this adds up to was @ The Unhived Mind, which appears to be mainly about anti-DeepCatholicism (i.e. Templars, the weird Legatius group, Vatican ops, etc) .

that's one heckuva thread.

Anyway this is only a rough roundup of some major factors, but should lead the way to where the discussions and axes of new exposures and arguments might be around Leo Wanta, the multi trillion dollar incarcerated German/Reagan financial operative, who ended up with the money that "won" the Cold War. Before he got thrown in jail in Wisconsin. :-/

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