More Fun Notes: LinkDump for May 9 2011, Big Bad Pharma, Loose Ends of 9/11 Revisited,

The Public Relations Drones have arrived: PR Industry Fills Vacuum Left by Shrinking Newsrooms including the BP spill flack coverup engine. And of course they get paid a ton more than respectable & decent seasoned career reporters.

Campaign2012 Raising Cain! First off, the GOP debate. In this impressive video good old Frank Luntz has a crew of GOP sheeple agreeing that friend of the Federal Reserve Hermann Cain won the debate.

You can cut to the primaries now. This is how the establishment is going to corral all these Tea Party people and keep them away from Ron Paul (and to a lesser extent Gary Johnson, who is getting blacked out pretty well and has low Name ID generally). Paul caught a great poll Obama head-to-head poll recently, and clearly they are giving him more airtime than 2008.

It's too bad that the evildoers want to block Ron Paul using Mr Cain. A Paul/Obama general election could actually hash through a lot of the problems at the root of our problems - serving a more useful purpose than the usual wasteful stream of hot air and pointless diversion operations.

Here's why they have to block Johnson and Paul of course, the glorious corrupt War on Drugs:

Crackdown in Bahrain: martial law in Bahrain on Al Jazeera: YouTube - Crackdown reins in Bahrain activists

Ruppert Re-Ups: Michael Ruppert returns to 9/11 on panel with German & Swiss investigator academic types: YouTube - Ganser Ruppert. It's a long one and gets into plenty of geopolitics, not just conspiracylols.

Bin Laden Information Operations Trainwreck! Bin Laden is eating all the info bandwidth and setting things sideways right now.What a mess. Worth looking at from Ruppert: GHOSTS OF SEPTEMBER 11TH | COLLAPSENET / lolz DoD Buzz | The bin Laden information drought. The official take of conspiracy world.

HW Bush's cousin John Mercer Walker Jr. was on the federal appeals court panel which kicked out a lawsuit against Rumsfeld, Cheney and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Richard Myers. This was probably the last thing to happen in 9/11 conspiracy world before the Beltane Bin Laden Sacrifice. Totes conflict of interest, no surprise there.

Let one happen, stop the rest: The 9/11 buzz all week meant taking a look back at the Old Trails. It began around here: FTW Interview: Delmart "Mike" Vreeland. And expanded further, From The Wilderness on Michael Delmart Vreeland. Is he still in a jail in Colorado or what? Sander Hicks wrote the solid account Widcard: Down the Rabbit Hole with the man who predicted 9/11. He's reminiscent of the JFK Assassination's Man Who Knew Too Much, Richard Case Nagell, another strange field operative with a weird personality and heavy density of lies. The blowback was harsh: 9/11 truther Michael Ruppert exposed as victim of con man Delmart Vreeland. And An Open Letter From "Mike" Vreeland to David Corn.

A bizarre fax about shadow payment structures (PDF) - this looks sketchy - and a 2009 thread hashing over more recent developments. Ruppert specifically told me we don't have time to think about Leo Wanta and old stuff like that anymore because we're running out of time as industrial society collapses. But it's so damn old school. Marc Rich, that bizarre Tom Heneghan, really all stuff from another era.

More old 9/11 related periphery notes: Whistleblower, Prior Knowledge of 9-11.

Susan Lindauer notes, a relatively new development: Susan Lindauer’s 5-year Patriot Act Nightmare - great podcast interview. And wow: Lindauer_PanAm103_Deposition. And in 2000: Lockerbie: CIA witness gagged by US government. Here was a hit piece to discredit her: Florida Cracker: Useful Idiot: The Susan Lindauer Story

Please ignore criminal financial operatives: William Black: "The de facto policy right now is elite frauds go free if they're in banking because the whole sector is too fragile; That is significantly insane"

OKC grandmother takes no guff, demands truth! RDR: Many questions still unanswered regarding OKC bombing, says woman who lost grandchildren

Get glowing with it: Washington's Blog - no a little radiation is not good for you. Would you like some mindblowing evidence? Video: The Horrific Legacy Of Chernobyl. Keep an eye on those EPA readings, or lack thereof.

The Biosphere burns away as the USDA fiddles: Why Is Damning New Evidence About Monsanto's Most Widely Used Herbicide Being Silenced? | Food | AlterNet. The Iowa scientist Huber:

"we are experiencing a large number of problems in production agriculture in the U.S. that appear to be intensified and sometimes directly related to genetically engineered (GMO) crops, and/or the products they were engineered to tolerate -- especially those related to glyphosate (the active chemical in Roundup® herbicide and generic versions of this herbicide)."

He continues, saying, "We have witnessed a deterioration in the plant health of corn, soybean, wheat and other crops recently with unexplained epidemics of sudden death syndrome of soybean (SDS), Goss' wilt of corn, and take-all of small grain crops the last two years. At the same time, there has been an increasing frequency of previously unexplained animal (cattle, pig, horse, poultry) infertility and [miscarriages]. These situations are threatening the economic viability of both crop and animal producers."

This is the scientist who found those sick micro-fungus associated with Roundup Ready freak corn and soy. More death in the biosphere.

The SITE INSTITUTE: Always available to advance establishment narratives. It's hard to conclude it's anything but a Mossad front for information warfare. The cool thing is it actually is between the Department of Homeland Security and the Israel embassy. The spatial layout is equivalent to the intended function! Nice. Anything sourced to the Site Institute should first be considered as a chunk of information operations along these lines -- it will never release material which is harmful to the interests of the hawks. MEMRI is the other big one, but there are some others playing a wonkier role like the Center for Security Policy.

Cancer, cellular atavism and Hemp Oil helps save a small child despite the killer bureaucracy's efforts: Interesting idea that cancer may reflect ancient cellular behaviors erroneously reactivated, forming tumors similar to cell masses in primordial eras. Cancer: The beat of an ancient drum? Hence the importance of not adding tons of chemical (or electromagnetic!) garbage signals into our bodies!

Cancer is so odd, you can even render the cellular activity into sound and it sounds horrible and dissonant while healthy cells sound harmonious. And animals can be trained to sniff out very subtle low levels of cancer in patients.

Big ups to Cash & Michael! Michael Hyde saved Cash's life with secretly adding THC-rich hemp oil to kill off the cancer cells. Perhaps THC is the trigger for that mysterious receptor which tells cells "Hey, it's not 4 billion years ago! Let's chill out!" The medical industry coverup smells funky in this one. The federal crackdown is of course expanding as federal credibility declines. (also DailyMail writeup)

Still need to watch this: Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (Full Movie). I hope it is not a scientology flick :P

Norman Finkelstein holdin it down: Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Jewish girl tries to criticise Dr. Norman Finkelstein. He's a solid guy.

Another batch of weird links for Conspiratoria Flashbacks: WRH is a pretty definitive 9/11/shady news type site, and has posted a lot of old things this week. Including: THE FBI SHUT DOWN OF ARAB MUSLIM WEB SITES IN THE DAYS LEADING UP TO 9/11. The Dancing Israelis. FBI says, it has “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”

The good old hard drives of the WTC wreckage with the trading data. Army embeds PSYOPS soldiers at local TV stations. the old Rawalpindi Hospital Bin Laden 9/10 story. She was murdered, probably by ISI/Elliot Abrams type arrangements, after saying In 2007 Benazir Bhutto: "Bin Laden was Murdered". Oh and the torture pimping: YouTube - Torture Whistleblower CUT OFF Midsentence! And a classic: Good Morning America learns that Bin Laden is CIA. Old Skewl site.

You gotta dig the crackdown on Conspiracy Theorists this week: Activist Post: Gagged By Huffington Post For Questioning Official Bin Laden Assassination Story. Here's a weird narrative: Arrogance Of The Secret Team. Hard to buy it. Might be an 'eat the Irish' satire of Secret Team writing.

Talk about bad Photoshop work, those fingers are all wrong in this item:


WTF? This was at a DailyMail URL....

Terrible legislation, fork it all over to the Pentagon! Bills would transfer oversight of terror cases.

ABC News: ATF Agents Stood By Watching As Thousands Of U.S. Weapons Hit The Streets In Mexico. This is being covered up.

North American Union currency: Another weird Amero story. I think this is a spoof or prank. Stephen Harper seeks majority to dissolve Canada in favor of North American Union. Bubbling up. Some weird deal was cut on February 4, 2011 without any fanfare whatsoever.

Panopticon percolates: Pa. suit: Furniture rental co. spies on PC users. Like cameras in the PC!

Deutsche Bank a criminal operation, and at least it was Sued by U.S. Over Mortgage Practices.

Vaccine criticisms blocked, Mandate nightmare: Vaccine makers move to block Times Square ad warning of dangers

Small Town Residents Afraid To Talk On Camera About Police For Fear Of Retaliation. No surprise... Community Oriented Policing and intimidation seem closely related theories of social control?

TSA VIPR spreads: TSA, law enforcement to conduct thousands of VIPR missions across U.S. - 12160. Love the G20 site art there :) Also FBI raids wrong home, searching for WoW gold.

DNC2012 militarization ramps up: New FBI director as Charlotte division prepares for convention -

Hawaii takes on banks! New law signed, Awesome! SB651 CD1.DOC. Also: South Carolina Supreme Court stops foreclosure enforcement.


That horrible bio-research lab project in Tornado Alley: spill one beaker and goodbye cropland! Sebelius-backed biotechnology firm reorganizing under criminal probe.

More fun links could be added but I gotta cut it off here! :-)

California rolls out heat cannon torture weapon Active Denial System, "When space age death rays are outlawed only outlaws will have space age death rays"

Oh Shit!!!

Let's explain how the mass torture weapon deployment rollout program works in the global scientific dictatorship. First the weapons are used on brown people in the field by the military, then on military prisoners, then on domestic prisoners. Then on protesters, then on random people. This is all part of a psychological conditioning process, intended in part to induce traumatic conditions in protesters & others. The good news is that when they bring this microwave cannon to the 2012 Democratic & Republican conventions, it can be defeated by tinfoil.

Here was the 60 Minutes segment earlier - *surprise* now it's in prisons. Your insane federal grant programs at work.

Pentagon Tests High-Frequency Ray-Gun On Mock Anti-War Protesters @ Yahoo! Video

L.A. jail tests 'intolerable heat' beam on brawling inmates – This Just In - Blogs. Great comment that "When space age death rays are outlawed only outlaws will have space age death rays" on this thread. Also something like a microwave generator w. battery pack could probably work at close ranges.

Officials at a Los Angeles County jail plan to test out an invisible heat-beam weapon originally developed by the military as a way to subdue brawling inmates by making them feel "intolerable heat."

The technology, called an Assault Intervention Device, is a non lethal-weapon developed by Raytheon Company. It originally was scaled down for use at the jail.

The device "emits a focused beam of wave energy that travels at the speed of light and produces an intolerable heating sensation that causes targeted individuals to flee. The sensation immediately ceases when the targeted individual moves away from the beam," according to Raytheon's website.

Deputies have tested the device, which is controlled by a jail officer using a joystick.

"We believe that technology can help solve problems facing the corrections community, including addressing issues of inmate violence," Sheriff Lee Baca said during a news conference. "The Assault Intervention Device appears uniquely suited to address some of the more difficult inmate violence issues without the drawbacks of tools currently available to us."

"This device will allow us to quickly intervene without having to enter the area and without incapacitating or injuring either combatant," Baca added.

Officials say they hope the device can help quell inmate assaults and reduce prison violence. Its use will be monitored by the U.S. Department of Justice's National Institute of Justice and Pennsylvania State University.

The device was installed and is being tested at Pitchess Detention Center at the L.A. County jail in Castaic, California.

That jail was the site of a 200-inmate brawl this weekend in which inmates threw rocks and debris at officers, who were attempting to stop them from entering a restricted area, according to CNN affiliate KTLA.

KTLA reported the brawl lasted for an hour before tear gas and non-lethal weapons were used. CNN is awaiting comment on whether the new Assault Intervention Device was employed during the brawl.

Raytheon Company: Features: Active Denial System //

Active Denial is a revolutionary non-lethal protection system that employs millimeter wave technology to repel individuals without causing injury. The system provides a zone of protection that saves lives, protects assets and minimizes collateral damage. Active Denial emits a focused beam of wave energy that travels at the speed of light and produces an intolerable heating sensation that causes targeted individuals to flee. The sensation immediately ceases when the targeted individual moves away from the beam.

Raytheon has produced and delivered three Active Denial Systems to the U.S. Air Force customer. Raytheon has also built one Silent Guardian™ system that is roughly 1/3 the size and power of the other Active Denial Systems.

Active Denial and Silent Guardian are part of a family of Directed Energy solutions produced by Raytheon. Those solutions include the Vigilant Eagle Airport Protection System, Laser Area Defense System and Direct Infrared Counter Measure Systems.

Active Denial System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The Active Denial System (ADS) is a less-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military.[1]It is a strong millimeter-wave transmitter primarily used for crowd control (the "goodbye effect"[2]). Some ADS such as HPEM ADS are also used to disable vehicles.[3] Informally, the weapon is also called heat ray.[4] Raytheon is currently marketing a reduced-range version of this technology.[5] The ADS was deployed in 2010 with the United States military in Afghanistan, but was withdrawn without seeing combat.

Pentagon nixes ray gun weapon in Iraq - Democratic Underground // Battlefield Laser Weapons Are Becoming A Reality For Pentagon Planners! - Science and Technology -Research, computers, social science, chemistry, biology, astronomy, physics, mathematics, AI - Page 2 - City-Data Forum//

Augh to hell with this...

Canadians report Cuban madness suspended: Obama halts Guantanamo!

Works for me!

Prosecutors request suspension of Guantanamo trials on order from Obama

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 | 12:13 AM ET

CBC News

Military prosecutors have requested a suspension of trials at Guantanamo Bay on orders from newly installed U.S. President Barack Obama.

Obama verbally requested a 120-day continuance in the trials through U.S. Secretary of Defence Robert Gates, according to a spokesman for the military commissions.

Prosecutors then filed the request with judges hearing the cases of Canadian Omar Khadr and five men accused in the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackings.

"The Secretary of Defence issued his order to the chief prosecutor in order to provide the administration sufficient time to conduct a review of detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,… to determine whether prosecution may be warranted for any offences those detainees may have committed, and to determine which forum best suits any future prosecution," reads a motion filed by the prosecution with the military commissions.

The motion, which applies to any case that had been referred to a military commission, will be argued Wednesday morning. It will be up to the judges to decide whether to grant adjournments.

The U.S. military currently has charges pending against 21 men at Guantanamo.

If the request is granted, it means the trials will be halted, presumably until Obama makes a decision on how they should be handled, the CBC's Susan Ormiston reported from the U.S. naval base in Cuba.

A continuance would adjourn the proceedings, however, all the evidence that has come out in pre-trial hearings will remain on the record.

The news comes after U.S. navy military lawyer Lt.-Cmdr. Bill Kuebler said earlier Tuesday that prosecutors were seeking to suspend the tribunals until they could get more guidance from Obama's administration on which direction to take.

Kuebler, who is representing Khadr, said Tuesday he would strenuously object to Obama's request for a 120-day continuance.

The military lawyer had been seeking to have the charges against Khadr withdrawn completely by the U.S. Department of Defence so that his client could either be recharged or, preferably, detained without charges.

Pre-trial hearings recently began in the case of Khadr — who is accused of killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan — as well as in the case of the five men charged with orchestrating the Sept. 11 hijackings.

Obama has already said he will close the military prison at Guantanamo, and many expect he will suspend the widely criticized war-crimes trials created by former president George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress.

RNC Organizer: Doing Public Relations for Burma and the Republican National Convention = Teh Awkward


God Damn... pigs!

Potbelly... pigs!

Punch-drunk... pigs!

Take money, money... pigs!

Loudmouth... pigs!

Wide load... pigs!

Let's make a deal...

--Aesop Rock , "Coffee" from the excellent new album "None Shall Pass"

A delicious press release arrives:

image001.jpg STATEMENT

For Immediate Release

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Matt Burns - 651-925-7208


SAINT PAUL, Minn. -- The 2008 Republican National Convention today accepted the resignation of convention coordinator Doug Goodyear. Mr. Goodyear issued the following statement on his resignation:

“Today I offered the convention my resignation so as not to become a distraction in this campaign. I continue to strongly support John McCain for president, and wish him the best of luck in this campaign.”



What ever could be the matter? Oh damn, their chief Convention Flack took a ton of cash to work promoting the Burmese junta in Washington.

Exactly like Duke's excellent work for Berzerkistan on Doonesbury:



I mean, exactly like Duke. $348,000 buys a lot of sleep, I bet.

Yeah, the chief RNC St. Paul organizer guy worked for that torture-insanity-what-the-hell Burmese military Dictatorship. Newsweek shook it loose!

McCain's Convention Chair Worked for Burma's Military Junta | Newsweek Periscope |

After John McCain nailed down the Republican nomination in March, his campaign began wrestling with a sensitive personnel issue: who would manage this summer's GOP convention in St. Paul, Minn.? The campaign recently tapped Doug Goodyear for the job, a veteran operative and Arizonan who was chosen for his "management experience and expertise," according to McCain press secretary Jill Hazelbaker. But some allies worry that Goodyear's selection could fuel perceptions that McCain—who has portrayed himself as a crusader against special interests—is surrounded by lobbyists. Goodyear is CEO of DCI Group, a consulting firm that earned $3 million last year lobbying for ExxonMobil, General Motors and other clients.

Potentially more problematic: the firm was paid $348,000 in 2002 to represent Burma's military junta, which had been strongly condemned by the State Department for its human-rights record and remains in power today. Justice Department lobbying records show DCI pushed to "begin a dialogue of political reconciliation" with the regime. It also led a PR campaign to burnish the junta's image, drafting releases praising Burma's efforts to curb the drug trade and denouncing "falsehoods" by the Bush administration that the regime engaged in rape and other abuses. "It was our only foreign representation, it was for a short tenure, and it was six years ago," Goodyear told NEWSWEEK, adding the junta's record in the current cyclone crisis is "reprehensible."

Another issue: DCI has been a pioneer in running "independent" expenditure campaigns by so–called 527 groups, precisely the kind of operations that McCain, in his battle for campaign-finance reform, has denounced. In 2004, the DCI Group led a pro-Bush 527 called Progress for America, which was later fined (along with several other 527s on both sides of the political divide) for violating federal election laws. Goodyear, however, says that DCI is "not in the 527 business anymore."

Ironically, Goodyear was chosen for the post after the McCain campaign nixed another candidate, Paul Manafort, who runs a lobbying firm with McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis. The prospect of choosing Manafort created anxiety in the campaign because of his long history of representing controversial foreign clients, including Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. More recently, he served as chief political consultant to Viktor Yanukovich, the former Ukrainian prime minister who has been widely criticized for alleged corruption and for his close ties to Russia's Vladimir Putin—a potential embarrassment for McCain, who in 2007 called Putin a "totalitarian dictator." "The Ukrainian stuff was viewed as too much," says one McCain strategist, who asked not to be identified discussing the matter. Manafort did not return calls for comment.

Then: Stumper : McCain Convention Manager Resigns After NEWSWEEK Reveals Burma Ties

Andrew Romano

Around noon today, the powers-that-be at NEWSWEEK posted "A Convention Quandary" on our website. In the story, investigative ace Michael Isikoff reported that the man chosen by John McCain's presidential campaign to run this summer's GOP convention--Arizonan Doug Goodyear--was causing some headaches within the ranks. The problem? Goodyear is CEO ofDCI Group, a consulting firm that earned $3 million last year lobbying for ExxonMobil, General Motors and other clients--not the most convenient association for a candidate who's already struggling to reconcile his reputation as an anti-special interests crusader with the sizable number of lobbyists on his senior staff. Further complicating matters: Isikoff's revelation that DCI was paid $348,000 in 2002 to represent Burma's military junta, leading "a PR campaign to burnish the junta's image, drafting releases praising Burma's efforts to curb the drug trade and denouncing 'falsehoods' by the Bush administration that the regime engaged in rape and other abuses." Ouch.

Apparently, Goodyear agreed.

Shortly after 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, the Republican National Convention announced that it had accepted Goodyear's resignation, setting a new land speed record for shortest time lapsed between the "story breaks" and "ax falls" phases of a political scandal. "Today I offered the convention my resignation so as not to become a distraction in this campaign," said Goodyear in written statement. "I continue to strongly support John McCain for president, and wish him the best of luck in this campaign." Asked later by the Politico whether Team McCain had given him the boot, Goodyear said no. "My decision," he added. "[It was] unambiguously the right thing to do."

Nice.... Say what you will, who could possibly be more evil than a public relations strategist for an evil, corrupt Asian dictatorship?!

Activist-posted massive online list: "The Activist's Information Sources 2007"

I thought this was really a pretty good list of sources, all around. Bumped into the anonymous listing on Twin Cities Indymedia. I deleted the link to Anarchist's Cookbook because you can find it yourself and I don't feel like providing links to explosive recipes. (They say it contains mistakes designed to backfire on the would-be anarchist. Don't mess with those recipes...)

This is a really long list, that gets from everything from housing, to background checks, to activist databases, obligatory Mao quotations, thinktanks, the all-important UFO-oriented "ruling elite shadow government" and its secret detention centers, as well as 'fictitious business names', Gnostic scriptures and Polluters By Zip Code. Especially useful: search engines that "cheat". They index pages that are flagged NO-INDEX for Google and the rest.

If you went through every site on this whole list, yep, i think you would probably know everything! Hah.

Seek & Yee Shall Find! Welcome To The Best Activist's Information Source Of 2007!

Best 2007 Activist's Information Source

Unwinding recent deception; Tillman & Lynch cases exposed; Moyers "Buying the War"; Rosie quits; other random bits plus the Filthy Critic!

These things stacked up over a couple weeks. Check it out, it's interesting stuff!

An Unwinding of deceptive recent historical episodes: The last couple weeks have shaken loose some info on key war turning points, continuing to add and add onto the great cognitive fault line in modern American politics. In some ways it's no surprise that the backstories about Iraq keep turning out to be frauds, but its also interesting that there's been a steady drip-drip-drip about major turning points, and "Office of Special Plans" is still a big buzzword all over. Check this out on Framing the Debate. Right now a lot more frames are subject to assault than usual:

Books are soon coming out about the Niger uranium Yellowcake forgeries, and the Italian intelligence agency SISMI's role there. The Yellowcake has names like Rocco Martino, Niccolo Calipari, the AIPAC/Larry Franklin angle that goes over to Harold Rhode and the secret meeting with Ghorbanifar and Michael Ledeen. Check out journalist Larisa Alexandrovna taking us deep into the serpentine world of Italian neo-Machiavellian information laundering. Also bits on the site about fixing the facts around the policy, the nitty and gritty about how presentation slides about Iraq intel got spoofed. Also a chunk on the nasty rightwing Republican Jewish Coalition, with intersections in lobbying and Dumb Hawkery (hi Clifford May).

 Moyers Journal Btw Images Buying War Title"Buying the War": Bill Moyers exposes war media deception on PBS; War propaganda episodes attacked by Jessica Lynch, Tillman family! A pretty good week for exposing the sinister theater of war - by proving past episodes really were staged scenes of heroism, fabrications of valor. On slower news days this might have had more impact, but really any story will get ignored if it dares expose the extreme shadiness of general media practices, and the strutting TV practicioners who never have paid the price for their folly. The New York Times refused to even review Moyers' special! But you can watch in on QT or Windoze Media here.

Here's a great overview of the Tillman and Lynch frauds from Glenn Greenwald, as well as the dish on Moyers and media bastards. If you read any links, hit these!

 Newshour Images Military Jan-June07 0424Heroes BhDem investigations of PR manipulation were called for, and held, with shocking testimony. AP: " ®">Tillman, Lynch heroism fabricated, panel hears: Ranger ordered to hide Tillman's friendly fire death." Pat Tillman's brother Kevin:

Somehow those afraid to fight an illegal invasion decades ago are allowed to send soldiers to die for an illegal invasion they started.

Somehow faking character, virtue and strength is tolerated.

Somehow profiting from tragedy and horror is tolerated.

Somehow the death of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people is tolerated.

Somehow subversion of the Bill of Rights and The Constitution is tolerated.

Somehow suspension of Habeas Corpus is supposed to keep this country safe.

Somehow torture is tolerated.

Somehow lying is tolerated.

He went on to give blockbuster testimony on Capitol Hill... Media ran away from the exposure of its role in another farcical, foolish and immoral episode. Big ups to Knight Ridder's troopers from E&P.

More shadiness around military investigations to smear whistleblowers with character assassination. Clintonite Sid Blumenthal on the Rovian abuse of the bureaucracy.

 Images April2007 090407Bioattack2DHS: Homeland Security Developing ‘Hostile Intent’ Technology. Can we use this tech against politicians? Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future from internal UK planning documents (PP reacts). Also Big Brother and 1984 meet at Mount Holly as Google gains power.

North Korean Money Laundering: offshore banking is interesting.

14 centuries of family Buddhist temple construction ends. Wow what a story of family capitalism. "The world's oldest continuously operating family business ended its impressive run last year." Economic rumbles from a lack of corporate capital spending.

Iraq and walls therein: They don't like em. More on that. Juan Cole on it. Christian revivalism comes to US Army chaplains in Iraq. Iraq now has dual Sunni and Shiite spy agencies, as occupation causes refraction of forces. Robert Parry (a key iran contra journalist) on why a damn timetable would really help a lot. CIA secret prison overview.

Dems owning up to the war, or hiring Hack Hawks? Looks bad, but then again they are trying to pass a pullout, which counts for something. The big talkers have found other things to do. Bill Maher on Valerie Plame and traitors (via wotisitgood4). Ex-CIA Phil Giraldi on the possibilities of Iran war from early April. Dems earn their stripes in war party, he says. The politics of useful Threats and the party of brownshirts. Israeli leftist Uri Averny says blood on our hands.

The Wolfie World Bank flap: Who might replace him? See! Another sweet issue: how did his chickie get those security clearances? Spy loophole?? Hmm... Wolfie's hanging at good ol Bilderberg in Turkey this year.

Paranoia bits: France warned CIA before 9/11. Naomi Wolf on 10 steps to Fascist America. One of the actors on CSI outs himself as a 9/11 conspiracy believer (mp3). WTC7 continues to pop up in the media this week as Rosie O'Donnell checks out on The View. PrisonPlanet claims ABC producer Bill Geddie was censoring O'Donnell's statements about controversial stuff. She was even ordered not to talk about dead American soldiers. Nothing inspires fear and hatred among pundits as deeply as a couple stray questions about WTC7. TV talking heads all start seething. I haven't seen anything else like it. Danny Bonaduce calls for killing Rosie. Why? It would be funny if it weren't more than a bit suspicious...

Other random stuff: Mysterious 9/11 car bombers. Oddly Giuliani was caught making this odd WTC 7 statement:

"It looked like at some point the top of the building would come off, and then maybe the middle of the building and then maybe there'd be a shell left....the way number 7 came down 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon - over a period of time - but the idea that it would implode, the implosion that took place, I actually didn't realize that until much later."

More victim families supporting 9/11 skepticism. If you want more 9/11 stuff try this bloglines page. Prof. Jones responds to skeptics of 9/11 skepticism. US Rep. Ron Paul warns of dictatorship - that must be why they keep him off TV. What on earth is CODEX? The UK Telegraph on the expanding conspiracy online video thing:

Then there is the internet's loudest documentary-maker, Alex Jones. Jones is vocal and impassioned; Michael Moore, but angrier. His site,, is a sweet shop of conspiracy theories and political subversion. Jones' following is huge - he even had an animated part in Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly, in which we see Jones being bundled into the back of a dark van after ranting into a megaphone about oppression by the US government.

Not only are many of these new internet documentary-makers giving us alternative perspectives on the news, but they're also presenting us with extremely well-crafted films in the process. Some are thought provoking, others are utterly unbelievable, but at least most are entertaining. So, should you fear the latest conspiracy theorist with his copy of iMovie? Yes, he might just convince you he's right.

The Tinfoilers advise seeing the new flick 'Shooter' because its a sweet Oswald-style setup where the Patsy gets Even!

 Filthy Images FilthyheadReturn of the Filthy Critic: probably my favorite internet movie critic is the foul-mouthed and angry Filthy Critic. The current review only gets One Finger. See rare positive reviews on Zodiac, Casino Royale and Science of Sleep. If you're in a terrible mood you'll laugh.

Saudi-BAE Military-industrial corruption: check out the story of major Brit weapons manufacturer BAE and bribery for the Saudis. Al Jazeera produced this roundhouse punch of a video because they have an ongoing feud with the Saudis. This is serious stuff! Trail of the Dove (part 1), and also see the Wikipedia for Al Yamamah. See more here about the Black Dove case. (that site also had some reports about the Baghdad al-sarafiya bridge being intentionally destroyed by the US, or more likely the usual)

Makeup boy looks like Nick: really suspicious: how to apply makeup as a man:

 Images Thumb 5 58 Wash 722.Jpg 180Px-Wash 722

A lot of good material at They were doing a liveblog chatbox thing for a Gonzales hearing. Interesting use of blogspace.

Taxes on airline tickets are directed towards private aircraft facilities. Trickle up!

David Hicks, Australian Guantanamo detainee, silenced as plea bargain slanted to help PM Howard's re-election, suppress torture talk

Justice has been blatantly compromised by international politics and diplomacy in a way that would be deplored in any other arena.

--The Australian newspaper editorial (April 2)

I agree that I will not communicate with the media in any way regarding the illegal conduct alleged in the charge and the specifications or about the circumstances surrounding my capture and detention as an unlawful enemy combatant for a period of one (1) year. I agree that this includes any direct or indirect communication made by me, my family members, my assigns, or any other third party made on my behalf......

i. I have never been illegally treated by any person or persons while in the custody and control of the United States. This includes the period after my capture and transfer to US custody in Afghanistan in December 2001, through the entire period of my detention by the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I agree that this agreement puts to rest any claims of mistreatment by the United States.

j. I further understand and agree that the entire period of detention as an unlawful enemy combatant is based upon my capture during armed conflict, has been lawful pursuant to the law of armed conflict and is not associated with, or in anticipation of, any criminal proceedings against me.

4. In exchange for the undertakings made by the United States in entering this Pretrial Agreement, I voluntarily and expressly waive all rights to appeal or collaterally attack my conviction, sentence, or any other matter relating to this prosecution whether such a right to appeal or collateral attack arises under the Military Commissions Act of 2006, or any other provision of United States or Australian law. In addition, I voluntarily and expressly agree not to make, participate in, or support any claim, and not to undertake, participate in, or support any litigation, in any forum against the United States or any of its officials, whether uniformed or civilian, in their personal or official capacities with regard to my capture, treatment, detention, or prosecution.

--The David Matthew Hicks pre-trial agreement - 26 March 2007 (fulltext)

Our first example of how sordid Guantanamo military tribunals are used as political theatre, and slanted for Bush-favored international politicians. In this case, Hicks, a young Australian captured and accused of Taliban ties finally got a plea bargain and a short prison sentence to be carried out in Australia, to which he may return at once.

Interestingly, the plea bargain states that he has to disclaim his earlier claims of torture at the hands of Guantanamo prison wardens, and he is also gagged from speaking to the media for an additional several months after he's released. Down under, it smells like Bullshit!

"I can accept the imposition of a no-profit clause. But not being able to speak to the media for a year? You've got to question what's going to be achieved by gagging him for that length of time," said Geoff Holland of the the University of Technology, Sydney, an expert on freedom of speech. "If it's something he could say that would compromise Australian security, then one would expect the gag would be ongoing."

Greens leader Bob Brown claimed the gag had been sought by the Howard Government. "It's a fix," Senator Brown said. "The message has gone very clearly from Canberra to Washington to Guantanamo Bay: 'Don't allow Hicks to be released until after the elections and certainly don't allow him to speak'.

"It's tawdry, it's despicable, it's a political fix overriding what should have been an Australian justice matter right from the outset." Senator Brown said such a gag would have been illegal in the US, where citizens are guaranteed freedom of speech under the constitution.

In a complete coincidence, the controversial conservative (and Bush-allied) Prime Minister Howard is up for election - a couple months before the Gitmo-imposed Media gag expires. A total coincidence!! Convenience and silence, in one handy package!!!

On some site I forget, they note this is the 21st century's version of cutting out your tongue. Fair enough.

What would really round out this fine exercise in international electioneering cashing in on the Terrorist War Coin?

How about press reports indicating that the plea bargain was never even negotiated with the "prosecution" in Gitmo's kangaroo courts. Rather it got worked out with the officers overseeing the farce, who apparently were in touch with the Howard government. It's pretty goddamn obvious and "disturbing" according to The Australian paper editorial:

Editorial: Plea bargain is less than perfect justice April 02, 2007

THE more that is known about the terms of the plea bargain agreed to by confessed terror trainee David Hicks, and the way it was concluded, the more disturbing it becomes. While the arrangement may serve the purposes of the US and Australian governments and ensure Hicks gets out of prison quickly, it does little to dispel complaints that the process was riddled with political interference. As Geoff Elliot reports in The Australian today, the prosecution, judge and jury were kept out of the loop. Hicks's US defence lawyer, Major Michael Mori, went over their heads to Washington where he negotiated directly with the head of the Convening Authority for US military commissions, Susan Crawford. While not a political figure in her own right, Ms Crawford has had a long working association with US Vice-President Dick Cheney. At the end of negotiations, the eight-member panel of the military commission in Guantanamo Bay was presented with a done deal. This is at odds with the version of events given by John Howard, who said the plea bargain was negotiated between the military prosecution and Mr Hicks's lawyers.

There is an unmistakable stench of political expediency to the terms of the plea bargain, in particular the extraordinary 12-month gag order that prevents Hicks from speaking publicly about the actions to which he has pleaded guilty or the circumstances surrounding his capture, interrogation and detention. The gag also silences family members and any third party. While no one would suggest Hicks should not be allowed to sell his story, a blanket gag order that extends beyond the period of incarceration is a disturbing erosion of free speech. And the fact it is only in place for one year gives a clear impression its main purpose is to keep Hicks quiet until after the federal election.

This guy says he got off too light for what he was accused of, but the gag order damages the Aussie public's right to hear about the case. (also Hicks to arrive in secret)

I'm gonna steal a couple grafs from TalkingPointsMemo because basically it nails the case:

On the one hand, you have Hicks being held for five years without trial amidst allegations of torture and other mistreatment, fighting simply to get a fair hearing. His case has become an internationally known example of the Bush Administration's blatant disregard for basic human rights.

On the other hand, you have the outcome of the case determined not by conventional Anglo-American standards of due process, including evidence presented to an impartial fact-finder, but by the political considerations of the Bush Administration and its ally Howard. Or as a spokesperson for the military commissions candidly told the Post, "Like it or not, the detainees at Guantanamo are from different countries, and that sometimes is a factor."

It's another example of politics trumping the War on Terror when it suits the Bush Administration. While you might feel some relief that there is an end in sight to Hicks' Kafkaesque detention, you can't help but be left with niggling doubts. Was Hicks a true danger? Perhaps not. But prosecutors thought Hicks would have received a decades-long sentence if the case went to trial. Has Hicks been vindicated? Not at all. The able representation of Hicks by Maj. Dan Mori took advantage of the political situation in Australia to win his client's eventual release. Mori knew the game that was being played, and played it.

It is a deeply unsatisfying outcome.

That's the core truth here. The law is supposed to stabilize society and provide a platform for further developments. The Bush Adminstration has such a lazy, self-contradictory approach to building any kind of legal foundation for its activities, that political expediency -- bailing out Howard -- becomes preferable. All this military tribunal structure seems shoddy and worthless.

If the Nuremburg Trials were a house made brick upon brick, providing order and context to humanity, then the Guantanamo Tribunals are a crumpled pile of vinyl siding knocked down by Hurricane Katrina.

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