Mollom: a new anti-spam vendor!

A little bit of Hongpong spam got away from me after a Spam module upgrade. Spam module is annoying so I am going to try Mollom, which checks all your comments through their system. It runs on Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and has development stuff for Ruby, Java, PHP5 and .Net.

Also finally Drupal 6.3 and 5.8 got released, the 5.8 is a security update and 6.3 fixes many problems with the 6 platform. Delightful - now 6.x development can finally speed ahead!

For more stuff see New Drupal Book: Drupal Multimedia!

These are my personal notes - not too useful for the casual reader, though interesting developments anyway: Reverse node reference |

Image Assist |

Information-Sharing using FeedAPI and Buddylist |

FeedAPI |

Feed Element Mapper |

Argument: Node reference (not an option in the views fields) |

Documentation for 6.x-.x2 |

Link barrage: How mass NSA wiretaps work; Manchurian Obama©; International tensions and other boring matters (that will still ruin your wallet)

Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?- by Justin Raimondo

I gots to filch a few grafs about how the wiretap system works - and how the Big Machine in the Sky is reading our to/from packets quite a lot: Everything about Pat Lang is friggin awesome - this one came from one of his old school buddies in the telecom spy game: Sic Semper Tyrannis 2008: FISA and All Those Numbers

But let's say Mr. Terrorist is somewhere in Maryland between Baltimore and Washington DC, and he is using a prepaid cell phone he bought with cash. His NPA (area code) can be 240, 301, 410, 443, 202, or 703 depending on his carrier. Each one of those NPAs can have up to 792 NXX codes assigned to it. And each one of those NXX codes can have up to 10,000 numbers. Now we're really starting to see a problem. The government already knows which blocks are owned by prepaid cellular carriers, but there are still hundreds of thousands of telephone numbers in one small region to sift through. This guy may only pop up for a few hours before trashing his phone – I know I would!

How does the FBI or NSA tap his phone based on the number? Here’s what I suspect has been happening behind the scenes with the FISA battle.

It is physically impossible to monitor all the calls traversing the telephone networks. The tinfoil hat crowd likes to scream about the NSA “monitoring all our calls” but it just isn’t physically possible. When I worked for a long distance carrier we were processing around 1 million calls per day, per junction (a junction is a large central office), and our network had about 7-8 junctions. That was in the late 1990s. Call volume is much higher today. And that was one carrier out of many.

What we can look at, however, are the messages the telephone network uses to connect, maintain, and disconnect your calls. This process is known as call signaling, or call processing. In the old days, intercepting the call signaling of a large portion of the network was difficult since both the call processing and voice connection used the same physical circuit. Now, a signaling technology called Signaling System 7 (SS7) has made that job much easier – the signaling process has been decoupled from the voice circuit. All the SS7 messages are carried on a network separate from the network that connects the two phones together for the conversation. (For the techno-geeks among us, Wiki SS7 )

Although the land line telephone network can operate without SS7, the cellular networks cannot. They all use SS7. Most likely the FBI and NSA are exploiting this portion of the telephone network. But remember, the SS7 network is only carrying call signaling messages. Inside those messages are the telephone numbers of the calling party and the called party, but no names. These messages containing each telephone number in a call can be stored in huge databases and mined for anomalies. The SIGINT folks are probably looking for call patterns – anything that will make the target stick out. If there is an interesting call pattern, then resources can be applied to actually monitor the conversation.

So, is it really wiretapping if the government is only monitoring call patterns and no names are associated with numbers? Is it really wiretapping if no voice conversation is monitored? I don’t know. That’s for the lawyers to decide. I do know that the amount of data collected would be incredibly huge – for every telephone call there will be many SS7 messages generated. Multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of calls processed by the prepaid cellular carriers per day, and you start seeing the problem our law enforcement and SIGINT folks are tackling. Sifting through all these millions of call singling messages is a huge undertaking.

Most likely the process is becoming more and more automated with signaling anomalies triggering the automatic monitoring and storage of conversations. Although this would make life much easier for the collection folks, this automation would be where the legal points become shaky since the warrant would have to be applied after the fact. I do not know for sure, but I suspect that total automation is feasible to a degree. It would still require a lot of resources. What if the trigger was in error and you recorded two innocent people, should you still have to get a warrant even if internal procedures ensured the recording was deleted? Sometimes innocent Americans get caught up in SIGINT collections overseas, and there are existing oversight policies to deal with that.

Be sure to check it all out on Lang's site!!

From the always ominous Cryptogon: Teachers Get Guidance On How to Relay the Lessons of Sept. 11

and worse: Leading British Intelligence Official, Alex Allan, Found with “Blood Everwhere,” Now In a Coma, Nothing to See Here, Move Along

Dana Milbank - The Economy? Words Fail Me. -

No evidence needed under terror profiling plan | | Detroit Free Press

The Associated Press: ISPs still considering tracking Web use

Ron Paul: I hear members of Congress saying "if we could only nuke Iran"

Crucial analysis: Bringing Ireland to Baghdad: How the Resistance Will Eventually Kick the Americans Out | War on Iraq | AlterNet

Military action 'would destabilise Iraq' - Middle East, World - The Independent

Talabani-Barak handshake angers some Iraqi MPs | Reuters

BBC NEWS | Pakistan's future in the balance

$100 for a Tank of Gas? Especially in an S.U.V., It’s Hard to Say ‘Fill It Up’ -


Wampum: Viacom v Google

Fallen Stars: Celebrity Foreclosures -

Fannie, Freddie Shares Plummet on Capital Worries. Move along...

Daily Telegraph PSYOPS at an end? » Blog Archive » The Bolton-Telegraph Scare

The strange saga of Larry Johnson continues: it's pretty grumpy over @ No Quarter,

The Adulation of a Leader: a Cautionary Tale : NO QUARTER

The anti-Obama audience Webster Tarpley has purchased some blog ads for his mysterious book, Obama - The Postmodern Coup: Making of a Manchurian Candidate: Webster Griffin Tarpley, . Described as such:

Barack Obama is a deeply troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by the intelligence agencies, using fake polls, mobs of swarming adolescents, super-rich contributors, and orchestrated media hysteria to short-circuit normal politics and seize power.

Obama comes from the orbit of the Ford Foundation, and has never won public office in a contested election. His guru and controller is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the deranged revanchist and Russia-hater who dominated the catastrophic Carter presidency 30 years ago. All indications are that Brzezinski recruited Obama at Columbia University a quarter century ago. Trilateral Commission co-founder Brzezinski wants a global showdown with Russia and China far more dangerous for the United States than the Bush-Cheney Iraq adventure.

Obama's economics are pure Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working families, all designed to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street elitist financiers who own Obama. Obama's lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult candidacy hearken back to Italy in 1919-1922, and raise the question of postmodern fascism in the United States today.

Obama is a recipe for a world tragedy. No American voter can afford to ignore the lessons contained in this book.

I am a fan of the idea that these NGO "color revolutions" around Europe are some trendy synthetic PSYOPS type shit. And that Obama's advisors would run with the "synthesizers". Anyway.

Some more sweet Drupal news

Eh, I am on a Drupal kick, and might as well bookmark some nerd things. (I have been adding quite a bit to my bookmarks too, lately, be sure to look @ the top of the page for those).

More tech items: I was impressed to find BetaNews | Inside Information; Unreleased Products

BetaNews | Google continues to mete out privacy features
BetaNews | Google adds fuel to Canada's BitTorrent throttling fracas
BetaNews | Angry YouTube users boycott, Viacom seems to respond
BetaNews | Google releases its data encoding format to compete with XML
Google Open Source Blog: Protocol Buffers: Google's Data Interchange Format

how it works! Developer Guide - Protocol Buffers - Google Code

The Associated Press: `Public' online spaces don't carry speech, rights
As Web Traffic Grows, Crashes Take Bigger Toll -

Slashdot: Google Open Sources Its Data Interchange Format

Slashdot: Massive, Coordinated Patch To the DNS Released

Hmmm... MediaShift Idea Lab . Still Seeking Coders Interested in Journalism | PBS

more here, there was hax0rs in t3h DNS lulz: Dan Kaminsky Discovers Fundamental Issue In DNS: Massive Multivendor Patch Released |!

Fixes Released for Massive Internet Security Issue

On July 8th, technology vendors from across the industry will simultaneously release patches for their products to close a major vulnerability in the underpinnings of the Internet. While most home users will be automatically updated, it’s important for all businesses to immediately update their networks. This is the largest synchronized security update in the history of the Internet, and is the result of hard work and dedication across dozens of organizations.

Earlier this year, professional security research Dan Kaminsky discovered a major issue in how Internet addresses are managed (Domain Name System, or DNS). This issue was in the design of DNS and not limited to any single product. DNS is used by every computer on the Internet to know where to find other computers. Using this issue, an attacker could easily take over portions of the Internet and redirect users to arbitrary, and malicious, locations. For example, an attacker could target an Internet Service Provider (ISP), replacing the entire web — all search engines, social networks, banks, and other sites — with their own malicious content. Against corporate environments, an attacker could disrupt or monitor operations by rerouting network traffic traffic, capturing emails and other sensitive business data.

Mr. Kaminsky immediately reported the issue to major authorities, including the United States Computer Emergency Response Team (part of the Department of Homeland Security), and began working on a coordinated fix. Engineers from major technology vendors around the world converged on the Microsoft campus in March to coordinate their response. All of the vendors began repairing their products and agreed that a synchronized release, on a single day, would minimize the risk that malicious individuals could figure out the vulnerability before all vendors were able to offer secure versions of their products. The vulnerability is a complex issue, and there is no evidence to suggest that anyone with malicious intent knows how it works.

Slashdot: Your Mashup Is Probably Legal

and Handling Flash Crowds From Your Garage which interestingly has a large section on "how to deal w your DNS when its fux0red, fulltext: Handling Flash Crowds from your Garage

Drupal time now! Summer of Code 2008 Mid-term Results wherein the Big G puts up some money to get the kiddos makin totally badass modules. Mostly these won't make a lot of sense to the outsiders among you, but they look good!

We are seeing a lot of these clever youngsters realizing that the 5.x modules were too specific, and it would be much better to write plugin module frameworks so that the redundant stuff can be minimized. So now fancy feature areas like Geographic bookmarking/plotting and WYSIWYG editors, two messy areas, would be streamlined as these projects mature.

Other cool modules: Google Client Geocoder and gProximity and Geo and location (API, module). CCK Node Menu, Smartqueue Per User, Gears, Wysiwyg.

Look at this! CCK GMap Address. Would look delicious! Wysiwyg looks like a needed fork of TinyMCE, and an abstraction.

More to be seen about this fun area here: Location and Mapping | groups.drupal.

Discussion of cool things:

sun's vision for handling embedded/inline content and Wysiwyg in Drupal

Better input format support in Drupal 7

Coder is pretty sweet for developing and here's a bit on Porting Drupal Modules from 5 into 6.

When does a new version of Drupal get released?

When needed, this is nice: Drupal Modules - Search, Rate, and Review Drupal Modules.


Sometimes we wonder how to assemble an F35 stealth fighter. But then we find out! Via here and here and Cryptome!


On a related note, they have the official shit list of the government! US Foreign Enemies List is impressive - all the individuals in the PLO, Kahanists, the very bad al-Tikriti family in Iraq...

I think I am getting into a tangent here...

New Atmosphere album; helps me analyze CIA Iran-Contra narcotics conspiracy networks!

I've been so damn busy these days, writing anything interesting for good ol has been pretty much set aside.

It's a really weird political season, hell, around here it's been a weird weather season. There was freezing rain all over my car on Friday night. It's already the end of April. It's probably a good thing that I haven't been puttering around blogging and obsessing over what's on the Internet. That shit gets tiresome!

Can't Mess With The Atmos: I got the new Atmosphere album, "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That S*** Gold", and it's damn good. Slug dropped damn near all the bombast, now he's just trying to tell us kids to pay the bills and get it together... Be sure to check out their awesome "Paint it Gold" webcasts - they have been really excellent.

Visit the "not Google Killer Google Killer": Quite a while ago I mentioned the interesting project, which lets you add all your own bookmarks/notes/videos/etc into a big online repository, kind of like plus Facebook.
Basically you can cluster your areas of interest by setting up "Twines" of semantically tagged content. Most interestingly, you can upload huge chunks of text and PDFs, and it will automatically scan through and pull out the names and organizations involved.
Finally I got the 'beta invite' to join Twine, and of course I dumped in as much hard Iran-Contra conspiracy evidence text I had laying around. Add a few bookmarks, and Twine went crazy all over the stuff, indexing all the CIA drug dealers, locales and front companies of interest. Verdict: Fantastic conspiracy data mining!
Look at all the Conspiracy Entity Names it automatically spit out (in orange at right) when I put in the famed CIA Limited Hangout Frederick Hitz report on "Allegations of connections between CIA and Contras in cocaine trafficking to the United States." Contrary to popular belief, you can still read this report on the CIA's website (with some alterations). twine-iran-contra-analysis.png
If anyone else would like an invitation to try Twine, plz send me an email @ hongpong AT ! Use data mining to exp0se the stuff! Oh noooes!!

WikiLeaks battles suspicious front companies in the Caymans; Swedish server room fire; WikiLeaks mirrors holding strong!

All right here is a new one. got set up a while ago to offer a WikiPedia-style spot for edgy secret documents to get dumped. And they are getting some press. Now, a Situation has arisen, knocking the main server offline as their CA-based domain registrar folds under legal pressure. Because WikiLeaks was leaking.... suspicious bits about the Cayman Islands fronts of some bank or something. Apparently the UK server, among others, are still fine. Here is the list of mirrors.

Here is a list of Wikileaks Cover Name URL links which worked ok for us in the last few hours:

Some of the Cover Names presumably just re-direct traffic to the now missing and so are effectively not working either i.e.

Some are more peculiar in that unencrypted URLs either time out or are not working,

However, the corresponding SSL URLs work ok e.g.:

There are some caveats about the secure proxy certificates and whatnot - I.E. what are these 'moskva orts' Russians really up to? [Something quite cool i would bet, anyway]

There is a blog here: with more news on that. :

Spy Blog: Wikileaks survives a fire, but is under Temporary Restraining Order partial censorship

United Kingdom

It looks as if the interesting and controversial, Wikileaks website, which promises "anonymous, untraceable, uncensorable" publication of leaked documents from whistleblowers, and which recently published the devastating No2ID Campaign annotated leaked UK National Identity Scheme document , is weathering some technical hitches and legal litigation attacks.

It seems that there has been a fire in an Uninterruptible Power Supply, which took the WikiLeaks web servers offline for much of Saturday, at their Swedish co-location hosting company, PRQ Inet, which has experience of attempts at censorship, through their former hosting of the peer to peer filesharing and political phenomenon, The Pirate Bay.

[editor: shortly before the fire unknown persons launched a 500Mbps distributed denial of service attack. It is not known if or how the attack is related to the other events described in this article].

More seriously and for the longer term, the brand name of is no longer online, due to a Temporary Restraining Order issued by the California Northern District Court in San Francisco, aimed at a Domain Name Registrar, rather than just the actual publishers of controversial material, who happen to be outside of US legal jurisdiction..

See this partial public list of Wikileaks Cover Names for alternative URLs which have not yet been censored.

The plaintiffs in the California case are a Swiss Bank bank - Bank Julius Baer and its associated Cayman Islands tax avoidance subsidiaries, egged on by their expensive Hollywood media celebrity shyster lawyers Lavely & Singer. Julius Baer have been pursuing a Swiss whistleblower, some of whose leaked documents have been allegedly published on Why this is a problem when the world's financial monitoring and tax authorities appear to have already had access to them, is a mystery.

See Bank Julius Baer vs. Wikileaks have also had legal threats from ineptitude lawyers Schillings -- who in tried to censor blogs critical of the dubious Russian / Uzbek billionaire Alisher Usmanov] which caused much of the UK political and Arsenal football club fan blogosphere, to rally together in condemnation of the "collateral damage" which was to caused to innocent political bloggers, across the political spectrum.

Schillings are acting against because of their publication of a prospectus to potential rescue investors of the Northern Rock plc bank scandal, something which is now obsolete, but was of massive public interest to all UK taxpayers and investors, and which the mainstream media caved in to after Schillings shyster threats, and an expensive (effectively taxpayer funded) High Court Injunction.

See Northern Rock vs. Wikileaks.

It is interesting that the first threats to this supposedly "uncensorable, anonymous, mass whistleblowing" project, do not come from Government Big Brother authorities, but from the private sector, and from equipment failures at a Single Point of Failure.

As with the Alisher Usmanov affair, the tactics of the media celibrity shysters in the Bank Julius Baer case is to threaten parts of what should be neutral, exempt internet infrastructure companies, with potentially expensive litigation in court rather than just the actaul publishers of the allegedly defamatory or confidential or copyright material.

Even if such companies win in court, the expense of kegal advice is such that it could cost them far more money in legal fees, than they are getting from a cheap domain name registration or webhosting package, so they are tempted to cave in to such shyster demands for censorship.

Only by pointing out the damage to their own brand names and potential profits, as a result of the disgust that most active internet customers feel, when the rich and powerful and their shysters, try to bully individuals or small groups of activists, can this economic threat be counterbalanced.

See the Censorship Threats from Lawyers category archive of blog postings on the blog, which comments on the technical, legal and ethical aspects of the project.

More Drupal Links; How to rock theme development; Drupal 6 the latest bits; speed up page loads, and such

The official press release: Drupal 6.0 Released - Bringing Greater Simplicity, Performance And Style To This Open Source Social Publishing Platform and in all languages: Drupal 6.0 released |

5 Reasons you should choose Drupal for our Website | Translation Designs

What is the future of Drupal? very important!! see here: From infinite extensibility to infinite interoperability by Dries Buytaert who is the leader of the almightay drupal project:

I want the Drupal community to stay ahead of the competition. I want to start implementing today what proprietary CMS vendors will implement in 2013. From a content management system's point of view, I believe, that means (and I really hate to use the term 'Web 3.0'):

Web 3.0 = Web 2.0 + infinite interoperability

which roughly translates to:

Web 3.0 = Web 2.0 + data portability + web service APIs

While the short-term business opportunity might be to go after the social publishing market, I strongly believe that the long-term business opportunity lies in the infinite interoperability and that spans well beyond the social software market.

Thanks to Open Source software and companies like Google, the cost of building Web 2.0 applications will approach zero. Contrary to what one might think, this actually creates a lot of business opportunities. Opportunities that are best monetized through web services. But for that to happen, ubiquitous and seamless interoperability is key.

And here's How Drupal Will Save The World! Start here if you're confused.

Installing Drupal 6 | - a great video introduction from Lullabot!

Drupal 6 Released and Ready to Manage your Content | Raincity Studios these guys have a pretty good summary of what is really going on with D6 and the various stuff going on around Drupal. Nice site design too. In Drupal we Trust | Raincity Studios

Another weekend with Drupal 6 | CMS Report sez it's good!

Modules: HOW ARE THE MODULES DOING for 6.0?? Contributed modules status - version 6.x | It's gonna take a while (mid-March prolly) for key things.

Coming soon: Drupal Modules | Review, Rate, And Search Every Drupal Module

OPENID: This is actually of pivotal importance, for it changes how we think of Internet Identity! Make life easier for users with OpenID for Drupal |

Tell search engines about new content on your Drupal site |

Various posts trumpeting the Intro of Drupal 6:

How to rock theme development: if you haven't seen this, you haven't seen teh Futur of Teh Theme Developments! Theme developer module for Drupal 6 - Screencast

Zen theme 5.x-1.0 released for Drupal 5 and also is functional but Beta in D6, available here. Zen! Zen is a 'blank theme' good for developing on top of. Here's the docs for Zen.

For specific uses: Overriding contact.module, no core hacking required! |

How to Remove Drupal System.css And Other Default CSS Files | Blamcast

Drupal Performance Agency | Tag1 Consulting, Inc. has some very helpful PDFs.

API = All new coolness: Saving Drupal code from database nonsense, Schema API is crucial for Module development and also the Batch API which handles... batching!

The nitty gritty: Drupal Hosting | Theme Garden Theme Garden is interesting but may not be cool with D6?

There will be a good Drupal 6 webcomic system which will let you make individual character pages, storylines and other badass elements. not bad! Webcomic 6.x Battle Plan | and it has its own group: Webcomics |

Lullabot is pretty sweet. They make good podcasts. For example how CCK works at the database level.

Social networking nibbles: SWiK's got stuff about Drupal. Drupal on Drupal for NonProfits is teh interesting!

DrupalDojo is teh r0x0rz.

Removing The Default CSS In Drupal 5 this has been an issue for me at various times, so it's quite a helpful nugget of code! This guy is also putting together something VERY cool and VERY needed: Drupal Modules | Review, Rate, And Search Every Drupal Module

Random site: this D6 supporter is getting more columns via Zen theme: | from my point of view is cool but not working right at the moment.

For bored developers looking for useful projects: DROP Drupal Really Open Participation, is a project designed for organizing short-term tasks. which was a spinoff of google-highly-open-participation-drupal - Google Code project.

the google project created the very interesting Safe filter gizmo, lets you users make their own input filters : Flexifilter for D6. comes with a 'wiki' filter as example.

Looks like the is rocking Drupal. See their bits on Net War and cyber war.

CSS imagemaps: insane! A List Apart: Articles: CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death

Speed up your Drupal site: YSlow | Dries Buytaert. In the grand roster of 'really key things to read about Drupal' this particular article has achieved extreme fame! Apparently! Improving Drupal's page loading performance | Wim Leers

Tips on speeding up your Drupal sites |, Inc. - Drupal Development, Customization and Consulting

Yahoo shares their own more general tips: Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

I thought that had some interesting bits, from a guy who appears to be an old school journalist & drupal 6 supporter.

Mysteries of the great Swedish software pirates: Steal This Film; Second Skin documentary about Virtual Worlds etc.

See, you not only have to be a good coder to create a system like Linux, you have to be a sneaky bastard too.
--Linus Torvalds- via Detroit Wireless Project

Ok I just saw the first few minutes of this one, but clearly it looks pretty damn cool. Steal This Film: hosted on GoogleVideo:

Steal This Film - Part 1 and the official website: Steal This Film II.

The background seems to change upon reload, conveying "JAWS" and "The Godfather" ... intellectual properties - or disk images. downloadables: Steal This Film II available in many languages!

Documenting the steadfast movement against intellectual property, Part 1 of Steal This Film takes account of the prominent players in the Swedish piracy (copyright infringement) culture: The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån (Piracy Bureau), and The Pirate Party. This includes a critical analysis of the regulatory capture asserted by Hollywood film industry to leverage economic sanctions by the United States government on Sweden through the WTO to pressure Swedish police into conducting an illegal search and seizure for the purpose of disrupting a competitive distribution channel: The Pirate Bay tracker for P2P Internet filesharing with the BitTorrent protocol.

Also i found this very interesting: a blog noted of Second Skin - Feature-length Documentary about Virtual Worlds. Here's the official site: Second Skin - a Pure West Documentary. [And accurately enough, my remark is in the context of someone else noticing it. That's really meta people. And thus, fundamentally boring. {way to go}]

Meanwhile in the Establishment: Google To Be Innovation Provider For GOP Convention. That's here, people.

Nerds will like this: CMS Report's Front Page News | CMS Report
I thought that was exceedingly interesting! Mashable! - The Social Networking Blog:BitTorrent Developers Pledge To Subvert Comcast Filters
Politics Online Conference 2008: Focus on Privacy
Social Networking: Risks vs. Rewards
and naturally this site is run by Drupal and will be on Drupal 6: Drupal Version Six Released
Which in turn led me to some new things: Searchles | Home - search plus circles. some kinds of social integration thingy.
Why teach journalism students Dreamweaver? | Martin Stabe I really recommend checking out how the interface of tools, internets and Journalism with a capital J fit together. It's a big deal.
Samsung's See'N'Search set-top TV / Internet box demo video - Engadget
Are Social Networks Responsible for Teen Suicides? | CenterNetworks
Is MySpace Good for Society? A Freakonomics Quorum - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

check out teh Wired Journalists NING social network thingy!! NING lets you make your own social network sites.
Looking for teh opensource? don't forget good ol Welcome to I remember checking freshmeat all the damn time in high school senior year. a good 8 years ago and the site still looks EXACTLY the same. That's quality.
Schools going to Linux save tons of money: Techlearning > > Linux Makes the Grade > November 2007. And I'm sure everyone is really sad to be missing the Vista Experience.
Meanwhile is the Associated Press doomed? Down On The Wire - Forbes.comI saw the good old macalester activist wiki is still being used: Main Page - MPKB
When you need a global wireless network syndicate of networks, you need | syndicating the free wireless communities and blogs of the world and where is the news of Minnesota, people? (drupal powered, as is their blog: Freifunkblog | Freie Netzwerke, freies WLAN und freie (Funk-)Netze im deutschsprachigen Raum) and here's another German/English site about techs/Drupal/etc: perspektive 89 | Internationale Perspektive aus Berlin
Local lunatic: Slanderous Kook: I'm a Slander Victim - February 14, 2008
....And that's all for this random yet interesting enough post......

Links: Surly hacker kids bored of hassling Scientology? Superdelegates, New FBI+Corporate= Infraguard, Telecoms Get Immunity. Dumb Times eh?

Well finally the browser crashed, leaving only a tide of very important links in the History panel. These are:

The Telecoms are getting away with Immunity for Crimes. It's all some big-ass farce. Etc. Go to Free Press and sign up, petitions etc available against the newest transgressions.!!!

WiGLE - Wireless Geographic Logging Engine - Plotting WiFi on Maps - fantastic!!

Comics: Tom the Dancing Bug, The Normal Streak - Bagpipes on a Police Budget

When they Come For Ya: "Homegrown Terrorism" Bill ~ News and Opinion Round-Up - Six Hours A Week: Adventures of a Sudden Patriot

On the Microsoft front, run YOUR PATCHES to save YOUR COMPUTER Microsoft's Monthlies.

We had to take a moment for the hacker side and appreciate some quality stories: Linux Kernel 2.6.17 - vmsplice Local Root Exploit and who said there were no expl0its for linux? airpwn and better yet, how the 802.11 wireless internet hack first got run @ Defcon, the mythical hacker conference: Goatse at Defcon -- brought to you by airpwn. l0lz indeed. latest on Defcon: News from defcon 2008-01-31 23:09:36

SPORE MADNESS: If you haven't heard about Spore, which is essentially a combination of all awesome games EVER (from PacMan to PaxImperia, SimPetriDish to Civilization to galactic empires)... It's from the guy that invented SimCity. What more need you know? Spore (video game) - Wikipedia more here: Level Up : Exclusive: Will Wright Gives Level Up the Scoop On Why Spore Is Taking So Long to Get Right--And Why It Will Be Worth the Wait, Part I.

Meanwhile in mysteriously small places: 3D Crystal Grown On a DNA Lattice

Somewhere the hackers are looming, and holding seminars and also a very interesting RSS podcast feed: Black Hat : Black Hat Briefings and Training.

Trouble in Scientology: Jerry Connell Parody of Tom Cruise Scientology Video. Exclusive: The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried To Suppress. - Tom Cruise Scientology Video Uncut

If you watch one video today: YouTube - Scientology's L. Ron Hubbard: Kooky Wacky Crazy Talk

Apparently a bunch of surly hacker kids are out to dismantle the Church of Scientology as it currently exists, with a kind of manifesto that was followed up by pretty serious thumpin' of the CoS websites. However I have not followed the story since then. I think maybe the kids got bored with it? YouTube: Message to Scientology

has been followed up with weird imitator videos. Frankly it could all be satire, but really I don't care. Jerry O'Connell and the hackers are basically on the same side. Scientology has a crazy corporate structure all over it, along with patently weird... alien stuff. Anyway there are also knockoff videos of weirdo bubble hacker children or something: VIDEO: War has just begun. Why not I guess? is it aesthetics or subversion? etc?

Which SuperDelegates are where???? 2008 Democratic Convention Watch: Do Superdelegates vote the same as their constituents? and Superdelegates who haven't endorsed and Superdelegate Endorsement List.

Obama seems to have the nomination tied up, but it's not over? It feels like it's over, I hope so... how do progressives get shafted by delegates? Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair: Lessons for Obama

Grumpiness among people: is Obama a cult of personality? what is charisma plus a political platform? a guy on stage? A Cult of Personality, The Revolution Returns: Obama and the Cult of Personality

Wow Microsoft is horrible: Microsoft sued over Windows Vista marketing and evidence of Wrong Doings: "Vista Capable" scheme was panned at Microsoft.

I am always impressed by the links @, top notch!

FBI's Infragard program is some kind of operational network, rapidly expanding in the corporate sector. It's apparent goal is to make a 'counter-terrorist' network out of all infrastructrure and big corporations or something. It is organized by FBI field offices, and could perhaps also be used to data mine the stuff held by the corporations. Or something??! Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business | The Progressive Magazine. More stuff about this is out there...

Judge: NYC can't use secret arguments in case of police surveillance of RNC protesters. Ahh the magic of Discovery.

...... I'm not sure what these links represented, but they are certainly interesting to some degree...

Misc news: Comcast Sucks; Outer space smells metallic

It did not occur to me that outer space could have a smell, but the Don Pettit of the International Space Station sez its "a rather pleasant sweet metallic sensation". sweet. (via /.)

"It reminded me of my college summers where I labored for many hours with an arc welding torch repairing heavy equipment for a small logging outfit. It reminded me of pleasant sweet smelling welding fumes. That is the smell of space."

The original SimCity got open-sourced as 'Micropolis'! It's cool how old games get open-sourced (see the Marathon Infinity Aleph One project). And better yet, it got donated to the One Laptop Per Child Project. More @ /. As a true SimCity zealot, I have to say that handing it over to all those kids in the developing world is really quite cool!

UK News: you better shut off your fuckin wireless Internet router because if someone grabs a Sony BMG album, you're on the Big Shit List: Internet users could be banned over illegal downloads - Times Online

Drupal 6.0 released: its a big deal. One guru I know dropped what he was doing at his job and installed that right away on his test server. That's devotion, people. That's one hell of a platform.

The McCain version of the schmaltzy black-and-white Obama rock-n-roll celeb video. [satire, people]

Comcast is really getting tangled up by playing content police and jamming competing video services, the Washington Post noticed:

Marvin Ammori, the general counsel for Free Press, said Comcast's behavior is the second major example of an service provider overstepping its authority in an attempt to quash competition. In March 2005, the FCC fined Madison River Communications for blocking calls by competitor Vonage, which provided free calls over the Internet.

Ammori said that by interfering with video transfers, Comcast is trying to protect its television and On Demand video services.

Among the leading pranks of the corporate behemoth: Using pervasive data mining to jam BitTorrent yet claiming that they are somehow not responsible for the vast levels of piracy on their network. But also, that it's legit to jam legal BitTorrents even though the system is a 'killer app' that will eventually destroy their business model (arbitraging the distribution of content, getting a cut from the generators of the content for the privilege of vending it to the ever-fattening American Consumer). The FCC is getting up in their shit. Etc.

The uber-tech savvy audience at Slashdot points out that if Comcast wants to play traffic cop and stop the Torrents, they should not be legally shielded for creating the crime of transmitting the illegal Torrents in the first place. Thansal sez:

The argument here is this:

ISPs are currently not liable for what illegal things their customers do with the service provided.

One of the reasonings behind this is that they should not be mining traffic enough to know wth is going on. (IANAL, this is a bad explanation)

Comcast says that they SHOULD be mining traffic to shape it and see wth is going on.

Comcast should then be held liable for any illegal activities that they 'know' about because of this monitoring.

[IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer, tho really that twisted tribe is the most anal.] A ton of smart arguments in here about it.

Also they have been bumping the rate for Internet-only connection to a whopping $65 a month, up from about $50. However, if you yell at them enough when they call to tell you about the bump, it is apparently possible to avoid getting charged. This is what I was told. Comcast is such a disaster.

See for more on the battles of Net Neutrality and Corporate Nonsense. And download Miro, an open source RSS-friendly video player which can also slurp the FLV files out of YouTube, and indeed lets you subscribe to HD-quality BitTorrent powered content 'channels'. This program, Miro, is indeed the Comcast Killer. Shit!

That's all........

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