Clarification on Comcast

Paul commented that

So I'm paying Comcast to fix your puppy chewed outlet? Sheesh.

Oh wait. I don't have Comcast.

Whatever. They're all the same.

That isn't what I meant to convey. The outlet in question was up on the pole in the alley. The puppy didn't do it. The actual term for the fried thing is the 'line tap,' I think, inside the box on the telephone that the cable connects to. And Comcast fixed it for free, because we pay them plenty as it is, so they better fix their own boxes when they get messed up.

Paul would be one of the people I took a class with this summer.

The consequences that are rendered

Ok, so right now I am sitting in the computer lab at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities West Bank, where I took an electronic arts class. My video is rendering for what I hope will be the final time.

The process of making a DVD entails generating a huge MPEG-2 video file that DVD Studio Pro burns onto DVD-Rs. This process works best when the computer processes the whole video stream twice?or two-pass variable bit-rate encoding. It just started the second pass about 10 minutes ago.

In a delightful turn of events, the DVD recording of John Kerry's appearance at Macalester that I ordered from C-SPAN in the middle of last month finally showed up this morning. I brought it straight into the lab here and extracted my 15 seconds of C-SPAN fame for the project. This would be "Fair Use" if such a thing still exists.

CENTCOM meets, rabbit blogs

Heh, I just ran my server logs for the first time in ages. Seems that my May-June logs went down the memory hole somewhere, which is too bad... The results for the past few weeks have been spectacular, despite my incredible laziness in keeping the site up.

Military surfers took their fiercest interest yet, as I got hits from, as well as, a mysterious firewall developed by the DoD, as detailed in this blog. and,, Andrews, Eglin and Maxwell Air Force bases I would presume, also stopped by., the Navy Marine Corps Intranet, also came thru to the site. is the most badass sounding. Multiple mach blog surfing??

New version of Camino web browser

Earlier this week Josh Aas told me that a new version of one of the leading OS X web browsers (for we have many) is about to be released. In this case, the browser is Camino, which is quite fast. Camino is an open-source project of the Mozilla foundation, and Josh is one of the Mac programmers involved. You can download the nearly finished daily builds of 0.8 right now— however these are not guaranteed to work perfectly. Josh is especially happy with the bookmark manager he worked on. It seems more useful than Safari's.

Fixing site operations

I hope everyone voted in the MCSG elections today. That's the nice thing about Macalester: you get to vote to oppose forms of domination like capitalism and heteronormativity.* I would like to see St. Thomas and St. Kate's dare to offer such a resolution...

I have made some serious changes in the inner workings of the site, as some may have noticed. Now, when you go to an archive entry like the classic "Battle for Mesopotamia," there are 'breadcrumbs' that lead you back up the hierarchy of days / months / years, although I haven't developed a year index yet.

Site traffic up!

I have not checked the web traffic level here in quite some time. I have known this site to have high traffic at times, especially after I put up my protest pictures back in the day, and got links from several places.

However, I haven't run an analysis on the numbers since this version of the site started in January. My logfiles may have a chunk missing around March 12, although there were technical problems when I went to London that knocked off for a while. It wouldn't be a surprise that traffic fell when I went on break, in any case.

date	#pages	#reqs	Mbytes
Mar/29/04	91	180	4.77	
Mar/30/04	258	317	6.15	
Mar/31/04	66	155	4.04	
Apr/ 1/04	196	524	15.08	
Apr/ 2/04	248	428	15.43

I have published the web traffic analysis produced by the fine free tool Analog. I used to use third-party counters but then I got tired of their whole method. Although there is nothing particularly wrong with them, I prefer to do it myself.

The report shows that there have been at least a few hits from all over the place, including Turkey, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong and Mexico. Also the most popular day was March 30, followed by April 2nd. (I have filtered out log entries from accessing at my own computer as well as the one I use at work)

TioDan operations commence

In the nick of time TioDan, i.e. the kosher slingin' guerilla Dan Schwartz, has started a El Blog de Tio at Blogspot, . It is nice to see more friends undertaking such projects. He is also most interested in those dang mercenaries!

What is the key to successful blogging? That is a good question that I don't think about too much... The standard policy seems to be 'winging it.'

Hazardous glitches in system files found

This is some weird stuff. I found a whole bunch of system files with lots of garbage. This would affect compiling programs, which could explain why the compiler's been weird all along. Compiler said:
/usr/include/mach/exception_types.h:61:39: invalid suffix "s" on integer constant
/usr/include/mach/exception_types.h:61: error: stray '\10' in program
/usr/include/mach/exception_types.h:61:47: invalid suffix "R" on integer constant
/usr/include/mach/exception_types.h:61: error: stray '\352' in program

Meanwhile inside exception_types.h:


Mysterious cigarette spam

Alison sent me this weird spam she got:

I am a single serving friend. The continuation of our species matters more than you can imagine. It is the single most important thing we can do. I want you to hit me as hard as you can. I want you to hit me as hard as you.

Suddenly, he disappeared. I'd seen many of the same things I've seen before. He wanted to know more. I didn't have to say: can we change the meeting from 6 to 11? My kids have a music recital and I dont want to miss it for the world.

Don't do that, the cat pointed out. We're going to regret this, my friend said. My job was to apply the formula. Why do guys like you and me know what a duvet is?

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