Still pretty slack around here, but we got fancy Word-style buttons in the edit box now

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been feeling grunkley with a cold for the last week, and I took advantage of the end of my temp job at Macalester the week before to sleep a lot and get over the sickness. I eased things along by watching seasons 1 and 2 of The Wire, an HBO series about drug dealers and the cops in Baltimore. I should write a bit more about it later, as The Wire has many tough lessons about politics, crime and drugs that ought to be looked at.
I have added a feature called "tinyMCE" to Drupal that makes the text boxes use styled text instead of raw HTML plaintext. TinyMCE provides Microsoft Word-style buttons for bold, italic, underline, plus left, right, center and justify alignments, bullet lists and indents, as well as an insert symbol thing (that doesn't seem to work). If you want to use standard HTML code instead of TinyMCE, click "disable rich-text" below the textbox. I also added "my delicious links" on the sidebar, which shows
Still on the top shelf of things to deal with is setting up - a tricky prospect since Powweb apparently charges to attach a domain name to a separate directory. However, for now that's the top website priority.

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