Professional Resume Writers Urge Jobseekers Craft Thank-You Letters

Professional Resume Writers Urge Jobseekers Craft Thank-You Letters

THE professional resume writers of top resume writing service ResumesPlanet.Com recently conducted a survey among its clients, and they found out that of 10 job hunters that are being interviewed only one of them sends back a thank-you letter to a hiring staff or employer.

“Majority of jobseekers tend to rest on their laurels after getting interviewed by their target companies,” observed ResumesPlanet.Com senior content editor Dana Castle, “they [job hunters] should always keep in mind that their ‘good work’ never gets done after coming up with a resume that indeed works as well as having been considered for a job interview.”

Beth Guard, another writer of resumes, agreed to Castle and said: “Even if their [job applicants’] interviews went smoothly, it is just one facet of the entire selection process. They should get over the possibility that no matter how good they are, there are also other applicants… who might be better than them. From professional resume writers’ point of view, jobseekers cannot, and should not relax!”

What a better way for job applicants to “stay” in the interviewer’s memory and good graces, than to send them back a thank-you letter, Castle and Guard suggested. Both encouraged job hunters, most especially those who just graduated from college, not just to write a resume that brings about results, but include in their job-hunting ammunition a thank-you letter template.

Robert Weiler, another resume writing pundit who is under the helm of ResumesPlanet.Com for half a decade now, remarked: “It [writing a thank-you letter] may seem unimportant. But giving out thank-you letters [toward hiring staff and employers] is already a tried-and-tested strategy in interviewing.”

Here are reasons why job hunters must send a thank-you letter—via e-mail, snail mail or a handwritten note immediately after an interview:

Professional resume writers say that it sends a positive signal to an employer: He will think that the job applicant is polite and has been well-brought up by his parents.

• It adds further force to a job hunter’s interest in the position.

• It allows one’s identity to be kept alive into the mind of an interviewer.

• It is a smart way to display communication skills.

• A jobseeker will earn plus points over his fellow competitors for that particular post—who, without a doubt, didn’t care to send a thank you letter after all.

• It is another golden ticket opportunity to restate or showcase one’s strengths that haven’t been elaborated or emphasized in a resume; more so, say something that is of the essence that a job-hunter forgot to say during the actual interview.

Carmen Hampton, another resume writing authority at ResumesPlanet.Com, meanwhile said: “But thank-you letters need not be lengthy: They should be concise yet positive and sincere. Jobseekers should do unto their thank-you letters what they do to their resumes—free from spelling and grammatical errors. Above all, they should be sent or dispatched by means of mail, fax or e-mail within 24 hours after the interview.”

Hampton also mentioned the important things that a thank-you letter should embody:

• A message of gratitude for the opportunity of being interviewed

• The date and time of the interview as well as the position

• Re-statement of interest in the job as well as in the company

• And an explanation why the job applicant thinks he is qualified, taking into consideration the interview

• Emphasis on the brilliant and significant moments during the conversation so that the jobseeker will figure prominently in the mind of the interviewer

• One more “thank you” before concluding the letter, request permission to keep in touch and expression of hope for a reply

The professional resume writers all agreed that coming up with a thank-you letter may not assure an employment. However, it can inform an employer or a hiring staff that the jobseeker who wrote it is really serious about that particular job.

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