#occupywallstreet makes total lol

Our comradez in NYC are running live feeds and I am helping coordinate affairs. We are kickin on #occupywallstreet and also you can hit that on via webs.

Here is the live video embed... you can use the Contact form above if you want to hit me up. It is all super fun and kind of a beta test or practice run. the feed is at .

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Minnesota Government Shutdown Over: threat of alcohol-based general strike gets em going!

This was a pretty good edit I thought (we really crafted a nice mix) but hasn't gotten too many views yet :-/

The official 2011 special session budget omnibus bills are here.

Minnesota legislators time to get things done
We've been losing everything and you think this is fun
first you take our lottery and then you close our parks
Now you want the very thing that's closest to our hearts

No Beer No Work
Will be my battle cry
When I am feeling dry
I never could like lemonade or Pepsi
For beer is all I'll buy

I'll hide myself away until some brighter day
When I can drink my lager from a stein
No Beer No Work
will be my battle cry
after the first of July

We the people have a plan to make the shutdown end
Compromise and fair taxation now its time to bend
We can't pay our mortgages and this is just not fair
Do what's best for everyone and tax the millionaires


Minnesota's future and our kids are on the line
Don't cut education while the wealthy sip their wine
We bend over backwards and now you have shut the door
Minnesota's standing up and we can't take no more!


Directed by: Nick Espinosa
Edited by: Dan Feidt

So Rational, Entirely Scheduled, Always Escalating War on Drugs & Indie Foods: Mn Board of Pharmacy & our endless circular biochemical police state

Check it: So Rational, Entirely Scheduled, Always Escalating War on Drugs & Indie Foods: Mn Board of Pharmacy & our endless circular biochemical police state. Finally got this story posted.

Also had a fairly good effort to point out that no one cares about criminal banking operations in Minnesota, including the laundering of drug money thru the Federal Reserve System! You're guaranteed to laugh at this moment of law enforcement rationalization fail :)

Bin Laden Stage Left, End Of An Era - Birthers Deathers Truthers and things no longer to be questioned. Assange: Facebook built-in interface to intelligence agencies

Pay no attention, drink ya beer: As Food Stamp Recipients Hit New Record, 400 Americans Account For 10% Of Capital Gains. // "Death By Water", Or The Start Of A Fresh Flood Of bin Laden Conspiracy Theories? Yet even the most grounded can not help by ask: why not at least present his body briefly to the "free world" and then shoot him into outer space if necessary (for all those who buy the "no shrine" theory). Although at the end of the day, the mission is more than successful: the population has a brand new and truly enveloping distraction to keep its preoccupied with largely irrelevant, although very emotionally charged, issues for a long time.
Well put, ZeroHedge. Let's roll.
Lead off with lolcats from Taiwan, no reason not to:

Amusing Al Jazeera video clip from Abbottabad, this guy sez it's not true, a guy who wandered back n forth at the compound sez no way:

Everyone's favorite old Pakistani general Hamid Gul says it's all fake suckaz:

Good times with big fans of Events at the White House, with who else but Luke Rudkowski:

Cryptome has the ol roundup: Al Qaeda Files. Also: USA v. Usama bin Laden Trial Transcripts. NO TIME FOR TEH CONSPIRACYLOLS demands VANITYFAIR, home of Yellowcake and other dubious trial balloons. “Truthers,” “Birthers,” Osama’s Death, and the Tin-Foil-Hat Brigade. Someone who had the misfortune of actually being involved with this mess, Sibel Edmonds, laughs.
Here's one of those paper trail nibbles you need to forget about: Foreign intelligence operatives? Forget about it!suter-fbi.jpg

Seems like a good time to take a few steps back and look at the last few decades of shady nonsense. Time for a video anthology... Most of these videos are from thefilmarchive's Channel. Really nice!
CIA MK ULTRA documentary 1979 touches on the major bases: (Part 1 of same vid)

The Invisible Sword: Psychological Operations in the US Military: (1995)

Psychological Operations in Support of Internal Defense Programs (1968)


This old Soviet KGB mind control guru, Yuri Bezmenov, tells us a bit how they subvert ideology over decades, and laughs at how strategic Communist subversion has destroyed America!

This one's a gem, Sekrit film declassified CIA Corona Program - the beginning 1970s complete w. classification warning, spy satellites, horn rimmed clean room scientists at General Electric and funky music!

CIA Archives Counter-Intelligence Special Operations - Raids and Searches (1969)

Oliver North At Iran Contra Hearings Parts 1-4 (1987)

More on the hearings: YouTube - Kerry Sanders WTVT-Iran Contra Hearings 1987 Sen. Warren Rudman-R NH

Laos and the not-so-secret war among Thailand, Vietnam etc (2 parts)

Warren Rudman tees up this coverup thang known as Iran Contra (3 parts)

SOUND WEAPONS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS: Our nation is swinging evar more towards a police state, wherein counter-terrorism resources are dedicated to crushing drunken college students in Illinois. I saw goons from this structure at the G20. 4mins: "They're bringing the weapons they use in Afghanistan to the American people as we speak". Correct sir. More info on RTR.

Just funny: YouTube - The Chicken of Tomorrow: Scientific Agriculture and Poultry Farming (1948)

Mr Veitch has an earned rant from AirStrip One:

More fun notes from the ever-popular establishment viewpoint: The Paranoid Style in American Politics is at it again. Even if Wikileaks Founder: Facebook is the most appalling spy machine that has ever been invented. Built in interfaces for US intelligence, bingo.

Fun 1950s gender role flick: The Bright Young Newcomer (1958):

McFarlane Part 1-3:

BLAME THE HIPPIES! Destroying America From Within: Brink of Disaster - 1960s Activism (1/2) (1972)

...Anyway this collection is hard to beat! Take that you Iran-Contra mind control weasels. :-P Make new legend, audience requires a Emanuel Goldstein re-up!

Obama Birth Certificate in Adobe Illustrator - Prank of Text Layers - Photoshop nerds unite

This Adobe Illustrator nonsense will rock your face off! So bizarre I had to make a video about it all.

Photoshop nerds unite in confusion! Too silly to be true? Obama birth certificate has multiple layers in Adobe Illustrator. Seems like an election prank by Terry McAuliffe or something. Many more important things going on. It's a great political distraction.

Probably more relevant: Obama's mother's family CIA/OSS type connections -

Libyan Internet reporter Mohammed Nabbous killed in Benghazi


Mohammad Nabbous, face of citizen journalism in Libya, is killed | World news |
Mohamed Nabbous somehow got around every Internet blockade and dragged the news out of Benghazi, Libya, at great risk. His fear and determination to overcome it was unmistakeable when I first saw it.
Nabbous apparently died in a hail of gunfire as Gaddafi's troops assaulted Benghazi this weekend. This is the last clip, a phone interview cut short:

A memorial group on FB: In honor of Mohamed Nabbous. Libya Alhurra -One person posted:

Putting together a tribute for Mohammed Nabbous
Would greatly apprecciate your help ,
Please add your voice - record your words and thoughts for Mohammed
Please make it around 45seconds or less , we want to include as many voices as we can get
Email us at
Thank you

Twitter / Andy Carvin:
Mohammad Nabbous was my primary contact in Libya, and the face of Libyan citizen journalism. And now he's dead, killed in a firefight.

CNN put on a nice segment:

Here's a pretty awesome moment from Feb 26 w CNN reporters joking around about the Ghaddafi Drugs Coffee thing:

A nice writeup: A NEW WAR/My Friend Mo « C. Dalton Brigham

Another nice memorial video:

Nabbous isn't the only one who put it on the line. Al-Jazeera cameraman Ali Hassan Al Jaber also was shot outside Benghazi last week. Till we meet again, friends, the truth still won't arrive freely.

Libya = Gaddafi FAIL - fights for freedom - now we see the violence inherent in the System - Libyan resistance can has RPG

The locals are ready to kick some ass in Libya!

Straight up amazing.

Things are moving fast these days! Wisconsin solidarity :-D


This suddenly dawned on me just a few mins ago! Behold Gaddafi FAIL:


I had to repost these videos of real significant, serious rebellion & a certain unmistakable catharsis from the release from tyranny, as found via youtube users with quite amazing videos recently added - RealJehad and LeakSpinner, although CoffeeAddict99 got the credit on CNN.

This is the real deal -- true unmediated moments. As someone who tries to deal with video, you see eventually beyond language there are certain universal expressions - if you are lucky you can cram them into a video file somehow.

Libyan resistance cruising around with what appears to be an anti-aircraft gun or something - 20 seconds of amazingness:

Clearly everyone is ready to roll.

More or less, as a political science major you learn plenty about the continuities, the small adjustments in systems over time. Yet there's the world of snap events, of entire "pole shifts" among populations. All these people say they suddenly have no fear. It's like some threshold of awareness got crossed -- as has happened through the Millennia round those parts -- and now it's time to Make Things Happen.

So far, the evidently overdue unrest in the Mideast has had an overwhelmingly reasonable slant to everything. It seems like the huge mass of decent, old-school, young & unemployed, and overall reasonable Arab people suddenly decided to make a move before the West or their absurd old leaders could mess with them, just basically in a snap.

What I guess a Marxian would call "Objective conditions", have played a major part - the coordinated "quantitative easing" or monetization of debt has exploded food prices in places where people get by (or don't) on a couple dollars a day. Unemployment among people under 30 around the Mediterranean has become a permanent major factor - nothing really works. Services get slashed and things fall apart.

From Wisconsin to Cairo (and the latest news is people in Cairo are buying pizzas for Madison) people of everyday sorts are making a move -- and damn, you just know it when you see it.

It's all a great example of the sense of Agency which real humans still have on this messed-up planet. Now we see the violence inherent in the system, but then we see the human spirit kickin' the system's ass. No doubt about it.

A few more videos from the developing regional Situation:

Meanwhile in Morroco - Oujda protest: via TheTruthArmy

Radio reports from Tripoli, plenty of machine gun fire in the background = "THIS IS BULLSHIT, I'M TALKING ABOUT HEAVY ARTILLERY.. now it's constant" - in English, talk of government media schemes and general state mass murder direct from the scene:

Wounded as hell at protests - Demos earlier with shots fired - terrifying.:

Beyond the details and the geopolitik, this is about the unmediated crisis of our time. It's clearly by and for the regular people of the Mideast, North Africa, even rumblings as far as China - and of course it's not separate from Greece, France or the UK - the same basic problems are manifesting in this general direction, even if they hit the formal political systems in very different ways.
This whole shift isn't simply a Color Revolution©, it's something real and genuine. You've always got the factor of "Jesse Jackson in Madison" type management going on - someone at the WaPo said real American politics is a split between the wooly & wild people and the technocratic consultants / social control method people. The technocrats have been throwing staged Color Revolutions in recent years (Ukraine = orange, Georgia = "rose" etc).
People can still push back on their conditions and achieve real results -- that's the big, inspiring lesson. Between the primitive, crumbling police state, and the more sophisticated ideological police, maybe it's still our revolution, and damn it, it's time to dance.

UPDATE: I forgot to add this amazing video of a "techie" in Benghazi, readily prepared to die for freedom and so forth, fearing mortar attack or assault. The protesters were able to get a solid handle on Benghazi shortly thereafter so there's a good chance this guy made it.

#Egypt! And now... Algeria? Battle of Algiers 2011 - Bonus: Musharraf Arrest Warrant!


Stunning turns in Egypt - you have to hand it to the Egyptians, they filtered & neutralized all those underhanded thug provocateur tricks in a snap. Then unloaded their dictator - Old School Civilization like a boss ;-D

Update - they just posted an arrest warrant in Pakistan for ex-Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf! The hits don't stop! AFP: Pakistan court issues arrest warrant for Musharraf - for the Bhutto assassination no less!

The season of change is rolling across North Africa! It's going so fast I suspect the NGO/Color Revolution western corporate people who like to control turmoil in these nations have totally missed the boat! It's a more random insurrection than packaged "Orange" or Lebanon's "cedar" revolution. It's just a jumble of regular, decent people who have finally snapped. If everything is jumbled around, there's nothing for them to Vanguard. Total win!

Apparently this is a leader dude in Algeria calling upon people to protest - I hear words like Mukhabarat for secret police (or was it Mubarak?) - anyway this is what it's all about!

Here is one from the Egyptian Embassy in Algieria: the dude goes off in Arabic and French and totally loses his voice:

So as in Egypt, in Algeria a terrifying 'militant' combination of regular people and upright religious people are coming together to jeer at the police state - but why now? The answer region-wide has a lot to do with the economy, inflation & especially food inflation.

The Associated Press seems quite alarmed by "Militants" in Algeria today - I need to tune into AlJazeera...

Protesters hold an Algerian flag as they chant slogans outside the Egyptian embassy during a demonstration against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak,AP – Protesters hold an Algerian flag as they chant slogans outside the Egyptian embassy during a demonstration …

ALGIERS, Algeria – Hundreds of police began taking up positions the night before a pro-democracy protest march in Algiers by militants who have vowed to defy an official ban.

The planned march on Saturday is aimed at pressing for reforms to push this oil- and gas-rich North African giant toward democracy.

The weeks-long uprising in Egypt that forced Hosni Mubarak to abandon the presidency after 30 years was bound to fuel the hopes of Algerians seeking change — as did the "people's revolution" in neighboring Tunisia. A month of deadly uprisings there pushed Zine El Abidine Ben Ali into exile Jan. 14.

However, many Algerians fear any prospect of conflict after years of a brutal insurgency by Islamistextremists that has left an estimated 200,.000 dead. There is no specific call by organizers of the protest march to oust President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

With scattered strikes and clashes, including five days of rioting in early January, the atmosphere in Algiers has been tense.

There have been numerous copy-cat suicides, and attempted suicides, in Algeria like the self-immolation attempt by a young man that set off the Tunisian protests in mid-December.

The Coordination for Democratic Change in Algeria, an umbrella group of human rights activists, unionists, lawyers and others, insists the march will take place despite numerous warnings by authorities to stay out of the streets.

Buses and vans filled with armed police were posted at strategic points along the march route and around Algiers, including at the "Maison de la Presse," a small village in Algiers where newspapers have their headquarters.

The daily El Watan said Friday that barrages were thrown up on roads leading to Algiers, apparently to stop busloads of potential demonstrators expected to descend on the capital.

In a clear bid to placate militants, Algerian authorities announced last week that a state of emergency in place since 1992, at the start of the Islamist insurgency, will be lifted in the "very near future." However, it maintained a ban on demonstrations in the capital. Authorities offered to allow Saturday's demonstrators to rally in a meeting hall.

The army's decision to cancel this nation's first multi-party legislative elections in January 1992 to thward a likely victory by a Muslim fundamentalist party set off the insurgency. Scattered violence continues.


This drama in Algeria reminds me of the 1966 revolutionary historical drama Battle of Algiers by Gillo Pontecorvo, one hell of a film... The Battle of Algiers (1966) - IMDb

Part 1 of 13, it's on youtube!!!

Wild times for freedom, friends! Nothing is written in stone

House Tea Party momentarily blocks "PATRIOT" Act renewal; Gulf poisons & seizures; George Bush fears arrest in Switzerland! Hillary: "just too much [drug] money" to Legalize It

It's not all bad news out there. The slip-by-night extension of expiring Patriot Act measures got knocked down mainly by liberal Dems and some Tea Party Republicans (Bachmann of course sided with the corporatist centrist squad behind all of this)...

Bi-Partisan Alliance Beats Back PATRIOT Act Sneak Attack in House Vote | Electronic Frontier Foundation // Extension of Patriot Act provisions fails in House - Politics - Capitol Hill - //

Final Vote Results for Roll Call 26

H R 514 2/3 YEA-AND-NAY 8-Feb-2011 7:04 PM - QUESTION: On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass

   BILL TITLE: To extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 relating to access to business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers, and roving wiretaps until December 8, 2011

Thus representing a tangible benefit of Tea Party people over regular Republicans - who knew?!

Toxic nightmares in the Gulf: The aptly named Paul Doom, a young resident of the Gulf region, apparently poisoned by swimming in the Corexit-infested but deemed-safe-for-swimmin waters. Watch this terrible video to the end - filmed by our friend Flux for

Paul was a rebellious youth that just wanted to swim in the Gulf and eat fresh seafood like nothing happened out there. He didn't want to let the BP oil spill dictate his life, so he kept livin' it.

Wheelchair, seizures, paralyzation etc.
Watch this video to the end please.

more info @

Filmed February 5th 2011
via jeffreyd00: After about 30 minutes of multiple seizures an ambulance was called and Paul was taken to a New Orleans hospital. According to his parents, this will be the 15th hospital he will have visited in a seemingly endless search for answers to what they (and many) believe is a bp spill related poisioning.

"My parents throughout the summer had told me not to get in the water," said 22-year-old Paul Doom. Still Doom said he spent a lot of time last summer swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off Navarre Beach where he lives. Today, Doom has no feeling in his left leg and suffers with seizures daily.

He said, "in July, I started getting really bad headaches and internal bleeding. I would have nose bleeds and what not daily." Doom said doctors haven't been able to give him answers. Worried he could have been impacted by the Gulf oil disaster, he traveled with his family from Florida to New Orleans for a forum on the issue.

Bush Swissfail: And even better George W Bush finds bragging about Torture on TV has wrecked his fun Swiss vacations --- for good?! That's a Tangible achievement for justice (derided as nitpicking by the DC crowd). WaPo: Bush trip to Switzerland called off amid threats of protests, legal action! George Bush calls off trip to Switzerland | Law | The Guardian // George Bush Cuts and Runs From Torture Case in Switzerland

Hillary: Too Much Drug Money! This is just too damn good (via Cryptogon) Hillary Clinton: We Can't Legalize Drugs Because 'There Is Just Too Much Money in It' - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine -

201102090037.jpgLast week, while visiting Mexico, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Denise Maerker of Televisa, who asked her opinion of proposals to address black-market violence by repealing drug prohibition. Clinton's response illustrates not only the intellectual bankruptcy of the prohibitionist position but the economic ignorance of a woman who would be president (emphasis added):

Maerker: In Mexico, there are those who propose not keeping going with this battle and legalize drug trafficking and consumption. What is your opinion?

Clinton: I don't think that will work. I mean, I hear the same debate. I hear it in my country. It is not likely to work. There is just too much money in it, and I don't think that—you can legalize small amounts for possession, but those who are making so much money selling, they have to be stopped.

The twist is the role of the Rose Law Firm during Hillary's work there in setting up & handling affairs for assorted drug and covert ops-related shells. The Whitewater scheme was kind of an attempt to cherrypick outlying deals without hitting awkwardly bipartisan larger operations. For documentary evidence of the good ol Arkansas drug smuggling system, see earlier: IRAN CONTRA LIVES: Censored FOIA CIA documents on Mena Arkansas cocaine trafficking: Barry Seal's ghost sez: Silence speaks louder than words!! |

Oldkewl Ruppert: A Witness List for House Hearings on Vol II of the CIA's Inspector General's Report on CIA Drug Trafficking // LA Times: Articles about Iran Contra Hearings - Page 5 - Los Angeles Times etc etc.

All right one more fun development! Centrist Democratic Leadership Council To Close: Politico | Minnesota Public Radio News - Now we only have hyper-corporatist, pro-bank Third Way and the Sorosphere to water things down - fiddlesticks! Kos agrees Third Way is the flag-carrier now. Too bad he needs to loosen up, his school is almost as buttoned down as the full-on suits!

Rock the Casbah

Been watching somewhat in awe, a bit suspicious of the usual suspects & color revolution schemes, but with warmest regards to Egyptians fighting for their rights & giving their lives on the streets.

One song says it all: Rock the Casbah

This vid is probably the winner though the music is schmaltzy. I think only Rage or (International) Noise Conspiracy can pull off protest music, with bonus points for clever lyrics from David Rovics. Stirring stuff anyhow, who doesn't like that guy calling or Muslims, Christians and atheists to stand up for their damn rights?

On the upside no one can be confused about what an "Internet kill switch" is now, much as Corexit clarified chemtrails.

Good luck to the brave Egyptians (and their friends in Tunis, Yemen, Jordan, Albania &tc).

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