Kirby Puckett

This is belated:

Kirby Puckett



Considering the bandwagon jumping that has accompanied the passing of Kirby Puckett, I must lay claim to my rightful place in the pantheon of those who would honor him. I was nine years old when Kirby led the Twins to victory in what is widely considered the best World Series ever played. As anyone who lived within a 250-mile radius of Minneapolis that season knows, Kirby was... in a word... Jesus. Not on a scale seen more than a handful of times in major league sports, Kirby Puckett was a figure of such sterling reputation and staggering popularity that, as many hack journalists have been quick to point out, he probably could not exist in the modern, post-A-Rod contract, Pacers brawl, Barry Bonds era. To anyone growing up in the region, his status was a given, a sort of agreed-upon point of faith: Kirby Puckett is inherently and intrinsically good. His lovability factor was high- 5'8" tall, 210 pounds, he was a tiny boulder of a man capable of moving quickly and rather gracelessly, stubby twig legs and barrel body chugging along. His personal problems have tarnished his public image, but does little to diminish his power as an icon for several generations, whose psychic connection to him was formed during his years of hard work and spectacular play. Every article I've read since his passing has focused on the home run in Game 6, but it's the catch that made that home run possible that dominated my memory. It was always Kirby's defense that delighted the most, as he looked at his most Kirby when his entirely unconventional body was fully in motion- his vertical leap was basketball big and his timing was usually dead nuts on, allowing him to grab balls a foot and a half past the outfield fence in a motion that, for him, was quite graceful, practiced and nonchalant. His work ethic always impressed but, I think, the attachment I (we) had with him had more to do with the fact that he made it look like fun. Bye, Kirby.

Lighter than Air

I don't much feel like writing. Over at Politics in Minnesota they assigned me the job of handling the Morning Report, which is a roundup of political news around the state. I am thinking about going down to the Minneapolis DFL Caucuses tonight, although it's quite a random experience. It is one of those things that still makes Minnesota an outlier...

Conveniently, the caucus is across the street from me at the MCTC gourmet dining room. You've still got 30 minutes to find ya DFL spots here.

Babolian Speaks!

I Will Perform Many Covert Ninja Operations on Targets Unsuspecting


I am coming to you from deep in my underground Dojo, an impenetrable fortress coddled on springs under 5,000 feet of bedrock. Day and night here I train, lathered in sweat while completing challenging maneuvers in tight cinematic sequences. I shoot and arm wrestle and do backflips; sometimes I garotte targets unsuspecting whilst they attempt to surveil my pad. I am no longer able to leave my Dojo very much due to the number of highly-skilled warriors looking for me "up there", but the arrangement has its advantages; while I have missed the chance to more readily apply my incredible fighting prowess in order to uphold justice and attract women, the reinforced steel walls in my blast-proof training center are the only surface thus far that has been able to absorb my punishing blows, thus allowing me to kick my already extreme neo-ninja self training up a notch. The passionate devotion I show for my way of life has given me great focus and, in turn, extreme mastery of the deadly martial arts.

Spinstorms as military Information Operations; A Pixeldusted character; HongPong.com traffic ok; a call for more Operators

...I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in...

My condition is: Lots of Wisdom Tooth Vicodin + I hate Valentines Day.I have been laying low and taking Vicodin after my wisdom teeth operation on Wednesday. That's five straight days of codeine, and my moods are kind of weird and raw by this point.


From the depths of the Intarweb comes a shadowy character known only as Pixeldusted. S/He works in the shadows, interacting with the most arcane and mysterious parts of a vast and sprawling industrial complex.

Politics in Minnesota.com is Big Pimpin

There has been a lack of updates this week as I focused on getting real work done - and making the all-important bank. I have been redesigning the Politics in Minnesota website, so it looks much cooler. Our organization has gotten weird press this year, because of the MDE lawsuit - which is quite a strange subject that I really won't get into right now. However, I think everyone should check out what's going on with the PIM site, and we are working on making the whole thing really kick ass. And there will be a blog on the way, which will be way fun. Right on.

Jonathon 'The Impaler" Sharkey: Satanist for MN Governor: The new Jesse for our times

200601121642200601121658Here in Minnesota we always have a special spot for the ironic political campaign. Wellstone and Ventura cut against the typical style, but they fit their times somehow. And now, another candidate has emerged from esoteric wiccan pentagrams and two (two!) covens. He also offers to impale terrorists and drug dealers at the state capitol, as a dramatic Star Tribune story detailed today.

Janecek & Lambert not quite yanked off the air

Well Sarah Janecek and Brian Lambert completed their first radio show on KTLK this evening. For the first time around it was pretty good -- nearly as good as my first time on WMCN back in 2002. There was good discussion of the 2006 elections, the NSA wiretapping thing, and a long talk with a guest about Mike Tice. There were even some call-ins. So it is all working out.

Terrible news at a bad time

Emailed out to people:

It's been a strange turn of events this week. We lost a good friend from St Paul & my high school, Mike Flanagan, who passed away unexpectedly on Sunday. Mike was an excellent man, he was friendly to everyone and free of malice. He's the first friend my age to pass away, and it doesn't seem real. The service will be at 1 PM today (Weds).

I am sincerely sorry to let people know this through email. He was my friend for many years, and added a lot to our lives. I just want to wish everyone and their families and friends a much more safe and sane new year,

Mike Flanagan farewell event here tomorrow

Nick Petersen and Adam Gerber are getting in town Tuesday afternoon. Nick & I decided to pull people together for a memorial party for the man. Nick has generated an Event on Facebook about it:

Dan is hosting an event Tuesday, December 20th at his apartment in downtown Minneapolis as a gathering to remember Mike Flanagan, who passed away on the 18th. Anyone who would like to may come.


basic directions from 94: Get off Hennepin North exit. Drive up hennepin Ave going into downtown. the road curves right near the Basilica. You go just past the MCTC (mpls cmty/tech college) skyway, and take a right onto Spruce Place. Dan's apartment is in the Haverhill apartments right at the first corner, at Harmon & Spruce. (If you get to the Subway shop you've gone too far on Hennepin)

I will add that here is a map to my house via Google Maps. I will have the red stoplight in the window pointing towards Hennepin to mark the spot.

Mike Flanagan: It can't be real.....

Terrible, shocking news today that our high school classmate and dear friend Mike Flanagan tragically met his end last night.

I have not really absorbed the reality of this. Those of us in the Twin Cities have been calling the far flung members of the MPA class of 2001 about it.

Mike was awesome in his own way. He was certainly brave and daring. He was smart as hell and always had something clever to tell you, some cynical observation or moral principle or something.

Mike travelled on his own strange path, his own weird and savage journey to the heart of the American dream. He really wanted to get a spot somewhere quiet, somewhere 'off the grid' as he put it. He was always chasing that kind of freedom.

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