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EXCLUSIVE: Such Critical Infrastructures: FBI feeds Anonymous IRC channels to CIA, Pentagon intel, NSA, NORTHCOM in 2012 Intel memo

An FBI "IIR" intelligence report, dated April 12 2012 entitled "Identification of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Channels Used by Anonymous Members, as of 12 April 2012" surfaces a dicey realm between US military & intelligence and electronic activists. The full report is at // (Mobile) /// UPDATE: Upvote this post on Reddit & Thanks to YAN for amplifying!

FBI FOIA IRC Chat Channels used by Anonymous by Smiley Hill

A tiny peek into a huge deal: the potential fracas between assorted would-be American military cyberwar commandoes and international (and domestic!) computer activists. This lower-level report (Unclassified//For Official Use Only) (U//FOUO) perhaps is more interesting for its "metadata" rather than thoroughly censored content. Below I also included some other domestic military operations documents below to draw a wider context than just this "cyberwar" stuff, as Ferguson has prompted Gov. Nixon in Missouri to activate the state militia, it's good to read up on what federal legal doctrine for "civil disturbances" is.


Such recipients: In order, it says it is from "DIRECTOR FBI" to:

All FBI field offices

INFO AFOSI DET 331 Andrews AFB Maryland, Headquarters Air Force Office of Special Investigations (also cited in this case )

CDR USSTRATCOM Offutt AFB Nebraska, Strategic Command commander

CDR USTRANSCOM Scott AFB Illinois, United States Transportation Command commander

CDR1STIO Ft Belvoir Virginia, First Information Operations Command commander - (wat? "CDR1STIO" pops in a bunch of other FOIA'd IIRs as well if you googlize it)

CIA WASHINGTON DC - always down for a good time

DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY WASHINGTON DC - yes, this hot info wasn't stovepiped away from rivals

DEPT OF JUSTICE WASHINGTON DC - fetching banhammer


DIA WASHINGTON DC - Defense Intelligence Agency which is huge and low profile -


DNI WASHINGTON DC - Director of National Intelligence. (Clapper at the time)

HQ AFOSI Andrews AFB Maryland - Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Tip, if you have some message for them, use their unencrypted contact form to let them know about fraud or etc. What could possibly go wrong? >

HQ NORAD USNORTHCOM INTEL PETERSON AFB - US Northern Command located near Colorado Springs was created as Dept of Homeland Security's military counterpart for "Homeland Defense", an elastic concept extending Pentagon involvement with "critical infrastructure," namely the machinery of major corporations. They also revised "GARDEN PLOT" into CONPLAN 3502 Civil Disturbance Operations," relevant in a Ferguson type context under federal mobilization. (see 2010 story) They were also written into Superman's plot.

JOINT STAFF Washington DC - J2 - Director for Intelligence (J2) on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (now this guy)

JWAC DAHLGREN Virginia - Joint Warfare Analysis Center a "premier science and engineering institution" under Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), which also hosts Cyber Command. see

NGA HQ Bethesda Maryland. The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, like DIA, is up to a lot of things off the radar. They have domestic satellite spying (GEO INT) responsibilities at National Special Security Events which require a special domestic military intel privacy waiver. . Big spenders.

NSA FT GEORGE G MEADE Maryland - National Security Agency at the oddly spelled out Ft Meade. I wonder how many land in this inbox - and how many times "George G" is stored in their databases.


USCYBERCOM FT GEORGE G MEADE Maryland - Cyber Command in ur router, sniffin ur packets


BT . … I am fairly sure this is a closing list tag like </UL>


Serial IIR 4 213 4003 12, "WARNING (U): This is an information report, not finally evaluated intelligence. It is being shared for informational purposes but has not been fully evaluated, integrated with other information, interpreted or analyzed. Receiving agencies are requested not to take action based on this raw reporting without prior coordination with the FBI. Unless a conviction in a criminal proceeding occurs, a presumption of innocence exists for any person being reported on in this IIR." Declassification date appears 20370607, as this hot stuff needs to lay low for a couple more decades.

What is an IIR? It is pretty low level stuff for the FBI. For a bit of info see FBI Intelligence Information Report Handbook | Electronic Frontier Foundation. That document interestingly, at the very end includes a statutory info pipeline from Grand Jury operations to various feds. Patriot Act Section 203(a)(1)( C )(i)(V) certainly makes for an industrious star chamber circuit, but they don't want grand jury info going out in IIRs without asking the HQ attorney.

This document was obtained by Smiley Hill via FOIA. Please follow for more smileable FOIAs on a regular basis.


The use of the military - and these contractors in the game now - to police corporate systems labeled as Critical Infrastructure is significant. After all, Missouri Gov Nixon just activated the state militia because of Ferguson.

ferguson-crop2.png ferguson-crop1.png

In the recent FBI writeup freeking out about Ferguson protesters, I took the "critical infrastructure" references to allude to authorizing military activity around corporate electronic assets that might get poked at by angry activists.

“The announcement of the grand jury’s decision … will likely be exploited by some individuals to justify threats and attacks against law enforcement and critical infrastructure,” the FBI says in an intelligence bulletin issued in recent days. “This also poses a threat to those civilians engaged in lawful or otherwise constitutionally protected activities.”



Background on Executive Order 13636:

See NSA's cybersecurity program to protect critical infrastructure revealed - Military & Aerospace Electronics

Feb 2013: Executive Order -- Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity | The White House

CRS analysis on Executive Order:

Feb 2013: Pentagon will require security standards for critical infrastructure networks -

This is actually a word? Cyberinfrastructure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nov 2012: Cyber Order Puts DHS In Charge Of Oversight, Sets Deadlines « Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary

USA TODAY: Feb 2013: Cybersecurity executive order fosters information sharing for greater good

As for the legal ramifications of domestic military operations and targeting electronic activists with tools like STRATCOM / CYBERCOM retain for battling Al Qaeda servers or whatever, most people say "But, Posse Comitatus!" In reality a vast area of domestic military operations has been expanded and operated by JAGs. See :

This Domestic Operational Law Cyber Realm has a Handbook, People!


The domestic version of this JAG manual is extremely recommended reading for everyone. See Domestic Operational Law Handbook for Judge Advocates 2011 | Public Intelligence.

Also the newer 248 page Domestic Operational Law Handbook for Judge Advocates 2013 | Public Intelligence is available. You will definitely know moar about WTF is up with weird meshes of civilian/military authority in the US by skimming over this.

PI highlighted a bunch of good 2011 stuff, since we are talking Ferguson anyway, it's worth noting again:

G. The Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plans

Formerly, DoD’s Civil Disturbance Operations (CDO) plan was known as “GARDEN PLOT.” Since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and USNORTHCOM however, DoD has delegated to geographic combatant commanders responsibility for developing CDO Contingency Plans (CONPLANs). These geographic commanders’ CONPLANs provide guidance and direction for planning, coordinating, and executing military operations during domestic civil disturbances.

1. Civil Disturbance Operations Mission

Broadly stated, the CDO mission assists civil authorities in restoring law and order in the United States and its territories.58 This mission statement, while not duplicating the language in the Insurrection Act allowing for the use of federal forces to “suppress” insurrection, provides wide latitude to the President to use federal forces to assist civil law enforcement in “restoring” law and order.

The restoration of law and order must be distinguished from the preservation of law and order. CDO mission statements do not allow the joint civil disturbance task force commander to undertake preservation missions. It is generally agreed that missions to restore law and order include dispersing unauthorized assemblages, patrolling disturbed areas, maintaining essential transportation and communications systems, setting up roadblocks, and cordoning off areas. Care should be taken before a military commander accepts missions that are routine maintenance of civil order.

2. Combatant Commanders’ CONPLANs

The CONPLANs provide the basis for all preparation, deployment, employment, and redeployment of Department of Defense component forces, including National Guard forces called to active federal service, for use in domestic civil disturbance operations, in support of civil authorities as directed by the President. The concept of a civil disturbance operation is multi-phased: Phase 0, Shape; Phase I, Anticipate; Phase II, Respond (deployment can occur in either Phase I or Phase II); Phase III, Operate; Phase IV, Stabilize; and Phase V, Transition (redeployment). Prior to deployment, military forces maintain five preparedness postures, called Civil Disturbance Conditions (CIDCONS) in order to alert and react to potential civil disturbance operations. Changes in the CIDCON level are directed by the JDOMS.

3. The Standing Rules for the Use of Force for U.S. Forces

Civil disturbance operations are conducted in accordance with Appendix L of the Standing Rules of Engagement/Standing Rules for the Use of Force for U.S. Forces (SRUF). Guidance on how and when forces can use force in a CDO mission are detailed in that annex. Although the CJCSI is classified, Annex L is not and can be shared with our mission partners.

a. Custody and Detention

All apprehensions should be made by the civil police force unless they are not available or require assistance. Military forces have the authority to detain rioters, looters, or other civilians committing criminal offenses. Civilians taken into custody should be transferred to civilian law enforcement authorities as soon as possible.

All members of the force must remember that state and federal criminal law and procedure govern apprehension. Apprehension is justified only on the basis of probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed and that the person to be apprehended committed the offense. Soldiers should not question detainees beyond basic pedigree such as name and address. If formal questioning of an offender is necessary, civilian police should conduct the interview. If civilian police are not available, CID agents or military police may conduct interviews only if the interview is essential to the civil disturbance mission. Actions taken by Soldiers that do not conform to criminal law constitutional standards could jeopardize future prosecution and subject Soldiers and their Commanders to criminal and/or civil liability.

b. Search and Seizure

CDO CONPLANs anticipate that military forces will generally not be involved in searches unless there is “an immediate danger of violence, destruction of evidence, or escape of violent persons unless the search is conducted without delay.” In all other cases, local authorities should conduct searches. When required to perform searches, federal armed forces may conduct warrantless searches under the same constitutional parameters imposed upon law enforcement officials. Joint Civil Disturbance Task Force forces conducting a warrantless search will fully document the reasons for the search as soon as is reasonably convenient.69 Generally these searches are limited to the following incidents.

(1) Stop and Frisk

If there is a reasonable suspicion based upon articulable facts that a person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime, that person may be temporarily stopped and questioned about his activities. The stop must be limited in duration to that which is reasonably necessary to investigate the suspicion. If there is a reasonable suspicion based on articulable facts that a person is armed or is carrying instruments of violence and that the individual presents an immediate risk of harm, members of the armed force may conduct a “frisk” (an external “patdown” of the clothing) for weapons. Any weapons found during a frisk may be removed from the individual and seized.

(2) Search Incident to Lawful Apprehension

A person lawfully detained may be searched for weapons or destructible evidence. A search for weapons or destructible evidence may also be conducted in the area where the detained person could reach with a sudden movement to obtain a weapon or destroy evidence.

(3) Exigent circumstances

Military forces assisting law enforcement may make a search without a warrant when they have reason to believe (probable cause) that weapons, objects related to criminal activity, or persons believed to have committed an offense, are in the place to be searched; and they have reason to believe that the delay necessary to obtain a search warrant would result in removal of the weapons or destruction of the objects related to criminal activity. For example, Joint Civil Disturbance Task Force forces may stop and search an automobile without a warrant when there is reason to believe that the automobile contains weapons or instruments of violence and/or contains an individual reasonably believed to have committed violence.

(4) Emergency

Military forces in a civil disturbance operation may make an immediate entry into a building when there is reason to believe that entry is necessary to prevent injury to persons, serious damage to property, loss of evidence, to protect public safety, or to render aid to someone who is in danger.

(5) Hot pursuit

Military forces pursuing a person who they have reason to believe has just committed a serious crime, may enter a vehicle or building believed to be entered by the suspect and search the building or vehicle for the person or any weapons that might be used to further his escape.

(6) Plain View

During the course of otherwise lawful activity, military forces may seize any unlawful weapons or objects related to criminal activity which they observe in plain view. When conducting warrantless searches that require a probable cause determination, military forces can obtain advice from a judge advocate; however, the probable cause determination must be made personally by the individual desiring to conduct the search.

If a search warrant is required, local civil authorities should obtain judicially issued search warrants. If local civilian authorities are not available, judge advocates need to be prepared to provide advice on probable cause to military authorities before they approach a local judge or magistrate for a search warrant.

When feasible, all searches conducted by military personnel will be conducted by two personnel with the actual search performed by someone of the same sex.76 A hand receipt or some similar document should be prepared when items of personal property are seized from an individual.

c. Confinement Facilities

The Joint Civil Disturbance Task Force should not operate a detention facility. Any person apprehended should be turned over to the police for detention. Military correctional facilities cannot be used to detain civilians. If available civilian detention facilities cannot accommodate the number of detained persons who are awaiting arraignment, the Joint Civil Disturbance Task Force commander must seek the approval of the SCRAG and Combatant Commander to set up a temporary detention facility.

Should the Task Force be required to operate a detention facility, the detention facility standards and operations should conform, to the maximum extent possible, to current DoD confinement facility operations and will be under the professional supervision and control of Military Police personnel. The establishment and operation of military detention facilities is a temporary expedient and is authorized only until such time as the custody of detained persons can be transferred to civil authorities.

d. Riot Control Agents

Normally, for CDO the deployment and use of riot control agents is allowed as a matter of U.S. policy. However, initial approval authority for its deployment and use may be retained at a level higher than the Joint Civil Disturbance Task Force Commander and may require a specific request.

This is not the same as a state-level activation, but it is the doctrine that is crafted at the federal level these days so I think it's pretty relevant to Ferguson.


The federal government hasn't taken kindly to people that expose these types of relationships. Barrett Brown's sentencing just got delayed again - but at least the Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail is awesome. For more info

A moment of police state zen: White House-approved Homeland Security talking points deny federal coordination of Occupy crackdown, in middle of fed email spool coordinating Occupy crackdown

A bunch of new documents have been FOIA'd out showing the various layers of Occupy crackdown. We certainly watched it all happen pretty rapidly from the ol GlobalRev catbird seat. One week, everything seemed weirdly quiet on the eviction front -- then seemingly overnight the police squads rushed in across the country and crushed the camps.

It was an interesting time... wasn't it? As the documents trickle out, we'll start to really see the whole darn thing in a new light -- certainly Occupy enticed so many bad actors & ugly authoritarian meme-systems to head into the blazing scene, intervening in so many ways.

White House (WH) approved talking points from: Partnership for Civil Justice Fund - DHS Releases More Documents on Occupy to PCJF:

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 4.03.15 AM.png

Some hub of shenanigans known as the Homeland Security National Operations Center (or NOC) was evidently the front desk for a lot of this, but PCJF suspects, that looked pretty bad so they redirected put it through local police backchannels as well.

A classic little highlight here from five days before the White House approved talking points, thanks to PCJF:

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 4.09.43 AM.png

Moar notes: White House & Dems Back Banks over Protests: Newly Discovered Homeland Security Files Show Feds Central to Occupy Crackdown | This Can't Be Happening &etc...

1972 CIA memo declares Nixonian resistance to declassifying illicit drug trafficking evidence -- design pattern of Fake War on Drugs over here

This is it, the droids you're looking for. This memo was published by Wayne Madsen and includes a reference to Alfred McCoy, whose book "The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia" was the first serious work to break loose the geopolitical underpinnings of state-sanctioned narcotics trafficking. [Full Text!]

Recently defeated US Rep Walt Minnick (Dem-Idaho) was apparently involved with Nixon-era White House politics. Despite the misspelling, Minnick, as deputy to Bud Krogh (Krogh has some kinda-interesting site including Nixon/Elvis notes). Krogh was the head of the Plumbers unit and gave the go-ahead of the 1971 burglary of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist. He did 4.5 months for Watergate.

Anyway -- the point here is that the National Security Act of 1947 created a secret echelon of illegal activities which were classified, and therefore their existence was joined to the privileged alternate reality. Later formalities like the Bank Secrecy Act and Reagan's Executive Order 12333 (which gave cover formalized other aspects of the overall secret drug trafficking system.


Wikipedia - "Minnick served as a staff assistant to President Richard Nixon on the White House Domestic Council from 1971–72 and as a deputy assistant director for the Office of Management and Budget from 1972-73. He was also involved in the creation of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Minnick resigned from the administration in October 1973 in protest of the Watergate-era "Saturday Night Massacre" in which Nixon dismissed Attorney General Elliot Richardson, special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and others. Minnick is the only former Nixon administration staff member currently in Congress." November 3, 2010 -- Obama faces the music from top Democrats - Wayne Madsen Report

In another election post-script, on September 22, 2010, WMR reported on the involvement of Representative Walt Minnick (D-ID) on the Nixon White House's national security team. WMR reported on a July 11, 1972, CIA memo concerning the CIA's involvement with drug trafficking from Southeast Asia. WMR's report stated: "The July 11 CIA memo also indicates that the CIA was prepared to declassify certain CIA reports on illicit drug trafficking in Indochina. The information was requested from the CIA by Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) who requested the same information from John Ingersoll, the director of the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, the forerunner of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Ingersoll referred Rangel's request to the CIA.

The memo states, 'The whole problem has been taken up with the White House, where Walter Minick [sic], Bud Krogh's deputy, apparently opposes declassification of any material on the illicit drug traffic'.The memo also states, 'Rangel seems determined to press for a showdown. On 10 July he issued a public statement charging that CIA's 'paranoid quest for secrecy' was keeping vital information about the drug traffic from the American public, and that we were 'covering up for the international merchants of death.'

Minnick is now a Democratic congressman from Idaho who is running for re-election and is leading in polls in his race against Republican Raul Labrador. However, the CIA memo indicates that Minnick was involved in covering up the CIA's role in drug trafficking in 1972 while he was a member of the Nixon administration."

Yesterday, Labrador beat Minnick by 9 percentage points in Idaho.

There were a couple positives to the election, and surely displacing a Nixon-era pro-fakedrugwar congressman can be counted in the Good column.

Fort Snelling Undercover Fail; Ollie's 1985 Gander false flag crash; Bilderberg 2010; Watersports with the White House Press Corpse; the Coming Artilect War and more!

Special greetings to Rule of Law Radio / Axxiom for Liberty listeners! We had a great time chatting last Friday for moar than an hour about every cutting edge dimension of the military-industrial police state, hosted by Kaye Beach and her friend (nickname Matrix? I forget). Get the live recording of all 2 hours here (110MB) or 13MB lo-fi version. I joined about a half-hour in, but in the first minutes they talked about being Ron Paul delegates at the 2008 RNC, thoroughly abused by the Man, and leaving as changed people. A great springboard into fusion centers, the NAFTA superhighway and more, with a guest from OK SAFE as well. [I forget her name right now as well but she was kewl!]*******
I've been there and back again lately, leaving far too little time to check in. We are expecting new videoz to leakify from points interesting Real Soon Here. Stay tuned for that one... And now, my video exposé of the Fort Snelling Undercover - in all his epic fail glory:

Intrusive photographer admits it: a government employee spies on rallies against Fort Snelling & immigration policies at the Whipple Federal Building. He gets a "thumbs up" from Haukoos, lead Department of Homeland Security/Federal Protective Service security officer. At Fort Snelling, the photographer admits he's a government employee but won't say if he's a federal employee, then refuses to show his lanyard (even though he says it has his ID) and he promptly runs away in his blue truck.  Same logic of "Federal Control" persists for centuries, but this video shows everyone can deal with sleazy spy photographers: block them, tape them, confront them about their chain of command. Organizers try to mitigate his efforts to collect intelligence on rally participants. Another element: Homeland Security radio transmission seems to order operations "systematically". Could this man be photographing everyone for addition to federal facial recognition databases? What data practices rules apply to this man's camera and his taxpayer-financed salary? Amazingly, some people do not realize this conduct & aggressive spying on political dissent happens all the time even under a Democratic presidency. Video edited by Dan Feidt for Twin Cities Indymedia - Video shot by Dan Feidt & Sally Jo Sorensen - (Sally Jo clips of him @ Whipple Building) LICENSE: This video is licensed Creative Commons/ShareAlike. Please remix and share!!

Helen Thomas, who gave em hell consistently for decades, got knocked out of the Capitol Press Corps in favor of the hard working White House Beach Party krew - warning you may spit on yr kbd at this: Our hard-core, adversarial press corps - Glenn Greenwald.

Here was the transcript of the whole Helen Thomas clip, which of course was released in a heavily spun way [via Balloon Juice » You Got Played]

Q: Any advice for these young people over here for starting out in the press corps?

Thomas: Go for it. You’ll never be unhappy. You’ll always keep people informed, you’ll always keep learning. The greatest thing of the profession is you’ll never stop learning.

Q: Today they are covering the Jewish Heritage Month.

Thomas: ... and meet the President.

A: Any comments on Israel? We’re asking everyone today, any comments on..

Thomas: Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.

Q: Oooh. Any better comments?

Thomas: Remember, these people are occupied, and it’s their land. It’s not German and it’s not Poland.

Q: So where should they go, what should they do?

Thomas: They can go home.

Q: Where is home?

Thomas: Poland. Germany.

Q: So you are saying Jews should go back to Poland?

Thomas: And America and everywhere else. Why push people out who have lived their for centuries? See?

Q: Now, are you familiar with the history of that region and what took place?

Thomas: Very much. I’m of Arab background.

{It goes on for a little while with friendly banter about languages they both speak with words I can not even begin to spell.}

Q: Thank you.

Thomas: All the best to you (directed at the Jewish students). Go for it- go for journalism, you’ll never regret it.

Rabbi Nesenoff himself has very few offensive or dubious clips out there himself -- oh wait: Rabbi Who Brought Down Helen Thomas Has Great ‘Mexican’ Impression | RaceWire. A Helen Thomas gallery.



AUTHORITARIAN ESCHATON == ARTILECT OF DOOM!: Last night I remembered that the Roomba cleaning robot is made by a company that also makes killer robots. A review of what they're up to now: the scary wikipedia page, PackBot, iRobot Negotiator , & more. "Chembot is a DARPA-funded prototype of a shape-shifting robot without motors, wheels or any rigid elements. It runs on chemical power and is made using dielectric elastomers, which are extremely flexible and can alter their shape in electric or magnetic fields. Ultimately, the program aims to build a robot that is completely squishy and able to squeeze through a hole 'the size of a 10 pence piece'.when was this made"

What will control these killer robots in 80 years or so? Via, The spooky new idea to check out is the ARTILECT -- aka the bossy killer super-intelligence that will wipe us all out like ants. Now some guy who's leading the charge to build China's artificial brain has actually considered the implications of his work. From the fine new Technofascism blog, Hugo de Garis and The Coming Artilect War:

If you haven’t heard of Hugo de Garis, AI researcher and Professor at China’s Xiamen University, then you’ve probably never heard of an Artilect either. A contraction of Artificial Intellect, the Artilects are future creations that, according to de Garis, will be immortal, godlike robotic beings that, due to being built on a substrate of nanoscale computer chips, will have billions of times the intelligence of the average human. Needless to say, these Artilects would not for a second hesitate in wiping out the entire human species if their need dictates; much like a human wouldn’t trouble themselves over running over an ant colony on their way to work.

It’s important to listen to de Garis because he is one of those rare scientific researchers that actually considers the implications of his work. In de Garis’ view, in the late 21st century humanity will have the technological ability to create the Artilects. At that point, humans will be divided into three camps: the Terrans, who will attempt to violently prevent the creation of the Artilects; the Cosmists, who think building them is a good idea; and the Cyborgists, who will attempt to merge with the Artilects to preserve some shred of their humanity.   These three camps will fight it out and the winner will decide the fate of the planet.   Since the war will be fought with late 21st century weaponry, the death toll is expected to be in the billions.

Check the wiki profile And more in that Forbes article The Coming Artilect War -

Considering all this, I predict that humanity will split into three major philosophical, ideological, political groups, which I label as follows.

--The Cosmists (based on the word "cosmos") will be in favor of building these godlike machines (the artilects), who would be immortal, think a million times faster than humans, have unlimited memory, go anywhere, do anything and take any shape. The Cosmists would take a quasi-religious view that they are god builders. Privately, I am a Cosmist, but publicly, I have mixed feelings about the rise of the artilect.

--The Terrans (based on the word "terra," meaning the earth) will be opposed to the construction of artilects, fearing that in a highly advanced form, the artilects may decide to wipe us out. To ensure that the probability that this might happen is zero, the Terrans will insist that the artilects are never built in the first place. But this strategy runs utterly contrary to what the Cosmists want. The Terrans will be prepared to go to war against the Cosmists to ensure the survival of the human species.

--The Cyborgists (based on the word "cyborg," meaning cybernetic organism that is part machine, part human) will want to become artilect gods themselves by adding artilectual components to their own brains, thus avoiding the bitter conflict between the Cosmists and the Terrans.

Photo of MAARS Robot with M240B machine gun, via / 2009 McClatchy: Pentagon Exploring Robot Killers That Can Fire on Their Own |


1985 GANDER FALSE FLAG AIR CRASH CONCEALS NEUTRON BOMB TEST etc: Moving right along, I would like to add something about a 1985 false-flag plane crash. aka: Arrow Air Flight 1285 - Wikipedia.

A while ago I ran into someone who was involved with this. A private transport plane carrying lots of military personnel and cargo from Cairo to the US crashed near Gander, Canada in 1985. It obviously exploded somehow, and actually for once the National Transportation Safety Board failed to unanimously peddle the establishment coverup.

This was actually a false-flag bombing carried out by people friendly with Oliver North & the Usual Suspects of Iran-Contra fame. It was a bombing "required" to advance numerous coverups, included a need to get rid of bodies from dead illegal Special Forces operations in Lebanon, and also the remains of illegal neutron bomb testing in the Sinai Peninsula. [US military personnel cooked with neutrons were murdered en route rather than risk public exposure after reaching a stateside medical facility]

The records of the Gander Crash have been sealed for 70 years because it was a false-flag coverup -- and additionally there has been at least one direct death threat from a 'credible source' to shut people up.

I was pleased to find a surprisingly good video about it, from a show on Spike TV no less? For students of conspiracy video styles, I thought the editing on this segment was concise & excellent as well:

Congressional speakers on the coverup - circa 1989: GANDER, NEWFOUNDLAND, CRASH REMAINS A MYSTERY TO CANADIAN AND AMERICAN PUBLIC. etc. Anyway, add this one to the list of murderous crimes of state within the Iran-Contra/Octopus criminal complex -- quite from the thick of it, really. Be sure to look @ the transcript of this video program for more on how the overall coverup commenced. [PDF]. Memorial video. Kind of a Loose Change style video.


Bilderberg 2010 is ON baby! I like the Charlie Skelton coverage News blog + Charlie Skelton's Bilderblog | News | And lol he found Dutch Queen Beatrix, a key globalist in the old skewl style. Bilderberg 2010: Help us identify the delegates. Gallery! "Picture 1: He’s a big Swede, he’s on the board of Coca-Cola, and he’s a Knight of the Order of the Seraphim. But who is he?" Nicely done. Bilderberg 2010: Plutocracy with palm trees. Bilderberg 2010: Why the protesters are your very best friends | World news |

Let's include a list of these rockstars, via where else,! Bilderberg Participants 2010 and another one here.

Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 14:11:39 +0100

To: pepis[at],pepis[at]

From: Tony Gosling <tony[at]>
Subject: [PEPIS] Leaked participants of 2010 meeting?
Bilderberg participants 2010 (in alphabetic order)
(Present) Occupation
BEL Davignon, Etienne F. Honorary Chairman, Bilderberg Meetings; Vice Chairman,
Suez Tractebel
DEU Ackermann, Josef Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive
Committee, Deutsche Bank AG
USA Alexander, Keith B. Director, National Security Agency
GRC Alogoskoufis, George Member of Parliament
USA Altman, Roger C. Chairman and CEO, Evercore Partners, Inc.
GRC Arapoglou, Takis Chairman and CEO, National Bank of Greece
TUR Babacan, Ali Minister of State and Deputy Prime Minister
GRC Bakoyannis, Dora Minister of Foreign Affairs
NOR Baksaas, Jon Fredrik President and CEO, Telenor Group
PRT Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime
FRA Baverez, Nicolas Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
ITA Bernabè, Franco CEO Telecom Italia SpA
SWE Bildt, Carl Minister of Foreign Affairs
SWE Björklund, Jan Minister for Education; Leader of the Lìberal Party
CHE Blocher, Christoph Former Swiss Counselor; Former Chairman and CEO, EMS Group
FRA Bompard, Alexandre CEO, Europe 1
USA Boot, Max Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies, Council
on Foreign Relations
AUT Bronner, Oscar Publisher and Editor, Der Standard
FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA
ESP Cebrián, Juan Luis CEO, Grupo PRISA
BEL Coene, Luc Vice Governor, National Bank of Belgium
USA Collins, Timothy C. Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC
GRC David, George A. Chairman, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co. (H.B.C.) S.A.
GRC Diamantopoulou, Anna Member of Parliament
ITA Draghi, Mario Governor, Banca d'Italia
USA Eberstadt, Nicholas N. Henry Wendt Scholar in Political Economy, American
Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
DNK Eldrup, Anders President, DONG Energy A/S
ITA Elkann, John Chairman, EXOR S.p.A.; Vice Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.
DEU Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus SAS
ESP Entrecanales, José Manuel Chairman, Acciona
AUT Faymann, Werner Federal Chancellor
USA Ferguson, Niall Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University
IRL Gleeson, Dermot Chairman, AIB Group
USA Graham, Donald E. Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company
NLD Halberstadt, Victor Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former
Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings
NLD Hirsch Ballin, Ernst M.H. Minister of Justice
USA Holbrooke, Richard C. US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
NLD Hommen, Jan H.M. Chairman, ING N.V.
INT Hoop Scheffer, Jaap G. de Secretary General, NATO
USA Johnson, James A. Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC
USA Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC
FIN Katainen, Jyrki Minister of Finance
USA Keane, John M. Senior Partner, SCP Partners; General, US Army, Retired
USA Kent, Muhtar President and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company
GBR Kerr, John Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc
DEU Klaeden, Eckart von Foreign Policy Spokesman, CDU/CSU
USA Kleinfeld, Klaus President and CEO, Alcoa Inc.
TUR Koç, Mustafa V. Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.
DEU Koch, Roland Prime Minister of Hessen
TUR Kohen, Sami Senior Foreign Affairs Columnist, Milliyet
USA Kravis, Henry R. Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc.
INT Kroes, Neelie Commissioner, European Commission
GRC Kyriacopoulos, Ulysses Chairman and Board member of subsidiary companies
of the S&B Group
FRA Lagarde, Christine Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment
INT Lamy, Pascal Director General, World Trade Organization
PRT Leite, Manuela Ferreira Leader, PSD
ESP León Gross, Bernardino General Director of the Presidency of the Spanish
DEU Löscher, Peter CEO, Siemens AG
GBR Mandelson, Peter Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory
INT Maystadt, Philippe President, European Investment Bank
CAN McKenna, Frank Former Ambassador to the US
GBR Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
FRA Montbrial, Thierry de President, French Institute for International Relations
ITA Monti, Mario President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
ESP Moratinos Cuyaubé, Miguel A. Minister of Foreign Affairs
USA Mundie, Craig J. Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation
CAN Munroe-Blum, Heather Principal and Vice Chancellor, McGill University
NOR Myklebust, Egil Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA
DEU Nass, Matthias Deputy Editor, Die Zeit
NLD Beatrix, H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands
ESP Nin Génova, Juan Maria President and CEO, La Caixa
FRA Olivennes, Denis CEO and Editor in Chief, Le Nouvel Observateur
FIN Ollila, Jorma Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc
GBR Osborne, George Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
FRA Oudéa, Frédéric CEO, Société Générale
ITA Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso Former Minister of Finance; President of Notre Europe
GRC Papahelas, Alexis Journalist, Kathimerini
GRC Papalexopoulos, Dimitris Managing Director, Titan Cement Co. S.A.
GRC Papathanasiou, Yannis Minister of Economy and Finance
USA Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public
Policy Research
BEL Philippe, H.R.H. Prince
PRT Pinho, Manuel Minister of Economy and Innovation
INT Pisani-Ferry, Jean Director, Bruegel
CAN Prichard, J. Robert S. President and CEO, Metrolinx
ITA Prodi, Romano Chairman, Foundation for Worldwide Cooperation
FIN Rajalahti, Hanna Managing Editor, Talouselämä
CAN Reisman, Heather M. Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.
NOR Reiten, Eivind President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA
CHE Ringier, Michael Chairman, Ringier AG
USA Rockefeller, David Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank
USA Rubin, Barnett R. Director of Studies and Senior Fellow, Center for
International Cooperation, New York University
TUR Sabanci Dinçer, Suzan Chairman, Akbank
CAN Samarasekera, Indira V. President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Alberta
AUT Scholten, Rudolf Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische
Kontrollbank AG
USA Sheeran, Josette Executive Director, UN World Food Programme
ITA Siniscalco, Domenico Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley International
ESP Solbes, Pedro Vice-President of Spanish Government; Minister of Economy and
ESP Sophia, H.M. the Queen of Spain
USA Steinberg, James B. Deputy Secretary of State
INT Stigson, Bjorn President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
GRC Stournaras, Yannis Research Director, Foundation for Economic and Industrial
Research (IOBE)
IRL Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, BP plc and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International
INT Tanaka, Nobuo Executive Director, IEA
GBR Taylor, J. Martin Chairman, Syngenta International AG
USA Thiel, Peter A. President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC
DNK Thorning-Schmidt, Helle Leader ofThe Social Democratic Party
DNK Thune Andersen, Thomas Partner and CEO, Maersk Oil
AUT Treichl, Andreas Chairman and CEO, Erste Group Bank AG
INT Trichet, Jean-Claude President, European Central Bank
GRC Tsoukalis, Loukas President of the Hellenic Foundation for European and
Foreign Policy (ELlAMEP)
TUR Ugur, Agah CEO, Borusan Holding
FIN Vanhanen, Matti Prime Minister
CHE Vasella, Daniel L. Chairman and CEO, Novartis AG
NLD Veer, Jeroen van der Chief Executive, Royal Dutch Shell plc
USA Volcker, Paul A. Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board
SWE Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB
SWE Wallenberg, Marcus Chairman, SEB
NLD Wellink, Nout President, De Nederlandsche Bank
NLD Wijers, Hans Chairman, AkzoNobel NV
GBR Wolf, Martin H. Associate Editor & Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial
USA Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC
USA Wolfowitz, Paul Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public
Policy Research
INT Zoellick, Robert B. President, The World Bank Group
GBR Bredow, Vendeline von Business Correspondent, The Economist (Rapporteur)
GBR McBride, Edward Business Editor, The Economist (Rapporteur)
• AUT Austria
• BEL Belgium
• CHE Switzerland
• CAN Canada
• DEU Germany
• DNK Denmark
• ESP Spain
• FRA France
• FIN Finland
• GBR Great Britain
• GRC Greece
• IRL Ireland
• INT International
• ITA Italy
• NOR Norway
• NLD Netherlands
• PRT Portugal
• SWE Sweden
• TUR Turkey
• USA United States of America
Please consider seriously the reason why these elite institutions are not
discussed in the mainstream press despite the immense financial and political
power they wield?

There are sick and evil occultists running the Western World. They are power
mad lunatics like something from a kid's cartoon with their fingers on the
nuclear button! Armageddon is closer than you thought. Only God can save our
souls from their clutches, at least that's my considered opinion - Tony

Wolfowitz & Perle be plottin a comeback, watch yo self the new site?


Can has Drupal 7? In Drupal news, well the Drupal community is slowly chugging through to Drupal 7, and there are a few things people can do to help - see Drupal core improvements | for a roundup on that. It is currently on Drupal 7.0 Alpha 5 released as of May 23. There are 67 critical issues right now; when that hits zero it's release time.


I know that LRAD! Russia Today has done a fine job covering the latest developments in crushing North American dissent - what nice LRAD footage from Chicago Indymedia (provided courtesy Glass Bead Collective :-D )

When facing the police state, badass military sunglasses from WileyX might do the job? It's impossible to puncture them with .22 ammo even!
Gizmodo on the photographer crackdown: Are Cameras the New Guns? Wowz: DHS Testing 360-Degree Video Camera

That's all for now - don't let the oilpocalypse get you down!

We Won't Have Nixon To Kick Around Anymore; but, the financial mess is still coming right up!

BACK IN 2004....

A wise ol friend of mine back at Macalester told me he was voting to re-elect George W. Bush, despite his own Marxist outlook.

"Why!?" I earnestly wanted to know -- it could hardly help advance anyone's interests!

Why vote for Bush? I got my answer: Because.... Bush would accelerate the contradictions in capitalism - further advancing its collapse!


Talk about a hat tip. This guy was right on: Bush managed to finally shatter the great classic American 'late capitalist' financial system in just four years!

Say what you will, all the damn hippie college professors and bad kids never pulled that one off. Everyone has to give some deference to our Marxist-in-chief, who has systematically collapsed every institution we thought they were dedicated to protecting.

Strange times... it's hard for me to write about the whole thing, due to the incredible variety of fucked-up scenarios unfolding right now.

It's cool that the country wants to get serious and shift to the left, get some shit done. But the problem is that the problems with the financial system have been leveraged by the perpetrators to infest and steal everything they touch. Now the Democrats are left to clean up the mess & try to patch things over.


So it will be fun to see some New Politics in the New Year - I remember when I thought that 2005 would be that year, before all our hopes got squished. But the material and structural problems will really fuck over a lot of people who had no part in this, and it's frightening to imagine where this road is really leading.

Obama's started hiring on the people that I think of as 'the usual suspects': Paul Volcker, Larry Summers, other people you've only heard about from trolling unhappy sectors of history. Rahm Emanuel perhaps has the right style for our times, but he's shady and will probably fuck things up, too.

It's pretty weird now, and I just smell that trillions are getting stolen & otherwise hitting the bottom, so I don't really feel a great deal of optimism.

Then again, I'm so used to hanging the roots on my own discontent on the nasty old leaders, it's kind of a deprivation when We Won't Have Nixon To Kick Around Anymore.


In any case, the Malign Masters of the World are actually launching "Bretton Woods 2" to restructure the financial system at firesale prices. As a bonus, a true Sword Of Damocles has been installed over Obama's Oval Office; all he's got to do is stave off total collapse, carried out by the usual suspects and corrupt Baby Boomers... CBS columnist spells it out, you damn well better listen! (h/t Cryptogon)

Reagonomics hides in sleeper cells, harboring financial WMDs - MarketWatch

Warning: King Henry's bailout like Rummy's Iraq

Reaganomics hidden in 'sleeper cell' armed with lethal 'financial WMDs'

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

Last update: 6:47 p.m. EST Nov. 10, 2008

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) -- So you thought Barack Obama's victory signaled the death of Reaganomics? Wrong, wrong: Reaganomics is very much alive.

In a subtle, bloodless coup, the Reaganomics ideology magically pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat in the meltdown. The magic happened fast and quietly, in the shadows, while you were in a trance, distracted by the election drama.

Recently Naomi Klein, author of "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," framed the issue perfectly: "Has the Treasury partially nationalized the private banks, as we have been told? Or is it the other way around?" The question was rhetorical, the answer painfully clear. In a few weeks Wall Street did the old bait and switch, emerging from an economic and market disaster with new powers, in total control of America.

And thanks to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's brilliant bailout coup, Reaganomics is now the new "sleeper cell" quietly hidden inside the Obama White House and America's Treasury, where it will be for a long time to come, armed with what Warren Buffett calls financial weapons of mass destruction, guaranteed to sabotage the new president, taxpayers and the future of America.

Listen closely folks: You and your government are and will continue being conned out of trillions. Better that we should have taken care of ourselves first and cleaned house, not bailed out Wall Street financiers -- let them pay for their sins and feel the pain.

Unfortunately, while you were distracted by the election, Wall Street gained control of our Treasury using a Trojan Horse, Hank Paulson, who filled Treasury with Goldman Sachs alums and pulled off one of the greatest inside heists in the history of the world.

While you were distracted, Wall Street privatized the U.S. Treasury, got the keys to Fort Knox and will be stealing trillions for years to come, through a secret "sleeper cell," a "virus" installed in the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. They're laughing: All you got was a heavily discounted paper IOU for you, your kids and generations to pay off. The winners: Paulson, Goldman, Wall Street banks and Reaganomics. The losers: America.

Wall Street and its buddies in Washington (all those politicians bankrolled by 41,000 lobbyists) know two things the voters never, never learn: that no matter how incompetent they are -- how greedy, how stupid and how destructive -- America's naive voters will always bail them out of a crisis

At the trough

Klein further exposed this insanity in a recent Rolling Stone article, "The New Trough: The Wall Street bailout looks a lot like Iraq, a 'free-fraud zone' where private contractors cash in on the mess they helped create." Paulson's privatization, outsourcing and management of the $700 billion bailout has the exact same Reaganomics ideological, strategic and deceptive footprints that President George W. Bush and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld used to privatize, outsource and mismanage the costly Iraq War blunder. Yes, Paulson is America's new Rumsfeld!

The American taxpayer is being royally screwed by the Wall Street bailout giveaway. According to Klein, they're adding insult to injury, rubbing salt in our wounds:

  • "Many of the banks appear to have no intention of wasting the money on loans."

  • Merrill CEO John Thain said "it's just going to be a cushion."

  • Citigroup CFO Gary Crittenden "hinted that his company would use its share of the cash, $25 billion, to buy up competitors and swell even bigger," giving them the "possibility of taking advantage of opportunities that might otherwise be closed to us."

  • And my old colleagues at Morgan Stanley are "planning to pay themselves $10.7 billion this year, much of it in bonuses." So screw the taxpayers and Main Street homeowners.

Want to know how badly America's taxpayers are getting screwed? Listen as Klein compares the American bailout to the British bailout which was negotiated just five days before Paulson "negotiated" our historic $125 billion deal with nine Wall Street banks:

  • United Kingdom. Prime Minister Gordon Brown negotiated "meaningful guarantees for taxpayers -- voting rights at the banks, seats on their boards, 12% in annual dividend payments to the government, a suspension of dividend payments to shareholders, restrictions on executive bonuses, and a legal requirement that the banks lend money to homeowners and small businesses." Brown took advantage of his negotiation position of strength.

  • United States. What did the American taxpayers? A bad deal negotiated by a former Wall Street CEO loaded with conflicts of interest: We got "no controlling interest, no voting rights, no seats on the bank boards and just 5% in dividend payouts to the government, while [bank] shareholders continue to collect billions in dividends every quarter. What's more, golden parachutes and bonuses already promised by the banks will still be paid out to executives -- all before taxpayers are paid back. No wonder it took just one hour for Paulson to convince all nine CEOs to accept his offer, less than seven minutes per bank for one of the sweetest taxpayer giveaways in history.

Our pain, Wall Street's gain

It gets even worse: The day after Paulson's nine-bank deal, he announced his selection of Bank of New York Mellon as the "master custodian" coordinating all phases of the Wall Street bank bailout. BNYM's role as "the contractor of contractors" is to the $700 billion bailout what Vice President Dick Cheney's old firm Halliburton was to all the mercenary and private contractor operations in Iraq. Plus the new president's locked into a three-year contract.

BNYM's boss can outsource to friendly Wall Street "subcontractors," handing out billions of taxpayer money with little oversight much as Halliburton did in Iraq. They will "purchase toxic debts from Wall Street, service them and auction them off in the future." BNYM's boss called this plum "the ultimate outsourcing." An opportunity for his bank, because there's "a lot of new business that's going on even in this chaotic marketplace."

Main Street's suffering because of Wall Street's "sins," and Wall Street sees our pain as just an "opportunity" for them. That's textbook "disaster capitalism."

So now you know the truth: The Treasury did not nationalize America's banks. The fact is, Wall Street privatized the U.S. Treasury with a $700 billion rescue plan being controlled by the very banks that created the mess. You were distracted by the election, hoping for a savior, while Wall Street was turning defeat into victory using a classic "disaster capitalism" strategy.

That's right, Wall Street's Trojan Horse, Hank Paulson, operated quietly inside Treasury, protecting his old Wall Street buddies before they'd go bankrupt. He pulled the classic "disaster capitalism" stunt relieving the banks of the pain of their "sins." Ironically, that only leads to more "sinning," faster, bigger, sooner.

That's classic "moral hazard" and with Wall Street's new "business as usual" attitudes about mergers, bonuses, CEO pay and cash cushions, you just know those Reaganomics "financial WMDs" that Paulson's leaving behind in the bailout funds "sleeper cell" will ultimately trigger an even bigger financial meltdown soon, by 2011.

Clinton Campaign Announces Minnesota Steering Committee

For some reason, it feels important to me to make sure this is on the site. It is also kind of a gratuitously large list anyway. But it's a lot of people. A good networking opportunity. etc.

Webmaster techie note: Actually, since this item is all one big name drop, it will get a ton of hits from Google, I'd wager. A good example of a 'long tail' post, in SEO-speak.


Clinton Campaign Announces Minnesota Steering Committee

Clinton Campaign Announces Minnesota Steering Committee

The Clinton campaign today announced its Minnesota Steering Committee, made up of community leaders from across the state who will mobilize grassroots support for Hillary leading up to Minnesota’s February 5th primary.

"Hillary Clinton has the ability to deliver the change America needs, from providing universal health care to ending the war in Iraq to moving us toward energy independence," said former Vice President Walter Mondale.

"Minnesotans know Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to lead this nation from her first day in the White House," said Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman.

"For 35 years Hillary’s been fighting for children and families and working to expand opportunity for all Americans," said House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher. "She is uniquely qualified to be President in these challenging times."

"I have seen Hillary's ability and intellect up close, and she is the best prepared to be President," said former Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton.


Melanie Benjamin, Chief Executive, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
Brian Bergson, Veteran; Saint Paul
State Rep. Karla Bigham, Cottage Grove
Jay Benanov, St. Paul City Councilman
Donald Bungum, Veteran; Lindstrom
Susan Burns, Attorney; St. Paul
Margie Cady, Veteran; Winona
Paul Cassidy, Director of Government Relations, Leonard, Street and Deinard
Tarryl Clark, Assistant Senate Majority Leader; St. Cloud
Claudia Cody, Latino Community Activist; Becker
Chris Coleman, Mayor; St. Paul
Mark Dayton, Former U.S. Senator; Minneapolis
Tom Dooher, President; Education Minnesota
Captain Lou Ellingson; Veteran; Eden Prairie
Matt Entenza, Former House Minority Leader; St. Paul
Tom Foley, Former St. Paul County Attorney
Betty Folliard, Former State Representative, Golden Valley
Susan Gaertner, Ramsey County Attorney
Keesha Gaskins, Executive Director, Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus, Minneapolis
Alan Weinblatt, Weinblatt & Gaylord; St. Paul
Curtis Ghylin, Veteran; Sauk Rapids
Chris Gillette, Military Retiree, U.S. Army Chemical Corps; Roseville
Lisa Goodman, Minneapolis City Council Member; Minneapolis
Joan Anderson Growe, Former Minnesota Secretary of State; National Vice President, Strategic Business, Minneapolis
State Sen. Linda Higgins, Minneapolis
Richard Hoium, Veteran; Minneapolis
Jaimie Holmes, Veteran; Inver Grove Heights
Alan Hooker, Minneapolis Public Library Board Trustee; DFL Stonewall Dems, Minneapolis
Koryne Horbal, Former United Nations Ambassador, Columbia Heights
Hubert "Buck" Humphrey, IV, DNC Member, Plymouth
Mohamed Jibrell, Somali Community Leader, St. Paul
Larry Johnson, Veteran; Golden Valley
Ember Reichgott Junge, Former State Senate Assistant Majority Leader; Minneapolis
Margaret Anderson Kelliher, House Speaker; Minneapolis
Colleen Landkamer, President of NACo, Blue Earth County Commissioner, Mankato
Elsa Leven, Community Activist, Saint Paul
Mark F. Lindsay, Executive, UnitedHealth Group; Wayzata
Andrew Luger, Attorney, and Ellen Goldberg Luger, Edina
Paul Maccabee, President, The Maccabee Group, St. Paul
Paula Maccabee, Attorney, Former St. Paul City Council Member
Mary Jo McGuire, Former State Representative; Falcon Heights
Peter McLaughlin, Hennepin County Commissioner
Richard McNary, Veteran; Eagan
Walter Mondale, Former Vice President, Minneapolis
Tom Mullon, Veterans; Saint Paul
Kathleen Murphy, Women's Rights Activist, St. Paul
John C. Neese, Veteran; Fergus Falls
Vance Opperman, Business Leader; Minneapolis
State Senator Sandy Pappas, St. Paul
State Rep. Sandra Peterson, New Hope
Mari Pokornowski, Co-Chair DFL Platform Committee, Cokato
Cheryl Poling, Democratic Activist, Eden Prairie
Phillip Qualy, Legislative Director, United Transportation Union
Lois Quam, Business Leader; St. Paul
Amy K. Rotenberg, Communications Consultant; Minneapolis
Mark Rotenberg, University of Minnesota General Counsel; Minneapolis
Gary Schiff, Minneapolis City Council Member; Minneapolis
Elliot Seide, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 5
State Rep. Nora Slawik, Maplewood
Jill Sletten, Democratic Activist; St. Paul
Michelle Sommers, Political Director, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005
Rick Stafford, DNC Member, Chair of the DNC's LGBT Caucus, Minneapolis
Lisa Stager, Minnesota IAMAW; Minneapolis
David Stanton, Veteran; New Brighton
Jackie Stevenson, DNC Member; Minnetonka
Tammy Tesky, Community Activist; St. Paul
State Rep. Paul Thissen, Minneapolis
Megan Thomas, former Stonewall DFL, St. Paul
Dave Thune, St. Paul City Council Member; St. Paul
Susan Thune, Registered Nurse; St. Paul
Ruth Usem, Community Activist, Minneapolis
Russell Warren, Veteran; Mounds View
Lynn Wilson, Party Activist; Nurse; Rochester
Colonel Nat Wisser, Military Retiree; Saint Paul
John Wodele, MN Campaign Director for the 1992 Clinton Campaign; Vadnais Heights

Final export of the Iowa Caucus video: CaucusTime! DeeZ MoineZ completed!!!

It took longer than expected, but the final version of the first short video from our Iowa Caucus trip is done and is getting spit outta the computer right now in Quicktime format.

It should appear right here once it is done:


The high quality quicktime video can be downloaded at this link by about 7:15 PM or so: (it may not be finished uploading until then, so wait!)

The gang and Ron Paul

Coming Soon: CaucusTime: DEEZ MOINEZ! The Video spectacular!

First we will release a teaser, then several fuller videos. Including The General Narrative, a Ron Paul special, and a Hillary special. Yea!

We are back from Iowa Caucus: more videos are coming really soon: ChunkyCaucusVideo2008!!

We have just gotten back to Mpls in the wee hours. The Iowa trip was an interesting one.... the situation strange. The people, cold. The media, not coming back soon.

Massive rallies, cold scenes, media people. Pols. Really eager staffers. Security theater from Clinton's henchmen.

The plan to send out videos from the road fell apart. We got one out from the cafe, but we've had problems with the video formats and want to clean them up first.

We have seen all of the Dem candidates except Gravel and Kucinich and i think we have some level of video of each.

We used the latest in underpowered pocket video systems to record everything insane we could. This really freed up creative opportunities to place visual artifacts over everything and everyone.

After we sleep off the driving, there will be much furious video productions for the Interwebs! Our Ron Paul War on Drugs video has already passed 1200 viewers in 12 hours!!

We went demanding nothing (some of us). We achieved everything!

A kind of Zen.

Cover your ears: Democratic candidates debate tonight

The Democratic presidential candidates debate at 8 PM on MSNBC tonight. If only we could set up windmills to collect the hot air...

All right, I have to admit that I sort of like watching the presidential debates, as long as I can drink or do something else alongside the spectacle. Every time Ron Paul lays into the "war propaganda" of the military-industrial complex, or Kucinich floats his dreamy utopia stuff, at least that's interesting.

The 2008 presidential campaign itself is a doom-laden spectacle of horror, and has pretty much sucked all around so far. McCain and Giuliani compete to sound the most maniacal, and even aw-shucks Huckabee plots foreign wars of obliteration. Tancredo still refuses to go back to Italy where "his type" infest us from.

The best recent news was when McCain visited the Smith & Wesson manufacturers and promised to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell, and kill him with their product. Stephen Colbert called that a 720° Triple Bank Shot, and I have to agree.

McCain personally requested the stop at the Smith and Wesson-owned Thompson-Center Arms factory, where he scrutinized hunting rifles, watched workers cast parts from molten steel and enjoyed a closed-door session with executives seated around a table with an AR-15 military-style rifle on top.

During a talk with more than 100 of the company's employees, the Republican presidential candidate promised to "bring Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell and shoot him with one of your products." The line got a big round of applause.

Obama's campaign has been an extreme disappointment. Somehow the last 8 to 10 weeks have slid by without Obama daring to point out that Hillary Clinton Sucks All Around, and so he's viewed as weak, in the all-important frame of the Bitchslap Theory of Electoral Politics. As Josh Marshall explained, as we saw with SwiftBoats in the summer of 2004, you keep slapping them with stupid shit, and when they don't fight back, you look too weak for the American public:

One way -- perhaps the best way -- to demonstrate someone's lack of toughness or strength is to attack them and show they are either unwilling or unable to defend themselves -- thus the rough slang I used above. And that I think is a big part of what is happening here. Someone who can't or won't defend themselves certainly isn't someone you can depend upon to defend you.

Demonstrating Kerry's unwillingness to defend himself (if Bush can do that) is a far more tangible sign of what he's made of than wartime experiences of thirty years ago.

Hitting someone and not having them hit back hurts the morale of that person's supporters, buoys the confidence of your own backers (particularly if many tend toward an authoritarian mindset) and tends to make the person who's receiving the hits into an object of contempt (even if also possibly also one of sympathy) in the eyes of the uncommitted.

This is certainly what Bush's father did to Michael Dukakis and, sadly, it is what Bush himself did, to a great degree, to Al Gore.

It worked against Kerry, and so far against Obama. Hillary's campaign has resisted sniping a lot at Obama directly, but they've gone the next level up to set the Frame of Polls and other assorted Voodoo Chicken Guts to create a Conventional Wisdom that she can't be touched.

Then there is the ready victim gender language thing, wherein such ideas as "a Conventional Wisdom that she can't be touched" flips around to represent domestic violence and sexism and other stuff. Any Hillary assault is sort of like hitting your wife. This seems to be working, and it's kind of surprising no one has ever tried it before at the national level. I guess it wouldn't have helped much with Geraldine Ferraro in '84.

New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, who I have always thought of as a Basically Good Guy and also Very Experienced with the Wily World Out There - a diplomatic Grandmaster - has basically run an invisible campaign. He was hobbled for early 2007 by having to spend all his time finishing the session of the New Mexico legislature. This kept him off the radar while the HillaryBots locked up the entire Democratic Party hierarchy.


The conventional wisdom of the race depresses me. The media sucks and they follow Baby Boomer rules of sugarcoating all awkward realities of 2007. The media is just horrible and only care about these dumb polls. The left of the alternative media is letting everything slide, pretty much, with few results. This Iran shit getting ginned up is seriously their responsibility to deal with.

One other thing on the media, though: MSNBC does a unique job covering the stuff, and I have to give them some credit for the effort. Right now David Schuster, the Hardball correspondent, is grilling some pols and doing a decent enough job by today's standards. Schuster really has done better than anyone else on television covering the Valerie Plame / CIA leak / Scooter Libby scandal. When Plame was on Hardball, Plame complemented Schuster's rapidfire summary of the extremely convoluted case.


The Rundown:

  • Bill Richardson: Shooting for VP. Wish he was doing better. Usually focuses on speaking against paranoid warmongering and conveys a positive attitude.
  • Hillary Clinton: Playing an impressive game at every level, as long as the other candidates always pull their punches. If the Teflon ain't fried tonight, we are fucked.
  • Chris Dodd: Polling behind Colbert in South Carolina. Has been principled in his foreign policy and responsive to the blogger netroots, but has had no influence.
  • Joe Biden: Breaking up Iraq is a shitty idea, smart guy. Watch no one really care, but then again, I hope he'll probably pounce on Hillary for the Iran thing (she voted for recent Kyl-Lieberman war hawk insanity bill)
  • Dennis Kucinich: Still not making himself relevant, but I wish he would.
  • Mike Gravel: They don't give him any time of course. I gave him $15 early on when he said the Military-Industrial Complex dominates our culture. I wish he'd keep injecting that hard-core antiwar idea. He probably will, but it won't get any bounce unless he really goes after Hillary specifically.
  • John Edwards: He seems to be floating away or something. I'm glad he called out Hillary's cash vacuum cleaner with Beltway lobbyists and the military-industrial complex.
  • Barack Obama: Dude you gotta git 'em. Seriously. Americans don't want a freaggin' Harvard lecturer, they need something of a pit bull. Obama needs a little more Nixon, if you will.

So my order of preference for Dem nomination, the proper combo of principles and electibility: 1) Richardson. 2) Obama. 3) Edwards. 4) everyone else. 8) HillaryCorp International.

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