A clue in Fellini's La Dolce Vita about that old Mithraic esotericism: To live outside of time, detached...

This is a random thing but it caught my attention. At almost the exact middle of Fellini's La Dolce Vita there is a somber discussion as Marcello, the tabloid journalist protagonist, tells Steiner the intellectual he wishes he had such a nice & accomplished life.

But Steiner looks out the window and fears for the life his children will face. He says he wishes he could "live outside of time, detached" in English subtitles, anyway. He's one of the more distinctly anti-fascist characters in the film & he seems to also be lamenting what appear to be persistent spotlights of the spectacle outside his windows.


Sometimes at night this darkness, this silence, weighs on me. Peace frightens me. I'm afraid of peace more than anything else. To me it seems that it's only an outer shell and that hell is hiding behind it. I think of what my children will see tomorrow. "The world will be wonderful," they say. From what point of view? When a phone call can announce the end of the world. One should live outside of passions, beyond emotions, in that harmony you find in completed artworks in that enchanted order. We should learn to love each other so much, to live outside of time, detached. Detached.

Thus ends the middle segment of the film divided into seven days and nights.


Only a couple days earlier, thanks to @daviDNAlexander I ran into a funny essay, "The Entheogen Theory of Religion and Ego Death" by Michael Hoffman which dives into the idea that ancient mystery religions sought a very similar sort of avenue to enlightenment.


The idea is explored by associating the various snakes and orphic egg iconography with the sort of wiggly path that a person's life takes, as if it were seen from a five-dimensional or timeless perspective, a "frozen universe". Likewise the notions of fixed fates & destinies were always so big in ancient western mythology. Connections are made to the ancient Mithra cult, an important underlying source of symbolism for Roman Catholicism. No surprise, then, that the idea would have wiggled its way into a film so closely linked to Italy & Catholicism as Vita.

Side note: The floppy red Phrygian cap worn by Mithra turns up later in a lot of revolutionary and Freemasonry-friendly artwork in the time of the French Revolution, as well as within the Romanesque iconography of America's "civic religion". I posted a whole bunch of related art including the symbolic caps, see images posted previously: June 2011: Dashing Wartime Philosopher Bernard Henri Lévy ties Libyan rebels & Netanyahu, lolz at teh Bilderberg conspiracy - and your French Revolution Freemason delirium too! |

And of course, Hoffman writes about the notion that entheogenic drugs allow the 'ego death' so that one can finally see a glimpse of that weird little fixed place in the cosmos, before you shake it off and resume weaving forward on your linear life path…

I'm sure there are other interesting symbols stuffed into Dolce Vita that I've only barely begun to find, but I definitely dig how this particular moment is right at the very middle of the film.

Alcohol comes to Pine Ridge reservation after White Clay battle

It is disappointing to hear that Pine Ridge Reservation voted to resume selling alcohol after so many had fought against it - and this is no doubt pleasant news for the people that profit from the war on drugs, like alcohol companies. I also just saw ads about four new bars opening at Mystic Lake here in Minnesota.

It is too bad, unfortunately the American Indians are only one example of how chemical dependency is fostered by corporate America through billions of dollars in advertising.... Another massive subsidy, the stadiums hosting booze ads, will be touched on shortly.

In late June: Oglala Lakota Nation President VS Nebraska State Police June 17, 2013 - YouTube

Breaking News: Oglala Sioux Tribe President Arrested During Protest in White Clay | Earth First! Newswire

Oglala Sioux President Arrested at Whiteclay Protest -

A Dry Reservation Clashes With Its Liquor Store Neighbors : NPR

Now: Pine Ridge Reservation Votes to End Alcohol Ban - "Chief Duke said that he expected the easier availability of alcohol to lead to a sharp rise in violence, which will challenge a department whose 37 officers are responsible for patrolling an area larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.... Chief Duke said he finally gave up alcohol when he turned 31. But alcohol’s ill fortune caught up to some members of his family. Two of his daughters, he said, were killed in drunken-driving accidents in the 1990s."

Also: Pine Ridge Reservation Lifts Century-Old Alcohol Ban : The Two-Way : NPR // It's official: Pine Ridge Reservation legalizes alcohol in historic referendum


Sarcasm memes are emerging on Minneapolis internets from Minneapolis AIM:

pine-ridge2.jpg pine-ridge3.jpg


Via Tasunke Wakan:

"If the People Who voted yes on the Oglala Homelands to Legalize alcohol sales win the Ethnic cleansing by the Wasicu has succeeded. The Wasicu no longer needs to come and kill us with his Armies he now has the mni sica (bad water) to do his work for him. More people will now die from from alcohol related deaths and illnesses. Drunk drivers will kill innocent people on the highways and Sexual and physical abuse will increase, along with the crime rate. Also elderly abuse and child abuse along with suicides will increase. Read Black Elk's vision in the book Black Elk Speaks he fortells of this time and how the dark cloud covered the people. That time is now!!!!!! But in the end only the people who follow the original ways will survive according to his vision."

via AIM of Twin Cities & AIM Patrol of Minneapolis - Now What To Do With All The Millions In Alcohol... - AIM of Twin Cities & AIM Patrol of Minneapolis: "This was posted from AIM Grassroots."

Now What To Do With All The Millions In Alcohol Money On Pine Ridge

By Scott Barta
Just like most of america, the majority of users of alcohol on the oglala Lakota "Sioux" Pine Ridge reservation suffered tragic childhood trauma and only use alcohol to numb their pain, their denial, their fear of exposure - whether raped, beaten, or verbally abused by parents/grandparents/brothers/uncles/neighbors.
What to do now?
Each of the nine districts will now get liquor stores no doubt, regulated by a tribal department. This will create jobs temporary employment for construction workers who must build the facilitie and provide jobs for all the new employees that must be hired by the tribe to run the stores.
What is needed most on Pine Ridge?
Currently, a plague is destroying american Indian reservations, and Pine Ridge is no different then the rest. Young men between the ages of 18 and 36 are being ignored and cast away by the tribes - often thrown away into the court and jail systems.
These 18-36 year old males are being denied their right to manhood - providing for themselves and their families, usually by possessive mothers/grandmothers who continue to enable and cripple these young men. In effect, they refuse to cut the embilical cord or ween the child from the teet - under the excuse of "compassion" and "generousity".
The worst thing for a man is thinking and feeling that he is inadequate, useless, unable to provide - it tears at the heart. He will not admit it and not ask for help, buyt he will ache inside until his next drink, his next drug. Often they lash out in macho attempts (gang, fighting, etc.) to try to cover thier inadequacies which compounds the problems.
18-36 year old males are allowed to stay at mom's or grandma's house - often not even required to wash a single dish or take out a bag of trash. The boys have girlfriends, all hickey-ed-up, shacking up with them, getting them pregnant; then pretty soon they break-up and then you have single moms raising unwanted kids.
18-36ers use moms/grandma's car, go drinking/drugging, then wreck the car, get thrown in jail - then mom/grandma BAIL THEM OUT for $400 (so much for groceries and bill-paying that week), all so they can come back and flop at the house until their next dramatic cry for help goes unanswered.
This alcohol profits, instead of going to all the tribal council members for new pick-ups, must go to training camps in each district for all 18-36 year olds who are not working full time and not living on their own. Sales profits can be used to hire builders to construct small cabins or erect tents/Tipis in a "Manhood Training Circle" where the boys stay, eat and live communally - available for any work delegated to them. "Manhood Training Circle" Staff must be hired to coordinate who comes in requesting assistance from the boys for building garages, bailing hay, basic plumbing/electrical jobs, hauling jobs, etc.
Experts can come in and give job/employment trainings, spiritual insight, wisdom and encouragement throughout the day to the campers - all guiding them to becoming providers for their nation.
IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO FIX THE NATION, it is not too late to save our young men.

Anyway will leave it there for now, but also add info on the lawfulness of the subsidized hub of booze advertising, the quasi-illegal Minneapolis Vikings stadium...

And then they came for Lauryn Hill - at least she got out

I've tried to convince a few people that something is weird and sketchy in the entertainment industry. It's hard to get people to bite usually -- though as Mr Knowles says at Secret Sun, the old occult-pop-art trick is pretty old and good for boosting sales.

There's a whole bunch of sites about a weirdly somewhat plausible theory, roughly that pop stars are frequently mind-controlled drones, run by MKULTRA style handlers, who use drugs, emotional dependency, depraved forms of abuse, and the odd esoteric method to basically maintain the Fame Monster. Hubs for this scene include Vigilant Citizen, OCCULT POPAGENDA, In Search of Black Assassins, etc. Idolatry is a very powerful force in the human psyche, and I think that's probably the place to start in understanding how the entertainment industry works.

via Tumblr Ms. Lauryn Hill

It was reported yesterday that Ms. Lauryn Hill has been charged with three counts of misdemeanor failure to file taxes. These charges were incurred for the years of 2005-2007, during a time in which Ms. Hill had removed herself and her family from society, in order to keep them safe, healthy, and free from danger. In response to these charges, Ms. Hill has issued the following statement:

“For the past several years, I have remained what others would consider underground. I did this in order to build a community of people, like-minded in their desire for freedom and the right to pursue their goals and lives without being manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex with a completely different agenda. Having put the lives and needs of other people before my own for multiple years, and having made hundreds of millions of dollars for certain institutions, under complex and sometimes severe circumstances, I began to require growth and more equitable treatment, but was met with resistance. I entered into my craft full of optimism (which I still possess), but immediately saw the suppressive force with which the system attempts to maintain it’s control over a given paradigm. I’ve seen people promote addiction, use sabotage, black listing, media bullying and any other coercion technique they could, to prevent artists from knowing their true value, or exercising their full power. These devices of control, no matter how well intentioned (or not), can have a devastating outcome on the lives of people, especially creative types who must grow and exist within a certain environment and according to a certain pace, in order to live and create optimally.

I kept my life relatively simple, even after huge successes, but it became increasingly obvious that certain indulgences and privileges were expected to come at the expense of my free soul, free mind, and therefore my health and integrity. So I left a more mainstream and public life, in order to wean both myself, and my family, away from a lifestyle that required distortion and compromise as a means for maintaining it. During this critical healing time, there were very few people accessible to me who had not already been seduced or affected by this machine, and therefore who could be trusted to not try and influence or coerce me back into a dynamic of compromise. Individual growth was expected to take place unnaturally, or stagnated outright, subject to marketing and politics. Addressing critical issues like pop culture cannibalism or its manipulation of the young at the expense of everything, was frowned upon and discouraged by limiting funding, or denying it outright. When one has a prolific creative output like I did/do, and is then forced to stop, the effects can be dangerous both emotionally and psychologically, both for the artist and those in need of that resource. It was critically important that I find a suitable pathway within which to exist, without being distorted or economically strong-armed.

During this period of crisis, much was said about me, both slanted and inaccurate, by those who had become dependent on my creative force, yet unwilling to fully acknowledge the importance of my contribution, nor compensate me equitably for it. This was done in an effort to smear my public image, in order to directly affect my ability to earn independently of this system. It took a long time to locate and nurture a community of people strong enough to resist the incredibly unhealthy tide, and more importantly see through it. If I had not been able to make contact with, and establish this community, my life, safety and freedom, would have been directly affected as well as the lives, safety and freedom of my family. Failure to create a non toxic, non exploitative environment was not an option.

As my potential to work, and therefore earn freely, was being threatened, I did whatever needed to be done in order to insulate my family from the climate of hostility, false entitlement, manipulation, racial prejudice, sexism and ageism that I was surrounded by. This was absolutely critical while trying to find and establish a new and very necessary community of healthy people, and also heal and detoxify myself and my family while raising my young children.

There were no exotic trips, no fleet of cars, just an all out war for safety, integrity, wholeness and health, without mistreatment denial, and/or exploitation. In order to liberate myself from those who found it ok to oppose my wholeness, free speech and integral growth by inflicting different forms of punitive action against it, I used my resources to sustain our safety and survival until I was able to restore my ability to earn outside of it!

When artists experience danger and crisis under the effects of this kind of insidious manipulation, everyone easily accepts that there was something either dysfunctional or defective with the artist, rather than look at, and fully examine, the system and its means and policies of exploiting/’doing business’. Not only is this unrealistic, it is very dark in its motivation, conveniently targeting the object of their hero worship by removing any evidence that they ‘needed’ or celebrated this very same resource just years, months or moments before. Since those who believe they need a hero/celebrity outnumber the actual heroes/celebrities, people feel safe and comfortably justified in numbers, committing egregious crimes in the name of the greater social ego. Ironically diminishing their own true hero-celebrity nature in the process.

It was this schism and the hypocrisy, violence and social cannibalism it enabled, that I wanted and needed to be freed from, not from art or music, but the suppression/repression and reduction of that art and music to a bottom line alone, without regard for anything else. Over-commercialization and its resulting restrictions and limitations can be very damaging and distorting to the inherent nature of the individual. I Love making art, I Love making music, these are as natural and necessary for me almost as breathing or talking. To be denied the right to pursue it according to my ability, as well as be properly acknowledged and compensated for it, in an attempt to control, is manipulation directed at my most basic rights! These forms of expression, along with others, effectively comprise my free speech! Defending, preserving, and protecting these rights are critically important, especially in a paradigm where veiled racism, sexism, ageism, nepotism, and deliberate economic control are still blatant realities!!!

Learning from the past, insulating friends and family from the influence of external manipulation and corruption, is far more important to me than being misunderstood for a season! I did not deliberately abandon my fans, nor did I deliberately abandon any responsibilities, but I did however put my safety, health and freedom and the freedom, safety and health of my family first over all other material concerns! I also embraced my right to resist a system intentionally opposing my right to whole and integral survival.

I conveyed all of this when questioned as to why I did not file taxes during this time period. Obviously, the danger I faced was not accepted as reasonable grounds for deferring my tax payments, as authorities, who despite being told all of this, still chose to pursue action against me, as opposed to finding an alternative solution.

My intention has always been to get this situation rectified. When I was working consistently without being affected by the interferences mentioned above, I filed and paid my taxes. This only stopped when it was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family.

As this, and other areas of issue are resolved and set straight, I am able to get back to doing what I should be doing, the way it should be done. This is part of that process. To those supporters who were told that I abandoned them, that is untrue. I abandoned greed, corruption, and compromise, never you, and never the artistic gifts and abilities that sustained me.”

With credit to Vigilant Citizen, this song "I get out" clearly indicates what's going on.

HG Wells: The City of London is taking over the world! Yet Science must go on - the shape of things to come

“But where was the Central Observation Bureau? Where was the professorial and student body which should have been recording these irregularities and producing plans for adjustment?”


things-to-come.jpgWhat I like about HG Wells The Shape of Things to Come, is it all comes down to the World State, the City of London and transportation systems -- three topics kicking around this week. This guy was spinning the first yarns about this stuff, tied in with all sorts of people.

Fortunately Mr Wells wrote this strange 1933 work about the Air Dictatorship of the technocrats. The Huxley boys took it from there. Fabian-related utopianism, always entertaining with a neo-classical feel. These people wanted to drive a vision of the future - and science fiction was a good way to drive that vision into the public at large.

Also this piece was one of the earliest to use 'CE' notation -- I always thought 'Common Era' was sketchy!

Awesome visuals via

H. G. Wells: on Modernmechanix.


HG WELLS - via (or scribd)

The Shape of Things to Come, by H. G. Wells

3. The Accumulating Disproportions of the Old Order

Let us consider some of the main appearances that disposed many minds to expect a world community in the early twentieth century. In the first place a very considerable financial unity had been achieved. The credit of the City of London ran to the ends of the earth and the gold sovereign was for all practical purposes a world coin, exchangeable locally for local expenditure within relatively slight fluctuations. Economic life was becoming very generalized. Over great areas trade moved with but small impediments, and the British still hoped to see their cosmopolitan conception of Free Trade accepted by the whole world. The International Institute of Agriculture in Rome was developing an annual census of staple production and reaching out towards a world control of commodity transport. Considerable movements and readjustments of population were going on, unimpeded by any government interference. Swarms of Russian Poles, for instance, drifted into Eastern Germany for the harvest work and returned; hundreds of thousands of Italians went to work in the United States for a few years and then came back with their earnings to their native villages. An ordinary traveller might go all over the more settled parts of the earth and never be asked for a passport unless he wanted to obtain a registered letter at a post office or otherwise prove his identity.

A number of minor but significant federal services had also come into existence and had a sound legal standing throughout the world, the Postal Union for example. Before 1914 C.E. a written document was delivered into the hands of the addressee at almost every point upon the planet, almost as surely as, if less swiftly than, it is to-day. (The Historical Documents Board has recently reprinted a small book, International Government, prepared for the little old Fabian Society during the Great War period by L. S. Woolf, which gives a summary of such arrangements. He lists twenty-three important world unions dealing at that time with trade, industry, finance, communications, health, science, art, literature, drugs, brothels, criminals, emigration and immigration and minor political affairs.) These world-wide cooperations seemed — more particularly to the English-speaking peoples — to presage a direct and comparatively smooth transition from the political patchwork of the nineteenth century, as the divisions of the patchwork grew insensibly fainter, to a stable confederation of mankind. The idea of a coming World-State was quite familiar at the time — one finds it, for instance, as early as Lord Tennyson’s Locksley Hall (published in 1842); but there was no effort whatever to achieve it, and indeed no sense of the need of such effort. The World-State was expected to come about automatically by the inherent forces in things.


That belief in some underlying benevolence in uncontrolled events was a common error, one might almost say THE common error, of the time. It affected every school of thought. In exactly the same fashion the followers of Marx (before the invigorating advent of Lenin and the Bolshevist reconstruction of Communism) regarded their dream of world communism as inevitable, and the disciples of Herbert Spencer found a benevolent Providence in “free competition”. “Trust Evolution”, said the extreme Socialist and the extreme Individualist, as piously as the Christians put their trust in God. It was the Bolshevik movement in the twentieth century which put will into Communism. The thought of the nineteenth century revolutionary and reactionary alike was saturated with that confident irresponsible laziness. As Professor K. Chandra Sen has remarked, hope in the Victorian period was not a stimulant but an opiate.

We who live in a disciplined order, the chastened victors of a hard-fought battle, understand how superficial and unsubstantial were all those hopeful appearances. The great processes of mechanical invention, which have been described in our general account of the release of experimental science from deductive intellectualism, were increasing the power and range of every operating material force quite irrespective of its fitness or unfitness for the new occasions of mankind. With an equal impartiality they were bringing world-wide understanding and world-wide massacre into the range of human possibility.

It was through no fault of these inventors and investigators that the new opportunities they created were misused. That was outside their range. They had as yet no common culture of their own. Nor, since each worked in his own field, were they responsible for the fragmentary irregularity of their discoveries. Biological and especially social invention were lagging far behind the practical advances of the exacter, simpler sciences. Their application was more difficult; the matters they affected were so much more deeply embedded in ordinary use and wont, variation was more intimate, novelties could not be inserted with the same freedom. It was easy to supplant the coach and horses on the macadamized road by the steam-engine or the railway, because it was not necessary to do anything to the road or the coach and horses to bring about the change. They were just left alone to run themselves out as the railroad (and later the automobile on the rubber-glass track) superseded them. But men cannot set up new social institutions, new social and political and industrial relationships, side by side with the old in that fashion. It must be an altogether tougher and slower job. It is a question not of ousting but of reconstruction. The old must be converted into the new without ceasing for a moment to be a going concern. The over-running of the biologically old by the mechanically new, due to these differences in timing, was inevitable, and it reached its maximum in the twentieth century.

A pathological analogy may be useful here. In the past, before the correlation of development in living organisms began to be studied, people used to suffer helplessly and often very dreadfully from all sorts of irregularities of growth in their bodies. The medical services of the time, such as they were, were quite unable to control them. One of these, due to what is called the Nurmi ratios in the blood, was a great overproduction of bone, either locally or generally. The suffered gradually underwent distortion into a clumsy caricature of his former self; his features became coarse and massive, his skull bones underwent a monstrous expansion; the proportions of his limbs altered, and the leverage of his muscles went askew. He was made to look grotesque; he was crippled and at last killed. Something strictly parallel happened to human society in the hundred years before the Great War. Under the stimulus of mechanical invention and experimental physics it achieved, to pursue our metaphor, a hypertrophy of bone, muscle and stomach, without any corresponding enlargement of its nervous controls.

Long before the Great War this progressive disproportion had been dimly recognized by many observers. The favourite formula was to declare that “spiritual” — for the naïve primordial opposition of spirit and matter was still accepted in those days — had not kept pace with “material” advance. This was usually said with an air of moral superiority to the world at large. Mostly there was a vague implication that if these other people would only refrain from using modern inventions so briskly, or go to church more, or marry earlier and artlessly, or read a more “spiritual” type of literature, or refrain from mixed bathing, or work harder and accept lower wages, or be more respectful and obedient to constituted authority, all might yet be well. Beyond this sort of thing there was little recognition of the great and increasing disharmonies of the social corpus until after the Great War.xlg_wells_1.jpg

The young reader will ask, “But where was the Central Observation Bureau? Where was the professorial and student body which should have been recording these irregularities and producing plans for adjustment?”

There was no Central Observation Bureau. That did not exist for another century. That complex organization of discussion, calculation, criticism and forecast was undreamt of. Those cities of thought, full of serene activities, came into existence only after the organization of the Record and Library Network under the Air Dictatorship between 2010 and 2030. Even the mother thought-city, the World Encyclopædia Establishment, was not founded until 2012. In the early twentieth century there was still no adequate estimate of economic forces and their social reactions. There were only a few score professors and amateurs of these fundamentally important studies scattered throughout the earth. They were scattered in every sense; even their communications were unsystematic. They had no powers of enquiry, no adequate statistics, little prestige; few people heeded what they thought or said.

Maybe they deserved nothing better. They bickered stupidly with and discredited each other. They ignored or wilfully misunderstood each other. It is impossible to read such social and economic literature as the period produced without realizing the extraordinary backwardness of that side of the world’s intellectual life. It is difficult to believe nowadays that the

5. The Way in Which Competition and Monetary Inefficiency Strained the Old Order

In the twentieth century of the Christian era there was still no common currency by which to measure and carry on the world’s economic exchanges. Those transactions were not merely apprehended inexactly because of this; they were falsified, and it did not seem possible that there would ever be an effective simplification. It is true that during what is known as the First Period of General Prosperity, from 1850 C.E. until 1914, there was a kind of working world system of currency and credit, centring upon the City of London and based on the gold pound; but this was a purely accidental growth, made workable by successive gold discoveries which prevented too disastrous a fall in prices as productive efficiency increased, and by the circumstances that gave the insular English a lead in the development of steam transport on land and sea and real incentives towards a practical propaganda of world free trade.

That first gleam of cosmopolitan sunlight waned as it had waxed, without any contemporary apprehension of the real forces at work, much less any attempt to seize upon them and organize them in permanence. The financial ascendency and initiative of the City of London crumbled away after the war and nothing appeared to take its place. In any case, this quasi-cosmopolitan system based on the gold sovereign, and owing its modicum of success to continual increments in the available gold, would have wilted as the world’s gold supplies gave out, but the strangulation of the world’s industry after the war was greatly accelerated by the gold hoarding of the Americans and French.

And during all that phase of opportunity there was no substantial effort to take hold of the land, sea and natural resources of the planet and bring them from a state of fragmentary, chaotic and wasteful exploitation into a general scheme. There remained sixty-odd “sovereign” governments, each claiming a supreme control of all the natural wealth of the areas within its frontiers, and under these governments, under conditions that varied with each, there were private corporations and individuals with a right to deal more or less freely with the fragment upon which they had established a grip. Everywhere the guiding principle in the exploitation of the minerals, sunshine and power resources of the globe was the profit of single or associated private individuals, and the patchwork governments of the time interfered in the profit scramble only in favour of their nationals against their foreign rivals. Yet for nearly a hundred years, because of the fortunate influx of gold and inventions, this profit-seeking system, linked to the metallic monetary system, sufficed to sustain a very great expansion and enlargement of human life, and it was hard to convince the mass of men, and still harder to convince the prosperous manufacturers, traders, miners, cultivators and financiers who dominated public affairs, that this was not a permanent system and that the world already needed very essential modifications of its economic methods. A considerable measure of breakdown, a phase of display, fear and distress, was necessary before they could be disillusioned.

The nineteenth century had for its watchwords “individual enterprise and free competition”. But the natural end of all competition is the triumph of one competitor. It was in America that the phenomena of Big Business first appeared and demonstrated the force of this truism; at a score of points triumphant organizations capable of crushing out new competitors and crippling and restraining new initiatives that threatened their predominance appeared. In Europe there was little governmental resistance to industrial alliances and concentrations in restraint of competition, and they speedily developed upon a scale that transcended political frontiers, but in the United States of America there was a genuine effort to prevent enterprises developing on a monopolistic scale. The conspicuous leader of this preventive effort was the first President Roosevelt (1858-1919) and its chief fruit the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890), which proved a rich mine for lawyers in the subsequent decades.xlg_wells_2-2.jpg

These great consolidations, which closed the phase of free competition, were so far effective in controlling trade and arresting new developments that Hilary Hooker, in his Studies in Business Coagulation During the First Period of General Prosperity, is able to cite rather more than two thousand instances, ranging from radium and new fruits and foodstuffs to gramophones, automobiles, reconstructed households, artificial moonlight for the roadways by the countryside, and comfortable and economical railway plant, in which ample supplies or beneficial improvements were successfully kept off the market in the interests of established profit-making systems. After 1900 C.E. again there was a world-wide cessation of daily newspaper initiative and a consequent systole of free speech. Distribution, paper supply and news services had fallen into the hands of powerful groups able and willing to crush out any new types of periodical, or any inimical schools of public suggestion. They set about stereotyping the public mind.

These same profit-making systems in possession also played a large part in arresting competition from countries in which they were less completely in control, by subsidized political action for the maintenance of protective tariffs. Long before the world break-down became manifest, the experience of the ordinary consumer so far belied the sanguine theory that free competition was a mode of endless progress, that he was still living in a house, wearing clothes, using appliances, travelling about in conveyances, and being fed with phrases and ideas that by the standard of the known and worked-out inventions of the time should have been discarded on an average, Hooker computes, from a quarter to half a century before. There was labour unemployed and abundant material available to remedy all this, but its utilization was held up by the rent-exacting and profit-earning systems already in possession.

This lag in modernization added greatly to the effects of increased productive efficiency in the disengagement of those vast masses of destitute unemployed and unemploying people which began to appear almost everywhere, like the morbid secretion of a diseased body, as the twentieth century passed on into its third decade.


HG Wells, the Huxley boys, Darwin, the Fabians... Oh you guys. The British friends of eugenics and imagery like "Morbid secretions" regarding the Depression. Now we're talkin' true technocrats. See also 15 Influential Early Works of Apocalyptic Fiction and the bad 1970s B-Movie ripoff!!


PETA sucks, but Lady Gaga and Rihanna are pawns for Illuminati authoritarian & esoteric imagery

UPDATE: I should have noted this PETA job posting seems really quite well-done spoof, the Iron Mountain of job postings. However there are 2x entries on their official PETA twitter:

@vegetarianstar Actor needed 2 participate in this year's "State of the Union Undress?" RT? 12:34 PM Nov 23rd from web
@GirlieGirlArmy @Veggywood Actor needed 2 participate in this year's "State of the Union Undress?" RT? 12:35 PM Nov 23rd from HootSuite

The tweet before that was

@KhloeKardashian We r eatin' tofurkey & givin' thanks! XOXO

...So this is really quite credible. Via good thread on it here

PETA is a deeply bad organization which attempts to vanguard around some edgy cultural iconography and save some animals, which all basically translates to trashy soft-core porn style imagery. Because what we all need is a certain "Girls Gone Wild" edge to social progress.

This is a very good analysis of the sexist problems and the style of these cretinous Madison Avenue weasels.

On the flip side is the creepy authoritarian/esoteric Illuminati style imagery of yr leading pop stars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. For a disconcerting read see Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet (part 2) as well. It is sort of funny but also quite weird.

African American or Mixed-Race Vegan Actor Needed for PETA Video
Date: 2009-11-23, 10:04AM PST
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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will be featuring a video on in mid-January 2010 called the "State of the Union Undress." This video will feature an attractive woman dressed in business attire proudly and powerfully reciting a speech, which will be approximately five minutes long about PETA's hard work for animals in 2009 (she will be able to read from a teleprompter during filming). It is meant to be a parody of President Obama's state of the union address, but instead of being about America's progress, it will be about PETA's progress. As the woman reads the script, she will begin removing articles of clothing until she is completely naked. It will be a sexy video with a powerful message. Full frontal nudity will be shown on this video (by the end of the video, the woman will have no bra or underwear on). We've done similar videos in the past and have achieved incredible success, including coverage on Fox News and hundreds of online outlets.

We have found that people do pay more attention to our racier actions, and we consider the public's attention to be extremely important. Part of our job is to shake people up and even shock them in order to initiate discussion, debate, questioning of the status quo, and of course, action. The current situation is critical for billions of animals, and because it is our duty to continue drawing attention to the plight of animals abused in the meat, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment industries, we are willing to use all legal means at our disposal in ways that will capture the public's imagination. Our goal is to make the public think about the issues. Although some consider our projects that include nudity to be controversial, many express support for these tactics.

Requirements for the actor:
1) She must be vegan or vegetarian and supportive of PETA's work.
2) She must be 18 or older with a valid ID.
3) She must be African American or mixed race. The goal is to have her ethnicity resemble Barack Obama's as closely as possible.
4) She must be willing to be completely nude on camera and know that the full frontal nudity scenes will be publicized on and possibly reposted on hundreds of other media outlets.
5) She must be capable of a fun, sexy, and easy flowing performance and be excited about the animal rights message.
6) She must be fully aware that we will be pitching this video to many media outlets and be eager to represent PETA.
7) She must be available to film sometime in mid-December in Los Angeles (we will discuss specific dates once an actor is chosen). The filming will be at a private studio where the actor will work with a professional crew of men and women, including a female PETA staffer who will be there to assist her.

To Apply:
Please e-mail a photo (preferably both a head shot and a full body shot) to the "reply to" e-mail address above (send as attachment, preferably JPG format). Please include answers to the following questionnaire in the e-mail body:

City in which you currently reside:
E-mail address:
Phone number:
Are you vegetarian or vegan?
Do you have any concerns about going completely nude in this video?
Do you have your own transportation?
Do you have any acting and/or modeling experience? If so, please list highlights.
Do you have any other thoughts/comments?

Only submissions with clear photos attached will be considered. If desired, we can also refrain from publishing the actor's name.

* Compensation: The video will receive massive media coverage online and probably on television news outlets as well. Fox News has picked up previous versions of this video. As a nonprofit organization, it's difficult for us to pay the actor in money, but we can assure her that we'll do everything we can to pitch and publicize the video to make her as well known as possible. If desired, we can also refrain from publishing the actor's name.
* This is a contract job.
* This is at a non-profit organization.
* OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
* Please, no phone calls about this job!
* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

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THE WIRE ENDS THIS WEEK - WOE IS ME! Clay Davis: SHeeeeiiiitt!!

I will really miss The Wire. We are gonna watch the last episode the second it comes on OnDemand, whenever that is (not Sunday @ midnight this week, argh!!). Damn.

At the end of the second-to-last episode, Clay Davis tells Detective Freamon that Levy, the gangsters' lawyer has been buying secret documents from someone at the Courthouse. My guess is that the Judge was selling the documents -- that would bring the plot full circle, since the Judge and Detective McNulty set the whole plot in motion at the very beginning of the series' first episode. The Judge has been signing the wiretaps all along, hence The Wire merely working out to supply info to the highest bidder, would be a pretty good final joke.

Let's have one final moment with Clay Davis, the time he talks about not collecting money from some damn Korean Grocers....

And this one just got put up a couple days ago, it'll probably get pulled, but it's his fifth season panache at its best!

I will have to write something about the show later... but I have to put in my prediction now!

Mysteries of the great Swedish software pirates: Steal This Film; Second Skin documentary about Virtual Worlds etc.

See, you not only have to be a good coder to create a system like Linux, you have to be a sneaky bastard too.
--Linus Torvalds- via Detroit Wireless Project

Ok I just saw the first few minutes of this one, but clearly it looks pretty damn cool. Steal This Film: hosted on GoogleVideo:

Steal This Film - Part 1 and the official website: Steal This Film II.

The background seems to change upon reload, conveying "JAWS" and "The Godfather" ... intellectual properties - or disk images. downloadables: Steal This Film II available in many languages!

Documenting the steadfast movement against intellectual property, Part 1 of Steal This Film takes account of the prominent players in the Swedish piracy (copyright infringement) culture: The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån (Piracy Bureau), and The Pirate Party. This includes a critical analysis of the regulatory capture asserted by Hollywood film industry to leverage economic sanctions by the United States government on Sweden through the WTO to pressure Swedish police into conducting an illegal search and seizure for the purpose of disrupting a competitive distribution channel: The Pirate Bay tracker for P2P Internet filesharing with the BitTorrent protocol.

Also i found this very interesting: a blog noted of Second Skin - Feature-length Documentary about Virtual Worlds. Here's the official site: Second Skin - a Pure West Documentary. [And accurately enough, my remark is in the context of someone else noticing it. That's really meta people. And thus, fundamentally boring. {way to go}]

Meanwhile in the Establishment: Google To Be Innovation Provider For GOP Convention. That's here, people.

Nerds will like this: CMS Report's Front Page News | CMS Report
I thought that was exceedingly interesting! Mashable! - The Social Networking Blog:BitTorrent Developers Pledge To Subvert Comcast Filters
Politics Online Conference 2008: Focus on Privacy
Social Networking: Risks vs. Rewards
and naturally this site is run by Drupal and will be on Drupal 6: Drupal Version Six Released
Which in turn led me to some new things: Searchles | Home - search plus circles. some kinds of social integration thingy.
Why teach journalism students Dreamweaver? | Martin Stabe I really recommend checking out how the interface of tools, internets and Journalism with a capital J fit together. It's a big deal.
Samsung's See'N'Search set-top TV / Internet box demo video - Engadget
Are Social Networks Responsible for Teen Suicides? | CenterNetworks
Is MySpace Good for Society? A Freakonomics Quorum - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

check out teh Wired Journalists NING social network thingy!! NING lets you make your own social network sites.
Looking for teh opensource? don't forget good ol Welcome to I remember checking freshmeat all the damn time in high school senior year. a good 8 years ago and the site still looks EXACTLY the same. That's quality.
Schools going to Linux save tons of money: Techlearning > > Linux Makes the Grade > November 2007. And I'm sure everyone is really sad to be missing the Vista Experience.
Meanwhile is the Associated Press doomed? Down On The Wire - Forbes.comI saw the good old macalester activist wiki is still being used: Main Page - MPKB
When you need a global wireless network syndicate of networks, you need | syndicating the free wireless communities and blogs of the world and where is the news of Minnesota, people? (drupal powered, as is their blog: Freifunkblog | Freie Netzwerke, freies WLAN und freie (Funk-)Netze im deutschsprachigen Raum) and here's another German/English site about techs/Drupal/etc: perspektive 89 | Internationale Perspektive aus Berlin
Local lunatic: Slanderous Kook: I'm a Slander Victim - February 14, 2008
....And that's all for this random yet interesting enough post......

A classic verse of the drug wars: "The Central Intelligence Agency takes weight faithfully"... it still adds up

 Images Otherpics Immortaltechnique Insert

 Images Celebpics Immortaltechnique3It occurred to me the other day that a couple song lyrics on this album deserved their own post... This album was among my favorites for a while. In fact, listening to it while writing a paper had a seriously disruptive effect on my thinking. Immortal Technique played Macalester with Jean Grae once and it was pretty good. I said hi. The artwork in 'Revolutionary Volume II', featured above, was indeed pretty goddamn sweet, Secret Service-freakout worthy. The second song here implies that 9/11 was a controlled demolition, and that Bush just takes orders on his cell phone from the same guys that sabotaged Senator Wellstone.

A Simple Twist of Fate: The late, great Robert Zimmerman

Just got back from Hibbing, where my aunt's documentary, "Tangled up in Bob," screened twice to packed, appreciative crowds of locals and Dylan fanatics. (sign up on the site to find out when the DVD is coming, and for now, distribution is the big question. Listen to the MPR feature)

hull rust mineLike Hibbing's other claim to fame (aside from Kevin McHale), the world's largest iron ore open pit mine, the film is defined by empty space, the negativity of Bob Dylan's ties to this place. It chronicles the early years - starting in Duluth, ending in Dinkytown. The nut of it is the people that grew up with Robert Zimmerman, but then met Bob Dylan.

My aunt's "Tangled up in Bob: Searching for Bob Dylan" Dylan documentary set for Dylan Days in Hibbing this weekend; Am I relate

mary feidt tangled up in bob

 Tangled Up In BobMy aunt Mary Feidt has worked on documentaries for a long time. Long ago she used to work at the WCCO investigative unit, and since then has been involved with a number of major projects including HBO's America Undercover and PBS Frontline. After quite a few years of painstaking work, the first documentary she's fully produced and directed, "Tangled up in Bob: Searching for Bob Dylan: A Minnesota Story" is going to be aired to Dylan's hardest core of fans at Dylan Days in Hibbing tomorrow, though it was formally released a while ago. It's also going to be screened Friday and I'll probably go up with my dad and Uncle Dan to check that out. Here's the press release.

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