doG shits God

Irritated by circumstance, and my perpetual feud with all electronic devices, I've come to the conclusion that I am nothing more that a floating idea(l?) of conflicted freedom. A rational bouncing back and forth. A wave of organic murder, set upon this world to eat away at the facade of circuitry our pragmatic path of evolution has built.

Unfortunatly for me this means that the electro-magnetic field my soul produces is eternally at war with the devices I use to communicate my disdain and general discomfort. Once, during a chat with his high lord, "God," I was presented with a vision of our species stuck in a technically intricate loop of beauracracy and linguistic fraud. The computer monitor in front of me represented the pointlessness of our society. I saw how we create these hyper-extensions of ourselves because we fail at communicating our standards and idealogy in concrete realistic ways.

Have we truely lost ourselves in this evolutionary game? Is it our nature to remain more or less the same? Why do we exchange freedoms and shackles at the will and whim of our oppressors? Why do we not admit our own addiction to the power structure? Have we lost faith in ourselves?

Descend Ye' Followers Of Backwater Spirit To The Murky Depths From Which You Were Spawned! Go, Walk With Your Ignorance Back To Hell. The Damage Has Been Done, Rest In Torment or Piece With The Decay You've Unleashed Upon Yourself.

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