United Defense in Fridley has a cool military-industrial roof

This was just kinda cool. Along the course of the new Northstar commuter rail is the United Defense military industrial complex. It has a lot of scary signs outside, I noticed when hanging at the sweet river park there.


The building has a really interesting looking roof on Google earth. That is all.

I could provide some hyperlinks but you can find out about it ya damn self....

Peter and Alison have sites now, so go look @ them instead

Hey all,

It has been a very chaotic couple weeks, but very exciting down at the Capitol.

So there is no time to futz around the site here.

Fortunately Peter and Alison are both running blogs now. They are gonna be on the honor roll when i have some damn time to do it (and they both put me on their rolls, those niceguys!)

 Blogger 6669 3756 1600 Pedroport5-1Peter is running Pedro in Wyoming at blogspot as he works at the paper in Gillette, and I helped the Norm kick up a wordpress installation on TwinCitiesPhotoProject.com.

So please visit and say hi to them. Alison's put up some good stuff around town, and Peter promises to post more because he just got a MacBook. It's nice to have all my badass friends with their blogs & macs.

capitol nite

And Norms is pretty good at hacking around the themes - she did the banner image hacking (above) all herself. Well done. Bryn Mawr is a pretty exemplary kind of photoblog post.

Also coming down the pike is a China blog for Nick and Abby. It is on me to do that. If i can get 2 hours i think it can all be pieced together. problem is that i don't have any goddamn time

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This is the new P. reference photo. Oh wow I can do videochats with this fool now.

Back on point @ the Capitol

I am back doing work @ Politics In Minnesota, getting ready to roll into the Capitol in the next few weeks and work on the Directory. It is pretty interesting stuff all around. Also going to take some pictures – it is really a mess throughout the hallways right now.

Also my buddy Nick is out in China and I am going to whip up a blog setup for him, I really just need to snag a couple hours to do it, and it's off to the races.

Next few weeks are going to be stressful but at least it's $$. Updates on the site are probably going to be pretty spare. As I've said before, the site is very pokey on this web hosting company so I'm waiting for a bit to gear things up - a few months from now it's gonna be Big Pimpin...

Happy new year to all, I expect it will be an interesting one!

(most boring post ever, thank you!!)

Ellison endorsed by local American Jewish World paper

Just after I noted the tricky matter between Keith Ellison and the Jewish community over in the Fifth District, I get an email from the Ellison campaign proclaiming that he's been endorsed by the local paper American Jewish World. They seem to think he's sort of a Muslim Wellstone, and that's pretty sweet. Here's the email in full:

Keith Ellison for U.S. Congress

 Images Ketop

Somalia: D'OH! Another fine moment in foreign policy; Odds of Minneapolis West Bank Islamic militia takeover = 3%

Somalia-RiversideIn a subtle irony that only the Somalis could pull off, Mogadishu has been captured by Islamic militias after more than a decade of chaotic civil war. Apparently the kiss of death for the more secular warlords was when word got around that the CIA was paying them to keep fighting the Islamic guys. Summary from DailyKos: Bush searches for "Plan B" for Somalia.

Sometimes you gotta have a life

I really promise that there will be forthcoming photos and goodies from the DFL convention. Today I got a haircut and checked out some more job stuff. Now I am going to have a social life. I think we could say that the number of words on this site are inverse to Dan's productive activity, and for that I ought to be saluted so far this week. However I can still post a couple photos.

Sen. Becky Lourey gives a press interview after the first gubernatorial ballot. The intrepid MPR reporter Tom Scheck is the cue ball behind the guy in the green Kelley shirt.


State Republican convention investigations

Looks like I'm going to handle the booth a bit for Politics in Minnesota at the Republican state convention down at the Minneapolis convention center this afternoon, Friday & Saturday. I woulda been able to make some bank if I could do the DFL convention at Rochester, but it looks like I'll have to deal with the Chunkies graduating from high school next Saturday.

Mordred sends word that he's busy moving out of his apartment in Tucson and I think going to Santa Fe. But he sent along a REALLY sweet video of one North Carolina Republican's Vernon Robinson's ad for Congress.

TomMahm; Copperfield Loses Not a Cent; Lots More Stadiums Seats to Put Butts In; I Have a Cat!

TomMahm, Copperfield Loses Not a Cent, Lots More Stadiums Seats to Put Butts In, I Have a Cat!


The above is an untouched photograph of the view West towards the Tucson mountains from my front yard on a weekday evening. The bar on the left was frequented by Jack Kerouac, I am told.

Introducing: Strega Nona


Abby and I have adopted Strega here, which is to say, Strega's owner forfeited his right to own her through gross negligence and she chose to reside with us instead. She is currently in heat, which has been a treat, as she begins yowling at five in the morning and gets louder until ten or so. Come Friday morning, entering into estrus will forever be a thing of the past for Strega, which is win-win for everyone. Mating screams and the demented rubbing exercises that accompany them notwithstanding, this is a very cool cat- gentle and loving without being needy, small, athletic and quite beautiful, she's ["Smitten Kitten" joke redacted- ed.]

Back in the Motherland

Welcome Back to America, Buddy...


Eat Up.

I apologize for the delay in this posting. I've been in Mexico, on the worst vacation of my life (more on that later). As we've seen little action from our merry band of HongPosters, I am going to offer up some Saturday Grab Bag™ action for anyone out there who's just looking for something to pick at...

Dean Johnson: I'm a Flippin' Idiot, Give Me Another Chance: Why oh why, Deanster? Had to laugh at this news item, actually. It seems that MN-DFL Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson (or MNDFLSMLDJ for short) met with a group of Pastors in his constituency some time back to discuss the proposed ban on Gay Marriage (I assume this is the one being forwarded by the great Satan herself, Michelle Bachman) and told them that he had spoken to members of the state Supreme Court, who had assured him that the 1997 law that defined marriage as [blah, blah, blah] would be sufficient to hold off any advances on the homo-hitching front. Well, turns out that not only was Mr. Johnson apparently lying (no MNSC members recall ever discussing the issue with him) but he was being taped by one of the pastors in attendance. As you might have guessed, the Forces of Medievalism have already pounced on the issue as proof of the need for stricter anti-non-white-middle-class-suburban-protestants legislation and Johnson's essential unfitness in his role as Majority Leader. Well, they're right about one thing; Johnson is a hack politician extraordinaire, and hopefully this ugly episode will make room for someone too bright to lie to a bunch of spies for Jesus. [Story Here]

Too much drama in the LBC; or I could have had my own Zapruder film

I'm going to toss in some brief bits, but first I have to tell about the recent dicey situation over here by Loring Park. Last week, as many students were milling around the Minneapolis Community / Technical College across the street, some people in a red compact rolled up off Hennepin. According to one anonymous local known as Papa Smurf who witnessed the event, suddenly a number of guys jumped out and started shooting at a group of people on the south end of the parking lot, as portrayed in a somewhat garish way here, from my living room window:

Harmon-Spruce2The targets took cover behind cars in the lot (there were more at the time), and the assassins sped off east down Spruce, towards Loring Park. If only I hadn't been working in St. Paul, I might have seen it from my window.

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