Welcome to HongPong.com on Drupal!!

At long, long last this site is now running Drupal, and we are not going back. Some things have been streamlined so performance seems pretty good right now. The spammers locked right onto us and spammed it up. That stuff will get cleaned out soon, but I have installed safeguards that should block it for now. The site's old archives are located at http://www.hongpong.com/hp-archives/index.html. Stories posted since about September 10th are not available yet, but they will be quite soon. If you want the old front page and the latest stories there, try http://www.hongpong.com/index.html. Please go here for system help. Feel free to try to create blog entries after you register. Coming extremely soon, a sibling site: chinibby.com. Hey guys, we got the back end running (and the image uploader is finally OK!!) Please post feedback or send me an email at dan.feidt@gmail.com . Hotness!