Sick as a dog

I have a nasty cold and my job at Macalester ended last Thursday. I wasn't fired, the job was just temporary since they didn't have the cash in the budget to hire another employee. It was quite successful, actually. Today I am reading Bob Woodward's State of Denial and watching season 1 of The Wire. Avon Barksdale is going down! There ain't much else to do today. Supposedly I have a subscription to the New York Times right now but vultures keep stealing it. Or as Richard Armitage would say, "bats."

Quote of the day, from the days just before the war:

As they were getting up to leave, [Richard] Armitage stopped Garner.
"Hey, Jay. Let me tell you one thing. You've got a bunch of goddamn spies on that team of yours. They're talking about you. They're reporting on you, so you better watch your back."
"Well, yes, sir," Garner replied. "I'll do that. But you've got some spies over here too [in the State Department]."
"We know who they are," Armitage said. "We call them bats."
"Bats?" Garner asked.
"Yeah, because those sons of bitches hang upside down all day long with their wings covering up their eyes. But as soon as we close the door in the evening they part their wings and they look around and they flap around all goddamn night long, calling everybody."
Bates and Garner liked the nickname, and they bestowed it on the people they thought had been funneled onto their team by [Douglas] Feith to keep an eye on them. One of their Pentagon bats had four cell phones -- later confirmed by the phone bills. When they deployed to Kuwait, this person seemed to be constantly on one of the phones. One day while deep in concentration on his cell phone, the man walked into a swimming pool. "It was the highlight of the day," Bates recalled later. "It made everyone's day."

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